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John Fiocco Jr

How Did This Man Die? Was It Murder?

From Someone Is Missing :

Young Man Found in Dumpster; How Did He Die?

Fiocco case remains baffler; family hires forensics expert

EWING -- The College of New Jersey seniors graduated last Friday without a mention of John Fiocco Jr., the freshman whose disappearance and death continues to puzzle his grieved family and investigators.

In fact, Susan and John Fiocco have hired Dr. Michael Baden, a high-profile pathologist who hosts HBO’s "Autopsy" show, and attorney Glenn Zeitz of Haddonfield.

The Fioccos want to solve the awful riddle of what happened to their son the day he disappeared from TCNJ’s campus and wound up dead a month later in a Tullytown, Pa., dump.

Fiocco’s body was found in the Pennsylvania landfill exactly one month after he disappeared from TCNJ.

Investigators, who were directed to the landfill after they found pints of blood in a trash bin at Wolfe Hall, uncovered his body on April 25 after sifting through 3,450 tons of garbage.

Fiocco’s body, though in an advanced state of decomposition, was intact when it was recovered, authorities said.

No bullet holes, stab wounds or other obvious signs of a homicide were found on the body during an initial autopsy, officials said. The body sustained fractures and injuries that were synonymous with someone being manipulated through the trash system.

Investigators had theorized that Fiocco may have fallen or been placed inside the dorm’s chute.

Bocchini said he doesn’t know whether Fiocco was murdered, pushed down the chute, committed suicide, or fell in. Golden said interviews of students have continued ever since Fiocco’s body was recovered.

"But to be perfectly honest," he said, "they don’t know whether his death was caused by an accident, by himself, by someone else -- they just don’t have any real solid direction in terms of what led to this horrible occurrence."

Missing student was standout high school student-athlete

John A. Fiocco Jr., 19, a student at the College of New Jersey, remains missing, investigators say.

WHERE TO CALL: Anyone with information should call The College of New Jersey Police Department at (609) 771-2167, the NJSP Missing Persons Unit at (800) 709-7090, or the anonymous police tip line at (609) 538-8180.


Although every website I looked at has come to the conclusion that this boy fell to his death accidentally I thought I'd play the devils' advocate and look at the charts. Some amazing information came to light for me and I thought I'd share it. I received this case from a favorite reader, Rebecca, who sent me all kinds of links and data. I never would have heard of it without her email to me. So never be shy about sending me cases. I am always looking for something unusual or something forgotten. My true purpose with this blog is to make a case for Astrology as a science that can be used as a tool in these investigations but I do not mind casting new light on cases that others have forgotten.

Anyways, I am fairly certain that someone else was with John on the night he died. Here is what the charts say.

Of course, my first action is to run a chart for the time last seen to prove or disprove viability. So the chart I ran for this was the chart for 3 am, the time at which people reported seeing him leaving the party. This chart has a late Capricorn rising and Saturn in the seventh house. Although I usually get leery of charts with high or low rising degrees, I saw that this one fit the facts as I knew them. It shows him with someone else (Saturn in the seventh) and at a party (the tenth house ruler, Mars, is in the fifth). Saturn is disposed of by the Sun and is trine the Sun, as well. The Sun does not rule a house in this chart but is conjoined the node. The Moon, co ruler of the chart, is leaving an opposition with Saturn and is sinister to a trine with Mars. He leaves the party safely but very drunk. Notice that the Moon is also sinister to a square with Jupiter (overindulgence) and is disposed of by Uranus which is conjunct Mercury in Pisces. I'm afraid his judgement is a little messed up from drink. The sign Pisces emphasizes Neptune, which is the planet of drink, drugs, drunkenness, etc..

When I first saw that he was drunk and left the party safely I was thinking that everyone was probably right, this guy just fell in the chute because he was too drunk to avoid it. Mercury in Pisces is a cause of many a misjudgement and oversight, most often because of drink or drugs and here it's trine to Jupiter (really easy to get wasted with this position) and square to Mars (he's a bit clumsy right now)! But just for the fun of it I did a chart for 3:30 am and began to read more into this. At this time, Aquarius has taken over the first house with Uranus conjoined Mercury in Pisces in the first house. Another marker that maybe he was just too drunk and clumsy. Sudden mistakes, perhaps? But then I noticed that Leo had taken over the seventh cusp and the Sun was in Aries in the second house conjoined the node. Now this gave me pause. What was someone doing in the house of his personal belongings? When you also notice that the Sun is disposed of by Mars in the fourth house! Now, is this someone in his room, going through his things? It really looks that way. Mars is in Gemini so is this paperwork, books, diaries, computer files? Is that what this person is looking at? Mars disposed of by Mercury which is joined to the first house ruler makes me think that this person is going through his things for sure. Mercury basically puts the tail on the donkey when conjoined to Uranus, which rules the first. Any way I look at this, it raises questions for me.

