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Jason Jolkowski

Young Man Goes Missing In Neighborhood

This from the website: Project Jason :

On June 13, 2001, Jason was called in to work early. His car was in the shop all week, so he had no way to get to work in the morning. He told the manager that he would walk, but they called him back & made arrangements to meet at Benson High School, 8 blocks away from our home. Jason has a difficult time giving directions, & meeting at his former high school probably seemed logical to him. He showered & dressed, & was last seen by his little brother, Michael, bringing in the trash cans, as the trash pickup had taken place that morning. The neighbor also saw Jason taking the cans into the garage.

Jason was wearing black dress shoes & black dress pants & carrying his red work t-shirt. He wore a white Chicago Cubs or Sammy Sosa t-shirt, & a blue Chicago Cubs baseball hat. This occurred at approximately 10:45 am. Within 30-45 minutes, the employer called our home to see if Jason was there, as he did not show up at the high school. No one has seen or heard from Jason since then.

He has not touched his bank account, used his cell phone, picked up his checks from work, or inquired about or attempted to pick up his car from the body shop. He also was to have started a new job the following week, & he did not call or show up for the new job, which he was excited about. We estimate, based on the amount of his last check, & the deposit he made, that he didn't have more than $60 with him, if even that.

Jason is a very shy individual & typically did not pursue social activities. For the most part, he was either at work or home. He did not appear to be interested in alcohol or drugs. He has a close relationship with his family, & it is hard to believe that he would purposely stay away without even contacting us, although we realize that this is not outside of the realm of possibilities. As we don't have any clues, anything is possible.

We HOPE that it is just a case of Jason just wanting to get away from life's pressures for awhile as the alternative to that scenario is unbearable to think about. It just seems odd that if he had run away, that at the very least, he would have taken his checkbook or picked up his checks from work.

As we have no leads, we are trying to reach every citizen because someone has to have seen him. We love our son and just want him back home with us.

TIME AND DATE: 10:45 am last seen; 6-13-2001. He was walking to a friends house for a ride.

NOTE: For those of you who have already read this post and are reading it again, you will notice some minor changes made to the text. This chart upset me and haunted me after I wrote it. I was thinking about it again last night and realized that perhaps some of the notes I made would be offensive or hurtful to certain people. Although the notes are made when they are fresh, just as I am reading the chart for the first time, I try to edit out assumptions, direct accusations and details that are just too ugly. It's not that I have seen anything with my eyes or have any knowledge that others don't, but that the chart sometimes describe things that are unpleasant and not supported by known fact nor are necessary for the reader to understand the reading. So I have edited out a few descriptive details that I think were not necessary and could be construed as lurid. I hope I have not disappointed anyone by doing this. I just thought it was fair.

I was emailed and asked to do this chart. I had never heard of it so I followed the link the reader emailed me and went to Project Jason. This is an amazing site where the family of Jason Jolkowskis are doing wonderful work for missing persons and their families. This case moved me deeply to realize, once again, that a child can leave his home and within a half an hour, just disappear. Sad but horribly true. So I wanted to do it and see what I could find. I want to dedicate this post to Cari, who was kind enough to bring it to my attention. The first chart I drew up was for the time he was last seen, 10:45 am. I use this first chart as a springboard. If it doesn't "ring true" with the facts as I have them, I discard it and usually end up not doing it at all. But this chart was clear and easy to read. Leo was rising and Aquarius was falling. The Sun is in the eleventh conjoined to Jupiter, which rules the fifth house cusp. The Sun and Jupiter are both in Gemini. Gemini, the twins, also rules brothers and sisters and the fifth house rules children. He is with his brother, according to the facts. The Sun is cusping the tenth from the eleventh, which says he is leaving his "close associates" to move into the public sphere. He is leaving home to go to work. So the chart looks good.

However, aspects are pointing to something sinister and this catches my eye. The Sun is exactly opposite Mars along the fifth house axis. The descendant ruler, Uranus, is right at the descendant in the sign Aquarius, thereby disposing of itself. Uranus is in a very powerful position even though it's in fall by house position. It is closely trine to the Sun and sextile Mars. Mars is also close to Pluto, placed along the fifth/fourth house axis. This is interesting. Uranus, the descendant ruler, is facilitating the Mars-Sun opposition. It works this way: Uranus provides the "opening", the opportunity, so to speak, for these two planets to come into play. Uranus is the descendant, so it describes a powerful influence that brings things to pass. Because of Mars being placed in the fifth so near to Pluto, I am fearful right away of violence. Violence involving men because of the Mars-Sun elements. And made possible by the powerful influence of Uranus. I hate reading these things, seeing this sort of thing materialize. But, at this point, the aspects are there but they are only a "promise", not a finished event. So I must push onward and see how this plays out.

