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Tara Calico

Young Lady Disappears on Bike Ride

Kidnapping Murder and Mayhem:

The mystery of Tara Calico's disappearance began to unfurl a little after noon on Sept. 20, 1988, when Tara's mother drove south on N.M. 47 from Rio Communities, expecting to find her daughter with a flat tire. Instead, all she found in the dirt on the side of the road was a tire track from the bike Tara was riding.

Tara never came home, and so began a family's chain of sorrow. And a puzzle that fed the television crime shows. And a police case that has now stretched out to fill two banker's boxes and 20 years.

Gone without a trace.

Belen, New Mexico Noon Sept 20, 1988

From Tara:

Missing Since: September 20, 1988 from Belen, New Mexico
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: February 28, 1969
Age at Disappearance: 19 years old
Height and Weight: 5'7; 120 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics:
Brown hair; green eyes. Calico has a large scar on the back of her right shoulder.
She has a dime-sized brown-colored birthmark on the back of one of her legs.
NCIC Number: M-461117833
(Please refer to this number when contacting law enforcement concerning this case.)
Calico was last seen riding her pink Huffy bicycle on Highway 47 in Valencia County, New Mexico on September 20, 1988 at approximately 11:45 AM. She has never been seen again. Calico biked the route daily during her routine 36-mile ride. Witnesses saw a dirty white or light gray-colored 1953 Ford pickup truck with a white handmade shell following Calico during her ride. It is not known if the truck is connected to her presumed abduction. Calico's bicycle has never been located. Foul play is suspected in her disappearance. Broken pieces of her Walkman were later found, and may have been dropped by Calico as clues to her abduction.

I was emailed this case by a reader and I want to thank her for that. This one got right by me, perhaps because it's old and it's been out of the press. But this is a real mystery and a very sad one. It's very strange that they have been unable to solve it, considering they believe they know who did it. I want to do a chart and see what might have happened and what they may have done with the body. Although Tara's parents are dead, there are family members who would love to put this to rest.

The first chart I draw up is for 10:30, which is about an hour before her mother was summoned to go get her. The chart shows some interesting aspects. For instance, Scorpio rises and Pluto is in the twelfth house. It looks like Tara may be up to something secret. Something she told no one about. Mars, the co ruler, is in the fifth, so this is something fun. Mars disposes itself so the fun was the point; she set about doing this because it was fun and nothing else. Notice also that Mars is retrograde so she was either held up or she couldn't stop, either way she ended up spending more time at this than she intended. Mars is inconjunct Pluto and since these are the two chart rulers, I would guess that she made a mistake or a misjudgment in the matter. She either miscalculated the time or misjudged what would happen or something like that; sloppy planning, shortsighted mistakes. Because of the nature of Mars and Pluto, I would also guess that she was very excited and could not constrain herself. She was just too excited to think about it much. What sport did she love to play? What place did she go to play games? Was there a party with friends that no one knew about at the time? Something like this was going on. When you notice that the tenth house ruler is the Sun and it's in the eleventh house, it has to be said that she was with friends. The tenth house points at a public place. Someone saw her that morning, in some public place with friends, having fun.

Here is the interesting marker: Venus, the seventh house ruler is just outside the tenth in the ninth, close to the midheaven. Someone was nearby, watching. They were situated outside the circle of friends, in a place out in the open but not inside. Like looking through a window or down a hill or from behind a tree. Somewhere out in the open but not visible or near to the children. Because of the seventh house axis, this is someone she is about to meet. Venus is loosely square to Mars and Pluto so the feelings are abrasive and unfriendly. This person may pick her out for some reason that's not exactly friendly or warm. I don't believe she had an enemy and I am not even sure she knew this person, but she was chosen because she stirred uneasy feelings. Notice also that Venus is disposed of by the same Sun, in the eleventh. This person may have known or had contact with one of the friends that Tara was with. Why they were not "with the group" I do not know. But the ninth house shows they are "outside" and being on the other side of the midheaven, I would guess it was nearby and out in the open.

And then when I did the chart for 11:45, the time at which she was last seen riding her bike, I see that she may have been at or near someone's home. She had gone by someone's home. See that Scorpio is still rising and Pluto is still in the twelfth, describing her as doing something "secret" or private, perhaps, something she didn't tell other people she was doing. Mars is now backing into the fourth house, showing her walking into someone's home or at least "dropping by". You have to be a bit imaginative because charts are not explicit, they are very general. This is any place that could loosely be called a "home" right down to an actual house. She could have rode up onto the lawn and waved at someone, or stopped in for a moment and left quickly. The time frame is tight, so it would have to be uneventful. I do not believe she is with this "other person" yet as I still see Venus in the ninth, in fact, farther into the ninth, which indicates this person has moved away. I do not believe this person has left, I think he or she is simply moving around outside. One thing that must be kept in mind is that, up to this point, the ruling planets are in dignity and well placed. Tara was not in danger at this time and is, frankly, "calling the shots", doing exactly what she wanted to do. These planets actually dispose of themselves, in their ruling signs, showing just how much power she really had. Things should have been going "her way".

The next chart is for 12:15 am, just around the time Tara's mother would have been arriving to pick her up. She had been told that Tara was stranded with a flat tire on her bike. And at this time, the chart has changed and shows a new set of possibilities. Sagittarius is rising and Jupiter is now in the seventh house. Jupiter is disposed of by Mercury, which is in the eleventh. She has been joined by one or more persons she considers friends. She has "come into" their company, so to speak, with Jupiter suddenly placed in the seventh. Notice now that Saturn and Uranus are in the first, harbingers we must watch over the next hour or two. Saturn and Uranus are both square to the Sun, which is placed in the tenth. These are strong aspects in this chart. The patterns look primed for an "accident", don't you think? And notice that Mercury, the seventh house ruler, is in the eleventh in the sign Libra. These are friends of hers, who may be her age or younger, who she considers friends. Libra shows comradier, friendship, people who are close, romantic, relational, sharing ties. They may have been part of a "team" or a group of some sort; she was athletic, they say, so what team or group did she play with? Consider that. It is very likely that she was involved in some athletic activity this morning and that is why these other people were also there. Notice also that Mercury is disposed of by Venus, which was the previous seventh house marker. There are connections here.

Here is what I think has happened so far: Tara has gone off to play some sport or some game she loved. She may have also dropped in on a birthday party or other joyous event. She joined a group of friends and was having a lot of fun. There was a third party, an outsider, who watched the game or sport or party from a vantage point outside the area. This person was connected with one of her friends, was perhaps a parent or sibling. This person honed in on Tara or perhaps had come there with her in mind, was watching her. I cannot say this was malevolent. For all I know at this point, this was a coach or a teacher who wanted to watch her play if she was indeed playing a sport. But the squares between these planets showed me that the feelings were negative, such as envy, lust or anger. Something irritating and abrasive. Perhaps this was a parent of a competing player or a coach for an opposing team? I do not know if this would even apply. But such things are possible; only those who knew her would know if this would fit. Also, one must notice that the Moon is quickly ticking towards a square with Mercury, showing a possible rash action or accident. Combined with Tara's earlier miscalculation or misjudgment, trouble could be brewing.

And then when I look at the chart for 1 pm, I realize I have to back it up minute by minute to find a moment when she comes into danger. I'll explain in a minute. By backing it up to exactly 12:21 pm, I see that Jupiter crosses from the seventh into the sixth at almost the exact same moment that Neptune backs into the first. The appearance of the chart ruler in the sixth house in a missing person's chart is a bad sign. It usually means they are in bad shape and are likely to be lost forever. Don't ask me why this is, it is a traditional reading. And I see it a lot in these charts, the ruler slipping into the sixth house this way. And here it is again, but this time teamed with Neptune. As well, I see that Neptune is inconjunct to Jupiter, showing sloppy stupidity again. I really do think this was an accident. If you look at the chart for 1 pm, you see that Saturn is nearing the Ascendant, forewarning a possible death. Uranus is right behind it. This means that in the next few hours these two planets will conspire to create conditions in which she could die, unexpectedly. She was hurt badly between the hours of noon and 12:30 pm. Mercury, still on the seventh cusp, is still in the eleventh house in Libra. She was with friends or friends of hers were responsible for this. When I take in all aspects, including the Mars square to Neptune, I have to say that this was an accident of some sort but then she was kidnapped after.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

It is interesting to note that Sagittarius took over the Ascendant and Jupiter was placed in Gemini at a time when she was on her bike. It makes sense, don't you think? I believe the trigger for this accident was the inconjunction to Neptune in Capricorn. She just wasn't looking. Or she was unable to see, her vision was blocked somehow. Neptune obscures everything. When it moved into the first, it cloaked her eyes. At that moment, her ruler slipped into the sixth, a sign of danger. I think she was hit or she lost control of the bike or something. She was hurt and unable to move or was unconscious or something. Neptune can indicate loss of consciousness. Uranus is nearby, causing upsets. But because Uranus and Saturn are disposed of by Jupiter, her chart ruler, I think it was her mistake. I think she just lost control of the bike, tried to ride it with a flat or had a spill that caused the flat. Something untoward. But notice a hidden sign that peeks out of the chart. Mercury rules the seventh house and it is disposed of by Venus in the ninth. Is this the same man? The same person who was watching her earlier? Is it possible that he followed her? Perhaps this was one of the friends she had been with or a relative to one of these friends and this person managed to be there when she fell. Perhaps he came to "the rescue" first... before her mother arrived? The charts have a sort of triangular set of inconjuntions between Pluto, Neptune and Jupiter. These are heavyweight planets and Pluto is in dignity while Jupiter is in fall. This makes her weaker in this event, sort of at the mercy of coming events. Where she had strength before, she has lost this favor. She is in a lot of trouble now.

The North Node has backed into the third house and aspects almost every planet in the chart. All of them except for Uranus, Neptune and the Sun and only because they are out of distance by a few degrees. This is a strange lineup and I'm not sure I've seen it before. It makes the Node a player in the chart and since it's in the third house, it seems to make sense. And the thing is, the Node is EXACTLY inconjunct to Venus, the second house dispositor in the ninth. This appears to have happened right out on a road near a wooded area or area with brush and trees. The position of the Node tells me that it happened close to the place that she had just left, the home or place she had been previously. Neptune rules the fourth and is exactly square Neptune so I think some creep took advantage of her mistake. When she left that place, perhaps the trap was set. A hole poked in her tire? Mars and Neptune are surely up to something sneaky. And the fact that she ended up hurt and then just disappeared is telling. So it looks like maybe she was stalked or at least followed some of the time and then when this accident happened, somebody snatched her. Perhaps with the promise to find help or get her help. But if you watch the aspects that unfold over the next hour or two, you see that she did not get help. In fact, she died. In this regard, if you note that the Moon is closing the square to Mercury, still the seventh house ruler, it is telling us that this was not what was wanted. This person did not want her to die. This was not what he or she had planned at all. But I am not at all sure that Tara died from the accident itself. There are no violent planets in the chart until 2 pm, when Aries takes over the fourth house cusp and Mars enters the third. THIS is when it looks like there was a car accident. However, we know that she came into misfortune much earlier so I cannot find a way to apply this aspect to her condition. And I am not sure anyone intended to hurt her actually; Venus is inconjunct to the Node, saying that although this may have been a part of a larger plan, it just didn't turn out right.

