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Tara Calico

Young Lady Disappears on Bike Ride

Kidnapping Murder and Mayhem:

The mystery of Tara Calico's disappearance began to unfurl a little after noon on Sept. 20, 1988, when Tara's mother drove south on N.M. 47 from Rio Communities, expecting to find her daughter with a flat tire. Instead, all she found in the dirt on the side of the road was a tire track from the bike Tara was riding.

Tara never came home, and so began a family's chain of sorrow. And a puzzle that fed the television crime shows. And a police case that has now stretched out to fill two banker's boxes and 20 years.

Gone without a trace.

Belen, New Mexico Noon Sept 20, 1988

From Tara:

Missing Since: September 20, 1988 from Belen, New Mexico
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: February 28, 1969
Age at Disappearance: 19 years old
Height and Weight: 5'7; 120 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics:
Brown hair; green eyes. Calico has a large scar on the back of her right shoulder.
She has a dime-sized brown-colored birthmark on the back of one of her legs.
NCIC Number: M-461117833
(Please refer to this number when contacting law enforcement concerning this case.)
Calico was last seen riding her pink Huffy bicycle on Highway 47 in Valencia County, New Mexico on September 20, 1988 at approximately 11:45 AM. She has never been seen again. Calico biked the route daily during her routine 36-mile ride. Witnesses saw a dirty white or light gray-colored 1953 Ford pickup truck with a white handmade shell following Calico during her ride. It is not known if the truck is connected to her presumed abduction. Calico's bicycle has never been located. Foul play is suspected in her disappearance. Broken pieces of her Walkman were later found, and may have been dropped by Calico as clues to her abduction.

I was emailed this case by a reader and I want to thank her for that. This one got right by me, perhaps because it's old and it's been out of the press. But this is a real mystery and a very sad one. It's very strange that they have been unable to solve it, considering they believe they know who did it. I want to do a chart and see what might have happened and what they may have done with the body. Although Tara's parents are dead, there are family members who would love to put this to rest.

The first chart I draw up is for 10:30, which is about an hour before her mother was summoned to go get her. The chart shows some interesting aspects. For instance, Scorpio rises and Pluto is in the twelfth house. It looks like Tara may be up to something secret. Something she told no one about. Mars, the co ruler, is in the fifth, so this is something fun. Mars disposes itself so the fun was the point; she set about doing this because it was fun and nothing else. Notice also that Mars is retrograde so she was either held up or she couldn't stop, either way she ended up spending more time at this than she intended. Mars is inconjunct Pluto and since these are the two chart rulers, I would guess that she made a mistake or a misjudgment in the matter. She either miscalculated the time or misjudged what would happen or something like that; sloppy planning, shortsighted mistakes. Because of the nature of Mars and Pluto, I would also guess that she was very excited and could not constrain herself. She was just too excited to think about it much. What sport did she love to play? What place did she go to play games? Was there a party with friends that no one knew about at the time? Something like this was going on. When you notice that the tenth house ruler is the Sun and it's in the eleventh house, it has to be said that she was with friends. The tenth house points at a public place. Someone saw her that morning, in some public place with friends, having fun.

Here is the interesting marker: Venus, the seventh house ruler is just outside the tenth in the ninth, close to the midheaven. Someone was nearby, watching. They were situated outside the circle of friends, in a place out in the open but not inside. Like looking through a window or down a hill or from behind a tree. Somewhere out in the open but not visible or near to the children. Because of the seventh house axis, this is someone she is about to meet. Venus is loosely square to Mars and Pluto so the feelings are abrasive and unfriendly. This person may pick her out for some reason that's not exactly friendly or warm. I don't believe she had an enemy and I am not even sure she knew this person, but she was chosen because she stirred uneasy feelings. Notice also that Venus is disposed of by the same Sun, in the eleventh. This person may have known or had contact with one of the friends that Tara was with. Why they were not "with the group" I do not know. But the ninth house shows they are "outside" and being on the other side of the midheaven, I would guess it was nearby and out in the open.

