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Tabitha Tuders

13 Year Old Disappears on Walk to Bus Stop

From AMW :

Tabitha Danielle Tuders

Tabitha Vanishes

Tabitha Tuders is a shy and unassuming young girl. Even at 13 years old, it was not uncommon for her to sleep at the foot of her parent's bed.

On the morning of April 29, 2003 Tabitha's father found her there, woke her up and sent her off to school. He then left for work.

Just before 8:00, Tabitha began her walk from her home to the bus stop to catch the school bus, which was to arrive just after 8. The bus stop is a few blocks away at the bottom of a long, wide hill. The bus makes two stops on that hill each day, but on this day, Tabitha was at neither of them. She never got on the bus. She never got to school. And no one has seen or heard from her since.

A neighbor saw Tabitha headed to the bus stop, but the bus driver says he didn't see her. Police believe Tabitha may have disappeared in the couple of blocks between her home and the school bus stop. The dogs tracked Tabitha's scent to a nearby alley, a place her friends say she never went on her own.

The Search Begins

Cops were stumped until they heard the story of a neighborhood boy. He told them he had seen Tabitha get into a red car 30 to 40 yards from the bus stop. Once Tabitha was inside, the boy said, the car reversed course and headed up the hill. Police aren't sure whether to believe this witness, but they cling to any evidence they can get.

Search dogs were brought in, on loan from various missing children's organizations. They tracked the route that Tabitha took every day to the bus stop. But 30 or so yards from the bus stop, the dogs reversed course and headed up the hill. (This is near the spot where the witness saw Tabitha get into the red car). The dogs tracked Tabitha's scent to a nearby alley, a place her friends say she never went on her own. Again, police do not know whether to believe that Tabitha took this route that day, but again, they are investigating every possibility.

The police have now focused their search around a five-mile radius that touches near two local landmarks - the Coliseum and Shelby Park.

As for suspects, police have questioned Tabitha's parents Bo and Debra. They even polygraphed them two weeks later. Tabitha's brother Kevin Lee Tuders, 24, was also interviewed. Kevin has a checkered past - he has pleaded guilty to promoting prostitution and money laundering. But Kevin does not reside in Nashville, so there is little reason for cops to suspect him. Kevin has not been given a polygraph test.

Police do not believe this is a runaway case - All of Tabitha's possessions are accounted for including her makeup, clothes and a $20 bill she had been given the previous Sunday at church. Tabitha's room did provide one clue - Police discovered a note in her handwriting "T.D.T. -- N- M.T.L." Tabitha's full name is Tabitha Danielle Tuders. Police are looking for "M.T.L."

Have Police Found Their Man?

Then police uncovered another possible suspect. A jailhouse snitch tried to accuse a cell-mate of having confessed to abducting and killing Tabitha. The snitch claimed that his cellmate had scratched his initials and words incriminating himself into a cell window. Cops took it very seriously, removing the window and sending it to forensic specialists. Unfortunately, it turns out that the words and the initials were written in two different handwritings. The whole thing, they now believe, was a hoax.

Various other suspects, local sex offenders and criminals have been interviewed and examined, but none have been positively linked to Tabitha's disappearance. Police are still searching for that one lead that will break this case wide open. Until then, the family must only wait and pray.


DOB: Feb 15, 1990
Missing Date: April 29, 2003
Age at Time of Disappearance: 13
Sex: Female
Race: Caucasian
Height: 4 ft 9 inches
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair Color: Sandy Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Missing City: Nashville
Missing State: TN
Missing Country: United States
NCMC Case Number: NCMC961685
Identifying Features: Tabitha has a birthmark on her stomach, a scar on her finger, and her ears are pierced.

Tabitha was last seen at approximately 7 a.m. on April 29, 2003 at her home. Her case type is Missing Endangered.

If you have any information about Tabitha, Please Contact Nashville Metro Police Department at 1-615-862-8600


Thanks to another of my wonderful readers, I was emailed this case. I had heard of it years ago but it had slipped off my radar, and everybody else's it seems. So I thought it might be a good time to give it a look and see what the charts say. Like all of these cold cases, it is unlikely that anyone will pick up some new data from me and run out and try to solve this mystery. However, it has been true that on a few rare occasions investigations have been revisited thanks to an Astrology chart. I wish all of those who are taking the time to search for answers in various cold cases a lot of luck and hopefully the readings I give lend some small amount of aid. Some of you have proven to be very brave and committed. I am proud of all of you and I wish I could be there to lend you support. With that much said, I will move on to little Tabitha.