Still looking at the chart for 2 pm, I see that Mercury, which rules the seventh house, is in the tenth sector. This person that she is with is right out in the open, where he or she can be seen by others. This seems strange to me at first until I consider that perhaps Tara is in a vehicle this person is driving around in, with the driver visible to others and Tara in the back not seen. This seems to make sense. Mars rules the fourth angle and is placed in the third, so someone is driving a vehicle, perhaps a fast or flashy vehicle. Aries can also describe a macho or manly vehicle or a working vehicle, the type used in construction and other manual labor. During the course of this day Mars is not a major player in the chart except that the planet does translate light between Jupiter and Neptune, which are players. Mars is sextile to Jupiter and square to Neptune and could have been a catalyst in the aspects to create contact between Tara and someone else. This aspect highlights the inconjuction between Jupiter and Neptune, which seems to be the aspect that created everything that happened this day. Mars may, in fact, represent her accident, however it seems to do so too late for my liking. So it's open to interpretation. However, there are a few things that, in my mind, are not open to interpretation. Capricorn moves onto the first house cusp while Saturn moves across the Ascendant and falls into the twelfth house sometime between 2:30 and 3 pm. This looks to me like this girl died. Uranus follows right behind, shadowing Saturn, making me think it was an accident, totally unexpected and unintended. But with Saturn as her marker and placed in the twelfth, I would say without a doubt that she is dead and she died right around this time.

The North Node plays a big part in this chart and I am not sure how to read it. It is in the sign Pisces and Tara was a Pisces, so is this the link? The Node represents fate or karma (this is how I read it anyways) and often describes a plan or design that causes things to happen. It can also define mass conciousness but that rarely applies in a missing persons chart. Because it aspects almost every single planet in the chart it has a dynamic position but I am not sure how this reads in an event like this. I cannot go so far as to say that this was a conspiracy or a sort of large plot against this girl, but it does look fated or destined at the very least. Often when I see the Node playing a large part I can guess that circumstances had woven together over a period of time to create the conditions at play. But I cannot reconcile this sort of thing with the chart of a young girl who goes missing like this. I just don't see the larger picture so I'll admit to my shortcoming and allow other Astrologers to venture their guesses as to what role the Node is playing. But I will add that because she is a Pisces, I consider Neptune to be a major player in this chart and the fact that it enters the first house during the time in question tells me that she is the "star" of this show, so to speak. All of this happened because of her, and not in spite of her. This is another reason I often go to thinking she may have been stalked.

Looking at the chart at 3 pm, I just don't think I need to go much farther. She is no doubt dead and she died by accident from an accident. She was hurt but I don't think her abductor knew how badly. Either that or after she was taken, another accident occurred and was the coup de gras. I am not sure. But I think the million dollar question in this case is what they did with her after she died. The police would like to find her body so that they could then go forward with a circumstantial murder case. Without the body, she could be suntanning in Mexico, I guess. So I go to the 3 pm chart and give it another go. This is around the time she dies so it's safe to assume that plans were made to dispose of her body around this time. The person she was with when she died would be the gravedigger, I suppose. This person, ruled by Moon in Capricorn, would be thin, small and scraggly. A rough complexion with thin, pointy features. Blue eyes, dark brown hair and a crooked or bent over walk. Spindly legs. Could be a woman or a man. But where did this person leave her? Looking at the positions of Uranus and Saturn, I would say that she is hidden well on high, sloping ground in an area near horses or a horse farm. There would be an outdoor fireplace, furnace or grill. Perhaps a furnace for fashioning horse shoes. Not far away there may be an old train station or place for storing train cars; there may be railroad tracks. Also, a radio station or TV station not far in the distance. If there is an military base in the area, check to see if there are prisoners in confinement there. If there are, then this is in the same area as where they left her. If not, then the military base has no meaning. So look around areas near small hills or higher ground that have horse farms and railroad stations or tracks. A TV or Radio tower should be visible in the near distance.

Of course, without a body, it is still assumed to be a missing persons case. Tara Calico could well be alive in some distant place, perhaps on her own, perhaps against her will. She could be in the porn industry here or overseas or living a normal life somewhere, under a new name. Anything is possible. Until the body is found, we must assume the best and hope she is alive and well. Please look at her picture, which I'm sure you've seen a thousand times, and remember it when you go about your business. If you see anything, hear anything or beleive you know anything at all about Tara Calico, please contact
the Valencia County Sheriff's Dept at 505-865-9604 or the FBI, Albuquerque NM Office at 505-224-2000.


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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Caylee Anthony Update

I have spent this afternoon watching the local news while the ME and the FBI tell us that the remains are, indeed, Caylee's. I know that everybody believed that they were but until the cops said that they were, I held out before commenting. I get criticized enough, I don't need to make that kind of mistake. A lot of tears are shed with this news, many of us held out in our hearts that Caylee may be alive after all and prayed that it be so. But now that we all know for sure, we can breathe a sigh of relief in that the baby isn't out in the cold anymore and whatever she suffered it over and done with. I was at first unwilling to do the chart because it would require so much work and I am a bit overwhelmed with so many blogs and websites.. one must make a living, right? But I gave it a go and did the best I could with what I had. In that spirit, I must send out my love and admiration to Soulscape on Websleuths, who got so much of it right. She is very talented and should have her own blog. She has made a great case for Astrology and I admire her for it. She actually got the location right, which was something I was unable to do. I worked solely from the cellphone pings and this was probably not enough. Soulscape put her heart and soul into this. We must thank her.

I try not to get into my personal views or beliefs on this blog because the purpose of the site is to explore Astrology. I must say, though, as an aside, and with no Astrological support whatsoever, that I think there is more to the story and there are some big shoes yet to drop. I just feel that some details are not known yet and having grown up in the area I know the environment and the people. Orlando is a hot bed for crime, unfortunately, and a lot of people who live there are living a fast and scary lifestyle. This is nothing new. I lived there in the 1980s and watched snipers on overpasses, bloody women running naked on the interstates and the hookers in tight skirts parading up and down the streets. Florida is full of transients and pass through people, who have no identity and are sort of invisible. I have come close to being kidnapped, raped or murdered myself during some hair raising and unforgettable episodes; by "the hair of my chin", as they say. So I know the criminal element and how prolific it is, especially in the poor, drug infested areas. Casey, I believe, was running in these circles, however snooty she pretended to be, with the "nanny" and the "job at Universal". There are a thousand cokeheads in O-town at any given time that are playing this same game. I apologize if I sound crude. This is just the way it is.

Back to Astrology. The charts showed the woods over and over again. She is now said to have been in the woods a lot, even back to when she was a kid. I know, again from living here, that kids use the woods for secrets. They go there to smoke pot, to sell or buy drugs, to have sex, to drink, to just hang out with a gang and swear. It is a dark place where kids can get away from their do goodie parents and act bad without being seen. If you have been to Florida then you know that the place is almost all swamp land. There are all these suburbs they have built on slabs that they poured over swamp. Where the residential areas end, the woods begin. You get a feeling of being in a box set down in a forest. In fact, a lot of those boxes start sinking every now and then, the swamp giving away under the foundation. Locals won't let the developers pave it all and there are fights everywhere to keep the land pristine, so there are large pockets of wild brush that are just full of wildlife. The charts showed her in a wooded area many times and also showed her leaving the child in the woods near the water. I thought, at the time, that may be it was the Econ River, as Padilla kept saying, but it was not clearly that at all. The chart showed some aspects, if you recall, that showed the body in the water but not underwater. I almost thought it looked like it was floating on the surface of the river, which I knew was impossible. Weird at the time; makes sense now.

About the burning I saw. I cannot explain it except that I saw her burning something and it looked like the child. But now I am thinking perhaps it was the child's clothing and I read more into it. The charts are posted and ready to be looked at so if other Astrologers would like to point out what I missed, I'd love that. We are all learning. Perhaps the cops will find something burnt along the way. Another thing I'd like to add that I did not add in the first post. In the chart I saw a lot of references to sex. I thought at first that Casey was a hooker. Along with so many pointers at the woods I thought she was homeless, living in the woods and having sex for money. I kid you not. But then it became known that she had a boyfriend and was living in his home so this did not make sense. On occasion when I would see sex aspects along with Casey and the child I would also see a man present. I will stand by my claims about the man no matter what. The charts clearly showed her with a man over and over again. Some male person was with her with that child in those woods. I also saw a struggle with the child in the car. Perhaps this is when she was wrapped in the tape. No matter, this man wrestled with that child and held her down. I have since been told that chloroform is used in the sex industry to sedate children while molesting them. This made the hair on my neck stand up. Is this the "other story" that Casey keeps eluding to? Does this involve sex or porn or slavery? The thought turns my stomach, I admit it. I have had far too many cases lately that point to this industry. I just hope this darkness did not touch Caylee. That would be very sad. But I cannot shake the memory of the sex aspects and the child being present. I guess we will learn more in March or whenever this trial starts.

In fact, I may do my first "non death" chart on the blog by doing a chart for the trial. As soon as the date is confirmed and as we approach it, I will try to do a chart for the trial and make some guesses as to how it will come out. I think that would be fascinating. If you have any other suggestions for this case, please comment or email me. And if you have something you'd like me to present on any case or any aspect of Astrology, let me know. I am starting a website with a hub and the blog there will be open to the public. I will be looking for Astrologers to place material there. So stay in touch and thanks again for reading this blog.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christopher Robin Coan

Young Man Disappears After Leaving Work

On September 3, 2007 Christopher Coan left his job at Subway in Cedar City, Utah and hasn't been seen or heard from since. At the time of his disappearance, Chris was 18 years old. Today, he would be 19 years old.

Chris was last seen wearing his black Subway shirt with a green shirt underneath and black corduroy jeans. His vehicle, a 1994 Chevy Blazer S-10 maroon/burgundy and silver in color, are missing as well. The vehicle had a temporary license tag. It also had several bumper stickers.

He left in the evening, which is between the hours of 6 and 9

First of all I want to say that I think his name is really cute. His parents were clever in naming him Christopher Robin and I hope his life has been an adventure worthy of an adorable Winnie The Pooh tale. That much said, I wish to also say that my heart goes out to his family and friends. The suffering, I know, is unimaginable. This case was emailed to me by a reader. It grabbed my attention because it seemed to be unusual; there are few young men who just disappear this way. It is not the normal case I see. So I went over the data I could find on various sites on the net. And decided to go ahead with a chart, based on what information I had.

I scoured the chat rooms and forums, looking for more information. It was on a local Utah forum that I found a post by somebody who claimed that Chris left work at 8:15. I think they said this had been documented by the local media out in Utah. I will use this as my starting point. My first chart is drawn for 8:30 pm, at 15 minutes past his departure time. And the chart is very telling. Pisces is rising and Virgo is falling; Neptune is in the twelfth house and Mercury is in the seventh. This tells me that Chris had a secret, he was doing something behind the scenes that no one but himself knew anything about. Neptune, the chart ruler, is inconjunct to Mercury, the seventh house ruler so I think there was someone else in his plan but perhaps this other person was not aware of it? It might have been a miscalculation or a chance that Chris wanted to take even though he did not have all the facts. The Moon in Gemini is in the third house which describes a conversation. And Mars is lingering around Mercury so there could have been a disagreement at some time or even a threat. Did he argue with his boss this night? Or perhaps an angry customer? I just see an argument and I am not sure if it has anything to do with his disappearance.

The chart for 9 pm shows that Chris has gotten into his car. Aries is rising and Mars is in the third house. The Moon has moved into the second house so money is on Chris's mind; perhaps he just got paid and needed to cash a check.... or if not, then maybe he was going somewhere to collect money or to spend money. But money was a factor. Notice also that the Moon is opposed to Jupiter in the eighth so again I see a sort of miscalculation, perhaps made with too much self confidence. He was way too sure that everything was going to be fine. Libra is now on the seventh house and Venus is in the fifth. I know that Chris had a girlfriend that he lived with and that he loved her very much. Perhaps he had a plan to buy her something. Was it her birthday? Were they engaged? Mars is exactly (within minutes) sextile to Venus so he was very happy with his love interest. This describes being "in love" actually and "enjoying romance". Jupiter in the eighth trine to Venus and square to Mars says that it Chris was feeling that he wanted to do something more in his relationship. He might have felt that she was wanting more from him, real or imagined. I think he was worried about something he wanted to buy for her and was either going to go buy it or was looking to get a second job so that he could afford to buy it. He may even have been pursuing an ad he'd seen in a paper or on the internet. It's hard to say. But he was doing this because of his feelings for a girl. That's clear. And whatever it was it involved money.

