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Maura Murray

College Student Takes Time Off & Disappears

From Wikipedia:

Maura Murray (born May 4, 1982) is an American college student from Hanson, Massachusetts. She went missing on February 9, 2004, after a one-car accident on New Hampshire Route 112 in Haverhill, New Hampshire.

Murray, a student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, left campus the afternoon of her disappearance after e-mailing her professors and her boss, telling them she was going to take a week off because of a family problem.

Monday, February 9, 2004
Time Line:

* 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM - A dorm mate reportedly sees Maura leave the UMass Amherst campus.
* 4:00 PM or earlier - Maura goes to an ATM and withdraws $280 from her account. Video surveillance footage shows her to be alone. Her bank account is left nearly empty. She is due to receive paychecks from her job in the coming days.
* 4:00 PM or earlier - Maura purchases $35-$40 in alcohol while still in Amherst, Massachusetts. Video surveillance footage shows her to be alone.
* 4:00 PM or later - Maura apparently leaves Amherst, Massachusetts and likely heads up Interstate 91 north.
* 4:37 PM - Maura checks her cellphone voice messages.
* 7:29 PM - Dispatch receives a call from a Woodsville, NH area resident who reports an accident near her house on Route 112.
* 7:43 PM - Dispatch receives a call from another Woodsville, NH area resident who reports a black Saturn partially in the road.
* 7:46 PM - First known police officer (Haverhill Police) arrives on the scene. The girl who was seen by second caller is nowhere to be found. The officer notes the car is facing westbound in the eastbound lane, with a cracked windshield and two deployed airbags. A damaged box of Franzia wine is found on the passengers seat. Other items found in the car include her AAA card, the insurance forms she retrieved for her earlier accident, her gloves, music CDs, her makeup, directions for Burlington, Vermont and Stowe, Vermont, and the Nicholas Howe book, Not Without Peril. A rag from Maura's emergency roadside kit was discovered stuffed into the Saturn's muffler pipe.
* 7:56 PM - EMS arrives on scene.
* 7:57 PM - A fire truck arrives on scene.
* 7:57 PM - 8:49 PM - At some point, Maura's car is towed to a local auto repair garage.
* 8:02 PM - EMS clears the scene.
* 9:27 PM - The first known police officer to arrive on scene is dispatched to another call.

Boy is this a mystery! And if I hadn't been so lucky as to stumble on it on Websleuths . I would never have heard of it. I think the crimes we hear and read about are more regional than anything else. That makes sense, with amber alerts and local authorities desperate for clues in unsolved cases. They are going to drive the local cases home as much as possible in order to get help from the public. I don't know about you but they've driving us all nuts here in Florida with the Caylee Anthony case. I remember the Jessica Lundsford and Trenton Duckett cases and I'm not looking forward to a happy ending in this one, either. But back to the case at hand.

Maura Murray is a fascinating case. I mean, she just up and disappears from the scene of a single car accident. She doesn't even have another driver filing an insurance claim. I have another case I've been looking at, Geoffrey David Apke, where he disappeared from the scene of a wreck, too. But even with two cases on the table I find this sort of thing unusual. Who just runs away from everyone and everything because they have a wreck? Perhaps you run from the accident, to avoid confrontation with the cops or another driver, and you go home or go somewhere and hang out. But you don't just disappear like this, without a reason. Especially when there is no other driver to worry about, like in this case. So no obvious reason for her disappearance exists in the Maura Murray case. She wasn't wanted by the cops and seemed to be settled in at school. So my curiosity is growing and I draw up a chart for 7 pm, which would be just before or right around the time she had the crash.

This chart is interesting and very clear to me. Look and you will see that Virgo is rising and Pisces is falling. Now look at the fifth house, where both Mercury and Neptune are just hanging out, in conjunction. Not an exact conjunction but close enough. This reads that she is not alone, she is actually with a boyfriend when she crashes this car. Both Mercury and Neptune are disposed of by Uranus in Pisces in the sixth house so I think they might have been impaired by alcohol or drugs. Jupiter is at the Ascendant and disposed of by Mercury, the chart ruler, in the fifth house. Maura is having a lot of fun and is very happy at the time this accident occurred. She was with someone she liked a lot. The Moon, the chart co-ruler, is in the first house, another indication that she is "where she wanted to be".

The only dark aspects I see here is Mars in the eighth house inconjunct to the Moon in the first. But Mars is in mutual reception with Venus in the seventh house, an aspect that "brings things to pass". This configuration spells out an impulsive, emotional decision and action based on sexual attraction and romance. Another interesting influence is Saturn in fall in the tenth house inconjunct to Mercury, the chart ruler. All of this sort of adds up to an impulsive, out of control action. Saturn is also square the Moon, another indicator that emotions were running high and there was little restraint. In this chart we have a T-square involving Saturn, the Moon and Venus. Saturn is the short leg of the T. Once again, Saturn is in dignity by house and in fall by sign. The inconjunction to Mercury is the path through which the energy is discharged. Maura made a swift, emotional decision based on romantic feelings and did something that had lasting effects on not only herself but everyone else in her life.

The next chart I draw up has a few small changes that tell a story. The chart ruler, Mercury is still in the fifth house, closely aligned with the Descendant ruler, Neptune. But they have now been joined there by the Sun, which indicates that they have been joined by a third person, probably a man. Pluto, the third house ruler, is at the nadir and disposed of by Jupiter, just crossing the Ascendant. I believe this configuration describes the accident. Jupiter is inconjunct to Neptune, so I think this was a scheme of some sort. From this chart, with the lack of violent aspects or planets in death houses, I believe Maura left of her own accord, for reasons she had already planned. I think she was involved with a man that no one knew about and this was the man she was with this day. And the third man was a friend who picked them up at the scene and sped them off to safety. The rag in the gas line was put there by Maura or her boyfriend in a plot to stage her death. But they were either interrupted or just unable to pull it off and left it just as it was.

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Even moving the charts forward hour by hour I do not see any real changes that indicate violence or death. It looks like Maura was a willing partner in this ruse. At 8:30 pm the chart changes a bit and some new aspects come to light. Libra is now rising and Aries is falling. However, Venus and Mars are still in mutual reception from the eighth to the seventh houses, again emphasizing the romantic relationship that the first chart hinted at. The Venus square to Saturn shows how impatient Maura had become. She just could not wait any longer to "get on with her life" with her secret lover. She had a public boyfriend that everyone knew about and so it was never guessed that there was another man. But these charts show otherwise. Unless her public boyfriend was in on this, which would indicate that he helped her make an escape. Otherwise, another boyfriend, one indicated by Neptune and therefor probably hidden from everyone, was involved.

And then moving the charts even further through the night, I find that things don't change. At 9:30 pm I see that the fourth house ruler, Saturn, has now moved into the ninth. This means they had set up house somewhere outside of her college neighborhood. Saturn is in Cancer so this is the home she relocates to and it is probably somewhere near water, even if it's only a lake or a pond. Venus is still square Saturn so I am not sure she likes the home. But the ongoing mutual reception between Venus and Mars just keeps telling me that they are in love. She is entranced with their sexual relationship and this man is the kind of man she is most excited by. He is ruled by Mars so look for someone manly, bossy, controlling, domineering and sexually aggressive. Mars is in Taurus so look for body art like tattoos and a physical hobby like weightlifting or body building. Venus is in fall in Aries so she is determined to be with him in her rash impulsive romantic style but in a while she will find him argumentative and lazy. She is a girl whose fire flames fast and high but then goes out pretty fast. She will want out of this in the future so look for her to call home after a few years have gone by.

The ongoing opposition from the Moon to Venus also points at rash impulsive actions that may later be regretted. This chart shows a fast and furious love affair that began quickly and unexpectedly. She was "swept off her feet". Then a few drinks and a plan to run off together. That's what I see here. I say she is still alive and well. And eventually she will come back home or at least contact somebody she cared about. Even if her family relations were strained there may be somebody back home that she wants to connect with. Look for her to do that sometime in 2009. I get that figure from the distance between Venus and Saturn, a sort of barometer for how long this situation will last. However, there is always a possibility that she attempted to leave earlier and was forced to stay against her will. There is no telling at this time how things turned out over the long period since the day she disappeared. I just have no signs in the immediate charts that she was either abducted, forced, killed or hurt in any way. Regardless of what her family thinks in this matter they must hold out hope that she is fine and will be found someday.

I do believe that Maura Murray is alive and there are people who care about her and would love to know that she is well. Please look at her picture and commit it to memory. If you have seen her or think you know where she might be, please contact Trooper Russell Hubbard, Troop F NHSP, (603) 846-3333 or put your tip in writing and send it to: Find Maura, P.O. Box 890292, E. Weymouth, MA 02189.

Maura Murray

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Bambi Lynn Madden

Grandma Goes For Beer And Disappears

This from the Charlie Project website:

Madden was last seen walking away from her residence in the 20 block of Winding Way in Binghamton, New York at 11:00 p.m. on January 11, 2006. She said she was going to a convenience store to buy beer. She never came home and has never been heard from again. Madden apparently did not visit any local stores; surveillance cameras at those establishments did not show her there on the night of her disappearance. She was carrying $5 in cash at the time she went missing.

At the time of her disappearance, Madden frequented Sara's Pub and the Brass Rail Grill, both bars on Clinton Street in Binghamton. No one at the bars remembers seeing her after January 11, however. At first it was believed she had left of her own accord, although she has never been gone this long before without contacting her family. She is married and has three children and a grandchild. She was petitioning to get custody of her grandchild, and disappeared the day before a scheduled court hearing on the matter.