Now, let's look more closely at this other person. Saturn is near to the seventh cusp so this might mean the person is older than John. Saturn also implies authority so is this the captain of the team, the dorm supervisor or a teacher at the school? Could be. My money would be on someone with the sports team because of the sign Leo. The Sun is in Aries, implying power and strength and maleness. So is this a powerful, strong male athlete? What on earth is he looking for in John's room? This raises another question, too, though. Perhaps this is his roommate just simply going through things in a normal manner. That, too, is possible. Especially so if his roommate played on a team or was studying athletics. Now, the fourth house ruler at this time is Venus and there it is, conjunct the fourth house ruler in the first house. I cannot resist believing this is showing me John returning to his room. I mean, the first house is John and there is the fourth house ruler (his dorm room) right there. This convinces me that he made it back to his room. Of course, Uranus still rules the first and it is still conjoined Mercury in Pisces with Neptune in the same house so he hasn't sobered up any.

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The thing that disturbs me in these charts is the seventh house ruler. If John had been alone the seventh house ruler would not have been near his markers or in the first house like it is at 5 am. The chart for 5 am describes a death pattern and also shows another person right there in the first house. So how is this possible if he fell to his death because he was drunk and this happened while he was alone? And also the first house ruler is conjoined to the first house ruler at 4 am, showing him returning to his room? So did he leave the room? Let's look at the next chart, the one for 4 am and see what happens there. In this chart the seventh house ruler is disposed of by Mars in the fourth, showing someone else in the room as well. What is the relationship between these planets? You can see that Mars is square to both Mercury and Uranus which indicates that this person was likely not the roommate and may have been there because of a disagreement (disharmony of some sort) with John. The node is right near the Sun, which, again, is the seventh house ruler, indicating that this person planned this out; he went to John's room because he knew he was at a party and would not be there. But Uranus guarantees us that upsets would occur, sudden decisions would be made and John may do something unexpected, like returning to the room earlier or at a time when the intruder just could not escape. The idea of being trapped is sort of supported by the placement of the twelfth house ruler, Saturn, in the sixth house.

Now, I am not going to rush right out and demand they reopen this case. But I do think the charts are presenting some interesting information so I want to finish the reading and see what else turns up. Did this intruder have anything to do with John's death or is it possible that he tripped and fell while chasing this guy down the hall? Mercury often implies theivery and theives so perhaps this person was trying to steal something from John? That looks likely. And if you're in school and someone is going through papers, books or computer files, I am thinking perhaps it was the answers to a test or a composition or a thesis. Something written down. As if I needed to point it out, the tenth house ruler Jupiter is in the ninth, showing John to be on the school premises (the dorm). I do like showing how Astrology supports known facts.

The Moon moves into the twelfth house at 4 am. This could be an omen of death to come now or very soon, or it could be saying that someone is trapped, confined or unable to get out of something somewhere. Could this be John in the chute? Did he get in there and get trapped? But if he did, why did he not make a lot of noise trying to get out, calling for help or whatever racket someone might make in such a desparate situation? And I beleive Mars in the fourth square to Mercury and Uranus is describing a sudden act of violence, something unexpected. Uranus may be dexter in this configuration but Mercury is sinister and angular in the first. Other markers for violence include the tenth house ruler, Jupiter, being disposed of by Pluto and the eighth house ruler approaching the Ascendant while exactly trine to Mars in the fourth.

I told you the chart for 5 am shows a death pattern and I believe he died around this time. So was he in the chute or somewhere else? Let's look and you can decide for yourself. Pisces is rising at 5 am with Neptune in the twelfth with the Moon and the eighth house ruler. Pluto in the tenth disposed of by Jupiter in the eighth. Tenth house ruler in the eighth. Mars angular at the nadir just inside the fourth house but moving out. Saturn, by the way, is still in the sixth house! This is always a marker for confinement for me. So he is trapped somewhere. And he is also dead. Please notice that at the same time that this death pattern emerges, the seventh house ruler is right at the Ascendant with Uranus. Both of these planets are disposed of by Neptune in the twelfth. Why is this ruler right in the first, as if showing us that someone is with him? The general consensus was that this man fell down a chute all by himself. The charts are showing us that this is not true.

I contend that he was pushed. Mercury and Uranus at the first show a sudden decision made in haste and with the square to Mars, it looks a lot like a push to me. Especially with Mars now in the third, showing that this person is now outside the room. He is in the hallway, perhaps, moving around and active. The disposition of Neptune to the seventh house ruler tells me that this person intended to kill John even if it was a spur of the moment thing. I believe they were both drunk when this happened. And with the node in the first disposed of by Mars in the first, it was a sudden choice to just do it because this person had been wanting to do it but only now had the opportunity. Now, from these charts I cannot tell what the disagreement was about. I'm not sure it would make sense if everyone were sober. But the charts do clearly show this person looking through papers, books, documents and computer files. This is NOT photos or personal effects but data of some kind. Like school papers, as an example.

This is my findings when looking at this chart. What are yours? Leave your ideas as comments.

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