The event chart for when this child went missing is pretty clear. Both the first and fifth houses are ruled by Mercury, simplifying the process for me. I didn't have to figure out whether to read it from the parent's question about what happened or from the actions of the child at the time. Both of these are represented in the chart by the same planet. Mercury rules both the first and fifth houses. It is in the twelfth house at the time when she was last seen, telling me that she was sort of "hiding" in some way. They say she was really shy and timid so I think she went out of her way to avoid other kids so was walking along alone and sort of off to the side, being shy. Notice that Mercury is under the Sun's beams, saying that she was in danger even then. Interestingly, Mercury is close to the North Node, also saying that her own actions were culpable in what happened; just the fact that she was shy and timid and stayed off by herself made her a target. She was a perfect victim, of sorts. Another interesting read is that Mercury is the traditional ruler of children and Tabitha was and is the child in question.

Notice that her seventh house ruler is Neptune, which is in her fifth house in Aquarius. Her seventh house also holds both Venus and the Moon in Aries. These planets are disposed of by Mars, also in her fifth, which is in wide conjunction with Neptune. Now the chart gets more complicated. I notice that the seventh house ruler for the parents in question is Jupiter, which is in the third house of their chart and is disposed of by the Sun, which is hovering over Mercury, the chart's ruler. This is fascinating. The parents seventh house is also the third house of the child so combining the two energies tells me that someone was in a car. This supports the report that she was seen getting into a car. But here's the thing that I see. The seventh house ruler of the parents being the indicator, disposed of by the Sun, combined with the Sun being close to Mercury and both of these planets are disposed of by the same Venus that describes her abductor.. I am thinking this is someone related to the family. But I think it's a female. I don't think it's a male. It may be a female acting on behalf of a male (Sun in Taurus disposed of by Venus in Aries) but she was taken by a woman, and most likely a woman she knew.

Now, right away, before I set that much in stone, I want to look at the next chart. This one for an hour after the last sighting of her alive. This chart gives me some valuable information which I will get into as I get further into this reading. First of all, the fifth house ruler is now Venus, which is on her sixth/seventh house cusp in Aries. It is disposed of by Mars in Aquarius in the parents eighth house while Saturn has entered the child's eighth house, as well. I think she was killed pretty quickly; she was not held for a long time. The thing that captures me is Mars in Aquarius in the parent's eighth house. Are there any mines in the area? Mines that are quarried for minerals or gems? Did anyone close to this child work in or around a mine? For some reason these elements stand out for me. A freshly dug mine would be the perfect fit. Or one under construction. The police are searching around a coliseum and a park. The fifth house emphasis in the child's event chart can point more to the park but if the coliseum was under construction at the time and there were any freshly dug up areas nearby it would be the place. Not that they left her body in that area, just that this would fit for the place she was taken to.

I am still thinking that a woman took this child in a red car, just as described, Venus in Aries maps that out pretty clearly. She was connected to a man who is close to the family. This man has some relation to the child and to her parents. The child knew the woman and got right into the car. The marker in the chart for her abductor is Neptune in Aquarius and this would define the person in question. Neptune is in mutual reception with Uranus in Pisces which does seem to define something shady or sleazy in the matter, especially when you consider that this describes the abductor. Mars in the eighth gives sexual overtones but I am not going to explore how she died or why she was taken. I don't think that kind of thing is really helpful. I have explored these answers in the past and ended up hurting the feelings of family and friends and gave people reason for nightmares. I won't be giving any of these lurid details in this matter.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

Saturn in Gemini with Mars and Neptune in Aquarius tends to describe an area above sea level and with high rise objects in the immediate region. Look for birds nests, mountains, mountaintop quarries or mines, grain silos up in a high area, roofs or upper eves of high buildings, storage units that have upstairs units. Another thing to consider is airports, places where airplanes are kept, aeronautical manufacturing plants or supply houses. Because of Neptune I would venture to guess that this is a hidden place, hard to access, dark and difficult to search. Saturn in Gemini describes where her body would be found so these places need to be considered. Another factor to consider is that Saturn falls here in the parent's twelfth house, indicating that it will be very hard for them to recover their daughter. She is in a place they would never consider, someplace out of the usual scope of their imagination. Here's a tip they should also think about. The answer is likely to come to them in their dreams. They should pay attention to what their intuition tells them; there is likely something they know in their subconscious that they haven't yet realized. Hypnosis or meditation may help; the conscious mind represses things we find unpleasant. It's human nature.