Madden's loved ones describe her as a friendly person with no known enemies. Although there is no hard evidence of foul play in her case, the possibility has not been ruled out. Her disappearance remains unsolved.

This woman was happily married with three small children. She did not own a car. She walked around town and was often seen along this path to the store. This night, she was off to buy beer and did not say she was going anywhere or doing anything else. The family expected her to return home right away. But something else happened along the way.

This case looks interesting and I can't help but play my role as armchair Detective and get out my star charts. So, having basic information, I begin to consider the case. Even if Bambi was a drug user that does not mean she went off to use drugs or that she just up and left. From all sources, she was a family woman with three children who was trying hard to get custody of a grandchild. You don't try to get custody of a child while getting stoned. I assume she had been clean or trying to get clean and would not have just up and left for no reason. In fact, she had EVERY reason to return home safe and sound.

And so I decided to look at the charts and see if there was a story in them. She had last been seen around 11:00 pm this night as she was leaving the house to go buy beer. This first chart, for 11:00 pm, bears this out. Libra is rising and Aries is falling. Venus, her ruler, is currently in the fourth house of the home with the Sun and Mercury. They are all in the same sign, Capricorn, which tells me they are all family. She is at home with her husband (the Sun) and her children (Mercury). Saturn, which disposes these three planets, is placed in the eleventh house in Leo. She is thinking about visiting friends. Saturn, in turn, is disposed by the Sun in the fourth house. These friends are also friends of her husband and none of them are unknown to the family. Mars rules the Descendant and is placed in the eighth house, a creepy harbinger of a violent person she is about to meet. The North Node is in Aries, also hugging the seventh house cusp, hints that this a "fated" encounter. One that she won't be able to avoid. Another interesting aspect that shadows this chart is the opposition from the Moon in the ninth to Pluto in the third. Let's keep reading and see just what happens.

Moon, her co ruler, is in Gemini in the ninth house. They say she lives near the railroad tracks and the ninth house is a traditional ruler of long distance transportation like long haul truckers, airplanes, trains and cruise ships. The Moon is in Gemini, which is a neighborhood sign that rules short distance travel. This says she is walking, not riding on a train, and probably along the tracks. The symbol for the sign Gemini looks a lot like railroad tracks, doesn't it? Facts show that short commuter trains come through this leg and since Gemini is a local sign as I just said, this placement defines a close circuits of deliveries and pickups. So I am assuming she is walking through the neighborhood near the railroad tracks. This is confirmed further by the next chart I draw up.

In this next chart, done for 11:45 pm, Bambi is still along the tracks in her own neighborhood but at someone elses home. Mercury has left the fourth house, so there are no children in this home. Gemini is a sign of movement but it's also a symbol of neighborhoods, showing she has moved along but is still somewhere near home. At the same time, Neptune has moved into the fourth house, which brings to mind her drug problem. I also notice that the Moon is high in the chart in the ninth and the fourth house ruler, Saturn, is in the tenth house. She is not inside at this house, she is outside in the yard or along the tracks with the people from this house; they are going back and forth from the house to the place where they have gathered outside. But the hot button in this chart is the opposition of Mars in Taurus to Jupiter in Scorpio along the eighth-second house axis. This implies an argument over money. Mars is disposed of by Venus, the Ascendant ruler, so someone actually stopped Bambi because she owed somebody money or they just thought she might have some. The anger suggested by Mars in the eighth is directed right at her. There is no doubt about it to me, this person came after her and it was over money. And when he or she found out that all Bambi has was 5 dollars in her pocket, things did not go nicely.

Another important aspect is that both the Sun and Venus are disposed of by Saturn in the tenth house. Saturn, in turn, is in mutual reception with the Sun. These people had no other purpose than to confront Bambi. She was the whole reason they were there. It was done right out in the open, nothing was hidden. They confronted her outside, in full view of anyone watching. But Mars is square Saturn in the chart, showing that patience just ran thin and Bambi was taken to task on the money. This person does not like Bambi enough to give her a break. Saturn square Mars often shows great dislike, even hatred. And as a matter of fact the Mars square is a part of a greater dynamic in the chart: a grand square. This configuration includes Mars in Taurus square Saturn in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio square Neptune in Aquarius. This type of grand configuration, which is very rare in a chart, causes setbacks, roadblocks, confrontations and troubles of all kinds.

The next chart I draw up is for just after midnight and you can see the aspects have changed a bit. Most of the planets have moved out of the fourth and into the third, indicating that some people have left the home and gotten into cars. They have mostly hit the highway. But Bambi's signifigater, Venus, is still in the fourth along with only one other planet, Neptune. Mars, the Descendant ruler, has moved into the seventh house. She has been kept there because someone wanted to confront her. I don't know how they lured her but it looks like drugs or alcohol. Neptune being nearby is probably someone who offered a joint or a drink. This is further demonstrated in the chart by the disposition of Neptune by Uranus in Pisces in the fifth house. Bambi is actually having a good time. She is enjoying the company and whatever it is that has been offered. But the charts portend that things are about to change. In the next hour, they leave the house and get into a car together. This is shown in the chart for 1:15 am.

Looking at this chart, you will see that Scorpio is now rising and Taurus is falling. The Descendant ruler has moved to the third house and the Moon is entering the eighth. The new chart rulers are Mars and Pluto. With Pluto now moving through the second house and Mars in the seventh house, a new picture emerges from me. I do not know if Bambi Lynn had ever been a prostitute or would consider this kind of activity but it looks like that's what is happening. She is either being forced or willingly has offered to perform sex for money. Perhaps this is how she is expected to pay off her debt? Of course, all of these outside observations are simply my mind working in response to the chart. So almost anything is possible. But with this planetary lineup it just looks like she is selling sex for money. And with the previous charts showing money as a big issue on this night, I assume she is doing this for that reason.

The opposition of the ruling planets that significate our victim is a harbinger. Pluto and the Moon are in direct opposition along the eighth house-second house axis. This is a clear indicator that Bambi is trying to get money (pluto in the second) but it's for someone else (Moon in the eighth). The Descendant ruler is Venus and it is placed in the third, which could mean they are still in the neighborhood. The third house also often points at business dealings. The other indicator that grabs me is the opposition from Mars to Jupiter along the first house-seventh house axis. Mars is the co-ruler of the Ascendant so it looks like they are forcing her to do something she really doesn't want to do. The Taurus-Scorpio influence of this opposition once again points at sex. I cannot even be sure that this isn't rape. It could very well be indicating that instead.

Running the charts forward for several hours nothing much changes. I am not sure of the details so they could be moving Bambi around or holding her in one place. But the chart shows the same activity pretty consistently until around 4 am. The charts for 3:30 and 4:00 am show that Sagittarius is now rising and Gemini is on the Descendant. Jupiter, the chart ruler, is now in the twelfth. Saturn has slid into the eighth and I'm sad to see Pluto aligned in the first. Pluto is disposed of by Jupiter as well. This looks like somebody hurt her badly enough that she may be dead. Mercury, which rules both the Descendant and Midheaven, is placed in the second house opposing Saturn in the eighth. This just looks like they got what they wanted out of her and then got rid of her. Neptune rules the fourth house and is placed in the third house, another indication of a business transaction involving drugs. Perhaps they drugged her or she willingly accepted drugs in this case. Or perhaps the whole event occurred because of money owed for drugs. I just can't be sure. Neptune is in mutual reception with Uranus which shows this all occurred in a nearby place, perhaps even her own neighborhood. Pluto is a fire sign disposed of by Jupiter in a water sign says two things. They killed her in a "sporting" fashion or with a weapon that is normally used in sport. This could mean a gun or a knife but also many other weapons, as well. I won't go into detail on this. But it's very likely that they put her in water somewhere. Pluto hints at the sewer system and Jupiter in Scorpio supports this as well. The sewers in the area should be searched for her remains.

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Now, the next question is, of course, who did this to Bambi? The chart implies the rulers of this person are Mercury and Venus in Capricorn. This can give us a clue as to who this person is. Right off, he or she is younger than Bambi and very business like. The mindset of this person is business and money. He or she is well known in the community and may be known as a dealer or merchant. I cannot say if this is a drug dealer. The chart doesn't specify that. But it does say that this person would be of average or medium height. His or her complexion ranges from pale to dusky; they could be of any race. This person would have a small head with sharp features and possibly crooked legs. The knees would be bony and prominent. He or she has dark brown hair which may be bleached blond. Brown eyes are expected but they might wear blue contact lenses. Look for a sharp point on the tip of the nose. This person is considered to be serious and ambitious but also diplomatic and may be well respected. But there is a cold, calculating and even treacherous side to the personality. This person at times seems to be a social snob and can be covetous and speculative, taking chances in business with the hopes of scoring big.

Regardless of my findings, Bambi Lynn Madden is still a missing person and may well be anywhere. Please look at her picture and keep it in mind. If you think you have seen her or know where she may be, please contact The City of Binghamton Police Department at (607) 772-7008. Or visit their site online at: Binghamton PD You can also visit the family website for Bambi at: Bambi

Bambi Lynn Madden


Description of Bambi:

Height and Weight: 5'4 - 5'8, 100 - 115 pounds

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Caucasian female. Blonde hair, blue/hazel eyes. Madden's nickname is Bam Bam and she may use the following alias last names: Burns, Fiske and/or Griswold. Her ears are pierced and she wears eyeglasses for reading. She smokes cigarettes, preferably Marlboro or Newport brand, drinks beer, and enjoys eating at McDonald's restaurants. Madden has a scar on her right hand. She has the following tattoos: a flower and rainbow on her right shoulder, a rose on her right breast, the letters "SWF," "CMG," and "TOM" on her left shoulder, a guitar with musical notes on her right ankle, a unicorn and crescent moon on her right thigh, a guitar and the name "Tommy" on her right shoulder, and flames and skulls on her right shoulder.

