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I just launched my new site, Cheap and Charitable. This is a charity blog/website and shopping portal. I want to kick it off by giving away a prize every month of the first year. A different prize will be given each month, starting in July. Julys' prize is a cellphone. this is a Motorola L2 TriBand Unlocked GSM Cellphone. You can enter to win this until July 31st, at which time the prize changes. At any time, if you go to the same link you can enter the current month's contest.

The purpose of cheap and charitable is three fold. One: to make people aware of the various issues that face our world today, issues like human trafficking and homeless vets, and give them ideas, motivation and links to help. Two: to offer lots of products at discount prices and at great value and include coupons. Three: to sell enough product through my partners to garner money for charity. That's it. BTW, this week's featured cause is one close to my heart and to the readers of this blog. Missing persons, abductions and human trafficking. If you do nothing else please read the post on this cause and take in the facts and figures I have gathered. It's nothing if not heartbreaking.

If you wish to enter the contest and visit the site to answer the questions, then follow the link below. Look for the widget in the sidebar that has the three questions for this month and once you have the answers, click on the link to enter. It's that simple. Once you enter the contest you will be sent a link to your email each month for a chance to enter the next month's contest. It doesn't cost you a thing. Unless, of course, you take a look around Cheap and Charitable and decide to do some of your shopping there. Lots of needy people and animals would thank you!

So go here to find the questions: CHEAP AND CHARITABLE... and


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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Stephanie Newsom

A Second Girl Disappears in West Salem Oregon


Ann's case drew statewide media attention, but the spotlight widened after a second girl went missing four days later near Salem.

Stephanie Newsom, 11, vanished after she left her West Salem home late in the afternoon of April 19.

Authorities immediately suspected the two were linked, but were reluctant to say so officially. Some similarities, however, were obvious: Stephanie and Ann were close in age and appearance. Both were last seen alone, walking in daylight.

Other similarities were eerily coincidental: Stephanie's middle name was Ann. Ann delivered newspapers; Stephanie disappeared while delivering newspapers on her brother's paper route. The dog that tracked Ann's last known steps was brought to West Salem to search for Stephanie.

The morning of April 27, a farmer found a girl's body in a field bordering Ankeny Wildlife Refuge that was the remains of Stephanie Newsom.

She had been strangled and sexually assaulted. Her semi-nude body was not far from a road, but it had been concealed beneath a small tree. Investigators determined the body had been there for several days.

Accompanying the discovery of the body was the news that a 7-year-old girl had been abducted from her Gresham school. The girl had been raped, beaten and left for dead but survived.


This young girl disappeared around the same time as Ann Ellinwood. Many people thought the cases might be linked and at that time, they were looking for a single perpetrator. Ann's body was never found but Stephanies body was found, semi nude and sexually assaulted. Could this be a serial killer? I will try to compare my findings in this case with the findings in the Ann Ellinwood case and see if there are any matches. The first thing I should mention is that there are similarities in both cases. The girls disappeared only 4 days apart which means that most of the planets are in the same signs and making the same aspects. Ann was reported missing at around 5 pm after last being seen around 1 pm. This child, Stephanie Newsom, disappeared in "the late afternoon" by all accounts, which means this window of time applies in her case as well. They both disappear from the same area within a few days and about the same time of day. The charts are going to be similar simply because of this fact.

However, I must also grant this much more. Abductors are strongly motivated to do their dirty work or they wouldn't bother. Abduction takes planning, taking risks, being willing to get caught if a mistake is made, all for the chance to snatch someone and do something ugly to them. So the abductor is highly motivated. As astrologers we must assume that some of this motivation comes from aspects and transits if we are to consider the stars a player in these events. In that regard, it is logical to assume that these events would occur around the same time and place as the aspects at that location at that time would be favorable. In this case, it builds an argument for the same perpetrator in both cases because we would then assume that the same aspects that motivated this one person in the first place are likely to motivate him again and not perhaps motivate anyone else. But this is just conjecture and this blog is just the lab where we are running the tests to find the results. Sort of a clinical trial, I guess. There is always another argument, also logical and possible, that many perpetrators are motivated at the same time by the same aspects. It's just too hard to tell from here. It will take a full analysis of the perpetrator in each individual case to see if there are similarities.