Before I leave the first chart to work on the next, I notice the Moon lingering in the eighth house. Another portent. The Moon is approaching a square to the Sun-Mars opposition. Right away, I am beginning to think that being "called into work early" was a catalyst for this event. At 10:45 am Jason is still alive and well and saying goodbye to his brother. So I will enter the other charts with hope. And this new chart, for a mere 15 minutes later, 11 am, shows another picture emerging. The Sun and Jupiter have left the eleventh house and are now moving high into the tenth. Jason is out on the sidewalk or roadway, walking. This also shows that his younger brother has also left the house. But the real omen that bothers me with this new chart is that Uranus, the ruler of the descendant, has moved into the sixth house. The sixth house rules places of employment, the type of employment and the people we serve. He is scheduled to go meet his employer, who is the person he is "next to meet". The descendant describes exactly that person in a chart like this, the person we are "next to meet". So, once again, the chart is spot on, telling the story I expect it to. The Moon has dropped into the seventh and the Mars-Pluto conjunction has traveled into the fourth. This shows that he was not taken to work. He was taken to someones house. Actually, forced to go to someones house. Mars and Pluto in the fourth opposing the chart ruler in the tenth house, he was grabbed out in public and forced to go to this house. Everybody's worst nightmare. Sorry.

The tricky part of this chart is evident. Uranus, the descendant ruler, is now in the sixth. It was his employer who allowed this to happen, star-wise, that is. Not that he meant for this to happen but the fact that this child walked there to meet him set him up for this event. This man described by the chart is no doubt his boss, with the ruler sitting in the sixth and ruling the seventh, which is the man he was "going to meet". Going to meet this man put him on the street at the exact right moment and Mars-Pluto crossed the axis in opposition. An aggressive, violent man grabbed this boy right on the street and took him against his will. He was taken to a home quite close nearby in fact. There is nothing in the chart that describes a long time in a vehicle or even a vehicle at all. Is it possible that a neighbor, or someone with access to a neighborhood house, grabbed this boy on the street and simply dragged him inside, unseen? Is that possible? If it is, then that is exactly what happened here. There may be slight variations on the way it was done, but this is as close as I can get.

But because I see the Moon in Pisces has moved into the seventh house and is disposed of by Neptune in the sixth, the employer may have held back something in the telling of this story. He may have suspected something, seen something or experienced something that he was afraid to convey. It just seems, from the placements in the chart that he hid something or didn't say something he probably should have. Neptune is never totally transparent and Neptune is in the sixth, casting it's shadow over Jason's job. And since he was headed to the job at the time he disappeared, this placement is a harbinger. There is something about that situation that is still cloaked and unknown. And I hate to keep harping on this but the Node is in the eleventh house and is disposed of by the Moon in Pisces. This describes a "fated" situation involving a third person. I am not entirely sure that the employer did not know the person who took this boy or at least suspected it. And I am not sure if that is even possible under the circumstances. I just hope he was looked at closely by police. No, I do not believe that he took Jason himself. Nor do I think he was involved afterwards. The chart is just hinting that something more was known and not said.

In these charts, minute by minute, the Moon is square to the Sun-Mars opposition and is always a catalyst for events in the chart. It does not translate light during this time frame, however, it will do that many hours after the time of Jason's disappearance. This tells me that he may not have been killed right away or even at all. There is nothing to say that he was murdered or is even dead. So I must roll the charts further forward to see where all of this is going. For the next hour or so, the charts don't change much. He has been taken to a house, he is still with these men, they have not killed him. I am not sure what they are doing with him; sexual aspects do exist so this is a possibility. However, the charts for later in the day begin to tell a larger and clearer story. At 1 pm, Neptune moves into the fifth house. Virgo is rising and Pisces is falling. Neptune rules the descendant. It is in the sign Aquarius, disposed of by Uranus in the sixth. The Moon in Pisces is now right at the cusp of the seventh. This looks like the film industry to me; cameras or video cams or other forms of capturing activity on film. Neptune in Aquarius in the fifth is the quintessential aspect for the movie industry. And with the sixth house placement, it looks like business. And with Saturn in the ninth house in Gemini, exactly trine to Neptune in the fifth, it may involve foreign interests or foreigners as performers, investors, filmmakers or at some other level of involvement. I think that someone involved in his kidnapping worked in the film industry at some level. I am not sure that his work had anything directly to do with Jason's abduction.