Clothing/Jewelry Description: A size medium dark-colored puffy South Pole or Polo jacket, size 3 black jeans, size 6 black Timberland boots, gold earrings and a gold ring with a red stone.

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Megan Lynn Touma Reprise

Army Spc Touma Murdered By Married Lover

From the AP:

Patino was in court on a first degree murder charge Wednesday, a day after he was arrested in Touma's death at his home in nearby Hope Mills. Police said he admitted fathering 23-year-old Touma's unborn baby.

Patino acknowledged being in Touma's hotel room June 13, the last day her hotel room key was used, police said. He asked for a public defense attorney at his first court appearance, but one was not immediately assigned.


I have had a lot of comments on the outcome thus far of this case and the most informative comments always come from Karena. She pointed out that the time line is more precise now and that the time of death has been isolated to any time between late evening June 13 and early morning June 14. My original post had the time of death on June 19 in the morning hours. This was a total guess at the time and is now known to be an inaccurate date. I promised Karena that I would do another chart for the real time of death and see what it says. Of course, I will not repeat information already made available by the police or already given in my previous post. I will just look to see if there is anything more to say about this unfortunate event.

The first chart I drew up was for early evening on June 13 and then I rolled them forward for a few hours to see if anything comes up. And what I found was interesting. This is a violent chart that shows danger to the victim for sure. Look at the chart below and notice please that Capricorn is rising and Cancer is falling. At this exact time, which is 9 pm, Mars is in the eighth house accompanied by the Ascendant ruler, Saturn. Just the fact that the Ascendant ruler is now in the eighth house, which does not occur until just before 9, is an indication that a death has occurred. Mars rules the fourth house, which is the house of the mother, and is positioned in the eighth house as well. This shows violence towards a woman, most precisely describing "the mother". Pluto crosses the Ascendant and slides into the twelfth house, another indicator that death by violence has occurred. But the most interesting aspect I see is the Moon, which rules the Descendant, is in the sign Scorpio in the tenth house. The tenth house is the house of "the father". And by goodness, the person who attacked her is the "father of her child". Interesting.

Moon in Scorpio is disposited by Pluto, the bellwether planet in the twelfth house. Venus rules the midheaven and the fifth house cusp, an interesting pointer that, once again, talks about children and motherhood. It also talks about romance and love. Venus is conjoined the Sun in the chart, a traditional reading for a "married couple" or, at the least, "lovers". Moon in Scorpio describes this man so there was some degree of jealousy and vengeful anger in this murder. He was really angry about something to go there and do this and I think she was planning on having his child and just going on with her life, much to his chagrin. I had no idea when I did the original chart that this man was married. For all the marriage, romance and child related aspects that I saw, I thought this was Megan's "fiance". So sometimes the stars show me but I don't see so well. There was marriage "in the air" alright, just not for the parents of this unfortunate baby.

I am not sure even now how Megan died. The charts hint that she was throttled or strangled and this is shown by her Ascendant ruler, Saturn, being placed in Virgo in the eighth house and in turn, is disposed of by Mercury in the sixth house in Gemini. The air sign as the final disposition sort of points to strangulation, however drowning in the bathtub is not out of the question with the Moon in Scorpio sextile Pluto in the twelfth house. And another possibility is poisoning. This is hinted at with Saturn in Virgo also sextile to Mars in Scorpio. He may have poisoned her and then tried to make it look like she drowned. Of course, all of this may have already come to light and I am not aware of it. Time will reveal how she died and then we'll know if Astrology tells the truth or not.

The only other chart I find interesting in the remaining group is the one I drew for 11 pm. See that Leo is now on the Descendant and the Sun has moved into the fifth with Venus. He has gone and met with his wife, not necessarily at home, perhaps for a drink in a neighborhood bar. Mercury is in the fourth house, so the kids are at home. So this man murders Megan Touma and then goes out and has a drink with his wife. How crass. And then if you look at the chart and see that Uranus now rules the Ascendant and the ruler, Uranus, is in the second, disposed of by Neptune. Also, Neptune has moved into the first house! So I see that Megan is "in her place" or her "residence" and perhaps she was in water? Was she in a bathtub full of water? This I am not sure of. But Neptune rules the sea and that would seem to indicate the tub was full of water. Once again, this makes me think of drowning. It also makes me think of drugs. Either or, any of the above.

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I hope this chart helps clarify what I saw in the first. Many people will say, well then you can just read any old chart and come up with a story, and to some extent that may be true. And I won't deny that intuition plays a role in what I do, although I am not a psychic. I don't have "visions" or hear voices or get any help from angels. Any chart done for this span of time in that location would at some time of day reveal some truth about the event. I do not like "guessing" at which chart fits which scenario and I'm just glad the first pick wasn't that far off in the details. I won't be doing that again. As the boys on Dragnet used to say, "just the facts, ma'am". And I agree! -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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Khoi Dang Vu

Young Disabled Man Disappears From Home


Khoi Vu was last seen by his family sometime between the hours of midnight and 1 a.m. on the morning of April 7, 2007, at the home which he shares with his family in Clark County, Washington. They noticed he was missing around 8 a.m. on April 7, 2007. Vu apparently left the house without his favorite jacket and his bicycle, which is his primary mode of transportation. He has never disappeared at night before, and has never left the house alone for more than an hour or two at a time.


Since April 7, 2007, family members and local law enforcement have been looking for 25-year-old, Khoi Vu. Authorities say that Vu is deaf, has the mental capability of an 11-year-old boy and has never gone missing for such an extended period of time.

The Vu family had planned to leave for Seattle on a weekend trip to celebrate Khoi's mother's birthday. Family members can't fathom why he would stray from the residence since he was so excited about the upcoming journey. On April 6, the night before the scheduled trip, Khoi watched TV in his mother's bedroom and also showed her how nicely he had wrapped her present. It was the last time he was seen.

This was another chart that I drew up and it talked to me right away. Of course, it seemed to be very sad that a young man with all these troubles had always been so valiant and had overcome so much just to disappear like this. Who on earth would want to hurt a feeble fellow who was doing so well? So I drew up a chart for the time at which he was last seen. The chart for 12:30 am showed the following details.

Sagittarius is rising and Gemini is falling Jupiter is right at the Ascendant, so we see that Khoi is in "his place", this being his parent's home. Jupiter is trine the Sun in the fourth house, so he is with one other special person also at the home, someone he enjoys very much. He is having a good time. Mercury, the Descendant ruler, is also in the fourth house which means this other person is a member of his family. It also points to something I must watch as I read the other charts. You can see that Jupiter disposes itself and the Moon is disposed of by Jupiter so I get the feeling that Khoi is a really happy person who enjoys his life, as limited as it was. He was not held back by his disabilities and made the very best of his life. His emotional nature was positive and joyful.

Other notes on the chart as it describes Khoi Vu, look and you will see the planets lined up in the third house. The third house is the house of speaking, communicating, using the hands, general dexterity, etc... These planets are all square to Jupiter, the Ascendant ruler. These squaring planets include Mercury (communication, speaking and hearing), Uranus (unexpected problems that could include nerve and neurological disorders), the Node (his destiny). As the reports all validate, he was deaf and had diminished mental capabilities but he could communicate, although he had obstacles to overcome in doing so. Perfect Astrological profile, if you ask me!

Overall, there is nothing much of importance happening at this time of the night. I do see, however, that Saturn is lingering in the eighth house, Pluto is in the first house, close to Jupiter and the Moon is just behind the Ascendant, in the twelfth house. This is a pattern that often points to danger and possible death so the chart is starting to hint. I want to follow this up and find out what else it says. One large facet I must point out is the presence of a grand trine in the chart. An unusual formation, it often points to things "going easily" or, in other terms, "the wheels are greased". It facilitates events and causes them to happen with little difficulty and few obstacles. You can see the trine from Saturn in Leo in the eighth to Jupiter in Sagittarius in the twelfth to Sun in Aries, sliding backwards into the third house. The fact that Mercury rules the Descendant and is in the third house, someone is either leaving or just coming to the house. Because Mercury was already in the third in the first chart, I am thinking that someone visited and then left. They came earlier, while Khoi and family were watching TV and then left later, after Khoi was said to have gone to bed. This piques my curiosity so I must follow this through.

Because I see that Mercury is disposed of by Neptune, I am thinking that something was hidden or unseen. Like, for instance, this person comes to the house and then seems to leave but doesn't really leave until later, perhaps with Khoi. Or another scenario could be that someone in the family came home and then left later, taking Khoi. I am just not sure. Mars rules the nadir and is disposed of by Neptune, again showing deception in some one's actions. With Pluto still inching it's way to the Ascendant, I am afraid that something happened to Khoi. I cannot say for sure, at this time, that violence was involved, but there were "ulterior" motives in what this person was going about doing. Pluto does not rule angles or have an otherwise prominent position, so this influence isn't as important as others in this chart. Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and the Moon are the event triggers on this night.