The Moon is applying to Mars in Gemini. He is ready to spend money on something or to get money for some purpose. The sign Gemini has many interpretations, including commerce, business, travel, roadways, cars, hands, writing, speaking, telecommunications, industry, cellphones, newspapers and all sorts of stuff. So you see that he might have seen an ad in the paper, called this person and was trying to buy his girlfriend a cellphone or book. Or he might have answered an ad for a second job with the intention of earning money to buy her a gift. Venus is in Leo in the fifth so he might have been looking to get her jewelry. However, this position is two edged. It also says that he was hoping to see her, either right away or later on. I think he was hoping to impress her; Venus in Leo says he thought she'd like nice gifts, pretty things, jewelry or clothes. He might have considered her to be "out of his league" and just head over heels. Venus is also opposed to Neptune in the eleventh so whatever he was up to was kept a secret. Mars is trine Neptune so this tells us that Chris didn't mind about any of this; he was very happy with her. He was not only happy to do it, but excited about it; eager.

The chart for 10 pm becomes even clearer and hints at some interesting angles. Taurus is now rising and Venus is in the fifth, which tells me that Chris is still thinking about his girlfriend. He is in the throes of romantic joy and having fun. He may have gone shopping for her and if he was, the fifth house, points at jewelry, clothing or makeup. If you notice that the seventh house ruler and co ruler, Mars and Pluto, are positioned in the second and eighth houses, respectively, saying that he felt responsible for money in their relationship; he wanted to give her more and better. He very much loved giving her gifts. Not that he could afford to give her much; the eighth house position does not describe wealth and in fact could mean poverty. He was not rich by any means. But what he is up to this evening is not well defined in the charts; he is in the "fifth house" meaning that he is having fun somewhere and could mean anything from shopping in a mall to partying on the beach. It's hard to say.

And, as late as 10 pm, we can see that Chris is happy and where he wants to be. Nothing dangerous in the charts, just a financial thing with or for a girl. The chart for 11 pm shows that Taurus is still rising but Venus has moved into the fourth house. But now this looks like Chris has gone to someones home. Mars and the Moon have come together in the first house, showing that he has gone to this home because of this thing he wants for his girlfriend. Was he, for instance, trying to buy her a stereo or a surfboard, something pricey that he could not afford and so was prey for an offer from a stranger? But the scene is still being driven by Chris's desires and he is not, at this time, in any danger. And then, at midnight, the charts change and things look a little scarier. Gemini is rising and Mercury is in the fifth, showing that Chris is still having a good time wherever he is. This looks like he is doing something he enjoys. But some ominous signs have appeared. Sagittarius is on the Descendant with Jupiter right on the seventh cusp. Pluto is tagging along right behind it. Mars and the Moon are quickly closing in on the Ascendant. Somebody dangerous has appeared. I can't say for sure, but perhaps this is someone he already knows. There may be two men, actually, Jupiter and Pluto. Mercury, Chris's marker, is directly square to Pluto and this is a bad sign. Violent anger is possible; someone really doesn't like him or wants something he has. This is the first red flag I have seen.

Between 12:30 and 1 am, the Moon and Mars both slip into the twelfth at the same time that Jupiter slips into the sixth. This is not good. It looks like the homeowner is in bad shape. It looks like he or she may have been assaulted or killed. Jupiter square to the Node and the Sun, which are in opposition, appears that this was a "hit" or at least, a plan. The man who hurt this man came here with that in mind. Mercury has Chris in this house at this time. What on earth he is doing there I am not sure except that the chart keeps saying he is doing this "out of love" so I assume he thinks he is getting or buying something for his girlfriend. Could it be possible that he thought he was applying for a job? But both the Moon and Mars describe the danger he is in. Jupiter is also opposed to the Moon and Mars in the twelfth, so the assault of this man may have presaged the dangers to others. Pluto is directly square Mercury, the first house ruler, so Chris may have been a singled out. Mars in the twelfth describes a concealed weapon to me. Someone brought a gun and no one saw it until it was too late. I do not think the person he went there with is still present; in fact, Venus is in the third and I dare to guess that he or she has taken off in a car. But Saturn is also in the third and Capricorn will take over the seventh in less than an hour so I also dare guess that one of the other men at the home went with her; perhaps together they stole Chris's car? And when you see that Jupiter also opposes the Moon and Mars, it might be saying that the man who Chris was meeting with was responsible for things going south. I think, watching Pluto follow Jupiter into the seventh, that he literally followed this guy back into his house and then assaulted him and then also assaulted Chris.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

Fearing that perhaps I watch too much daytime TV and I am unconsciously writing an episode of As The World Turns, I go over the charts again carefully. I have to say that I have no doubt that Chris came into danger and may have been killed or abducted. The Moon, co ruler of the chart, stays in the twelfth from midnight onward, as long as it takes for Cancer to take the Ascendant. This keeps the Moon consistently in the twelfth for a very long time. Pluto starts out ruling the Descendant and then moves along with the angles to stay in the seventh, showing violence from another person. The markers for Chris, the first house rulers, remain either in the fifth or the fourth the entire night, showing me that he is at someones home, unafraid and actually happy. I am becoming more sure, as I sift through the hourly charts, that Chris was invited there to inquire about a job; the homeowner needed help or had a business that needed help. And there is also no doubt, from the charts at least, that he did keep this a secret. But I don't think Chris was targeted. I think this was a horrible chance event. I think he went to this house and some violent person showed up there to do a home invasion or to get after the homeowner. Perhaps this was drug deal gone bad? Pisces is on the midheaven and Neptune is in the ninth house, so this is possible.. but I don't think probable. It just doesn't look enough like drugs for me to say that it is.

But then when you notice that Venus and Saturn have entered the third and shortly afterward Capricorn moves onto the seventh cusp, I have to say that it looks very much like someone stole Chris's car. The chart for 2 am shows Venus moving into the second with Saturn and the Sun still in the third. Capricorn is still on the seventh so I am thinking that there are two men in the car and they have just dropped off a girl. Chris may have, in fact, been invited here by this girl. After dropping off the girl, the men are still in Chris's car. Cancer is on the Ascendant and the Moon is in the twelfth, again saying that Chris is either dead or hidden. The Moon is disposed of by Mercury in the fourth, showing me that Chris is still at this house or home. He is either hidden in this home or he is dead and his body is still there. At 4 am, Leo is rising and the Sun is in the second, disposed of by Mercury in the third. This seems to be saying that Chris is going back in the car. The chart literally has him "in his possession". Uranus rules the seventh cusp and is in the eighth house, which whispers that someone else around him is either dead or in very bad shape. The tenth house ruler, Mars, is hanging out with the Moon in the eleventh house. Once again, the chart says that Chris was with "friends" or people he knew and trusted. These planets are disposed of by Mercury in the third, making me think that these "friends" are the people who stole or borrowed his car.

At 3 am, the chart shows Saturn, the seventh house ruler with Venus, the fourth house ruler, together in the second house. This shows people he knows in possession of something he owns. Again, the car. I am beginning to think that this whole ruse was designed around the car. Quite a fancy scheme for a simple carjacking, don't you think? In this same chart, Mars rules the Midheaven and is conjoined with the Moon in the eleventh house. Cancer is rising and this describes a scene where Chris is in the company of a friend; perhaps the homeowner. This friend, or homeowner, is in bad shape. Either assaulted or dead. The charts between 3 and 5 am seem to keep showing the car and Chris in varying aspects which leads me to believe they may have come back there and gotten him. In fact, charts for 5 and 6 in the morning show Chris with "his belonging", as if he were back in the car. So I think that the carjackers returned and put Chris's body back in his Jeep.

This chart is a stormy, sort of confusing one where danger comes and then goes. It's hard to get a pin on it exactly but I think he went to this home and was involved with some shady types and didn't know it. At the home, in pursuit of either money or a gift for his girlfriend, he ran into trouble when another man invaded the home and assaulted the homeowner. I don't believe he was actually killed but this man was left in a bad way. Chris was then killed as well, perhaps as a witness, perhaps because he had a vehicle, or whatever. Later on they either decided or had previously planned to return for Chris. And then they took his body out and dumped it, perhaps still in the car. The chart for 4 am shows him in "his possession" as I said before, hinting that they returned him to the car and disposed of both. It's interesting that the marker is the Sun and it is in Virgo, disposed of by Mercury, which rules moving vehicles. And, to boot, Mercury is in the third house, in it's dignity twice. The only little clues I have are Virgo for the vehicle and Pluto in Sagittarius as the bad guy. Virgo says the car and the body may be found in an area near a cornfield, a hay rack, a storage area, a chicken ranch or a secret compartment. This indicates that it is most likely hidden in a secret storage area, in an abandoned shed for instance near a cornfield or a chicken ranch. Or it might be in a storage unit, left there to rot. Virgo usually means small places so look for it to be tucked away somewhere, not discounting the earth as Virgo is an earth sign. It may well be down in a bog or under a pile of hay or mud. I DO NOT see water. But then, what do I know? I've been wrong before.

And let me take another futile shot at describing the man who did this. Pluto is a rough planet and usually describes criminals, thugs and murderers in general. He has probably had a criminal record and been in prison before. Sagittarius describes an athletic or sporting type so he is in good shape, tall and strong. He is probably a hunter and likes to hunt big animals like boar and deer. To be obvious, may I suggest he might be adept at bow and arrow? Lots of hunters know how to use these; he may also be good with a knife. Look also at horsemen, firefighters, arsonists, ex military, marksmen or hikers. This man is muscular with auburn brown hair and penetrating brown eyes. He has something threatening about him, the way he stands and looks. He does manual labor and likes adventurous sports. Don't kid yourself, he can be very dangerous. Pluto is nothing if not chaotic and violent. Disruption and revolution are his bywords; he lives for the thrill of danger and enjoys walking a fine edge. When you apply these aspects to others in the picture, you can see that the homeowner was ruled by Jupiter in Sagittarius. This is dignified and says that this man was honest and forthright. It also says that he was likely a business man and that it is very likely that Chris went there to see about a job. Has anybody talked to the manager of the Subway? Had he given a reference for a second job? I don't know what happened to the homeowner and why no one has reported his death. Or perhaps they have and no one tied these two events together. In that spirit, they should check all deaths in the area on this day or around this day and see if any of them match. A home invasion in a neighboring town with a dead homeowner would lead no one to think Chris had been there. Chris kept his pursuit of a second job a secret so he could surprise his girlfriend. This is a hard one to trace but I think it can be done.

Of course, there is always a chance that the stars are wrong or that I am reading them wrong, I have done that before. So there is always hope that Chris is actually still alive and could be brought home. His case is still an open case, unsolved and he is still listing as a missing person, albeit endangered. So, in the spirit of hope, I am posting his picture for those of you who might not have seen it. Please memorize it and keep it in mind when going through your day. If you have any information on what happened to Chris Coan, believe you have seen Chris or his Jeep or think you know where he is today, please contact the Cedar City PD at (435)586-2956.

Christopher Robin Coan is described as a white male, 5'6" tall, 125 lbs., with blue eyes and shoulder-length blond hair. He was last seen wearing a green T-shirt under a Subway uniform shirt, and black corduroy pants. Chris's vehicle is described as a 1994 maroon, burgundy and silver, Chevrolet S-10 Blazer, temporary license number 78596. There are three stickers on the back window. One says "The Wizz cartoon," another says "Jerry Bear," and the third says "Beatles."