And then when I did the chart for 11:45, the time at which she was last seen riding her bike, I see that she may have been at or near someone's home. She had gone by someone's home. See that Scorpio is still rising and Pluto is still in the twelfth, describing her as doing something "secret" or private, perhaps, something she didn't tell other people she was doing. Mars is now backing into the fourth house, showing her walking into someone's home or at least "dropping by". You have to be a bit imaginative because charts are not explicit, they are very general. This is any place that could loosely be called a "home" right down to an actual house. She could have rode up onto the lawn and waved at someone, or stopped in for a moment and left quickly. The time frame is tight, so it would have to be uneventful. I do not believe she is with this "other person" yet as I still see Venus in the ninth, in fact, farther into the ninth, which indicates this person has moved away. I do not believe this person has left, I think he or she is simply moving around outside. One thing that must be kept in mind is that, up to this point, the ruling planets are in dignity and well placed. Tara was not in danger at this time and is, frankly, "calling the shots", doing exactly what she wanted to do. These planets actually dispose of themselves, in their ruling signs, showing just how much power she really had. Things should have been going "her way".

The next chart is for 12:15 am, just around the time Tara's mother would have been arriving to pick her up. She had been told that Tara was stranded with a flat tire on her bike. And at this time, the chart has changed and shows a new set of possibilities. Sagittarius is rising and Jupiter is now in the seventh house. Jupiter is disposed of by Mercury, which is in the eleventh. She has been joined by one or more persons she considers friends. She has "come into" their company, so to speak, with Jupiter suddenly placed in the seventh. Notice now that Saturn and Uranus are in the first, harbingers we must watch over the next hour or two. Saturn and Uranus are both square to the Sun, which is placed in the tenth. These are strong aspects in this chart. The patterns look primed for an "accident", don't you think? And notice that Mercury, the seventh house ruler, is in the eleventh in the sign Libra. These are friends of hers, who may be her age or younger, who she considers friends. Libra shows comradier, friendship, people who are close, romantic, relational, sharing ties. They may have been part of a "team" or a group of some sort; she was athletic, they say, so what team or group did she play with? Consider that. It is very likely that she was involved in some athletic activity this morning and that is why these other people were also there. Notice also that Mercury is disposed of by Venus, which was the previous seventh house marker. There are connections here.

Here is what I think has happened so far: Tara has gone off to play some sport or some game she loved. She may have also dropped in on a birthday party or other joyous event. She joined a group of friends and was having a lot of fun. There was a third party, an outsider, who watched the game or sport or party from a vantage point outside the area. This person was connected with one of her friends, was perhaps a parent or sibling. This person honed in on Tara or perhaps had come there with her in mind, was watching her. I cannot say this was malevolent. For all I know at this point, this was a coach or a teacher who wanted to watch her play if she was indeed playing a sport. But the squares between these planets showed me that the feelings were negative, such as envy, lust or anger. Something irritating and abrasive. Perhaps this was a parent of a competing player or a coach for an opposing team? I do not know if this would even apply. But such things are possible; only those who knew her would know if this would fit. Also, one must notice that the Moon is quickly ticking towards a square with Mercury, showing a possible rash action or accident. Combined with Tara's earlier miscalculation or misjudgment, trouble could be brewing.

And then when I look at the chart for 1 pm, I realize I have to back it up minute by minute to find a moment when she comes into danger. I'll explain in a minute. By backing it up to exactly 12:21 pm, I see that Jupiter crosses from the seventh into the sixth at almost the exact same moment that Neptune backs into the first. The appearance of the chart ruler in the sixth house in a missing person's chart is a bad sign. It usually means they are in bad shape and are likely to be lost forever. Don't ask me why this is, it is a traditional reading. And I see it a lot in these charts, the ruler slipping into the sixth house this way. And here it is again, but this time teamed with Neptune. As well, I see that Neptune is inconjunct to Jupiter, showing sloppy stupidity again. I really do think this was an accident. If you look at the chart for 1 pm, you see that Saturn is nearing the Ascendant, forewarning a possible death. Uranus is right behind it. This means that in the next few hours these two planets will conspire to create conditions in which she could die, unexpectedly. She was hurt badly between the hours of noon and 12:30 pm. Mercury, still on the seventh cusp, is still in the eleventh house in Libra. She was with friends or friends of hers were responsible for this. When I take in all aspects, including the Mars square to Neptune, I have to say that this was an accident of some sort but then she was kidnapped after.

