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Nyleen Kay Marshall

Small Child Disappears in National Park

From The Charley Project:

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

Missing Since: June 25, 1983 from Clancy, Montana
Classification: Non-Family Abduction
Date Of Birth: September 18, 1978
Age: 4 years old
Height and Weight: 3’2, 29 pounds

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Brown hair, blue eyes. Marshall has a small mole above her left eyebrow. She has dimples on both cheeks. Marshall’s upper left baby tooth was chipped at the time she vanished. She has excess hair on her lower back. Marshall has a fair complexion and is right-handed.

Details of Disappearance

Marshall accompanied her family on a picnic outing in the in the Helena National Forest in the Elkhorn Mountains on June 25, 1983 near her hometown of Clancy, Montana. She was playing with some children who walked ahead of her for a moment. This was at approximately 4 pm. When her companions turned around, Marshall had vanished. An unknown man wearing a jogging suit was seen in the area just before she disappeared. It is not known if he was connected to Marshall’s case.

In 1986, a person in Wisconsin sent investigators a letter saying that they had picked up “a girl named Kay.” The letter included details about Marshall’s case that had not been released to the general public. The writer explained that he had a good investment income and worked from home, where he taught “Kay” and travelled with her. He said he loved the child and did not want to give her up. The letter had a Madison, Wisconsin postmark so Marshall may have been held in that area.An anonymous caller who claimed to be the author of the letter called the Child Find Network, a missing children’s organization in New York, about Marshall’s case several times. The calls were traced to various phone booths, including one at a pharmacy in Edgerton, Wisconsin. There was also a possible sighting of Marshall in a restaurant in Janesville, Wisconsin.Marshall has never been located. The writer and the caller have not been identified, and it is unclear whether the individual(s) actually have anything to do with her disappearance. Her case is unsolved.Investigating Agency

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office 406-225-4075


This was a tough chart to figure out because I just wasn't sure how to read it. Nyleen was only 4 years old which makes her a small child and not really making her own decisions. She was playing with other children at the time, I had no idea where the parents were or if any adults were even present and because of all of this I was not sure which house to read as the chart ruler and where I would find her abductor in the chart. So I decided to take a creative approach and use several different markers to help me dope this out. I used the fifth house ruler, the first house ruler and the Moon. Because the time was said to be "around 4 pm" and this was reported by children, I decided to use a window of time to be sure. I started with a chart for 3:30 pm and went forward from there.

In the first chart for 3:30 pm, I see several markers that dovetail with the facts. The fifth house ruler and the Moon are in the third house, showing Nyleen to be on a path or road perhaps with siblings or neighborhood children. Neptune in Sagittarius implies an open area near woods or in a park and this works with the facts as the family was visiting a national park. Also note that the first house ruler, Venus, is in the tenth house, confirming that Nyleen was "out in the open" where she could be "easily seen" by others. The tenth house also describes government properties and this was a national park. The Moon in Capricorn also describes governments and government properties. The Moon is disposed of by Saturn in the first house with Pluto conjoined at the Ascendant. This indicates something violent, chaotic, oppressive and restraining. And then take note of the seventh house ruler, Mars, in the ninth house near the Sun. There is a person in the woods nearby that Nyleen is about to meet who represents grave danger. Mars is in Gemini conjoined the node, exactly opposite the fifth house ruler, Neptune, in the third. This person targeted Nyleen and his or her intentions were aggressive and possibly violent. Mars under the Suns beams describes grave danger and then Mars in Gemini often describes knives or other pointed objects, some that fly through the air. Sagittarius describes arrows and knives, as well. So there is an element of the hunter in this chart, somebody who kills for sport. Mars is disposed of by Mercury, the natural ruler of children, from the eighth house, conjoined to the node. He went out today to look for a child. This was his plan for the day. And since both of these planets are in the eighth house I am pretty sure that this person is a criminal, a person who lives on the edge, someone really "sleazy" as they say. He is no doubt a predator and his reasons for wanting a child are related to sex and death.