Now, the next chart shows some new positions materializing that paint a fairly clear picture. The timing is exact as Capricorn takes the Ascendant and Saturn has moved into the seventh. This aspect alone tells me that this person did not kill Khoi. The aspect that would have had to have happened did not; he is, at this point, alive and well. But Venus, which rules the Nadir, is nearly conjunct to Caput Algol. Also, the nadir is clocking around to an exact conjunction to point Venus and the fixed star. This event began at home. He was definitely taken from home for an evil purpose. The Moon, the ruler of the Descendant, is in the eleventh house now and tells me that he is in the company of "a friend". Someone he and perhaps his family as well believed to be a "friend". They have gone off for a fabled reason, such as getting something more for the birthday or planning a surprise. A disabled and innocent young man like Khoi would never have questioned his friend or his motives, not even at 2 in the morning. But I clearly see that someone came to the house and left, but only after snatching Khoi and taking him along.

He is still in the car with his "friend" at 3 am. I have no idea how far he would have travelled or why he was taking Khoi this far from home. It appears that Khoi was taken between the hours of 1:30 and 2:30 AM. And then the charts I draw up for 4 am and 5 am simply show that he has been taken somewhere and has gotten out of the car. However, the Descendant ruler, the Sun, is in the second house, so he has been taken somewhere belonging to the abductor. Either his home or other place where he keeps or stores his belongings. It looks almost like a warehouse to me. But I just can't be sure. Too bad horoscope charts don't give addresses and names! But I will tell you this, I did charts for every hour from 12 midnight until 8 am and I do not see death aspects. I do not believe that Khoi is dead nor do I think he met with violence. I am not sure of the motives of the person who took him and so it is this that I am trying to glean from the charts in front of me.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

There is one interesting aspect that I'd like to point out and take a guess at what it means. I am looking at the chart for the time that the family says they found him missing. It is also the time at which they called the police. So I think this chart might help me answer a few questions. For one thing, the Descendant ruler is Pluto (and Mars). Pluto is in the eighth house and Mars is in Pisces in the eleventh. Venus rules the Ascendant and is at the Ascendant. This would normally be very nice placement if it wasn't so close to the fixed star, Caput Algol. It is also near to the Pleiades, so I suspect that Khoi does not like his new situation, that tears have been shed. But the old man, Saturn, is right at the nadir in the fourth house. Did Khoi have a relative or close family friend who may have been dieing? This is something they should look into when seeking answers. He may have been taken by this person or because of this person. I know that doesn't really make sense but stranger things I have seen in these charts. Would this person have left Khoi money? Or perhaps this person who was or is dieing was or is very lonely and loves Khoi a lot and wants to keep him to him or herself? I see family and friends all over these charts. I also see Khoi alive and loved. I also see Khoi unhappy and not wanting to be where he is, missing his mother and wanting to go home. The Moon so close to Jupiter throughout all of the charts shows the bond between mother and child. He loved and still loves his mother very much.

Now I am going to try to describe this person who took Khoi. Hopefully that will help eliminate close friends and family who have come under suspicion and possibly point the finger in another direction. I am not sure if they are still looking for Khoi or if the case is so cold it's just dead. But Jupiter is retrograde and as the early chart ruler and therefor the pure description of Khoi, it says it will be a long time before he is found. Sagittarius is a common sign and it's in a fixed house when he is found missing. From that time on, it will be years before he is found or what happened to him becomes a part of conscious knowledge. Another slowdown is presented by Saturn ruling the midheaven from the fourth house retrograde. This sort of tells me that Khoi won't be found until this person dies and that won't happen for longer than expected because there will be a "remission" in the disease. This may take as long as 12 years, as shown by progressing the motion of Saturn from the time he was found missing. As far as the person who took Khoi, he or she is of medium-tall to tall height and somewhat awkward. Normally energetic, he or she is normally adaptable, sympathetic and understanding. There is a broad, high forehead that gives a thoughtful appearance. The eyes are deep set, ranging in color from bright blue to dark grey, including hazel, hazel-grey, steely or grayish blue. This person may wear glasses but the eyes dart around and appear to be "quick". There is a straight nose with an upward turn or a fleshy bulb at the tip. The hair is brown and may be curly. Pale, sallow complexion. I know this doesn't seem to describe family of Khoi, as he was Asian. But variations apply, as well as not every single feature will be present. This person is intuitive, has keen perception and is never at a loss to explain things. He or she may seem to be a bookworm and have a fantastic memory. However, they may be poor at details and can be "scatter brained". The main feature is a person who has "too many irons in the fire" and just never gets much done.

The charts overall show that they travelled about an hour away from where Khoi lived. Any friends or family who live within this distance should be talked to. Vu is described as 5'5", 105 lbs, skinny arms and legs, and has coarse, straight hair about 1-2 inches long on top, but clipped on the sides. Authorities are asking for the community's involvement in helping to find Khoi Vu. Please look at this young man's photo and keep it in mind. If you do see him please contact the Clark County Sheriff's Department.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tara Grinstead

Beautiful Young Teacher Disappears Into Thin Air

From AMW online:

Witnesses say Tara attended the annual Sweet Potato Festival and beauty pageant on October 22 in Fitzgerald, Ga., and then went to a friend's house for dinner. Hancock says Tara said she was going straight home, but she hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Friends and family say they tried unsuccessfully to contact Grinstead the Sunday after she was last seen. When she didn't show up for work at Irwin County High School that Monday, co-workers contacted police and reported her missing. Students and co-workers say the 11th-grade teacher was popular at the school and that it was unlike her to not show up for work.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has taken the lead in the investigation and authorities say Grinstead's disappearance is being treated as a missing persons case. Officials say they are considering the possibility that Grinstead, who lived alone, was abducted.

There are also reports that Tara may have left town because she had been upset over her break-up with a man she dated for six years. Family and friends say Tara thought she would marry her former beau, but was heartbroken when their relationship ended late last year. Close friends say she recently found out that he had started dating a much younger woman.

Police have questioned the ex-boyfriend as well as a student who was recently arrested for harassing Tara when he was found trying to enter her home. Investigators have also questioned everyone who knows Tara and have conducted several searches, but still have no leads in the case.

Although many who knew her thought she had the perfect life, Tara's troubled relationship and the disturbing incident with her former student offered a telling glimpse into the young woman's personal life. While the GBI has no reason to believe that Tara met with foul play, they have not ruled it out.

You may visit the Grinstead family website at: Missing Tara .

I wasn't going to do this chart, in fact started to do it several times and then resisted it. Partly this was because so many psychics have already done it, I thought perhaps there was nothing left to add. I don't want to contradict conventional wisdom as a general rule, which is why I often turn down really high profile cases. Once people have made up their mind about what happened, why bother reading a chart? I mean, would it make sense to do a chart for Nicole Simpson? My findings would be considered "conveniant" to say the least. And this is how I felt about this chart. That everybody already had an opinion and there was nothing to add. But I have since changed my mind. I decided to run a "last seen" chart and see if it told a story that fit the facts. If it did, I would move through the timeline and see if anything new came up. Interestingly, things did come to light and I feel I should pass them on.

In the first chart I did, for fifteen minutes after she left the party, I find Cancer rising and Capricorn falling. The Moon is in the twelfth house, disposing of itself. This is a very powerful position for the Moon and makes it the most important planet in this chart. Saturn, the descendant ruler, is in the second house, disposed of by the Sun in the fourth. This describes a man she is about to meet and he is already in her home. The Sun is exactly conjunct with Jupiter. What this tells me is there is a man who has entered her home for the purpose of locating a particular item and he is in a closet or cabinet or attic or other place where these things are kept. He has no idea she has come home. However, she is aware he is there. She makes every effort to not be seen by this person and actually hides when she enters the house. It does not look like she knows him and I am not sure how she knew he was there. But she makes an effort to hide from him and he is not aware of her presence, at least for a short period of time. I am not sure exactly what time she would have gotten home from the party but the time period covers 11:00 pm until midnight. According to reports she left her car unlocked with the cash she had gotten that evening still in the car. The chart seems to be saying that she knew someone was in her house when she arrived. Perhaps he, too, had a car and perhaps she knew who he was.

The chart I draw up for midnight, 30 minutes later, shows that dynamics are changing. It is around midnight when Saturn enters the first house and she and this man come face to face. Moon in her dignity puts Tara in charge of the situation. The Moon is also trine to Uranus in the eighth house so she had the element of surprise on her side. She only made herself known to this man when she had to. She was able to hide for quite some time. Saturn, the descendant ruler, is directly opposite Neptune in the seventh house. This is further proof to me that she knew he was there, he may have tried to hide, but he was unsuccessful in keeping his presence secret. Perhaps he did not expect her home from this party so early. I am not sure. But Saturn placed it the second house again emphasizes that his interest is in something she owns and what this is I am not sure. I am not sure it had real dollar value; it may have been sentimental or possibly incriminating in some way. Or just something he felt entitled to. I realize that she had broken up with a man in the recent past but that he had moved on with a younger woman. She was not known to be dating anyone else. However, the chart says she knew this man well and he knew his way around her home; good enough in fact to know that she had something he wanted. Whatever this was, it was a reason for him to enter her home. I understand they have checked out the student who had been harrassing her. Still, it could be something very much like this, even if it isn't this same person.