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It is interesting to note that Sagittarius took over the Ascendant and Jupiter was placed in Gemini at a time when she was on her bike. It makes sense, don't you think? I believe the trigger for this accident was the inconjunction to Neptune in Capricorn. She just wasn't looking. Or she was unable to see, her vision was blocked somehow. Neptune obscures everything. When it moved into the first, it cloaked her eyes. At that moment, her ruler slipped into the sixth, a sign of danger. I think she was hit or she lost control of the bike or something. She was hurt and unable to move or was unconscious or something. Neptune can indicate loss of consciousness. Uranus is nearby, causing upsets. But because Uranus and Saturn are disposed of by Jupiter, her chart ruler, I think it was her mistake. I think she just lost control of the bike, tried to ride it with a flat or had a spill that caused the flat. Something untoward. But notice a hidden sign that peeks out of the chart. Mercury rules the seventh house and it is disposed of by Venus in the ninth. Is this the same man? The same person who was watching her earlier? Is it possible that he followed her? Perhaps this was one of the friends she had been with or a relative to one of these friends and this person managed to be there when she fell. Perhaps he came to "the rescue" first... before her mother arrived? The charts have a sort of triangular set of inconjuntions between Pluto, Neptune and Jupiter. These are heavyweight planets and Pluto is in dignity while Jupiter is in fall. This makes her weaker in this event, sort of at the mercy of coming events. Where she had strength before, she has lost this favor. She is in a lot of trouble now.

The North Node has backed into the third house and aspects almost every planet in the chart. All of them except for Uranus, Neptune and the Sun and only because they are out of distance by a few degrees. This is a strange lineup and I'm not sure I've seen it before. It makes the Node a player in the chart and since it's in the third house, it seems to make sense. And the thing is, the Node is EXACTLY inconjunct to Venus, the second house dispositor in the ninth. This appears to have happened right out on a road near a wooded area or area with brush and trees. The position of the Node tells me that it happened close to the place that she had just left, the home or place she had been previously. Neptune rules the fourth and is exactly square Neptune so I think some creep took advantage of her mistake. When she left that place, perhaps the trap was set. A hole poked in her tire? Mars and Neptune are surely up to something sneaky. And the fact that she ended up hurt and then just disappeared is telling. So it looks like maybe she was stalked or at least followed some of the time and then when this accident happened, somebody snatched her. Perhaps with the promise to find help or get her help. But if you watch the aspects that unfold over the next hour or two, you see that she did not get help. In fact, she died. In this regard, if you note that the Moon is closing the square to Mercury, still the seventh house ruler, it is telling us that this was not what was wanted. This person did not want her to die. This was not what he or she had planned at all. But I am not at all sure that Tara died from the accident itself. There are no violent planets in the chart until 2 pm, when Aries takes over the fourth house cusp and Mars enters the third. THIS is when it looks like there was a car accident. However, we know that she came into misfortune much earlier so I cannot find a way to apply this aspect to her condition. And I am not sure anyone intended to hurt her actually; Venus is inconjunct to the Node, saying that although this may have been a part of a larger plan, it just didn't turn out right.

Still looking at the chart for 2 pm, I see that Mercury, which rules the seventh house, is in the tenth sector. This person that she is with is right out in the open, where he or she can be seen by others. This seems strange to me at first until I consider that perhaps Tara is in a vehicle this person is driving around in, with the driver visible to others and Tara in the back not seen. This seems to make sense. Mars rules the fourth angle and is placed in the third, so someone is driving a vehicle, perhaps a fast or flashy vehicle. Aries can also describe a macho or manly vehicle or a working vehicle, the type used in construction and other manual labor. During the course of this day Mars is not a major player in the chart except that the planet does translate light between Jupiter and Neptune, which are players. Mars is sextile to Jupiter and square to Neptune and could have been a catalyst in the aspects to create contact between Tara and someone else. This aspect highlights the inconjuction between Jupiter and Neptune, which seems to be the aspect that created everything that happened this day. Mars may, in fact, represent her accident, however it seems to do so too late for my liking. So it's open to interpretation. However, there are a few things that, in my mind, are not open to interpretation. Capricorn moves onto the first house cusp while Saturn moves across the Ascendant and falls into the twelfth house sometime between 2:30 and 3 pm. This looks to me like this girl died. Uranus follows right behind, shadowing Saturn, making me think it was an accident, totally unexpected and unintended. But with Saturn as her marker and placed in the twelfth, I would say without a doubt that she is dead and she died right around this time.