You can read a recent update on the case at ID online HERE.


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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mia Zapata Apology

OMG, have I heard it from people on this one! I don't know how many people are posting this item on their sites and tearing me to pieces! What fun. Anyways, I admit I did not know that this case had been solved when I did the chart. How badly the chart turned out should be testimony to my honesty, at least; I don't go around taking on solved cases and pretending to solve them after the fact. That would be cheezy at best. I had recently seen a profile on a crime show about the case and there was nothing in the afterward that talked about the killer or that he had been found. It peaked my interest because I had always liked grunge music back in the late 80's, early 90's, and I have musicians among my friends and family. So I found the case attractive, almost personal in a way. I apologize for taking up everybody's time with my lousy effort on a case that was already solved. Wikipedia needs to update this entry, for sure.

A lot of people have had fun making Astrology look stupid thanks to me. I not only got how she died wrong but I also got the appearance of the killer wrong. He was black and I had him as a white with blond/blue. I also had him as a musician or fan. I still think the chart says that it was someone who had been in the bar, who had seen her or knew her. I did see a sexual component, which was born out by the rape, but it lead me to think he had been attracted to her before.. or even had made advances. He, the killer, denies any of this. So, if someone else wants to put their skills to the charts and tell me where I went wrong, I would LOVE it. I won't apologize for the appearance reading because it's all based on traditional, old fashioned interpretations and I have always said they are not reliable. It is just a shot in the dark. This sort of reading of Astrology sort of went out with face reading and body profiling. I mean a mole on the left side of the chin means Pisces is rising? Antiquated to say the least. But no one has come up with anything more modern because "profiling" of any kind is considered politically incorrect so no one really does it anymore. It can seem racist at times and I have to tailor my assessments of it in a way to make it less so. And perhaps this is what throws it off. I just can't be sure. Does anyone else have any new information on this sort of analysis? Is there are a more accurate, modern method of describing people with Astrology? If so, send it to me and I will publish it as a post.

But I will not back down and admit that Astrology is a failure. In fact, I have had many successes with various cases, some of which I have documented on the blog and in the newsletter. I have also had some small successes with people I have helped off the blog. But it is not 100%; it can be wrong and in some cases, horribly wrong. Totally off base. But I don't blame the science of Astrology for this, I blame my own abilities which are often skewed by my personal beliefs or misinformation I've received. But there was nothing sketchy about Mia's case, the times were close and nearly exact. The TOD I first received was the TOD that held as fact throughout the case. So I misread the chart and that is the gist of it. I simply did a lousy job. And Mia Zapata is not the only case that stumped me; Lisa Stebic is one that I must have done 15 charts over time, with 3 separate posts, all of them inconclusive. I invite other profilers and Astrologers to submit their analysis by comment or by email. If you send an email, I will publish it as a post with no editing. I would love to hear from other readers and get their take on any case, of course, but there is an open invitation for analysis of Lisa Stebic and for critique of Mia Zapata. Take me up on it.

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Stevona Campbell

Child Found Dead On Mothers Day

FROM The Los Angeles Times

Slain Palmdale girl is found near onion field

The 13-year-old, whose body was found near an onion field, was last seen Sunday night during a Mother’s Day party at her family’s apartment.

A farm worker found her body this week wrapped in a rug in a ditch beside an onion field east of Palmdale. Stevona Campbell, 13, had been missing since Sunday night.

Known to her family as “Teeny” for her small size at birth, she had attended a large Mother’s Day party at her family’s apartment in east Palmdale. But she darted out of the apartment about 7 p.m. - disobeying her mother’s orders to stay home - and never returned, family members said.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s homicide detectives, who declined to comment on the cause of death, have made no arrests in the case.

“She was a nice little girl,” neighbor Janice Powell said. “She had a lot of friends.”

Stevona and her mother moved from Compton two years ago to escape the gangs and crime. Several relatives also moved to Palmdale for the same reason.

“I was scared,” said Stevona’s cousin, Lacreasia Chambers, who moved from Lynwood with her sons seven years ago. “Every time I turned around a family member was getting killed.”

Stevona’s body was found Monday morning in a ditch across a two-lane road from a stretch of cactus and brush, about a mile from a shopping center under construction.

The Los Angeles County coroner determined that she had been killed, said Sheriff’s Lt. David Coleman of the Homicide Bureau.

Little else is known about what happened to Stevona, a popular girl at Cactus Middle School in east Palmdale. The school brought in grief counselors this week to talk to students about her death.

“She was full of energy, a regular 13-year-old … the center of attention,” Chambers said. “She didn’t deserve this.”

Anyone with information about her death is asked to call sheriff’s detectives at (323) 890-5500.


PALMDALE, Calif. -- An investigation was under way Friday into the slaying of a popular middle school girl whose body was wrapped in a rug and dumped into a ditch beside an onion field in a remote area east of Palmdale.

The body of 13-year-old Stevona Campbell of Palmdale was discovered at about 6:45 a.m. Monday on Avenue P, between 40th Street East and 50th Street East, said Ed Hernandez of the Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau.

Her death has been ruled a homicide, but the cause of death has yet to be determined, said Lt. John Kadas of the coroner's office.

"An autopsy has been performed, but the results aren't back yet," Kadas said early today, adding he did not know when they would be available.

Stevona was last seen Sunday night when she attended a large Mother's Day party at her family's apartment in east Palmdale, the Los Angeles Times reported.

She left the party around 7 p.m. -- disobeying her mother's orders to stay home -- and never returned, family members told the newspaper.

On Monday morning a farm worker discovered Stevona's body wrapped in a rug in a ditch beside an onion field east of Palmdale, about a mile away from a shopping center under construction, the Times reported.

Family members described the victim as a popular student at Cactus Middle School in east Palmdale.

"She was full of energy, a regular 13-year-old ... the center of attention," Stevona's cousin, Lacreasia Chambers, told the Times. "She didn't deserve this."

Anyone with information about the case was urged to call the sheriff's department at 323-890-5500.


The first chart I draw up is for the time at which she was said to have left the party, which was 7 pm on Mother's Day. Notice that Scorpio is rising and Taurus is falling with Venus right at the Descendant under the Sun's beams. The Moon in Leo is right at the midheaven, opposing a Neptune- Node conjunction at the nadir. The Moon in the tenth tells me that people saw her leave, she did not sneak out. She was seen leaving. Neptune in the fourth near the node tells me she was keeping something secret, made secret plans, had an idea she kept to herself. Mars in Leo in the ninth house makes me think she was headed outdoors, perhaps to the woods. Pluto in the second, there was money or something she thought was valuable involved in the matter. This could be money she already had or money she believed she was going to receive. Venus at the Descendant describes a person she was going to meet, someone she already knew. Venus under the Sun's beams tells me this person was in some sort of danger or afraid she or he would be. It looks a lot like another girl.

Notice also that Mars co rules the Ascendant and is disposed of by the Sun. Stevona seems to have been concerned about the danger her friend was in, perhaps aware of the person or circumstances causing the threat. They had discussed it before. This person or circumstance was present at this time and the girl or boy needed Stevona's help. The Sun and Venus both in Taurus, the natural inhabitant of the second house, also indicates to me that money was offered or needed in this matter. Did Stevona take her money with her? Or was she in need of money for something? Also, did she have a friend who was in trouble a lot, who had a troublesome family or difficulties of any kind? A person she would have dashed off to help?

The next chart, for an hour after Stevona left the party, shows a few important changes. Notice that the Moon, the chart co ruler, has moved into the ninth house. There, also, is Mars, the co ruler of the Ascendant. And if you consider Pluto a co ruler of Scorpio, you will see that it is placed in the second house and disposed of by Saturn, again placed in the ninth. These are a lot of pointers defining the ninth house. And this means that Stevona has gone outdoors, into the woods, a park, an open area. Perhaps she has gone to the onion field. Saturn in Virgo in the ninth hints at rubble and dirt, hardscrabble ground. This could be the onion field, which would be suited to growing tubers. Any place with a rocky ground, lots of rocks and dirt and very little grass or weeds. This is where she went. Now, look at Venus. This planet still rules the Descendant and has moved into the sixth house, still under the Sun's beams. It is also sinister to a conjunction with the Sun. Venus is swifter in motion than the Sun so this aspect is applying. Not a good sign. It tells me again that this person, her friend, is in grave danger. I mean, seriously. Venus is in a wide angle square to Neptune in the third. This is a wide angle but Venus is again sinister. This implies a ruse of sorts, perhaps a scheme or a lie. Neptune also hints at drugs and alcohol. Did Stevona dabble in drugs or alcohol? Would her friend be on drugs or with someone who was? There may have been a lie or ruse to get her there, a lure of money or danger. There is no doubt that her friend is in real danger, that this is not a lie. However, it is unlikely that Stevona was going to save him or her.

Money is a part of the scene and continues to be. Pluto, co ruler of the Ascendant, is hanging around in the second house. Jupiter is there with Pluto and Jupiter is about to move onto the first house cusp within the hour. This keeps the planetary ruler in the second house for quite some time, indicating that money is a motivator in this event. She was offered money or she went along to pay a debt. Had she borrowed money from anyone lately? Had she suddenly had money when she had had none before? These would be red flags in this case. Saturn in Virgo is a strong marker for poverty. It disposes both Jupiter and Pluto, making it a defining planet. Along with the ruling planets in the second house, it appears to me that little Stevona was motivated by money. She went dashing out to see a friend who was promising her money. She may not have known that this person was in immediate danger. She may have known the girl or boy to have been in troublesome situations in the past but was not aware of any pending problems. She only thought she was going to get some money. She may even have gotten money in this fashion before.

At 9 pm, Sagittarius moves onto the first house. Jupiter remains in the second, continuing to emphasize money. At this point, Jupiter is almost exactly inconjunct to the Moon, which is the chart co ruler. This means that Stevona is being sloppy and negligent. She is not paying attention to details and overlooking important details. She doesn't see the red flags. She just simply trusts everyone and doesn't give it enough thought. Inconjunctions indicate negligence and lack of oversight. No one expects a thirteen year old child to be astute and alert to details. She is not world wise or experienced in dangerous situations. This is why these sort of events are just so unfair; to take advantage of a child is the most evil thing an adult can do. She could not have known what was going on because, indeed, a lot of it was kept from her. The Moon is sinister to an opposition to Neptune, which tells me that they pulled the wool over her eyes. She was totally misled. Neptune is near the Node so there was more than one person involved in this ruse. It was sort of a consensus among several that they were going to fool this girl and get her to come to them. For money. And she may have been drugged. I do not know the autopsy or toxicology results but this is possible.

She was likely in the company of another child. Mercury rules the Descendant at 9 pm and disposits itself in Gemini. In fact, there may have been more than one other child. Mercury in Gemini makes me think of relatives or brothers or sisters. She could have been in the company of several kids who were all brothers, sisters or cousins to each other... or she could have been in the company of her own sisters, brothers or cousins. I am not sure which of these is possible. Both Mercury in this chart and Venus in the earlier charts are in their dignities, which tells me that the people that had Stevona had the upper hand. They were "in charge" of everything and controlled everything that happened. Pluto and Jupiter, Stevona's planets, are not in fall but they are not in dignity, either. She is at a disadvantage. And at 9 pm, Pluto enters the first and Mars enters the eighth so things are not looking good for her. They are starting to push her around, physically. Since I do not know if she was assaulted or not, I will just say that the chart shows this as a possibility. She was accosted in some fashion, pushed around at the least. She may have been beaten.. and with Mars in Leo in the eighth house, she may have been sexually assaulted as well.