But there are many factors present in Anns chart that are also present in Stephanies, simply because of time and location. In that regard, it is very likely that the same man is responsible for both crimes even though the charts show the outcome to be very different. I think perpetrators escalate in their crimes, especially if they are so motivated that they committ them within days of one another. They get worked up into a frenzy I suppose. In these cases there was yet a third child taken not but days of Stephanie's abduction and her body was also found. That child was 7 years old. I have no more facts in that case at this time so I am not profiling it. But I am going to look at Stephanies chart and analyze it and in the process point out similarities in Ann's and then let you, my readers, decide which is what.

The first chart I am analyzing is the chart for 4 pm, an average possible time as per the description "in the late afternoon". I think this might mean any time between 3 and 6 pm as 7 pm might more properly be described as "early evening". I am not sure, however, so this window is, unfortunately, flexible. I don't usually do charts for flexible time windows but having found these charts to be both similar and consistant I'm going to dare it. Looking first at this chart for 4 pm some interesting aspects stand right out. Mercury is rising, the natural indicator of children in general and this is a young child after all. Mercury is in the seventh house, showing she has come upon someone. The seventh house ruler is Neptune, right on the axis of the third and fourth houses showing that this someone is standing outside of their home. Neptune is disposed of by Jupiter in the tenth, showing this person to be a "patriarchial" and "fatherly" figure, in other words, an older man.

Jupiter is in Cancer so he may live with his mother or have ties to his mothers family. Jupiter in Cancer often describes body weight and a love of food so he may well be, at the least, overweight and it is possible he is obese. Jupiter in Cancer is also a caretaker personality so he may be his mother's caretaker, cooking for her, tending the garden, doing the chores. Jupiter is in the tenth sector, where it indicates his line of work. There are many things that Jupiter describes, such as travel, education, law and government. He could well have a government job. Jupiter also describes those things that bring joy in life and Jupiter in Cancer indicates love of family, especially for the mother. This man loves to eat, loves his home and his mother, loves his country, in fact, and may be known for his patriotism.

Neptune as his significator indicates he has secrets. He may have addictions that no one knows about. In general, this can indicate drugs and alcohol but can also indicate perversities and dark desires that one is ashamed of. The interesting correlation here with Ann's chart is that this man is also a hunter. He is an outdoorsmen of sorts, either riding horses or camping, for instance, and may also like to hunt animals. Sagittarius indicates the bow and arrow but guns are not ruled out here. Also, another similarity, is the likelihood that this man was waiting outside of his home in much the same manner as Ann's abductor. And this was a home in the neighborhood, just as the home was in the neighborhood near where Ann was walking that day. This home, in Stephanies' case, was right on the paper route. Consider that Mercury in Aries is disposed of by Mars in the eleventh which shows that Stephanie was doing someone a favor that day. We know she was doing her brother's paper route for him as a favor. Neptune being in the third also emphasizes her brother and his paper route (3rd house- siblings and 3rd house- newspapers). This shows that this man was on her brothers' paper delivery route and perhaps he was waiting outside for the paper at the time.

If this is the same man, he is quite the opportunist. Spotting Ann limping along and then taking advantage was a long shot of unique opportunity. For a pedophile to just be there, at that time, under those circumstances, is kismet. Could lightening strike twice? Here he is, AGAIN? Waiting for the boy to bring the paper and just getting lucky again with a girl he didn't expect? Is this possible? If so, then it is likely that he invited her in for lemonade or some other ruse. And only those who know Stephanie would know if she would take a stranger up on such an offer and if not, then the consideration must be given to this being someone she knew. In Ann's case chart, the man appeared to be a teacher or someone from a school. He appeared to have a prediliction for children and a hatred for them at the same time. Here, in Stephanies' case, no such stressor exists. Neptune in Sagittarius, the marker, is involved in a grand trine with Saturn in Leo and Mercury in Aries. But consider this. The Moon, the chart co ruler, was in the twelfth at this hour, showing that no one saw what happened in this case, the event occurred in a private place not visible to anyone else. This indicates, to me, that she entered the house first. The Moon was in Virgo, indicating again a proclivity towards children (disposed of by Mercury, which rules the child) and lends an "old maid" quality to the individual; it is likely this man was never married and had no children of his own. This dovetails to a great extent with the descriptors in Ann's case.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