Events always happen and the scenario always happens with the angles change signs or the angular planets change signs. Here at 4 pm we see that the Ascendant is now in the first degree of Scorpio and Taurus is on the seventh house cusp. Venus, the seventh house ruler, is now in the tenth house. The first house rulers, Pluto and Mars, have each entered the twelfth and eighth houses, respectively. This is the beginning of a death pattern. The child was taken at just about this time, restrained and hidden swiftly. Pluto is conjoined Saturn which rules the third house and Mars is in the sign Gemini and both placements indicate vehicles. It looks like this person may have had a vehicle nearby and he hid this child in that vehicle. Pluto conjoined Saturn implies restraints. Libra, an air sign, implies a gag. And because both of these planets are disposed of by Venus, the seventh house ruler, and are placed in the tenth house, I would say this child was taken for immediate reasons and not for long term use, such as for resale, adoption or the slave trade. But there are commercial or business reasons for taking her. I think that Venus in Leo disposed of by the Sun in the ninth house describes photos or, at the very least, posing or performing. The Sun rules the tenth house and is disposed of by the Moon in the third while opposing the Moon in Capricorn, all of this describes a business or commercial interest, especially with Moon in the third house and the Sun ruling the tenth. The fifth house ruler, Neptune, can indicate child pornography. Neptune is in the second so there is money to be made. Considering that Mars and Mercury are in the eighth conjoined the Node, it's as if this is a regular practice. This is something this person has done before and since and spends a lot of time planning and executing each time.

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The chart for 4:30 pm simply reinforces what I have come to suspect. The cluster of planets in the eighth house opposing Neptune describes the scene. The tenth house ruler is together with the first house ruler (Nyleen), the Node (course of events) and Mercury (the traditional marker for children) in the eighth house. These planets directly oppose Neptune, the fifth house ruler. This looks like rape or, at the least, molestation of a child to me. It looks like other children may have been involved, as well, and there may have been more than one adult but of this I cannot be sure. Mercury is in dignity in Gemini in the eighth and rules the eighth house cusp. If other children were not present at this time, there had been other children in the same place before. In fact, a lot of children, it seems. Pluto remains conjoined to Saturn in the twelfth, showing continuing confinement but also repressive aggression. Forced assault. Also, danger of death. These planets are retrograde, as well, which indicates confinement until death; retrograde planets in missing children's cases most often mean the child will never be seen again. Also, if you have seen my other analysis then you know that a clustering of planets like this in the eighth and twelfth houses, especially with one or another being an angular planet or chart ruler, can mean a death pattern is forming. But here other factors are at play. The Moon is in Capricorn in the third house and the fifth house ruler is in the second, which describe a financial situation that involves commerce or business. So although the death pattern means that Nyleen is certainly in danger of death, especially with the first house ruler under the Sun's beams, I think she was taken for another purpose and probably killed afterward. The eighth house planets seem to indicate sex and with the fifth house ruler being Neptune, which rules photography, I believe this commercial purpose was photos or films. In short, child porn. Back in the 1980s there was a popular trend in porn with the making of snuff films. The aspects make me think of something like this.

A few more notes. Venus rules the seventh house and it is in the sign Leo at the midheaven. This describes the making of films or the production of performances. Venus is disposed of by the Sun in Cancer in the eighth house so death plays a role in these films or performances. The Sun is hovering over the first house ruler, Mars, which shows the child to be in grave danger of death. Mars is disposed of by Mercury in the eighth, showing that she was chosen because she is a child. And the Sun being disposed of by the Moon in Capricorn in the third, which is a strong marker for commercial business and money making purposes, I think the death of the child was a part of the product they were producing. This idea is further supported by the disposition of the Moon in Capricorn by Saturn in the twelfth house. This may be why she was not killed right away but restrained and kept for a few hours while pictures were taken. They wanted her to die in the film. This again gives some credence to my theory that this was a snuff film.