The patterns present in this chart also show some ominous forebodings. Such as planets aspecting from the fourth, eighth and twelfth houses, traditionally the houses describing death and dieing. Saturn, which often describes the death of the body and the bones of the decomposed body, is strong in the first house, the house which describes our victim. The signs tell one story and then they tell another. There is no doubt in my mind that Tara is in grave danger and the odds are stacked against her. But the fact that the Sun is conjoined with Jupiter hints that there is more than one man involved in this. I am not sure if they were both present, one was present and one was "calling the shots" from elsewhere, or if one was there at first and the other came after. But the actions of the man that she confonted in her home on this night were not soley his own. He may well have been "working" on the behalf of someone else. The Sun and Jupiter are both disposed of by Venus in the fifth house, closely aligned to Pluto. This points directly at a man who had feelings for Tara, a suitor, a stalker, an ex boyfriend, perhaps? This chart is strongly hinting at a man who has romantic ties and violent tendencies. Libra is the "relationship" sign. Saturn in Leo is proud and easily wounded. It also has a long memory. If she had hurt someone, it may have been a person this dangerous and revengeful. Anything is possible.

Sometime between 1 am and 1:30 am the chart moves forward and Leo is now rising. The Sun moves into the third house and Uranus, which now rules the descendant, has backed into the eighth. She is forced into a car and taken away. This is probably where she was made to change her clothes. Taurus and Scorpio rule the midheaven-nadir axis and Venus is conjoined Pluto still in the fifth house. She was taken away from her home and killed. This was a violent death, either by gun or by other means. She may have been beaten to death, there was a LOT of anger in this event. Saturn crosses the ascendant between 1:30 and 2 am and this I believe would mark the time of death. Saturn still opposes Neptune and, at this juncture, this describes a hidden place. Some place familiar to the killer. Not far from where he lives, in fact. Mars is in the tenth house but has basically had no planetary influence in the chart thus far. Although, at this juncture it enters an angular house, and shows the violence of her death, somewhere out in public, parked in a car, perhaps. Mars is directly opposite Mercury, now in the fourth house, so this is the finish of an argument that started back at the house. Mercury has also had no influence in this chart until now, when it, too, enters an angular house. Her significator, the Sun, is in the third house, showing me that she is in a car. It is conjoined to Jupiter, so someone is with her. However, Jupiter does not rule the descendant, so it is likely that this man had no personal beef with her, he was there on the behalf of another man, an angry man who is shown by Venus conjoined Pluto. Does this make sense? I sometimes think I am unable to convey exactly what I see and how I see it. This is a confusing chart. Bear with me.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

Uranus is powerful as the ruler of the descendant, in the sign Pisces and disposed of by Neptune, which is conjoined the descendant. This was a complicated plot that revolved around hiding the identity of her killer. He is disguised and hiding, possibly not even present. Or perhaps he has changed his identity or assumed another identity on this night in order to throw people off. He may have been driving someone elses' car or a rental car. He may have even been in disguise. There were definitely two or more men involved, one of them having the reason, the other or others doing a "job". Does this sound like a hit? I am not sure, but it's not out of the question. However, it may also have been an angry man with a sympathetic, psychopathic friend. It's just very hard to tell. I CAN describe her killer and I will get to that at the end of the chart, as always. At 2 am, it looks like she is dead but still in the car. In fact, the body remains in the car until sometime right before 3:30 am, where I see them pushing her out. They are pushing her out near a home or number of homes. Venus is conjoined with Pluto and Pluto often points to sewer systems or underground areas. However, the combo of Libra and Sagittarius makes me think of a fireplace or furnace on a roof or top floor of a building or home. High, sloping ground is indicated, as well, and since Pluto and Sagittarius both describe war and conflict, she may be somewhere near to Army barracks or other military buildings or offices. I know these are a strange combinations and are hard to make sense of but if someone who is sensitive could travel this area, looking for these signs, and focusing on these images, there might be a hope of finding her body. Saturn as the harbinger sadly says that when she is found she will be nothing but bones. Of course, that's a given considering the time that has passed. It's just interesting to note how Astrology describes things in tune with actual reality.

Of course, I must mention one more thing. The combination of Saturn in Leo and Pluto in Sagittarius also points at a possibility that her body was burnt. The upstairs furnace could well have been used to dispose of her by fire rather than marking a dumping ground. If she was burned, her bones were discarded somewhere outside, possibly near a government or military building or in a public park or near a monument. This sort of imagery would fit with the archetypes described by the death chart. This man made every effort to cover his tracks, to confuse investigators and to hide his identity. It would be right in sync with his mindset to move her somewhere secluded and burn her remains. Here is one last thought before I try to describe her killer physically. Tara was a financial analyst. Did she do work for clients in this regard, or help people she knew with their finances? If so, consider that perhaps she had paperwork for a client that showed illegal or unethical financial activity. This, by itself, would be reason enough to murder her. This is one angle that should be investigated thoroughly in this matter. She is also a teacher. Was there a student that she was failing or had caught cheating, perhaps? These are serious issues that can set someone off, if that person is not wound tightly to being with. However, her killer is a clever man and he may have taken any paperwork with him, effectively erasing any trail to him. And what does this "clever" man look like? He would likely be a large man with big bones. He would have a very large bone structure with broad shoulders, a wide chest and a long back. His spine might be prominent through the skin of his back when revealed. Because of his height and overall size, he might stoop when he walks. He has light hair, a pale complexion and is most likely Caucasian. This is a passionate man who feels strongly about things. He gets into an emotional rut and is sure that he is "right" no matter what evidence may be given to prove otherwise. He is very fixed in his opinions. Once he had decided that Tara had to go, there was no stopping him.

Remember, that regardless of my findings, Tara Grinstead is still a missing person and may very well be alive. You should look at her picture and keep it in your mind. If you see her or believe you might have seen her, please call the GBI at (478) 987-4545 or email the cops at If you wish to contact the family with information, suggestions or tips, please use the email link at: Thanks for reading my blog.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Jason Jolkowski

Young Man Goes Missing In Neighborhood

This from the website: Project Jason :

On June 13, 2001, Jason was called in to work early. His car was in the shop all week, so he had no way to get to work in the morning. He told the manager that he would walk, but they called him back & made arrangements to meet at Benson High School, 8 blocks away from our home. Jason has a difficult time giving directions, & meeting at his former high school probably seemed logical to him. He showered & dressed, & was last seen by his little brother, Michael, bringing in the trash cans, as the trash pickup had taken place that morning. The neighbor also saw Jason taking the cans into the garage.

Jason was wearing black dress shoes & black dress pants & carrying his red work t-shirt. He wore a white Chicago Cubs or Sammy Sosa t-shirt, & a blue Chicago Cubs baseball hat. This occurred at approximately 10:45 am. Within 30-45 minutes, the employer called our home to see if Jason was there, as he did not show up at the high school. No one has seen or heard from Jason since then.

He has not touched his bank account, used his cell phone, picked up his checks from work, or inquired about or attempted to pick up his car from the body shop. He also was to have started a new job the following week, & he did not call or show up for the new job, which he was excited about. We estimate, based on the amount of his last check, & the deposit he made, that he didn't have more than $60 with him, if even that.

Jason is a very shy individual & typically did not pursue social activities. For the most part, he was either at work or home. He did not appear to be interested in alcohol or drugs. He has a close relationship with his family, & it is hard to believe that he would purposely stay away without even contacting us, although we realize that this is not outside of the realm of possibilities. As we don't have any clues, anything is possible.

We HOPE that it is just a case of Jason just wanting to get away from life's pressures for awhile as the alternative to that scenario is unbearable to think about. It just seems odd that if he had run away, that at the very least, he would have taken his checkbook or picked up his checks from work.

As we have no leads, we are trying to reach every citizen because someone has to have seen him. We love our son and just want him back home with us.

TIME AND DATE: 10:45 am last seen; 6-13-2001. He was walking to a friends house for a ride.

NOTE: For those of you who have already read this post and are reading it again, you will notice some minor changes made to the text. This chart upset me and haunted me after I wrote it. I was thinking about it again last night and realized that perhaps some of the notes I made would be offensive or hurtful to certain people. Although the notes are made when they are fresh, just as I am reading the chart for the first time, I try to edit out assumptions, direct accusations and details that are just too ugly. It's not that I have seen anything with my eyes or have any knowledge that others don't, but that the chart sometimes describe things that are unpleasant and not supported by known fact nor are necessary for the reader to understand the reading. So I have edited out a few descriptive details that I think were not necessary and could be construed as lurid. I hope I have not disappointed anyone by doing this. I just thought it was fair.

I was emailed and asked to do this chart. I had never heard of it so I followed the link the reader emailed me and went to Project Jason. This is an amazing site where the family of Jason Jolkowskis are doing wonderful work for missing persons and their families. This case moved me deeply to realize, once again, that a child can leave his home and within a half an hour, just disappear. Sad but horribly true. So I wanted to do it and see what I could find. I want to dedicate this post to Cari, who was kind enough to bring it to my attention. The first chart I drew up was for the time he was last seen, 10:45 am. I use this first chart as a springboard. If it doesn't "ring true" with the facts as I have them, I discard it and usually end up not doing it at all. But this chart was clear and easy to read. Leo was rising and Aquarius was falling. The Sun is in the eleventh conjoined to Jupiter, which rules the fifth house cusp. The Sun and Jupiter are both in Gemini. Gemini, the twins, also rules brothers and sisters and the fifth house rules children. He is with his brother, according to the facts. The Sun is cusping the tenth from the eleventh, which says he is leaving his "close associates" to move into the public sphere. He is leaving home to go to work. So the chart looks good.