I hate it when these charts describe less than savory events, but then they are never nice. At least this isn't a 2 year old child or something even more despicable. Not that any child who is kidnapped is ever in a fair or justified situation. Whoever took Jason is evil and should be brought to justice. I just wish I could make that happen sooner or even at all. The chart for 2 pm describes a similar situation as the one I saw in Sabrina Aisenberg's chart. Virgo is still rising and Pisces is falling and Mercury, the current chart ruler, has moved into the ninth house. Mercury is in Gemini and opposes the Mars-Pluto conjunction, which has now moved into the third. They are on the move. They have taken Jason via automobile or other vehicle and put him on a plane. Movable planets in the ninth house show an airliner but Gemini hints at a private jet. Either is possible. Mercury is close to Jupiter, also in Gemini, so there may have been another child along for the ride. The man who took him may well have had a son of his own. Libra is going to move on to the Ascendant within the half hour and Venus, which will become the new chart ruler, will move through the eighth house. This is another influence that reinforces the pattern of the chart. Aries will overtake the Descendant within the half hour and this places Mars in the third as the seventh house ruler. The man who took him is still in possession of him and is "handling" him, so to speak. I will not go into this chart more than this.

I am done running with the charts and I want to boil all of this down to some simple insights. He was taken in the neighborhood to a home nearby. The man who took him took him against his will and can be violent if need be. He was never handed off to another party, he has been in the possession of the same man from the time he was taken until today, as far as I know. Money is a part of this but not the only reason he was taken. He is in the company of more than one man and possibly another child. These people who took him are foreigners or have ties to foreign countries. He was taken on a plane to a new place, possibly outside of the US and was still alive when he was taken. All of the other details are just grim assumptions and I want to discard them as unimportant. What I would tell someone looking for Jason would be to make a thorough check of the neighborhood. Check to see if there are rental homes or apartments in the area and if any foreigners were renting in that area during this time period. Also, whether they left the area shortly after Jason went missing. Also, I would ask the employer if there was anything he didn't say or anything he suspected but didn't mention. Perhaps he suspected another employee at some time? Did he hire foreigners who were living in the area? Was he supposed to meet someone else at that time and this person did not show? Anything at all he might contribute. And, of course, I'd be checking the internet in every way that may be useful.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

Now, in my efforts, as always, I will try to describe these kidnappers and give an idea of the direction they went traveling in. By the planets in aspect and houses, I can say that the kidnapper was a tall, muscular man who might be described as "wiry". He would have an oval face with a good complexion. He would have brown hair and eyes; his hair may have a slight auburn or red tinge. His eyes are penetrating and quick, giving him an intense stare. He has a small mouth and even features. He may be a dark skinned Caucasian or a Hispanic or a light skinned black. He is a very impulsive and ambitious person who has little fear. He likes taking chances and will not shy from risky actions. He is adventuresome, often to the extreme, and can be unorthodox and tricky. Pluto being nearby gives him a rash temper and a tendency towards violence. This is a strong, athletic, clever man who can be very intimidating. The placement of planets in the ninth house say they started traveling southwest when they left Omaha. They actually went southwest the entire time and did not veer off to the east or back north at any time. So directly southwest is where they went, and with Gemini and Mercury, it is indicated to be a short trip. No longer than a couple of hours by airplane. With Mercury in Gemini in the ninth house, this is a common sign on a cadent house. Mercury is retrograde. They may have him for years before they are either caught or he gets away or something else happens. It seems strange that they took somebody this old; Jason was actually an adult. However, the family says he was "shy" and perhaps he was somewhat awkward and this led his abductors to believe he was younger than he actually was. Perhaps they thought he was 16 or younger.

Jason is still a missing person and regardless of my findings could be in your neighborhood. Please look at his picture and read over these details from the FBI Website. If you think you have seen him or know where he is, please contact the police at the number given below. Thanks for reading my blog.

From the FBI Website:

Disappeared June 13, 2001

Name: Jason Anthony Jolkowski
Classification: Endangered Missing Adult
Alias / Nickname: J.J.
Date of Birth: 1981-06-24
Date Missing: 2001-06-13
From City/State: Omaha, NE
Gender: Male
Race: White
Height: 73 inches
Weight: 165 pounds
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Light
Age at Time of Disappearance: 19
Clothing: White "Chicago Cubs" or "sammy Sosa" T-shirt, black dress pants, blue "Cubs" cap, dress shoes and also carrying red work shirt.
Circumstances of Disappearance: Unknown. Jason was last seen bringing in garbage cans at his residence after pickup. He was leaving to go meet a co-worker at the high school only 8 blocks away to get a ride to work but never arrived. He has not accessed his bank account and has not cashed checks from his employer.
Investigative Agency: Omaha Police Department
Phone: (402) 444-5657
Investigative Case #: 8521-4T

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  1. Thank you so much for doing this. I first heard about Jason three years ago, and it has haunted me ever since. It is my understanding that Jason is higher-level autistic, which may explain why he seemed younger than his age. I hope that he is reunited with his family soon.

  2. From the top of your page:

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    Do you have any clue who is reading this??

  3. I don't know what you're referring to. I have never used the word "enjoy" on my blog and I don't see this on my page when I view it. Is it something with your computer or what? I DID NOT add the word "enjoy" to this blog. I realize completely how serious my content is and I do not find it amusing.


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