I hate to make statements about things that are really horrible and I never want to make the assertion that the chart is right. I read them so that people can learn about it and see if it helps. In this chart, I see some ugly stuff and I'm going to throw it out there but I am not making accusations. I am just reading a chart. So don't take this personal. However, it looks to me that sex and money was a part of this crime. She was offered money, an opportunity to make money, but whether she knew it involved sex I am not sure. But when you look at the chart for 10 pm, you see how things start to come together. A real picture emerges. Notice that the Moon, the chart co ruler, moves into the eighth house. So does Saturn, which is the dispositer of the Ascendant ruler, Jupiter in Capricorn. These two along with Mars in Leo, which was already there. Along with the Ascendant ruler moving into the first house, along with Pluto. Whether she was ready and willing to have sex for money is unknown, but it looks to me that this is what they intended. She was probably assaulted, either sexually or otherwise, maybe just trying to get her to comply. Neptune is now in the second house along with Node, disposed of by Uranus in the third. The second house is a constant marker in the charts, showing that money was again offered and this time, there may have been photos involved. Neptune in Aquarius is a marker for the film industry and also of modeling, posing and acting. Disposed of by Uranus in Pisces in the third house, which rules commerce and trade, this just looks like a porn thing. They were going to use her in pictures.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

But we know that something went horribly wrong. She obviously did not please them in some manner. She either did not go along with this or she did something else wrong along the way. I notice that Mercury, the Descendant ruler, has moved into the sixth house, so one of the children is in danger. This child is sick or damaged. Mars, the fourth house ruler, is in the eighth and Venus, the tenth house ruler, is in the fifth. This is enough for me. There is no doubt in my mind, if you take this chart as accurate, that Stevona was offered a chance to make money and that this task included having sex in front of cameras. Pluto in the first house makes me think they went too far. Someone hit her too hard or throttled her and killed her. Pluto disposed of by Saturn in the eighth shows me that this is what happened, someone roughed her up and killed her in the process. Not that this was intended. She just ended up being collateral damage. She resisted, they tried to force her and they tried too hard. She may have witnessed an event with another child, the child I see as being sick or damaged. This might have scared her and she wanted to back out.

And then when Capricorn moves onto the Ascendant, just after 11 pm, I think this is when she died. Saturn is in the eighth which hints that she may have been restrained or smothered to control her and this was too much. Mars in the seventh also shows aggression from a partner or enemy... the other person she is facing. Cancer on the seventh and Moon in the eighth, she died with her killer present. Like I said, this was during restraint or coercion. She wasn't, for instance, drugged and left alone only to be found dead later. She was killed by someone else in an act of aggression. Look how the Moon is disposed of by the Sun in the fifth house. This house rules entertainment, acting, posing, movies, etc... and it also describes sex. Sex for entertainment.. for fun. Saturn, her ruler, is disposed of by Mercury in the sixth, which tells me she died from a body failure.. such as suffocation or something similar. Mercury rules the lungs.

To add one last stroke to the portrait, I see that the tenth house ruler, Venus, is in the fourth. So these people have been making their living this way out of their home. This was done in someones home, where they have been making movies for awhile. So, picture this: a friend of Stevona's, another child, tells her that she is making a bunch of money and that Stevona can make some, too. Stevona gets a phone call.. or has discussed this earlier.. and when the time comes, she bolts. She is going to make money! Who would be mad at her for that? So off she goes. And then she is surprised when she realizes what they want. She may have been compliant or wanted to be, just to keep things cool, but when she saw her friend, the one who has been in danger before, in a compromising and scary situation, she became terrified and wanted out. They tried to force her. She died in the process. This is what the chart seems to be saying. They may have hurt her or drugged her, but either way she died and this was not what they wanted. She was just "collateral damage", I suppose.

So now I will make my usual attempt to describe the people who killed her. We know that they are rotten and I hate people who use children for sex or porn or give them drugs. I hope somebody catches these people and gives them their deserved lethal injection. In the meantime perhaps I can find a gem somewhere and help a little. The child who called Stevona or made plans with her is a beautiful child. This is probably another girl. She would be very attractive, with nice skin and hair. This girl may tend to get chubby, though, and is not usually lithe or thin. She has a well made, full figured, voluptuous body. She has a florid complexion and luxurious, thick dark brown hair. Her eyes are dark and lovely, shaped beautifully, what people call "dove eyes". She may have dimples and certainly lovely skin. Any girlfriend of Stevona's that fits this description should be talked to. She knows something, at least. As I said before, there were other kids present, perhaps relatives. If not Stevona's relatives, then there were several kids who are all related to each other, such as sisters, brothers or cousins. There may be twins among them. They may be related to the person who is taking the films. The man who killed Stevona is a dramatic personality who may like to play act and talks about being famous. He would be tall with a strong, large boned body. He could be a little "fleshy", is not likely to be very thin and has a round, chubby face. He has a good complexion and a pleasant face, he smiles a lot and is very friendly. This man has light brown or blond hair, could be bleached. He also has blue or blue\grey eyes, which could be unusual for his race. They could also be contact lens or just color lenses. He is always looking for a "bright", "glamorous" look, seeking attention. He is showy and brassy. The blond hair and blue eyes would be a part of looking like a "star". The porn business is just his current ticket; he plans on even bigger things. He did not mean to kill Stevona, it just happened.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Caylee Marie Anthony

Mother Loses Child and Fails to Report Her Missing

There has been so much already said on this case and I've been sent tons of information on the case from my readers. Thanks to all of you for the volumes of information, including time lines and other data that has all been since verified as accurate. This case is probably the most highly publicized case here in Florida since the Gainseville murders in the late 1980s. It is as big and inflammatory as Ted Bundy's case was. People hate Casey Anthony and for all I've seen, I understand that. She seems cold and indifferent. Phony and self serving. It's like she's playing everybody. Women everywhere recognize that kind of behavior from watching cold, manipulative women in their sphere. She brings all of that angst to the surface. She makes us mad when we don't see her crying, begging someone to save her child. It makes us even madder to hear that she doesn't even have a photo of her daughter in her cell; her supposed "missing" and "endangered" child. Nothing Casey says or does rings true; most of it is indefensible.

But this case isn't really about Casey; although every missing person or murder victim has a victimizer and often our focus gets trapped on the one who we believe did these horrible things. In this matter, it is really Caylee that needs us. Many people have lost sight of that in their anger towards the Anthony family. Personally, I feel nothing but extreme sympathy for the Anthony's. Their fear and pain are palpable and real. None of us can understand the scope of it. So what if they retreat to a place that we may call "denial" or a "fantasy"? Evidence seems to mount to point the finger at their daughter and they do not hang her out to dry so people get frustrated and angry. But, in truth, what would you expect them to do? To try and convict their daughter? Would you not expect them to never believe that their child... no matter how much you dislike her she is their child... would do such a thing? Would you believe it if it were your daughter? Admittedly, we Americans see this sort of thing as weakness; we propose tough love not coddling. We admire people who can face the truth and weather it. We don't like people who fall apart. But give these people a chance to deal with their grief and confusion in their own way, in their own time. Personally I have experienced tragedy in my life and denial is a part of that process. They will come around to the truth when it reveals itself and they are prepared to handle it. Until this child is found dead they have every right to pursue the possibility that she may, in fact, still be alive. And with that much said, I will take a stab at the charts I was able to prepare from the time lines I've been given.

Here is a timeline I received from a reader and has since been corroborated by the Orlando PD and the Orlando Sentinel newspaper.

12:50p George sees Casey and Caylee leave,
each wearing backpacks

2:30p George leaves for work

3:03p Call to George's Cell

4:10p Call to Cindy at work

4:11p Call to Cindy's Cell

4:13p Call to Cindy's cell

4:14p Call to Cindy at work

4:19p Call to Tony

4:21p Call to Jesse

4:24p Call to Cindy's cell

6:32p Call to Cindy at home

6:33p Checks Voicemail

7:06p Call to Cindy at home

7:20p Call to Amy


JUNE 18-

12:33p Call to Cindy at home

12:34p Call to Cindy's cell

12:35p Call to Cindy at home

12:36p Call to George's cell

1:09p Call to Cindy's cell

1:11p Call to Cindy at home


Seen backing into garage.
Borrows shovel from neighbor
out working in the yard.

June 27- Casey drops off car at Amscot. Claims it broke down
and ran out of gas. Tony picks her up, Casey and
Tony go to CLUB FUSIAN. Confirmed by friends.

Now, a locally famous indepth reporter named Tony Pipitone from WKMG-TV Orlando has compiled a series of events that concludes that Casey was last seen alive, known to be alive, on June 16. Casey is seen on tape later in the evening on that day and Caylee is not with her. She is with her boyfriend renting videos at a Blockbuster Video, murder thrillers in fact. In fact, her boyfriend has since testified that he never again saw Caylee after the day that Casey left her parent's house. He was under the impression that she was "with the nanny". So this is believed, by all sources involved in the case, to be the day that Caylee died. And although we really don't know this to be true at this time, I don't want to make any forgone conclusions when doing the reading, it is still from this timeline that I will work the charts.

Here are some of Pippitone's time lines:

On June 17, Anthony returned to her parents' home around 2:30 p.m., Pipitone reported. At 4 p.m., her phone pinged a tower southwest of the house near Lee Vista Boulevard and South Goldenrod Road, an area where detectives have directed Equusearch volunteers to search for Caylee weeks ago.

At 5:20 p.m., a tower was pinged near Blanchard Park, another site searched in August by Equusearch. Anthony's cell phone went silent from 5:23 p.m. until 8:23 p.m., perhaps prompting investigators to search the area, Pipitone said.

"It was then that Casey's phone pinged a cell tower near boyfriend Tony Laazaro's apartment," Pipitone said. "By then, around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 17, Caylee had not been seen alive for nearly a day and a half. But remember, chemical evidence in the trunk of Casey's car indicates the decomposing body was there up to two and half days after death, so a key question for anyone looking for Caylee's body (is) 'Where did Casey go next?'"

On Wednesday, June 18, the day Casey's parents' neighbor said Anthony borrowed a shovel and backed her car into the garage, cell phone pings show that Anthony was at or near her parents' home from 2:30 p.m. until 3:30 p.m., Pipitone said.

Anthony's phone later pinged a different spot near the Econ Trail, south of Lake Underhill, records show. It's also a location that detectives guided Equusearch volunteers to look for signs of Caylee's body, Pipitone said.

Scientific evidence suggests that a body left its chemical signature in the trunk of Anthony's car after decomposing for less than two and a half days, which would be about the same time period between the aforementioned cell phone pings, Pipitone said.

Before I start I must make note of a few differences in doing this sort of chart and the others I have done. We have here a mother who is the suspect, her daughter who is the alleged victim, grandparents who provide a home for the grandchild but which is not their daughters actual home. Quite a few balls in the air on this one. The chart has to be done for Casey because she is in charge, making decisions, taking the child with her. The child is described in the chart through the fifth house, Casey's fifth house, because she is Casey's child. The parents home is defined by the eighth house, being the fourth from the fourth. The fourth represents Casey's parents. So the houses in the chart are read from 2 different perspectives and the planets shift focus between various players. I will be using the first house to read for Casey, the fifth house to read for Caylee, the seventh house for outside players who may appear on the scene, the eighth house for Casey's parents home and the fourth house for where ever it may be that Casey is at that time calling her home. This is a complicated process and I will not claim to have mastered it. Any revisions other Astrologers wish to make are welcome here; I will never claim to be the last voice. And with that much said, I will bravely enter a new dimension and take a shot at this high profile case.