However, aspects are pointing to something sinister and this catches my eye. The Sun is exactly opposite Mars along the fifth house axis. The descendant ruler, Uranus, is right at the descendant in the sign Aquarius, thereby disposing of itself. Uranus is in a very powerful position even though it's in fall by house position. It is closely trine to the Sun and sextile Mars. Mars is also close to Pluto, placed along the fifth/fourth house axis. This is interesting. Uranus, the descendant ruler, is facilitating the Mars-Sun opposition. It works this way: Uranus provides the "opening", the opportunity, so to speak, for these two planets to come into play. Uranus is the descendant, so it describes a powerful influence that brings things to pass. Because of Mars being placed in the fifth so near to Pluto, I am fearful right away of violence. Violence involving men because of the Mars-Sun elements. And made possible by the powerful influence of Uranus. I hate reading these things, seeing this sort of thing materialize. But, at this point, the aspects are there but they are only a "promise", not a finished event. So I must push onward and see how this plays out.

Before I leave the first chart to work on the next, I notice the Moon lingering in the eighth house. Another portent. The Moon is approaching a square to the Sun-Mars opposition. Right away, I am beginning to think that being "called into work early" was a catalyst for this event. At 10:45 am Jason is still alive and well and saying goodbye to his brother. So I will enter the other charts with hope. And this new chart, for a mere 15 minutes later, 11 am, shows another picture emerging. The Sun and Jupiter have left the eleventh house and are now moving high into the tenth. Jason is out on the sidewalk or roadway, walking. This also shows that his younger brother has also left the house. But the real omen that bothers me with this new chart is that Uranus, the ruler of the descendant, has moved into the sixth house. The sixth house rules places of employment, the type of employment and the people we serve. He is scheduled to go meet his employer, who is the person he is "next to meet". The descendant describes exactly that person in a chart like this, the person we are "next to meet". So, once again, the chart is spot on, telling the story I expect it to. The Moon has dropped into the seventh and the Mars-Pluto conjunction has traveled into the fourth. This shows that he was not taken to work. He was taken to someones house. Actually, forced to go to someones house. Mars and Pluto in the fourth opposing the chart ruler in the tenth house, he was grabbed out in public and forced to go to this house. Everybody's worst nightmare. Sorry.

The tricky part of this chart is evident. Uranus, the descendant ruler, is now in the sixth. It was his employer who allowed this to happen, star-wise, that is. Not that he meant for this to happen but the fact that this child walked there to meet him set him up for this event. This man described by the chart is no doubt his boss, with the ruler sitting in the sixth and ruling the seventh, which is the man he was "going to meet". Going to meet this man put him on the street at the exact right moment and Mars-Pluto crossed the axis in opposition. An aggressive, violent man grabbed this boy right on the street and took him against his will. He was taken to a home quite close nearby in fact. There is nothing in the chart that describes a long time in a vehicle or even a vehicle at all. Is it possible that a neighbor, or someone with access to a neighborhood house, grabbed this boy on the street and simply dragged him inside, unseen? Is that possible? If it is, then that is exactly what happened here. There may be slight variations on the way it was done, but this is as close as I can get.

But because I see the Moon in Pisces has moved into the seventh house and is disposed of by Neptune in the sixth, the employer may have held back something in the telling of this story. He may have suspected something, seen something or experienced something that he was afraid to convey. It just seems, from the placements in the chart that he hid something or didn't say something he probably should have. Neptune is never totally transparent and Neptune is in the sixth, casting it's shadow over Jason's job. And since he was headed to the job at the time he disappeared, this placement is a harbinger. There is something about that situation that is still cloaked and unknown. And I hate to keep harping on this but the Node is in the eleventh house and is disposed of by the Moon in Pisces. This describes a "fated" situation involving a third person. I am not entirely sure that the employer did not know the person who took this boy or at least suspected it. And I am not sure if that is even possible under the circumstances. I just hope he was looked at closely by police. No, I do not believe that he took Jason himself. Nor do I think he was involved afterwards. The chart is just hinting that something more was known and not said.

In these charts, minute by minute, the Moon is square to the Sun-Mars opposition and is always a catalyst for events in the chart. It does not translate light during this time frame, however, it will do that many hours after the time of Jason's disappearance. This tells me that he may not have been killed right away or even at all. There is nothing to say that he was murdered or is even dead. So I must roll the charts further forward to see where all of this is going. For the next hour or so, the charts don't change much. He has been taken to a house, he is still with these men, they have not killed him. I am not sure what they are doing with him; sexual aspects do exist so this is a possibility. However, the charts for later in the day begin to tell a larger and clearer story. At 1 pm, Neptune moves into the fifth house. Virgo is rising and Pisces is falling. Neptune rules the descendant. It is in the sign Aquarius, disposed of by Uranus in the sixth. The Moon in Pisces is now right at the cusp of the seventh. This looks like the film industry to me; cameras or video cams or other forms of capturing activity on film. Neptune in Aquarius in the fifth is the quintessential aspect for the movie industry. And with the sixth house placement, it looks like business. And with Saturn in the ninth house in Gemini, exactly trine to Neptune in the fifth, it may involve foreign interests or foreigners as performers, investors, filmmakers or at some other level of involvement. I think that someone involved in his kidnapping worked in the film industry at some level. I am not sure that his work had anything directly to do with Jason's abduction.

I hate it when these charts describe less than savory events, but then they are never nice. At least this isn't a 2 year old child or something even more despicable. Not that any child who is kidnapped is ever in a fair or justified situation. Whoever took Jason is evil and should be brought to justice. I just wish I could make that happen sooner or even at all. The chart for 2 pm describes a similar situation as the one I saw in Sabrina Aisenberg's chart. Virgo is still rising and Pisces is falling and Mercury, the current chart ruler, has moved into the ninth house. Mercury is in Gemini and opposes the Mars-Pluto conjunction, which has now moved into the third. They are on the move. They have taken Jason via automobile or other vehicle and put him on a plane. Movable planets in the ninth house show an airliner but Gemini hints at a private jet. Either is possible. Mercury is close to Jupiter, also in Gemini, so there may have been another child along for the ride. The man who took him may well have had a son of his own. Libra is going to move on to the Ascendant within the half hour and Venus, which will become the new chart ruler, will move through the eighth house. This is another influence that reinforces the pattern of the chart. Aries will overtake the Descendant within the half hour and this places Mars in the third as the seventh house ruler. The man who took him is still in possession of him and is "handling" him, so to speak. I will not go into this chart more than this.

I am done running with the charts and I want to boil all of this down to some simple insights. He was taken in the neighborhood to a home nearby. The man who took him took him against his will and can be violent if need be. He was never handed off to another party, he has been in the possession of the same man from the time he was taken until today, as far as I know. Money is a part of this but not the only reason he was taken. He is in the company of more than one man and possibly another child. These people who took him are foreigners or have ties to foreign countries. He was taken on a plane to a new place, possibly outside of the US and was still alive when he was taken. All of the other details are just grim assumptions and I want to discard them as unimportant. What I would tell someone looking for Jason would be to make a thorough check of the neighborhood. Check to see if there are rental homes or apartments in the area and if any foreigners were renting in that area during this time period. Also, whether they left the area shortly after Jason went missing. Also, I would ask the employer if there was anything he didn't say or anything he suspected but didn't mention. Perhaps he suspected another employee at some time? Did he hire foreigners who were living in the area? Was he supposed to meet someone else at that time and this person did not show? Anything at all he might contribute. And, of course, I'd be checking the internet in every way that may be useful.

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Now, in my efforts, as always, I will try to describe these kidnappers and give an idea of the direction they went traveling in. By the planets in aspect and houses, I can say that the kidnapper was a tall, muscular man who might be described as "wiry". He would have an oval face with a good complexion. He would have brown hair and eyes; his hair may have a slight auburn or red tinge. His eyes are penetrating and quick, giving him an intense stare. He has a small mouth and even features. He may be a dark skinned Caucasian or a Hispanic or a light skinned black. He is a very impulsive and ambitious person who has little fear. He likes taking chances and will not shy from risky actions. He is adventuresome, often to the extreme, and can be unorthodox and tricky. Pluto being nearby gives him a rash temper and a tendency towards violence. This is a strong, athletic, clever man who can be very intimidating. The placement of planets in the ninth house say they started traveling southwest when they left Omaha. They actually went southwest the entire time and did not veer off to the east or back north at any time. So directly southwest is where they went, and with Gemini and Mercury, it is indicated to be a short trip. No longer than a couple of hours by airplane. With Mercury in Gemini in the ninth house, this is a common sign on a cadent house. Mercury is retrograde. They may have him for years before they are either caught or he gets away or something else happens. It seems strange that they took somebody this old; Jason was actually an adult. However, the family says he was "shy" and perhaps he was somewhat awkward and this led his abductors to believe he was younger than he actually was. Perhaps they thought he was 16 or younger.

Jason is still a missing person and regardless of my findings could be in your neighborhood. Please look at his picture and read over these details from the FBI Website. If you think you have seen him or know where he is, please contact the police at the number given below. Thanks for reading my blog.

From the FBI Website:

Disappeared June 13, 2001

Name: Jason Anthony Jolkowski
Classification: Endangered Missing Adult
Alias / Nickname: J.J.
Date of Birth: 1981-06-24
Date Missing: 2001-06-13
From City/State: Omaha, NE
Gender: Male
Race: White
Height: 73 inches
Weight: 165 pounds
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Light
Age at Time of Disappearance: 19
Clothing: White "Chicago Cubs" or "sammy Sosa" T-shirt, black dress pants, blue "Cubs" cap, dress shoes and also carrying red work shirt.
Circumstances of Disappearance: Unknown. Jason was last seen bringing in garbage cans at his residence after pickup. He was leaving to go meet a co-worker at the high school only 8 blocks away to get a ride to work but never arrived. He has not accessed his bank account and has not cashed checks from his employer.
Investigative Agency: Omaha Police Department
Phone: (402) 444-5657
Investigative Case #: 8521-4T

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Richard Petrone Jr & Danielle Imbo

Couple Disappears On Way Home From Restaurant

From the FBI Website:

Richard Petrone and Danielle Imbo were last seen leaving a bar in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the late evening hours of February 19, 2005. The two were dating. They have not been seen nor heard from since this last sighting.