In forensic charts when trying to locate the dead body the reader should wait for the death pattern to form and then follow Saturn. Saturn is always the dead body and the Moon co rules it. In this chart the Moon is in Capricorn disposed of by Saturn in Libra. Right away, this tells me that they took her body to rocky place high up in the air. This sounds like a mountain to me. But is this place near to the national park, inside it, or somewhere else?? For this, we look closely again at the chart for 4 pm, the time of the abduction. We want to discern which direction she was taken in and for how long and how far. Not an easy task but we can get close to it, even if not exactly. Here, the Moon and Saturn are going to tell us a lot. The Moon is in the third house in Capricorn, disposed of by Saturn in Libra in the twelfth. Saturn describes a black car while the Venus influence of Libra gives a gray interior. Capricorn describes a southerly direction while twelfth house gives us an east by southeast direction. So the best guess is they left in a black vehicle and went south by southeast. Capricorn tends to describe work vehicles or status vehicles so this could almost any kind of vehicle from a work truck to a cadillac. In this manner, we will have a problem narrowing this down. Aquarius is on the fourth house cusp so this looks like a place up in the air and with Saturn ruling the third, this is a rocky place. Restrictive access to a rocky road that goes up a mountainside. Hard to navigate. Rocks on the ground, fallen trees, ditches in the road. And old logging road perhaps? The road is old and in disrepair. But somehow they took her here to a home or residence.

Determining time is always tricky and I am not sure about my methods in this case but I would say they arrived at this place at around 5:00 pm. I say this because this is the time when Mars, the first house ruler, and Pluto, the first house co ruler, both trine the fourth house cusp. This is within a few minutes after 5 pm. So we can assume it is an hours ride from the park to this place? This is my best guess. An hour south by southeast from the park and up on a mountainside on an old road in disrepair that may have limited access. Because Venus is in the ninth and is disposed of by the Sun in Cancer, I would venture to guess that there is water in that area, whether it's a pond, lake or mountain stream. It would be a dry, airy and sunny place. I think they buried her nearby, right in the same area as this residence or cabin or work shed or whatever it is that they were using for this. And the reason I say buried is because Uranus and Aquarius usually describe freshly dug up ground, such as what you find with a grave, and graves are indicated by the sign Capricorn. Uranus conjoined Jupiter in the first house in Sagittarius indicates a deep grave in the woods and possibly other bodies there. Aquarius on the fourth house cusp (the coffin) describes both something in the air and something freshly dug up. She was probably buried on the mountainside. The twelfth house ruler, Venus, in the ninth house reinforces the image of a grave in the woods. And the presence of Mercury in the eighth in the sign Gemini again makes me think that multiple bodies are also buried there and that they are all children.

How can we figure out who did this? In forensic analysis, I always assign the seventh house cusp to the abductor and never is this placement clearer than at the time of abduction. So this takes us back to the chart for 4 pm. And here we see the ruler is Venus and that Venus is in Leo at the midheaven. This again describes someone in the film or performance industries, selling a product related to entertainment (Leo). Traditional readings for Venus in Leo, give someone who is tall in stature and slender, possibly with a beautiful body. This can mean a body builder, a model, a performer, anyone who takes care of their body in order to show it off. This might dovetail with the image of a porn star or someone who performs in porn films. Tradtional readings give a round or oval face with a clear, clean complexion. Also wide, expressive eyes that are used for emoting (batting the eyes, for instance). Also blue or light brown or hazel eyes. Gives light colored or reddish hair. Some freckling of the skin. In my own perceptions, this person is a ham, an egotist, someone who loves to talk about the self and loves attention. Dramatic, sometimes overly so, and loving of luxury and nice things. Would wear gold jewelry, would have a pleasant, attractive appearance, taking care of the hair and being clean and neat. Might have beautiful hair. This is as close as I can get.

This is a very cold case so there is only a very slight chance that it will ever be solved. But if anyone in the Montana area wants to get out and look for Nyleen, email me and I will help you if I can. Thanks again everybody for reading my blog!