Other factors are at play. Pluto is in Libra in the first house, retrograde. This was a violent act, very personal in nature, that went on for quite some time. The node is also in the first, disposed of by Venus in Taurus, showing a strong desire that fueled the action. This node tends to indicate a planned event and not one of circumstance. This man was waiting for the child who was to deliver the paper and it is not known by this chart whether he planned on Stephanie to be his victim or if he had been looking for her brother. Mercury is trine Neptune which creates energy between the victim and her attacker. They are both trine Saturn so the timing was right; destiny was at play. Mercury is approaching Saturn and is within 7 degrees of it from an angular house, meaning the body (her bones) would be found within a 7 day period after her death. Since she was found 8 days later, we can assume she was not killed until the next day, or on April 20. This means she was held for a while. I do beleive, because of Pluto retrograde in the first and co ruling the third house, the assault went on for awhile and it occurred right there, in that neighborhood. Right on the paper route.

At this point, looking at both charts and what they appear to say, I am going to venture a guess. The same person committed both of these crimes. Ann Ellinwood was his first victim. He took her to rape her and kill her but didn't accomplish everything he wanted to. He made mistakes and killed her quickly and then had to dispose of her quickly, most likely by burning as I thought in the first analysis. Both charts show a tendency to burning or committing things to fire. He went after Stephanie intentionally, several days later, because he had been unable to do all that he wanted in Anns case and was frustrated. Ann had been a crime of opportunity but now he is planniong things. He may well have thought to take the boy. He may not be particular about boys or girls but prefers girls. I am not a profiler or even a forensic anything except an astrologer but I watch enough crime TV to have a basic knowledge of this. A knowledge that I am sure you all share. So Stephanie was his chance to act out the real crime he wanted to commit. He planned it out and was more careful, he kept her alive long enough to "enjoy" her and then he discarded her to be found so he could enjoy the public outrage.

I do not believe that she actually nabbed until around 5 pm. The chart for 5 pm has Libra rising with Venus in the eighth, showing sexual contact of some sort. Venus is in Taurus and is in dignity so she is not killed right away, the attraction is too strong. The seventh house ruler, Mars in Leo, is placed in the tenth house, showing them to be in his home, where he is in total control of her. Mars is disposed of by the Sun, which is in the seventh, lingering close to Mercury. He has a strong fetish for children and fancies her his partner. Although he realizes they are not close or familiar, he plays the role with her as his girlfriend or, at the least, a willing partner. Mercury opposes Pluto so all of his sexual energy is pointed towards children; he is a pedophile. Venus in Taurus in the eighth opposing Uranus in Scorpio in the second presages rape. He attacks her and rapes her, even against her will, all the while seeing her as "property". The Taurus-Scorpio axis creates desire of such great force that it cannot be controlled. This is a pattern with him and he could well be a serial offender. In fact, it's likely that he was picked up for molesting a child at some time in his life and may very well have gone to jail for other crimes after committing this one.

Mars in Leo is extremely forceful and Leo is the common ruler of children in the natural horoscope so I often see it in charts involving the rape and seduction of kids. Moon in the twelfth trine Venus in the eighth shows ongoing sexual activity that is hidden and out of view. He holds her overnight for this purpose. Without a body or a TOD I cannot do a chart for her actual death. She was found dead, though, so we know that he did kill her. That is all anyone needs to know. But now that he know he is likely the serial abductor responsible for both of these kidnappings and for Stephanies' murder, then who the heck is he? Can we find him? Like I said, it is likely he has done this again and again and has likely been caught and jailed for something. He may well be in jail already for another crime. The first place to look is at school personnel during that period and checking to see if anyone at all ended up in jail later on. That would be the first person to talk to. Without that much, then focus should be extended to men who lived in those neighborhoods at that time and lived either alone or with their mother. These men, once narrowed down, should be considered for employment ruled by Jupiter. Those should be narrowed down and then consideration given to his marker, Neptune in Sagittarius. This gives an armchair athlete and a huge fan of competitive sports. In particular, he would be a fan of tennis, marathon running, horse racing, rodeo, bronco busting, greyhound races, archery, pool, knife throwing, downhill racing, skiing and track. He would love the olympics, in particular. It is unlikely that he is an athlete himself and he is probably grossly unhealthy, very overweight, indulgent and lazy. He may abuse drugs or alcohol. He may get drunk before he grabs these children. Neptune in Sagittarius points to drugs that burn so consider crack cocaine or marijuana. The man also loves to eat so he may be known locally for his cooking as he loves to share the spoils.

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