February 19, 2005. Richard Petrone Jr. of South Philadelphia, and his girlfriend, Danielle (Ottobre) Imbo of Mount Laurel, N.J., were last seen at around 11:45 pm on Saturday, Feb. 19, 2005 leaving Abilene's bar at 429 South Street in Philadelphia, where they met with some friends. They were heading for Richard's 2001 black Dodge Dakota pickup truck, PA license plate # YFH-2319 parked in the neighborhood.

Danielle, Richard, or the truck haven't been seen since and there have been no traces or clues as to their whereabouts.

The couple planned to spend the night at Danielle's house in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. The next day, Richard was to come back to his apartment on Snyder Avenue near 16th Street to watch the Daytona 500. No one knows if the couple ever made it to Danielle's house Saturday night.

Richard was 35 years old, 5 feet 9 inches tall, 200 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. He had an "Angela" tattoo on his left arm and clowns on his right arm. Richard was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers. Danielle was 5 feet 5 inches tall, 117 pounds, with hazel eyes, fair skin and brown hair. She had a tattoo of flowers on her lower back. She was wearing a black jacket, cream-colored sweater and blue jeans.


Last seen...

* February 19, 2005
* Around 11:45 pm
* Leaving Abilene's Bar, 429 South St, Philadelphia and walking to Richard's parked black 2001 Dodge Dakota

Danielle (Ottobre) Imbo

* White female
* 5 ft 5 in tall
* 117 pounds
* Hazel eyes
* Brown hair
* Tattoo of flowers on her lower back
* Was last seen wearing a black jacket, cream-colored sweater, and jeans

Richard Petrone, Jr.

* White male
* 5 ft 9 in tall
* 200 pounds
* Blue eyes
* Brown hair
* Tattoos: "Angela" on his left arm; clowns on his right arm
* Was last seen wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers

Dodge Dakota Pick-up Truck

* 2001 model
* Black
* PA tags # YFH-2319
* Has a # 99 NASCAR sticker on the rear windshield
* Go to the website for a link to a photo of this vehicle.

At the outset, I run a test chart for 11:45 pm, when they are leaving the restaurant. I treat the first chart as if it's for one person: Richard Petrone. The chart has Scorpio rising and Taurus falling with Mars right at the Descendant, conjoined the Node. This says he is with someone special, a "soul mate" of sorts, immediately creating a pair with Danielle Imbo. Mars is disposed of by Venus in the fifth house, showing they are at a bar or restaurant, having fun with friends. The fifth house says they were drinking, eating, dancing, socializing. Venus and Mars are in mutual reception, finishing out the chart with aspects showing they were together, as a couple, and they were happy, having a good time. They enjoyed each other immensely. Venus, in the fifth house, is inconjunct Jupiter in the tenth. They tended to "overdo it" at times, indulging themselves and just doing stuff for the joy of it. This night was no different. They may have too much of something: to eat, to drink, etc.. And because Jupiter is weak in Virgo, they may have been obviously overconfident in some way; breaking the rules of social etiquette, perhaps drunk or just having "too much" fun. Pluto, the chart co-ruler, is in the second house in Sagittarius, disposed of by the same Jupiter, so they only left because they had spent all their money. They way overdid it, but perhaps this was a norm for them, and spent every dime having a good time. So they were off and on the way home because their pockets were empty. Now, I don't want to hear the argument that maybe they had tons of money in the bank or whatnot, they spent what they intended to, planned to, or merely could.

The charts I do for midnight and 12:30 am don't show much change. Scorpio is still rising and Taurus is falling. The only real change is that Venus has moved into the third, showing that they are still in the car. I don't know how far they had to drive but within the next 15 minutes, at least, they are still en route. This is a big shift for Venus because the ecliptic has arced and caused the fifth house to shrink below 30 degrees, displacing planets. The third house, by the way, has moved with the ecliptic arc and has spread out to accommodate the lost degrees. This causes Venus to roll over two houses in less than an hour. But it's the chart for 1 am that really starts to talk. Scorpio is still rising and Taurus is falling but angular rulers have clustered in the third house, Saturn and the Moon have crept into the eighth house and Pluto has moved into the first. Somewhere along the way, a few new people got in the car. Mercury rules the midheaven and it's in fall in Pisces in it's own place, the third house. This is strange combination but it says that they were stopped on a major highway somewhere, flagged down, perhaps, or run off the road. This is out in the open, on a major highway and not on some quiet back road. This was sudden and unexpected. And the result is, they have other people who have gotten into their car.

In this chart, I don't like the Moon hugging Saturn in the eighth. Not a good omen. The Moon is also exactly square Jupiter in the eleventh house. Something really bad is going to happen and it's going to be people that the victims have considered "friends" who do it. The fact that Neptune is closely trine to Jupiter tells me that this was unexpected, sneaky, a real "backstabbing". Richard and Danielle trusted these folk and thought they were friends; but tonight, things were different. And I believe, from the chart I draw up at 2 am, that is it between 1:30 and 2:30 am that a violent event occurs and these two people lose their lives. At 2 am, Mars has joined Pluto in the first house and is in opposition to both the Moon and Saturn still in the eighth house. Pluto is inconjunct Saturn and sextile to Venus in the second house. This wasn't personal, it was business. This murder was all about money. I do not know these two people and their business relationships, either separately or together, but these were friends that had some sort of arrangement that involved money with one or both of them. But I don't find that unusual; we often make the mistakes of borrowing money from friends, loaning money to friends, going into business with friends and making friends of business partners. I am not sure which way this went. But the eleventh house shows friends, the tenth house shows business, the second house screams money and the eighth house, shared resources. More people have been murdered over eighth house affairs than any other: inheritances, insurance, shared bank accounts, investments, property, etc...

But the Moon and Saturn opposing Mars in the first describes a firearm. Mars in Capricorn makes me think of a hunting rifle or shotgun. Mars is in his dignity so it is a strong influence on this chart. It is opposed of by Saturn, the death planet, in the eighth house of death. Saturn is close to the Moon in Cancer. These people were killed this night and most probably by a gun. And most probably by a shotgun, hunting rifle or other gun used to killed game. Planets in Pisces dominate the third house and planets in Cancer dominate the eighth house, so I'd be looking for both the car and these victims to be in a body of water. Taking into consideration that Jupiter in Libra in the tenth house is square to the Moon in Cancer in the eighth house, I would venture the guess that they were dropped into a mountain lake. Some body of water high off the ground is the place they will be found. They are still with the car and dredging mountain lakes for the vehicle will turn up their remains.

Who were their killers? Well, first of all this was a group of 3 or more people, who were friends of theirs. There was a business connection involving money. Mercury in Pisces emphasizes the money connection; someone was a bookworm type, an accountant, a bean counter. Mercury is in fall in Pisces, so it is not beyond this person to blame someone else for his or her mistakes. This person may have been responsible for money and/or transactions and either hid something or found something that was hidden. Neptune can be intentionally deceptive or accidentally sloppy. Either way, these victims did something with money or were blamed for something someone else did. I don't know if this makes sense; I know nothing about these people. But this does not have to be embezzlement or theft. They could have made bad bets or lousy investments. Or even loaned money to or from the wrong people. Only those close to them would know what this might be. But there is no doubt they were killed over money. How that happened, I am not sure.

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Because there are more than one person involved in this case, I cannot give my usual "description" of the killer. However, I can say that this was 3 or more people involved in money and business transactions. It could be illegal money, I am not sure, because Pisces and Mercury are both implicated in theft and "underground" activity. Much goes on behind the scenes where Neptune or Pisces is involved. Mercury in Pisces describes the instigator and this describes a bookworm type, as I said before, but not necessarily clever or organized. This position tends to oversight and sloppiness, mistakes are not uncommon. This person would love study and application but would also tend to be easily confused and poor at tracking details. A good memory is implied and a tendency towards revenge. Mercury disposed of by Neptune in the second, conjoined to Venus, indicates a person who is fascinated by money and possessions, romanticizing the value of things. The Beatles once sang, "Money can't buy me love" but this person is still convinced that it does.

I know a lot of people are trying to find Richard and Danielle. From the chart, I can say that they are in a high place. Jupiter in the tenth house in Libra points to a high place in the local area. It is a place that is visible to a large portion of the local area. This place has high trees and overhanging moss, birds nests on tall trees and poles, nearby radio or cell phone towers and a pond or lake. It may be a fly over for a local airport or heliport. People may hang-glide off the mountains and over the lakes. There is likely a rock quarry in the area and large animals. I know from my own experience that rock quarries bring to mind Bears but the sign Jupiter points more strongly at Horses, Donkeys and Rabbits. Now, I can't imagine a Horse or Rabbit farm that far up on a mountain, but the quarry brings to mind Donkeys. There may be a small, older farm in the area that houses Donkeys or, at least, one Donkey. If there is an area nearby, either in Philly or Jersey, that comes close to this description, then this is where searchers should start. I have spent a lot of time in this part of the country when I was younger and I realize that many places sound similar to this but remember to restrict these areas to those areas they would have travelled on this night: from Philadelphia to Mount Laurel and no where else. I do not think they drove way out of the way; in fact, they did not drive far at all. This happened on their usual way.

