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Teresa Dean

Child Disappears From Neighborhood

From: Illuminati Pedophile Ring :

Dean was last seen walking down Lawrence Street near her family's residence in Macon, Georgia at approximately 8:00 PM on August 15, 1999. She has never been seen again. An extensive search of the area produced no clues as to her whereabouts.

Dean is 11 years old, has brown hair and blue eyes and was last seen wearing a blue and white striped shirt, orange or pink knit pants and clear plastic sandals.

Dean has a speech impediment and may require medical attention for unspecified reasons.

In August 2006, authorities announced that there may be a relation between the disappearances of Teresa Dean, Heaven Lashae Ross, and Shannon Paulk. On August 15, 1999, Teresa Dean disappeared from a trailer park in Twiggs County, Georgia and hasn’t been seen since. Exactly two years and one day later, on August 16, 2001, Shannon Paulk vanished from Candlestick Trailer Park in Prattville. Hunters found her body two months later. Then, on August 19, 2003, two years and three days after Paulk disappeared, Ross disappeared from her Northport trailer park.

In August 1999, Teresa, her mother, two of her sisters and her mother's fiance left the Peach Orchard neighborhood in Macon headed for their trailer in northwest Twiggs County. After they got home on that warm Sunday afternoon, Teresa told her mother she was going to visit a neighbor's puppies. The day she went missing, Teresa went to her neighbor's house to look at some puppies. Her neighbor told her that if she caught a puppy, she could take it home, so Teresa headed back home to get her brother to help her. She never made it home, and hasn't been seen since. (Reportedly Dean didn't have a brother)


This case caught my eye. I am not sure where it came from, either a reader or somewhere on a newsfeed. I am really irked with all the cases of young girls just disappearing and no clues, no suspects and so many cold cases. It just seems amazing to me that so many abductors and killers are so smart. I don't know whether to blame the cops, the politics or the apathy of society. Whatever the reason, it just gets me fuming. Why should all these girls suffer?

This is the chart for the time they say the child was last seen. I believe it was at some time close to this hour because of the tight window of time from when she left her home to go to the neighbors and when it would seem reasonable she would return. However, the fact that she did not have a brother and the neighbor reported that she said she was going to get "him" leads me to think the neighbor is not being as truthful as he could be. So the timeline, I believe, is a little suspect because this neighbor was the source. But starting with this hour, 8 pm, we can see some things in the chart that declare viability.

Mercury, which rules children, rules the fifth house, which also rules children so I am using Mercury as a marker. You can see that Mercury is in the sixth house and the child has gone to the neighbors to look at puppies, which are small animals. The sixth house associates with small animals. Notice also there is the node, which describes plans, schemes and karma. This visit about the puppies was planned in advance, as noted by the mother. Notice that the seventh house ruler is the Sun, which is placed in the seventh. This other person is in "their own place" which would be their home I presume. Notice as well that the Sun is conjunct Venus, which implies there may have been someone else in the company of the neighbor at the time. And then, also notice that Venus is the ruler of the third house. The third house describes neighbors and neighborhoods. These people were all from the same neighborhood and the child went to visit a neighbor, as the mother reported.

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So the charts appear to be viable. But they also say other things. Not so nice things. Notice that the first house ruler, Uranus, is in the twelfth conjoined to Neptune. And that the Moon, the chart co ruler, is in the eighth house and disposed also by Venus which rules the third. The child was hidden and held captive at this neighbor's house. The signs Libra and Aquarius point to something up in the air, so if there was an attic or an upstairs room or even a crawlspace, these should have been searched. But I believe the cops chased the red herring and were busy looking in the streets and meadows where the neighbor claimed the girl had gone. By the time he might have come under suspicion, the child could have been removed. And since Saturn is in the third, disposed of by Venus, I think the child was taken by this other person (Venus conjoined the Sun) to another location in the neighborhood and held there for a long time (Saturn in the third).