The North Node plays a big part in this chart and I am not sure how to read it. It is in the sign Pisces and Tara was a Pisces, so is this the link? The Node represents fate or karma (this is how I read it anyways) and often describes a plan or design that causes things to happen. It can also define mass conciousness but that rarely applies in a missing persons chart. Because it aspects almost every single planet in the chart it has a dynamic position but I am not sure how this reads in an event like this. I cannot go so far as to say that this was a conspiracy or a sort of large plot against this girl, but it does look fated or destined at the very least. Often when I see the Node playing a large part I can guess that circumstances had woven together over a period of time to create the conditions at play. But I cannot reconcile this sort of thing with the chart of a young girl who goes missing like this. I just don't see the larger picture so I'll admit to my shortcoming and allow other Astrologers to venture their guesses as to what role the Node is playing. But I will add that because she is a Pisces, I consider Neptune to be a major player in this chart and the fact that it enters the first house during the time in question tells me that she is the "star" of this show, so to speak. All of this happened because of her, and not in spite of her. This is another reason I often go to thinking she may have been stalked.

Looking at the chart at 3 pm, I just don't think I need to go much farther. She is no doubt dead and she died by accident from an accident. She was hurt but I don't think her abductor knew how badly. Either that or after she was taken, another accident occurred and was the coup de gras. I am not sure. But I think the million dollar question in this case is what they did with her after she died. The police would like to find her body so that they could then go forward with a circumstantial murder case. Without the body, she could be suntanning in Mexico, I guess. So I go to the 3 pm chart and give it another go. This is around the time she dies so it's safe to assume that plans were made to dispose of her body around this time. The person she was with when she died would be the gravedigger, I suppose. This person, ruled by Moon in Capricorn, would be thin, small and scraggly. A rough complexion with thin, pointy features. Blue eyes, dark brown hair and a crooked or bent over walk. Spindly legs. Could be a woman or a man. But where did this person leave her? Looking at the positions of Uranus and Saturn, I would say that she is hidden well on high, sloping ground in an area near horses or a horse farm. There would be an outdoor fireplace, furnace or grill. Perhaps a furnace for fashioning horse shoes. Not far away there may be an old train station or place for storing train cars; there may be railroad tracks. Also, a radio station or TV station not far in the distance. If there is an military base in the area, check to see if there are prisoners in confinement there. If there are, then this is in the same area as where they left her. If not, then the military base has no meaning. So look around areas near small hills or higher ground that have horse farms and railroad stations or tracks. A TV or Radio tower should be visible in the near distance.

Of course, without a body, it is still assumed to be a missing persons case. Tara Calico could well be alive in some distant place, perhaps on her own, perhaps against her will. She could be in the porn industry here or overseas or living a normal life somewhere, under a new name. Anything is possible. Until the body is found, we must assume the best and hope she is alive and well. Please look at her picture, which I'm sure you've seen a thousand times, and remember it when you go about your business. If you see anything, hear anything or beleive you know anything at all about Tara Calico, please contact
the Valencia County Sheriff's Dept at 505-865-9604 or the FBI, Albuquerque NM Office at 505-224-2000.


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  1. WHOA GIRL seriously, did you really pull this from these charts, or did you look up what happened to her? because here's what happened, according to retired cop: tara was riding her bike. a group of guys her age in a pickup truck, whom she sort of knew from school, were following her and heckling her. some kind of accident happened because of the guys in the truck, i think they hit her by accident whilst just pretending they were going to hit her? anyways they hit her accidentally, and she was badly hurt. the guys didn't want to get in trouble, so they killed her and disposed of the body. the retired cop said that the case was pretty much solved, but that there was not enough evidence to go to court. he only released this info recently.

  2. i just stumbled across your blog, and i just wanted to say i absolutely LOVE it so far. my question is, does anything in the charts point to the polaroid that was found of what COULD be her bound and gagged? or has it been ruled out that the photo was definitely of her. thanks for your insight!

  3. If the girl in the photo with the boy is Tara, then the sheriffs claim can be discounted.To make a claim that he knows what happened but gives no detail makes his claim worthless.Either he should have told all he knew or never have said anything.I tend to believe Tara's mother would recognize her daughter in a photo.So, if Tara is the girl in the photo her disappearance was probably caused by kidnapping and not an accident by people she knew.She probably is dead, killed because the kidnapper(s) tired of her, were afraid of getting caught or she tried to escape.I don't think the public will ever know what happened to Tara.I feel greatly for her and the boy.They had a right to live their lives as they wanted and someone took away that right. But there are always consequences for actions.The worst judgement and punishment is a guilty conscience.


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