Regardless of my findings, both Richard Petrone and Danielle Imbo are considered missing persons and nothing has been found to indicate they are dead. Because of this, please consider their photos, and the photo of their vehicle, and commit it to memory. If you see them, or believe you have seen them, call the Philadelphia PD at: Philadelphia Police Department, One Franklin Square, Philadelphia, PA 19106
or call them at: 215.686.1776 or 215.686.3053. The Homicide Unit can be contacted at any of these numbers: 215.686-3334; 215.686-3335; 215.686-3336.

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Suzanne G Lyall

Young Girl Goes Missing On Her Way Home From Work

This is information I got from the FBI Website:
Suzanne Lyall was last seen on the evening of March 2, 1998, at approximately 9:20 p.m., as she departed her place of employment at the Crossgates Mall in Guilderland, New York. Lyall was known to have boarded a Capital District Transit Authority bus heading to Collins Circle at the State University of New York (SUNY), at Albany, New York, where she was a student. It is believed that she exited the bus at Collins Circle at approximately 9:45 p.m. and has not been seen since that time.

Suzanne Lyall has a light brown birthmark on her left calf, a mole on her left cheek beneath her ear lobe, and a surgical scar on her left foot.

Lyall was last seen wearing a long black trench coat, a black shirt, and blue jeans. She was carrying a black book bag or tote bag.

Lyall was known to be an avid computer user and enjoyed spending time conversing online.

For general information and an age progressed photo, go to Missing Kids.Com

My findings:
I saw this case on the FBI site and checked into it. There was enough information for me to take a shot at a chart and see if I could find something useful. The first chart rang true so I decided to complete a full reading. In this first chart, Libra is rising and Aries is falling. Venus is in Capricorn in the third house so she is walking on a street in her neighborhood. Venus is closing in on the nadir, so she is making her way to her front door. Venus is also closing in on Neptune, also at the nadir. Someone stands between her and the front door. But this person is not being obvious, he is not waving at her or running up to her, Neptune shows him sort of hiding. He is being careful not to get her attention for some reason. Venus is disposed of by Saturn in the sixth house, which emphasizes the fact that she is coming from work and still has work on her mind. Strangely enough, Saturn is disposed of by Mars (the descendant ruler) in the fifth house, which sort of implies that someone at work had been approaching her in a romantic way, maybe asking her out. Mars, in turn, is disposed of by this same Neptune, waiting for her near her front door. This is a loop and it may indicate that the person waiting for her was someone who had a romantic interest in her and may well have been this person from work.

And then the chart for 10 pm made a change that shows more action. Scorpio takes the Ascendant and Taurus is now falling. Venus, still in the third house, is exactly sextile Mars in the fifth. This person is in a car out front and approaches her to go with him, for a ride, perhaps? Just to talk? Just to get a burger? A date, perhaps? He is romantically interested in her, there is no doubt, with the chart rulers being Venus and Mars and centered around the fifth house. Pluto, the new co ruler, is placed in the second house, so maybe he has a really nice car. Also, it is in Sagittarius, disposed of by Jupiter in it's dignity, closely conjoined to the Sun. He appears honest and friendly; she is not at all afraid. The loop involving Jupiter and Pluto with the fourth house emphasis also tells me that he knew where she lived and planned to use this ploy. He came there because he knew she would be comfortable there, near her home. Also, because Venus is in Capricorn, in fall and disposed of by Saturn in Aries, also in fall, he is unlucky in love and very lonely, perhaps not good looking or comfortable with women. Mars in Pisces indicates she is sensitive and sympathetic and because he is awkward, she is less fearful with him that she would be with more aggressive, self assured men. Another aspect I find fascinating: Suzanne's birth date is April 10, making her an Aries. Saturn was in Aries on this date that she disappeared, dispositing Venus and, in turn, is disposed of by Mars. This is a karmic point I have to mention. This man is older than she is, he worked with her and he focused on her for quite awhile. This was not a random abduction or mindless murder; he planned this out and targeted her specifically.

I must also point out that Venus and Mars are sextile in the chart, which indicates that they had a good relationship up to this point, they had been friendly. As I said before, Suzanne was comfortable with this man, did not feel threatened at all. I believe she went willingly for a ride. The chart is showing her in his car but she does not look bound, tied or restrained in any way. The chart doesn't change much for a few hours, actually, showing that they went out and had fun. She enjoyed herself as Mars is in the fifth. But by midnight, Mars has moved into the fourth house and Venus is still in the third. Pluto is in the first house, disposed of by Jupiter at the nadir. It looks like he took her back to his place after awhile and there was a confrontation. He was persisting in his romantic overtures and she was trying to seem agreeable, friendly, happy. This may have been her way of making him comfortable and staving off any anger she might have sensed. Mars in Pisces shows great sympathy but also a kind of "fakery", something like acting. She was putting on a performance to keep things from going south.

Then, the chart for 1 am is the most telling so far, with planets lining up grimly. Sagittarius is rising and Gemini is falling with Jupiter and Mercury both in the third house. If you look, you'll see the Sun sitting right between them. There are two men there now and Suzanne is now with them in a car. Mars is hugging Mercury right at the nadir. Throughout the night, the Moon in Taurus translates the light among these three planets, causing things to happen. The Moon is also trine the North Node, near the midheaven. All of this has a slightly karmic or "destined" feel to it. But I don't think they kill her this night. I see no signs of murder, except I do see violence in a form of rape. I do believe the first man, her romantic stalker, raped her there at his house before the other man appeared and they left together. And when I look at the 1 am lineup and see that Jupiter is disposed of by Neptune in the second, I get the feeling that she was stashed in the trunk. Here is the first inkling I get that she has resisted and had to be confined. She probably thought that if she was cool with everything, he would just take her home. But this does not appear to be the case. And when she realized she was not being released, then perhaps that's the little skirmish I see with Pluto in the first. Pluto, in turn, is directly square to Jupiter, so it was her that got the brunt of it. They "kicked her butt" so to speak. I get the feeling from this chart that she was sort of athletic, surely strong and capable. They had to use real force. But I do not think she was harmed in a life threatening fashion and I do not see that they murdered her. At least not the same night.

So from this chart I ascertain that they did not kill her at this time and took her with them somewhere unknown. So, who are these men and why did they do this? Well, I am sure, from the chart positions and aspects, that this man took her out of romantic desire. He "wanted" her. She was sweet and friendly, easy going and sympathetic. Excellent qualities in people until they are faced with someone they should judge immediately as evil and run like hell. She was a fair minded person who gave people the benefit of the doubt. Otherwise, I can tell that he is definitely older than her and probably worked with her, either currently, or at some time in the near past. He may have just been fired from the job. Conversely, though, Saturn could mean that he had been there for years and had seniority and would not be questioned in anything he did. Therefor, he could come in late, tell big stories, act like he didn't even know her and no one would argue that. For some reason, the cops didn't look this way. Perhaps they were too focused on other suspects. I don't know that much about the case. But in the long run, there were two of them. The first man was known to her, the second was probably not. The second man was called upon to help the first. He may have been a more distant relative than a brother or father but more likely was a cousin, a nephew or a step brother.

In other descriptions, I can say that the man who wanted her was of average height and may have had a pale complexion for his race. He has dull brown hair, probably a darker brown shade with some ash. His eyes could be blue or brown and he could be of any race. This man may have been her supervisor or manager. He was in a more powerful position than she was and she, as well as everyone, respected him. He could also be somewhat of a snob and viewed as cold by people outside the workplace. Conversely, he has a lot of private self pity. His partner in crime in this abduction would be a younger man who was either fat or tended to be chubby. He would have a round face with a good complexion. He would have rather fleshy lips and a double chin. He also has dark brown hair but his would be curly. He is most likely a white man with blue, grey or hazel eyes. This man tends to be sympathetic and kind but also easily pushed around. He would do what he was told.

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From the placements of the planets and their movements in the sky, it looks like they took her northeast. They went north first for a few hours and continued north before slowing turning towards the east. They travelled north by north east for maybe another hour and a half and then went straight on east. It took less time from that point on to get to where they were headed. Their dash east lasted an hour or less and they were there. Overall, their entire trip should have taken them about 5 hours. So consider areas that are 5 hours north and east of Albany, NY. They may very well have gone to Canada. My mothers family was from upstate NY and I know that area really well. If you get far enough up there into farmland there are a lot of places you could just duck down and no one would be looking. There are places out in the moors that can take hours of travel past empty fields of farmland just to get to a barn. I firmly believe this is the way they headed when they took her.

So if I were looking for Suzanne or for her killers, if she were to be dead today, I would start with those people she worked with. People did not have to know that someone was stalking her, she obviously didn't feel threatened or she would not have gone with him. But they would recognize the description of an older man in a supervisory position. A background check could discover if anyone was from Canada or upstate NY or had family in the Adirondacks or the moors. This is the person I would be trying to find. He would be asked what happened to her. She may very well still be alive, there is no way to project the charts out far enough to discover her murder, which may have not happened for months or more. She may be in sex slavery or in a religious cult. So much time has passed. However, there has been no more information in the case and Suzanne is still a missing person, so please look at her photo and call the cops if you've seen her or think you've seen her. Maybe someday she will be brought back home, alive and able to live out her life.

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