It is documented that Casey leaves the house with Caylee for the last time at 12:50 pm on June 16 and that seems to be a very exact time. George says he looked at his watch and that's how he remembers it. So my first chart for this day is for 1 pm. Virgo is rising and Pisces is falling. Mercury, Casey's signifigater, is in the ninth house. This tells me that she went directly to a wooded area after leaving her parent's house. She is, in fact, in the woods not far from where they live. Because this is clear at 1 pm it basically tells me that where ever she went was only 10 minutes from her parents home. In fact, the cellphone pings for that day keep showing her in a wooded area near to the Orlando Airport; this is consistent with a wooded area not far from her home. So the charts are corroborating what the police are saying. This is a good sign. It means the chart is working. Please notice that the Moon, which is the chart co ruler, is placed in the third. Casey is in her car. She is in the woods, sitting in her car. Now, follow me closely here because this is where it gets tricky. When you do the chart for a child you use the parent's fifth house for the first child. This is where I read for Caylee. The fifth house ruler, Saturn, is posited in Casey's twelfth house, which correlates with the child's eighth house. Caylee is in grave danger. Saturn, which represents the child, is disposited by Mercury, which is her mother's chart ruler. Here you see that the child is at her mother's mercy; she is, in fact, completely under Casey's control. The child is with her mother and has not been handed off to a nanny at this time.

These charts are fascinating, as you will shortly see. I can see things taking shape very rapidly as the hours roll by. At 2 pm, Libra is now rising with Aries falling. Venus is in the ninth house, showing that Casey is still in the woods and the Moon is still in the third, showing that she is still in her car. Whether she is in the exact same wooded area each time is not clear; it is possible that she was driving around in the woods or from wooded area to wooded area along another route. Now watch the charts closely because there are a lot of aspects that have to be analyzed. The seventh house is ruled by Mars which is in the eleventh house. Mars is disposed of by the Sun, which is conjoined Venus in the ninth. She has been joined in the woods by a male friend. This is more friend than boyfriend, although a romantic relationship is not impossible. Mercury is also there, with both Venus and the Sun, and they look like a happy family don't they? The child is with them, there in the woods. The fact that Venus and the Sun are both disposed of by Mercury and that Mercury disposes itself tells me that Caylee is the REASON they are in those woods. It may be that she liked going there, that there were things she liked to do in the woods and Casey was just obliging her.

But you have to look at and examine the fifth house to see Caylee in 3D. Her ruler, Uranus, is in the sixth. This is actually the second house of the child. Caylee has been here before, she is familiar with the area and she is busy toying around with her things. Perhaps she has something to play with. But there are aspects and placements in this chart that cause me to worry. Uranus, Caylee's ruling planet, is directly square to Venus, which is Casey's ruling planet. Uranus is also afflicted by a close square to Pluto at the nadir and an inconjunction to Mars, which rules the seventh house and represents the man who is also there. Neptune is sitting in the child's first house. The fifth house ruler, Uranus, is disposed of by Neptune. This tells me that Caylee is in great danger from both Casey and this man. Neptune also tells me that Caylee will be drugged. Pluto inside the third house just at the cusp of the fourth tells me that violence occurred in the car. Not bloodletting but a forceful grappling with the child. Perhaps she was forced down and smothered with the chloroform. Pluto tells me that she was man handled, forced and even restrained in some fashion during this afternoon's events.

Now, please also notice that Mars opposes Neptune and that Mars rules the seventh house. It may be that the man who arrived there brought the drugs and it was he, not actually Casey, who administered drugs to Caylee. I am just saying that the chart seems to say this. The Node is hanging around Neptune as well, muttering something about fate or kismet. This whole thing seems to have been planned. That's what it also seems to be saying. I would never be one to accuse a mother of doing such a thing; however growing up I was exposed to mothers who gave their children marijuana shotguns and other mothers that gave their kids codeine to knock them out at night. All things are possible in this world, I'm sorry to say. But I am in no way inferring that Casey was this kind of mother, I simply cannot see that from a horary chart. I do not know her birth date or time and although I know Caylee's birthdate, I do not have a time for her. I do not believe a chart for Caylee will tell me anything at all; what happened to Caylee was engineered by her mother and as such is a reflection of her and not her child. With that much said, I must point out that Jupiter is angular in the fourth house in the sign Capricorn. The fourth house is Caylee's twelfth house and tells me that when Caylee dies, if she does die during this time frame, she dies in the woods.

The next chart I draw up is for the time of Casey's first phone call to her father this afternoon. It is placed at 3:pm. The chart for this hour shows that Libra and Aries are still at the angles and Venus and the Sun are still in the ninth house. Mars is still in the eleventh, disposed of by the Sun. Nothing much has changed for Casey, she is still in the woods with her male friend. But the Moon has moved into the second house, which tells me that she is no longer sitting in the car. She is outside the car in the woods. Now, look at Mercury. It has moved into the eighth house and Neptune is still in the fifth house. Neptune is disposed of by Uranus in the sixth and Uranus still rules the fifth. The child has been "put to sleep" so to speak; I do not believe she is dead but she has been "sedated". Neptune points at drugs. The eighth house tells me she is unconscious and in grave danger. It is placed in Casey's sixth house so she sees this as a day to day thing, a "medical procedure" that doesn't do any harm. She may even have known or heard of women who did this with their kids; perhaps she read about it in a medical book or heard about it at work.

But, as an aside, I must also note that Mercury, with is placed so precariously in the eighth house, is the ruler of the twelfth house. This may be where and when Caylee dies. But future charts for the remaining time lines will tell me if that is true. Also, an aspect that keeps shouting out at me is Mars, ruler of the seventh, opposing the fifth house axis from the eleventh. I cannot help but think that this friend of hers really believed he was doing Casey a favor and was, in fact, eager to please her. It also tells me that he did not have good feelings towards Caylee and may, in fact, have felt that the child was a problem or burden that had to be rid of. Putting the child "to sleep" so to speak was natural and not dangerous in his eyes; he thought maybe everybody did it. I do not feel sympathy or concern coming towards the fifth house, it's planets or rulers and this tells me that the person with Casey on this afternoon had negative if not downright hostile feelings towards Caylee. He had probably heard from Casey that the child kept her from having fun, held her down, always doing "mommy duty". And this caused him to be inconsiderate in this manner and go along with whatever was happening.

Her next call is placed at 4:10 in the afternoon. Notice how the stars and planets have shifted into different positions. We now have Scorpio rising and Taurus falling. Mars is in the tenth house and Pluto is in the second. This tells me that Casey has left the wooded area, she is, in fact, out in a more public area, with the intention of getting her hands on some money. She is looking to cash a check or use an ATM. Mars is disposed of by the Sun in the eighth house, which also tells me that she is planning something devious. The seventh house ruler, Venus, is with the Sun in the eighth house, telling me also that her male friend is a part of this plan. I do not mean by this that she is planning to kill her child but I cannot say for sure that she is not. The eighth house signifies danger and often also death and Mercury, the traditional ruler of the child in all charts, is placed there. This is not a safe place. This child is in grave danger. Couple this with Pisces residing on the fifth house cusp, placing Neptune as the child's ruler at this hour. Now, notice if you will, that Neptune has moved backwards into the fourth house. This is not good. The fourth house in this chart is the twelfth house of the child. The house of death, dying, passing over. And to make matters worse, Uranus is now in the fifth house, which is Caylee's first house. This whole thing was a big surprise. Nobody expected this to turn out the way it did. And, still, I don't see a nanny. However, I do see a man. Perhaps this man is who had Caylee. Perhaps he is responsible for the child being in this condition.

The thing I have to say is that I do not see Casey around this child when she appears to die. Casey's signifigaters have her out and about, looking for money or shopping. Perhaps she is cashing checks. I have seen her on film doing that. Anyways, the seventh house ruler is Venus and it is clearly placed in the eighth house with Mercury, the co ruler of the child. This friend of hers is there when this happens. And I am now sure it did happen. After looking at charts that spanned over days; trying to find an area to hone in on, I am now able to do this because these time lines have been verified by investigators and reporters. These time lines seem to be an accurate accounting of what happened on the day that Caylee was last seen alive. She has not been seen since. Casey has told everybody that she gave the child to a nanny. I apologize but there is no other woman in these charts. I see a man and that is it. I don't know who he is. I don't know what role he played and I don't know if he intentionally or even accidentally had anything to do with Caylee's death. But looking at these charts that span over the period of time that I have, Caylee repeatedly appears dead in too many charts to excuse it as a fluke. I had done charts for various other time lines I had been given and they all shifted in focus and left me thinking I had no fix on it. But these charts, for these times, tell me that Caylee died on June 16. And that's what I see.

Neptune gets behind the child and stays there. She was drugged and died from drugs. There was a man there, either as an accomplice or just by sheer bad luck. This may have been planned or it may have been an accident. I can't be sure. But it's no accident when you give a child drugs. From that point on, all bets are off. Anyways, I grow tired of looking at death charts and want to discover where she may have taken the body and disposed of it. Many time lines exist, of course, for the days that follow June 16. I have been told by my readers and by the reporters I see on local TV that June 18 was most likely the day that she disposed of the child. However, the next reported sighting of Casey is at her parents home on June 17 and her cell phone pinged shortly afterwards.. In looking to see what happens at that time I draw up charts for 2:30, 3 and 3:30 pm. In order to read for her parents home I have to read the eighth house, as this is the fourth house from the fourth. So drawing up charts for these three times, I find that she actually was on the property sometime between 3 and 4 pm on June 17. The first house ruler, which is Venus, does not enter the eighth until later than they report. She could have driven by, she may have even stopped, but she was not in and around the home and yard until nearly 4 pm.

She was not there for long as her cell phone pings again at 4 pm which puts her near Lee Vista Blvd, an area southwest of her parents house. At this time, Pisces is again at the fifth house cusp and Neptune is placed in the fourth. Again, it says, Caylee is dead.

At 4 pm, when the chart shows Casey arriving just earlier between 3:30 and 4 pm, I see that Neptune now rules the fifth house and is placed in the fourth. This is Caylee's twelfth house and tells me, once again, she is dead. Over and over the planets return to this pattern. At 5-20 pm, when she made her last phone call before disappearing for hours, Scorpio has just arrived on the Ascendant. Mercury, the traditional symbol for her child, is in her seventh house. This is the third house of the child's, showing me that Caylee is "in transit" and is probably in the car. The chart rulers sing a song in harmony here. Mars, co ruler of the Ascendant, is in the ninth house right along the tenth house axis. This shows Casey entering the woods from the highway but not entirely in the woods yet. The other chart co-ruler, Pluto, is in the second house, which shows me she has entered a small area that could be laid out with grills made of bricks and wood bridges or walkways and/or other earth materials, thick with brush and inhabited by small animals. The area may have storm damage or burnt areas of brush, dangerous passages and even broken bridges, reflective of Pluto's placement.

And because of Jupiters placement and the condition of the second house I also get a picture of larger animals like wild boar or deer, but farther into the woods and not where Casey is. I have never been to Kate Blanchard park so I cannot say if this is accurate. But this is what the chart is describing. It could well be a part of a larger wooded area, in fact probably is, but what I am seeing where Casey is at this time, is a portion of that area with these sort of attributes. As an added signature, the Moon, co ruler of the chart, is also placed in the second, in the sign Sagittarius, another symbol of woods and forests. Both the Moon and Pluto are disposed of by Jupiter in Capricorn in the third house. Capricorn shows the earth elements while Jupiter is the sporting sign; are there sporting activities conducted in the park? I'd be curious to know. The third house area where Jupiter resides is telling me that Casey came in her car and is still in her car. She has not "gone into" the woods. She is outside of the larger wooded area, in a place where people play games, go swimming or engage in organized sports. There may be tennis courts, a miniature golf range or racquetball courts as well.