This chart, done for 2 hours after the child was last seen, shows that the fifth house ruler is now Mars and it is in Aries in the child's fourth house with Neptune. Co ruler Pluto is in the child's second house retrograde. Saturn rules the parents seventh house and it is placed in their twelfth, which is the child's eighth. The parents ruler, the Moon, is in the tenth house. This shows the parents working with authorities in the search for their daughter but not being much help. Again, the energies among planets tells me they know something they don't realize they know; they have information which would be helpful but they just don't realize or recognize it. This is a hurtful thing to say, I know, to the grieving parents of a missing child, but I am not pointing fingers. They don't even realize that what they know would help or make any difference at all and they may even not consciously know what they know. Does that make any sense? I sort of think they might have seen or heard something way in the past that would make sense in the search for their daughter but they just haven't made the connection. And I don't think the initials the police are talking about are a part of the case at all.. that is, unless, the parents know of someone with these initials.

Tabitha did not have a secret life. I don't believe she had a boyfriend or anyone else in the perimeter that the parents did not know about. She may have had a crush.. every 13 year old girl does.. and this could be anyone from a boy at school to a rock star. But I do not see a romantic connection in this chart. This person who took her was someone they all knew; Tabitha knew the woman well enough to get in the car. Perhaps even to travel down the alley with her, as well. This woman, who may be in the wide periphery around their lives, is connected with a man who is close to the family. Neptune points at photography and taking pictures. Do they know of anyone who was a photographer, a photo hobbyist or just liked taking pictures? Was someone close to the family involved in any type of enterprise that involved photos? There is a strong possibility that this person was involved in the abduction of this little girl.

Here's a wrap up so far. She was taken by a woman most likely in a red car (or a gold car or a yellow car) and this was someone Tabitha knew. She was taken to a place high up off the ground near a place where earth was being excavated for some purpose. Mines are a good start; but any new construction at the time must be considered. She was not left there. I am not sure she was killed there either, just that the woman brought her there for some purpose. An airplane hangar, perhaps? Pictures and photos have a part to play, drugs are also to be considered as an element, Neptune points at secrets and hidden factors. This is all connected to a man who is somehow connected with the family. The child knew these people. The descriptor in the chart is Neptune in Aquarius. This would point to a beautiful woman, perhaps a model or performer. This woman has a beautiful body and a graceful motion, perhaps a dancer. On the dark side, she could be someone who makes her money with her looks, possibly as dark as prostitution but also as a nude model. She probably has gorgeous, soft, curly hair. Long eyelashes, dimples, a beautiful voice. Truly a gifted woman in many ways.

The man she was connected with is defined by Venus in Aries. This man is also very concerned with his appearance and keeps a healthy and attractive physique. He may well be another model or someone involved in the beauty industry in some way. This does not rule out the darker side. Venus in Aries is exactly trine to Jupiter in the event chart and this indicates that things come easily for him; he gets "lucky" often and takes advantage of other people with little thought. This child was easy pickins for him; she was another "gift" that came easily in his life. This was another "easy out", if that makes any sense. This man has a dreamy, romantic demeanor. He is always thinking of new adventures, romantic liaisons, opportunities to be the center of attention. He has a "roman" type of face, with full lips, straight nose and dimples. There may also be a scar on the face or neck but not of the kind that takes from his beauty. Both of these people are into themselves, their physical appearance and the use of those qualities in the making of money. This dovetails with the photography pointers so all of these prospects should be kept in mind while trying to discover who did this.

Now, Tabitha has never been found so your help is needed. This chart may be wrong or I may have read it incorrectly, nobody is perfect. In that regard, Tabitha may be still alive somewhere and she could be in an area near you. So please look at her photo below and keep her in your mind as you go about your day. Also, if anyone has information or remembers anything at all that may be pertinent to this case, you should go immediately to (link given above) and send a message to her parents. They will get the information to the proper authorities. Also, you can call the hotline at Americas Most Wanted and leave the information with their reps. They will make sure it gets to the proper authorities. Let's see if we can't bring Tabitha home.


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