Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mia Zapata Apology

OMG, have I heard it from people on this one! I don't know how many people are posting this item on their sites and tearing me to pieces! What fun. Anyways, I admit I did not know that this case had been solved when I did the chart. How badly the chart turned out should be testimony to my honesty, at least; I don't go around taking on solved cases and pretending to solve them after the fact. That would be cheezy at best. I had recently seen a profile on a crime show about the case and there was nothing in the afterward that talked about the killer or that he had been found. It peaked my interest because I had always liked grunge music back in the late 80's, early 90's, and I have musicians among my friends and family. So I found the case attractive, almost personal in a way. I apologize for taking up everybody's time with my lousy effort on a case that was already solved. Wikipedia needs to update this entry, for sure.

A lot of people have had fun making Astrology look stupid thanks to me. I not only got how she died wrong but I also got the appearance of the killer wrong. He was black and I had him as a white with blond/blue. I also had him as a musician or fan. I still think the chart says that it was someone who had been in the bar, who had seen her or knew her. I did see a sexual component, which was born out by the rape, but it lead me to think he had been attracted to her before.. or even had made advances. He, the killer, denies any of this. So, if someone else wants to put their skills to the charts and tell me where I went wrong, I would LOVE it. I won't apologize for the appearance reading because it's all based on traditional, old fashioned interpretations and I have always said they are not reliable. It is just a shot in the dark. This sort of reading of Astrology sort of went out with face reading and body profiling. I mean a mole on the left side of the chin means Pisces is rising? Antiquated to say the least. But no one has come up with anything more modern because "profiling" of any kind is considered politically incorrect so no one really does it anymore. It can seem racist at times and I have to tailor my assessments of it in a way to make it less so. And perhaps this is what throws it off. I just can't be sure. Does anyone else have any new information on this sort of analysis? Is there are a more accurate, modern method of describing people with Astrology? If so, send it to me and I will publish it as a post.

But I will not back down and admit that Astrology is a failure. In fact, I have had many successes with various cases, some of which I have documented on the blog and in the newsletter. I have also had some small successes with people I have helped off the blog. But it is not 100%; it can be wrong and in some cases, horribly wrong. Totally off base. But I don't blame the science of Astrology for this, I blame my own abilities which are often skewed by my personal beliefs or misinformation I've received. But there was nothing sketchy about Mia's case, the times were close and nearly exact. The TOD I first received was the TOD that held as fact throughout the case. So I misread the chart and that is the gist of it. I simply did a lousy job. And Mia Zapata is not the only case that stumped me; Lisa Stebic is one that I must have done 15 charts over time, with 3 separate posts, all of them inconclusive. I invite other profilers and Astrologers to submit their analysis by comment or by email. If you send an email, I will publish it as a post with no editing. I would love to hear from other readers and get their take on any case, of course, but there is an open invitation for analysis of Lisa Stebic and for critique of Mia Zapata. Take me up on it.

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