At 6:20 pm, Sagittarius is on the Ascendant and Jupiter in Capricorn has backed into the second house. Jupiter is disposed of by Saturn, which is in the ninth house. Casey has gone farther into the woods. She is in the park area but in the wooded area surrounding the park. The fifth house is ruled by Aries and Mars is also in Casey's ninth house, showing that Caylee is with her. The ninth house is also Caylee's fifth house so they are in an area where Caylee had played in the past; near a play area with swing sets or in a sporting area where kids skate or play ball. But she is actually in a wooded area near these play devices, either behind them or beyond them. What the combination of aspects tells me is that she is in the woods but the closest area to her current location is a playground of some sort. And it is a playground where Caylee has played in the past. And, an entire hour later, none of this has changed. All of these planets are in the same places, telling me that she stayed in that area for a long time. If she was still at that park at 7:30 that evening, she was doing something heavy duty there. She wasn't just sitting on a bench with her kid; the chart has clearly told me over and over again that Caylee is dead. So what on earth is Casey doing?

There are a few aspects that stand out to me as the chart describes Caylee. Mars, her chart ruler, is in the ninth house, as I already noted. From that position, it is under fire from several powerful planets. It is directly opposed to Neptune in the third with Neptune ruling the nadir. It is also inconjunct to both Jupiter and Uranus. Jupiter is her mother's marker and Uranus is in the fourth house. No matter what, this aspect alone tells me that Caylee is in danger from her own mother. The fourth house is Caylee's death house and her own marker is in friction with her mothers'. Inconjunctions do not define anger, resentment or violence; they DO describe neglect, inattention, sloppiness and lack of concern. The chart just seems to be saying that Caylee was in danger because, in effect, Casey did not care what happened to her. There just were no feelings of concern for the child, Casey was indifferent toward her at best.

Also in the chart for 7:20 pm I see that the Moon and Pluto have moved into the first house. Pluto moving into the first house worries me; it shows destructive tendencies on the part of Casey. Pluto directly opposes Venus in the seventh house. An angular Venus takes on some power even though Venus does not rule any angle. Venus, which is closely related in symbolism to the Empress of the Tarot, represents the pregnancy, giving birth and having a child areas of motherhood. The Moon, which relates to the Priestess, defines nurturing, guiding, teaching and raising children. These are distinctly different roles that women may or may not care to play. Casey is Caylee's mother and as such is ruled by Venus. And Venus, in this important chart, is opposed to the Moon and Pluto, both in the dynamic and powerful first house. Casey was angry about being a mother, resentful of her child and was feeling this strongly this day while she was in the woods. The Moon opposing Venus spells this out clearly to me: she was Caylee's mother, she had given birth and had a child but she was not nurturing, teaching, guiding or involved in raising her child from an emotional standpoint. She was still much of a child herself and was too spoiled and immature to actually love anyone, much less a child that she considered a burden. In fact, her sympathies were directed towards herself and not at all towards the child that she may have accidentally killed. She resented having to do this, actually. Today was not a good day.

The interesting thing is how things look at 7:45. The dial moves just enough for Taurus to take over the fifth house cusp. Venus, Caylee's ruler at this hour, is now in Casey's seventh house, which is third from the fifth. The child is BACK in the car. She has not been left in the woods. The Ascendant ruler is still Jupiter and it has moved into the first house, showing me that Casey is emerging from the woods. Jupiter is disposed of by Saturn, which is moving from the ninth into the eighth along the axis. This tells me that she leaves the park and drives back around to her parent's home. The Moon, the chart co ruler, has moved into the twelfth house, showing me that Casey is hiding something. Pluto is in Sagittarius moving onto the first house cusp. This chart on this day tells me that she did NOT leave Caylee in Kate Blanchard park. Regardless of her stories or what everyone else has put together, she did not hand her off nor did she bury her there. Whatever else she did, she still had Caylee with her at this time and I am still pretty sure that Caylee is dead. In fact, my suspicions are now directed towards a burning event. The fire signs that keep popping up, the houses on the angles and the position of natal fire houses are all coming together in a pattern that looks like a fire. But I cannot be sure if this is what happened until I look into the rest of the time line. But right now, this suspicion is with me.

At 8:20 pm, it is a validated fact that Casey made an appearance at her boyfriends house. It was later this night that they were seen in the blockbuster ordering rental films. These were controversial films, according to the news reports, movies about murder, kidnapping and death. Inappropriate, it would seem. But the interesting thing that stands out to me is Caylee's markers. The fifth house is ruled by Taurus and Venus is in the seventh house of Casey's chart, which is Caylee's third. The child is in the car. She is still in the car. Now, if someone were to argue and tell me that Caylee is not dead, then what the heck is she doing in the car? I mean, is she drugged and left in the car? How is that better? And there is no nanny. I have yet to see another woman within a mile of these charts. So again, I am fairly sure that this child has died and Casey is keeping her body in the car. Media reports notwithstanding, this is what I see. And if you take note of the Moon, Casey's co-ruler, you will see that it sits in the twelfth. What on earth is she hiding? She is, in fact, hiding something. Could it be the child in the car?

Please also note at this time that Jupiter, the chart ruler, is in the first house. This tells me that Casey is where she wants to be and she is enjoying it. Jupiter in Capricorn is in fall so there is a bittersweet aspect to this; she is happy but there are dark clouds. Jupiter is inconjunct to Mars and Mars rules her nadir, which tells me that Casey is a little angry about her housing situation. It does not look like she is truly content living there with her boyfriend under current conditions. There is something about it that falls short. She is also not entirely happy with her family; there are dark clouds there, too. Venus rules Casey's tenth house and it's placed in the seventh, so this tells me she would like to be married. She is wanting to be married pretty badly and this is what her plan is at this time.

Moving forward with the time line, the next recorded event is a cell phone ping at 2:30 pm on June 18. This occurs near or at her parent's home and she is witnessed to be there around that time. This is the day and time when she was said to have borrowed the now famous shovel and backed her car into the garage for awhile. The chart for that time has Libra rising and Aries falling. Venus is in the ninth house and the Moon is in the third. This has her outside in a natural setting like the other charts but the difference here is the opposition to the Moon in the third and Venus positioned in Cancer. The Moon tells me that while she is outside, possibly read as a wooded area, it is actually either the backyard to a home or an area closely situated to a neighborhood property. The Moon in Cancer gives me reason to think it is her parent's home. There is nothing inside the eighth so I am positive that she did not go inside. Everything she was doing at this time was being done outdoors.

Look and notice that Mercury, the traditional ruler for her child, is also with her planet in the ninth. Caylee is there. Notice also that the fifth house is ruled by Aquarius and Uranus is in the sixth house, which is the child's second house. Caylee is with "her things" or at least something that "belonged to her". Is this the playhouse? Is this the parent's yard with the playhouse? Is that what Casey is doing? Getting the child out of the car and putting her under the playhouse? This is what it looks like to me. And notice this: again you see Aries on the seventh house cusp and Mars in the eleventh. Once again, this is a male friend. And if you take note, you will see that it is disposed of by the Sun, once again, and again in the ninth house with Venus. This man has turned up again? He is there to help her with this? Why has no one mentioned a man when they say they saw Casey at home? Mars is directly opposed to Neptune so this man is involved in the cover up, the secret, the lies. This man, whoever he is, is a player in this whole thing. He has returned to help her put this child somewhere on Casey's parents property. I'm serious here. That's what the heck it's saying.

Within the next hour, Mercury moves into the eighth house which tells me that they leave Caylee there at her grandparent's home. Neptune has again moved into Caylee's first house, telling me that she is hidden. And Uranus in the sixth, which is Caylee's second house, tells me that she is hidden in something that belongs to her. What else but the playhouse? And now, with things shaping up the way they seem to be, I am now convinced that she did not get rid of Caylee on the 18th. She simply stashed her for awhile so she could think about what to do next. And this takes me away from the time lines already presented and starts me on a new chapter in this saga. I will now look at charts for the next few days and see what I can find.

In the course of finding other time lines to work with, I found this cell phone record for her usage during the next 15 days:

6/19 2:38 pm goes to blanchard park
3:07 back to tony’s
6/20 1:44 back at athony home
2:18 back to tony’s
8:09pm 1/2hour long trip to fusion by way of blanchard park
6/21 3AM back at tony’s
6/23 2:44pm at anthony home
4:00 back to tony’s
6/24 2:42 anthony home
3:00 back to tony’s
6/27 11am anthony home
drive around near blanchard park and then back at tony’s by 12:30
8pm drives to fusion by way of blanchard park til at least 1:36am
6/28 8:22am at tony’s
6:30pm same trip to fusion
8pm-1030pm was what appears to be further east than usual, maybe Tony
10?:30 back at tony’s
6/29 no movement tony’s all day? or left cell phone there.
6/30 9:17am near airport
goes nort til 12:30
12:30 near lake unerhill park
6/30 back at tonys by 5

Many of my readers will recognize these records as I found them posted on Websleuths in the Caylee Anthony forum. Since most everything I've seen on that site is pretty accurate, I am going to go with these times for the rest of the charts I will draw. Starting with June 19 at 2:00 pm which is close to the time when Casey went back to Kate Blanchard Park. This chart has Libra rising and Aries falling, which is starting to be the pattern. She keeps going to the park at around the same time of day, give or take a half hour or so, and this recreates the same placements, day after day. Even when sidereal time moves forward in minutes, so does the time she goes there adjust. Venus, her ruler, is in the ninth house, which tells us again she is outdoors. Again, Aries is on the seventh, Mars is in the eleventh and is disposed of by the Sun in the ninth. But the Sun is out of sign and not aligned with Venus, so she is in touch with her friend but he is not there. She is alone. She may call him on the phone or be following previous advice he may have given her, but she is alone. And if you notice, Uranus rules the fifth and is placed in the sixth, which is Caylee's second house. Again, this says that Caylee is "with her things". She is with something that belonged to her. Neptune is in the fifth, Caylee's first house, so she is either drugged or hidden. Since past charts have defined her as dead, I am assuming this means she is hidden.

Looking at this chart I see that the Moon is in Casey's fourth house, which is Caylee's twelfth. This tells me, in this chart under these circumstances, that Casey is concerned with hiding Caylee. She is sneaking around looking for a place to put her, perhaps, and with the Moon in the sign Capricorn, it is naturally an earthy place like the park. Capricorn points at larger animals like deer, boar and goats. These sorts of animals were near where Casey was this day. But the Moon is also opposed to Venus, at the tenth house axis, telling me that Casey was at cross purposes with herself, unsure about what to do and not at all happy with having to do this. It upset her emotionally and disrupted her life. But also, Venus and the Moon are the markers of mothers everywhere, again telling me that her mission on this night involved her child. But she doesn't do anything, actually. She is only there for about a half an hour and then it's back home to Tony. Most likely, with Caylee safely tucked away at her parents house.

The next cellphone record has her back at her parents home the next day at about 1:44 pm. It's interesting that this is around the time when her father leaves the house for work. Perhaps she is coming over late in the day to avoid seeing him or her mother? Neither George nor Cindy ever saw Casey in these visits to their home; they had not seen her once since she first "left their home" on June 16. Doesn't this strike everyone as strange? And looking at the chart for 6/20 shows once again, Libra rising and Aries falling. This is becoming a consistent pattern. I am starting to wonder if Casey is a Libra or an Aries. She seems to kick into gear when these planets hit the angles. Little is different in this chart. Caylee's marker, Uranus, is still in the sixth, showing her still in her place. Casey's marker, Venus, shows her scouting outdoors again. And the seventh house, Aries, has Mars again in the eleventh. Mars is again disposed of by the Sun but the Sun is further out of sign even if in conjunction with Venus. Her male friend is not present but they are still friends. It looks like he's remaining friendly but keeping his distance. I wonder why? Neptune is again in Caylee's first house with the Moon in the fourth. But there is an omen that is just starting to emerge in this chart and I see it right away. Pluto is approaching conjunction with the nadir, to be moving into the fourth in the near future. Casey is getting ready to dig Caylee up. She may not really want to, she may be hating it, but Pluto at the fourth shows an unearthing. And it's most likely at her childhood home.