All of this was already set in motion by the time they reported her missing. And although there appears to be a partial death pattern with the first house ruler in the twelfth and the Moon in the eighth, I am not sure that she died that night. From experience, sadly, I know that they usually do die within the first few hours but I want to run charts to see what plays out here.

This chart shows what I believe is a sexual assault. First of all, we see that Mercury, which rules the child, has entered the fifth house where it opposes Neptune in the eleventh. Mercury also rules the seventh house, which is the ruler of her abductor, and shows us the two of them together in the fifth house, as "one" so to speak. Mars rules the eighth house and is placed in the eighth. All of these houses, the eighth, the fifth and the eleventh involve sex and sexual relationships. Mars in this position defines violence (square to Mercury, the Node, Venus and Neptune). This girl was assaulted. The tenth house ruler, Jupiter, is in the second house so it looks like money was a motive. This is further supported by the two second house planets, Jupiter and Saturn, being disposed of by Venus in the sixth, the house of work and service. As well, the sixth house ruler, the Sun, is in the sixth with the node.

I am sure this girl was taken for money and it involved sexual activity of some sort. Whether she was sold for sex to individuals and put into the sex trade, I am not sure. But there was sex and money involved in this abduction. She was targeted.

The presence of the Moon in Libra in the seventh house is again a hint that there was a second person involved in this scheme and this might have been a female. Did the neighbor have a wife? Or a girlfriend, perhaps?

The charts for the rest of the night support this scenario. I do not see a fully developed death pattern and I do not believe she died that night. This chart for 11:30 shows the first house ruler, Venus, in the fifth house with the fifth house ruler, the Sun. The seventh house ruler, Mars, is in Scorpio in the seventh house. Pluto looms in the eighth disposed of by Jupiter at the first house cusp. Without getting into the gory details, I will say that this looks like they were "breaking her in". They were not killing her but they were roughing her up. Saturn and Jupiter in Taurus and disposed of by the first house ruler, Venus in the fifth, tells me that they wanted to hang on to her for awhile. They thought she'd make them some money. Mercury, which rules children, is in the fourth house (the residence) with the node. She was not the only one, there were kids in that house and they had all been targeted. Mercury, as well, if you note, rules the second house of money.

I am pretty sure the charts are saying she was taken for sex and to make money. The charts just can't be clearer on that. But they aren't clear on exactly which or what or where.

For those that are still trying to figure out this stone cold case, I will try to give a general description of the people involved in this. First of all, it started with the neighbor. That person should have been looked at closely when this happened. If he was overlooked, they missed their chance at getting this girl back. But if anyone knows who he was or where he is today, that is the best trail to follow. Otherwise, there was a female involved in this and she is described by Venus in Leo. Because of the aspects and placements of Venus in the chart, I might guess she is in the "business". Perhaps a performer. She is probably blonde and sexy looking, or glamorous at best. She is showy and wears jewelry and other adornments. Her planet, Venus, is opposite to Neptune and Uranus and is square to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, so I don't think she lasted long with these people. She was too defiant, controlling and difficult. She helped them with the Teresa Dean abduction, but I would guess she fell out and moved on shortly after this. I am not so sure she was happy about the things they were doing. Venus in Leo square Mars in Scorpio might mean she was jealous of the children and had differences of opinion with the man in charge. She might not have liked the violence. But this is all conjecture.

Because of the preponderance of planets in the sign Leo and the affinity of Leo with movies, theater, performance, seeking audiences and liking of attention, I would venture to guess that this was pornography. Neptune is a marker for cameras and filming and it is a player in these charts so this child may have been filmed. Looking for these types of films on the internet is a possibility because the films were probably made 12 years ago and then maybe more have been made in the following years. Child pornography stays alive for a long time because it is hard to make and difficult to find so when a film hits the market it gains a loyal following. So if someone has the stomach for it, they might consider trolling these movies for a child who looks like Teresa Dean. She may very well be still alive.