The next chart I want to check out is for the evening of June 21. She apparently took a half hour trip to Fusion by way of Blanchard Park, which has raised suspicions. Why does she need to go there on her way to a nightclub? The chart for 8 pm shows Sagittarius is rising, a sign which depicts the outdoors, forests, woods and sports like hunting. Jupiter, the Ascendant ruler, is right there in the first house, telling us that she is in the woods and that she intentionally went there for a reason. She didn't just end up there by accident or go there because someone else asked her to. Pluto is right at the first house cusp, which is a scary omen because Pluto so often defines violence and chaos. As well, Pluto is under stress from a square to Uranus in the third house. This tells me she is using the car for something underhanded. The combo that stands out for me in this regard is that Caylee's ruler, Venus, is in her own third house which seems to point at the car, as well. It is easy to say that Caylee is back in the car. Because Casey spent less than a half an hour at her parents house earlier this same day it's hard to imagine she had the time and ability to remove the child from the yard and to place her back in the car. Whether she did this or not will be born out by the planetary movements over the next few hours.

Another point worth mentioning is the loose grand trine involving Pluto, Mars and the nadir. These are all fire signs and altogether they seem to describe a burning. I am seriously concerned at this moment that Casey planned to burn the child's remains. I say planned to and not that she actually did, not yet, because thoughts often look like actions in star charts and repetition is the key to seeing reality. If I see the burning aspects again and again, I am going to be even more concerned. But notice that Pluto is moving into the twelfth and Mars is in the eighth, strong markers for death in any chart. Venus, the fifth house ruler, is in the seventh and is disposed of by the Moon. The Moon co rules the chart and is emphasized by it's close conjunction to the first house ruler, Jupiter. Both Moon and Jupiter are placed in the first house. This tangle of aspects simply describes that Casey is a mother, that she is with her child, that she is control of her child and that the events that are occurring are centered around a relationship between mother and child. Again, this is a simple recitation of the facts as we know them and is a sign that the chart is working.

I cannot say that anything much happened at Blanchard Park. She may have had the child in the car, she may have been thinking about burning the remains but she did not do this. Not only did she not spend enough time in the park but the charts don't show it actually happening. The motivators are there but she has not acted on them. And when I look at the next chart I draw up, it does not seem after all that she moved Caylee. In the chart for 2:44 pm on June 23, when she spent a half hour again at her parent's home, the aspects seem to show Caylee right where she had been, among "her things" at her grandparents home. Uranus, the fifth house ruler, is in the sixth house while Mercury is in the eighth. And again, from Caylee's perspective, her ruler is in her second house and her compliment is in her fourth. The chart shows that Casey did not spend long at her parents home and probably did not go inside. Her ruler, Venus, is back in the ninth house showing her being outdoors. She may have driven by there and been in the area, on her phone, but she never entered the home. She went to the woods, in fact, shown by Venus in the ninth and she was joined there by her male friend. Yes! He is back. The same configuration has returned: Aries on the seventh, Mars in the eleventh, Mars disposed of by the Sun. The Sun is with Venus in the ninth house and close within a few degrees. They are definitely together. Is this Tony? There is no way to know for sure. Or is this someone that no one knows anything about? Intriguing, to say the least.

An interesting aspect appears in this chart that I must point out. Casey's co ruler, the Moon, also rules the tenth house and is placed in the fifth house along with Neptune. In fact, Neptune is shadowing the Moon closely as it leaves the sign Aquarius. Is she smoking pot in the woods with her friend? Did she get with him to exchange drugs or to talk about the drug they used on Caylee? Were they trying to get rid of drug evidence? Hmm.. It is really anyone's guess. But it is intriguing. But what the charts are showing this far is that Casey has left Caylee somewhere, a place that looks like her parents home among things or any thing that belongs to the child. She has not disposed of Caylee elsewhere at this time and she is still driving around in the car doing her thing. The death charts and the activity of the in between charts are fascinating but they are getting me nowhere in trying to discover what happened to the child. Is she in the woods? Was she burned to ash? Or is she in the landfill? Nothing has revealed itself to me, yet. In fact, as of June 23, 2008, Caylee is still in Casey's possession, just not still in the trunk.

So now you must excuse me. I am going to drop you off here and move forward with charts on my own until I uncover movement involving the child. I will not post a chart until I find the one that shows Casey with the child and doing something with her remains. So excuse me. I'll be back.

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After working charts for the next few days, for the times given as her cell phone records, I come across what I think is an important time and day. June 27, around noon, she is said to have gone by her parents home and then back to Tonys at 12:30. This chart, at this hour, is very clear. Please look and see if you see what I do. The is a grand trine in fire signs, involving the Moon, Mars and Pluto. And these planets are in the death triplicity, the twelfth, fourth and eighth houses. Her marker, Mercury, has her back in the woods. To top this off, the child's marker, Saturn, is in Casey's twelfth house and also in Caylee's eighth house. This looks like a burning again. Saturn, Caylee's marker, is conjunct Mars in Leo in the twelfth house. There is an awful lot here that looks like a funeral pyre. I don't know if this is even on the radar, if it's even possible in reality but the charts are looking like Casey burned the body and did it in the woods. If the cellphone pings have her around the Blanchard Park area, then this is where it happened. Or at least where she prepared the body. Did she not steal gas from her parent's shed? Was there not a gas smell in the trunk, along with the chloroform? Could it be that she doused Caylee with it in the trunk and took the body into the woods and lit it? This is what it looks like happened.

The one aspect that really grabs me is the Moon in Aries in the eighth disposed of by Mars in Leo in the twelfth. As well, these planets are in a facilitating trine. To top this off, the Moon translates the light from one planet to the other. This makes this happen and happen fast. I think she set the body on fire and I think she did in the woods. I don't know why people didn't smell burning flesh although I can imagine they didn't notice a small fire out in the woods, where people camp and make bonfires all the time. Perhaps it would be thought that people were grilling fish they had caught in the lake. I don't know but this looks like what the chart is saying. She did not have to do it right then at noon at the park; she could have been preparing for it. But she went back to that park both day and night many times over days and days. In fact, she goes back to the park on her way to club later this same night. There are many times over the next few days when her cell phone was unavailable. Perhaps she prepared everything, left the phone so no one could call her or track her down and then went back there and burned the body.

There are numerous occasions over the next few days when the trine between Mars and Pluto is in the foreground. The night of June 28, when she disappears farther east than normal for two and a half hours this aspect is strong in the chart in fire signs again. In particular, her chart ruler, Saturn is in an out of sign conjunction with Mars in Leo in her own eighth house. This conjunction remains in a trine with Pluto, positioned in the twelfth house in Sagittarius. Another whisper about fire and burning. Remember that Casey's eighth house is Caylee's fourth, which is often called the coffin house. And Casey's twelfth house is the same as Caylee's eighth house, the traditional house for the act of dieing. One of these nights, Casey sets a funeral pyre. And it looks a lot like Caylee is on it or in it. Or, actually, said in a better way, the fire was around the child. But it looks to me that Caylee is in the car at 8 pm and is taken out at 9 pm. I see this in the chart by looking at the fifth house ruler, Venus, in Casey's seventh house which is Caylee's third house at 8 pm. Caylee is in the car. But at 9 pm, Venus moves from the seventh to the sixth house, which is backwards from the seventh, telling me that the body is taken out of the car. The sixth house tells me the body was placed on the ground and the sign Cancer says it was near water. The Sun, which is placed nearby, tells me that the area was not overgrown and you can see the sky from the ground there. No overhead growth or tall trees. Venus, as I have said many times before, is under the Sun's beams in the sixth house, telling me the body is in really bad condition.

I apologize but it is hard for me to determine exactly which night she burned the body and which night she buried it. It looks like she might have prepared it and burned it sometime around the 26th or 27th of June and then dumped the car off overnight. No other dates matter after the 27th of June because this is when she relinquished the car and the body was no longer in it. I believe she held on to the car as long as she still had the body and the opportunity to get rid of it did not occur until the 26th of June. And if you notice from the records I have been given, there is no cellphone activity on the 25th or 26th. It looks to me that she began to consider burning the remains around June 20th and for the next week or so she went about preparing for this. She got the gas, she went into the woods, she moved the body back and forth, she spent time alone in places that can't be tracked. She was looking for that place, that special safe place where she could burn Caylee and discard the remains. But I am not able to find that place through the charts I have seen so I am going to work with the first question asked, the day when Casey's mother discovered Caylee missing and asked the most important question, "Where is Caylee?". This is the best place to start to find the answer to that question.

But the problem I face is there is no record again of an exact time for any of this. She calls 911 but nowhere can I find a record of what time of day that occurred. Also, she supposedly found the car in the late afternoon or evening and had it towed back to her house but there is again no record of what time Cindy did this. There is a lot of information but a lot of it is the same. Repetition of the same useless information. The time lines and basic information in this case are elastic and inaccurate to say the least. Heck, Cindy and George could not even remember the exact DAY when they had last seen Caylee. They had been saying it was June 9 and stuck to that until a film of Caylee on June 15, Father's Day, appeared. Oops. Now, how slack is that? They don't even remember the Fathers Day visit? I mean, what drugs are these people on? I also do not like assumptions in these cases. One such assumption comes from Leonard Padilla, who is quoted as saying that Casey would never step foot in the woods. These charts have her in the woods over and over again. So much, in fact, that when I first started reading the charts I thought she might be living in the woods as a homeless person. I was unable to shake that thought until I read that she spent her nights at Tony's and he was on record confirming that. Another date that stands out for me is the 4th of July. The chart shows an unearthing at the home and this is confirmed by the police who are aware that a slab was poured in the backyard on that day. Has anyone considered that she might be under that slab? If she was reduced to ash and bones it would have been easy to just mix the remains into the soil and pour concrete over the top. And perhaps the parents have known all along and this is just a big ruse to lead everyone on a wild goose chase. This child is under that slab and grandma puts on a big show for everyone, playing the crazy woman in denial. I apologize, but at this point, anything is possible.

I do not believe they will find the body. Not now that I realize she burned it. I am also positive she had an accomplice. I am not sure which man it was, whether it's Tony, her brother, or someone unknown. I could try to describe him but I'm not sure what good that would do. Even if they found the body now it would yield little evidence. Casey is feeling smug and sure of herself; she did her job well. She got rid of Caylee in an effective manner that could very well keep her out of prison or, at the very least, off of death row. It is super rare in Florida for a woman to get the lethal injection.. or is it still the chair? Eileen Wurnos was one of the few. Casey is not quite Eileen Wurnos. But she did either drug her daughter or allow to be drugged and the child died because of this. And she did dispose of the body in some fashion and no matter how prissy people may think she is, she was hardened enough to do that much and that makes her much harder than me. My best guess is that this child's burned remains are either left in the woods at Blanchard Park, under the slab in her parent's backyard or in some distant place she traveled to in the days prior to dumping the car. I will have to leave the exact location to the psychics and the forensics guys because I just don't know for sure. The best guess I have is Blanchard Park. But remember they are looking for ash and bones and burned clothing. Good luck.

And, yet again, I may be wrong and this child may still be alive somewhere. Although very few people believe this and it is generally accepted that the evidence proves the child is dead, there has been no body and may never be. In that spirit, let me post a photo of Caylee for the 3 of you out there who may have never seen one so that you can commit to memory. And, of course, if you have any information about Caylee's whereabouts, dead or alive, or any knowledge of Casey's activities during the days in question, please do not hesitate to call the Orange CountrySheriff's Dept at Crimeline 1-800-423-8477, or to go to Cindy Anthony's MySpace page or visit Find Caylee to leave your information for the dedicated people who are trying to find this child. God bless Caylee and I hope she finds justice soon.


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