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Megan Lynn Touma Reprise

Army Spc Touma Murdered By Married Lover

From the AP:

Patino was in court on a first degree murder charge Wednesday, a day after he was arrested in Touma's death at his home in nearby Hope Mills. Police said he admitted fathering 23-year-old Touma's unborn baby.

Patino acknowledged being in Touma's hotel room June 13, the last day her hotel room key was used, police said. He asked for a public defense attorney at his first court appearance, but one was not immediately assigned.


I have had a lot of comments on the outcome thus far of this case and the most informative comments always come from Karena. She pointed out that the time line is more precise now and that the time of death has been isolated to any time between late evening June 13 and early morning June 14. My original post had the time of death on June 19 in the morning hours. This was a total guess at the time and is now known to be an inaccurate date. I promised Karena that I would do another chart for the real time of death and see what it says. Of course, I will not repeat information already made available by the police or already given in my previous post. I will just look to see if there is anything more to say about this unfortunate event.

The first chart I drew up was for early evening on June 13 and then I rolled them forward for a few hours to see if anything comes up. And what I found was interesting. This is a violent chart that shows danger to the victim for sure. Look at the chart below and notice please that Capricorn is rising and Cancer is falling. At this exact time, which is 9 pm, Mars is in the eighth house accompanied by the Ascendant ruler, Saturn. Just the fact that the Ascendant ruler is now in the eighth house, which does not occur until just before 9, is an indication that a death has occurred. Mars rules the fourth house, which is the house of the mother, and is positioned in the eighth house as well. This shows violence towards a woman, most precisely describing "the mother". Pluto crosses the Ascendant and slides into the twelfth house, another indicator that death by violence has occurred. But the most interesting aspect I see is the Moon, which rules the Descendant, is in the sign Scorpio in the tenth house. The tenth house is the house of "the father". And by goodness, the person who attacked her is the "father of her child". Interesting.

Moon in Scorpio is disposited by Pluto, the bellwether planet in the twelfth house. Venus rules the midheaven and the fifth house cusp, an interesting pointer that, once again, talks about children and motherhood. It also talks about romance and love. Venus is conjoined the Sun in the chart, a traditional reading for a "married couple" or, at the least, "lovers". Moon in Scorpio describes this man so there was some degree of jealousy and vengeful anger in this murder. He was really angry about something to go there and do this and I think she was planning on having his child and just going on with her life, much to his chagrin. I had no idea when I did the original chart that this man was married. For all the marriage, romance and child related aspects that I saw, I thought this was Megan's "fiance". So sometimes the stars show me but I don't see so well. There was marriage "in the air" alright, just not for the parents of this unfortunate baby.

I am not sure even now how Megan died. The charts hint that she was throttled or strangled and this is shown by her Ascendant ruler, Saturn, being placed in Virgo in the eighth house and in turn, is disposed of by Mercury in the sixth house in Gemini. The air sign as the final disposition sort of points to strangulation, however drowning in the bathtub is not out of the question with the Moon in Scorpio sextile Pluto in the twelfth house. And another possibility is poisoning. This is hinted at with Saturn in Virgo also sextile to Mars in Scorpio. He may have poisoned her and then tried to make it look like she drowned. Of course, all of this may have already come to light and I am not aware of it. Time will reveal how she died and then we'll know if Astrology tells the truth or not.

The only other chart I find interesting in the remaining group is the one I drew for 11 pm. See that Leo is now on the Descendant and the Sun has moved into the fifth with Venus. He has gone and met with his wife, not necessarily at home, perhaps for a drink in a neighborhood bar. Mercury is in the fourth house, so the kids are at home. So this man murders Megan Touma and then goes out and has a drink with his wife. How crass. And then if you look at the chart and see that Uranus now rules the Ascendant and the ruler, Uranus, is in the second, disposed of by Neptune. Also, Neptune has moved into the first house! So I see that Megan is "in her place" or her "residence" and perhaps she was in water? Was she in a bathtub full of water? This I am not sure of. But Neptune rules the sea and that would seem to indicate the tub was full of water. Once again, this makes me think of drowning. It also makes me think of drugs. Either or, any of the above.

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I hope this chart helps clarify what I saw in the first. Many people will say, well then you can just read any old chart and come up with a story, and to some extent that may be true. And I won't deny that intuition plays a role in what I do, although I am not a psychic. I don't have "visions" or hear voices or get any help from angels. Any chart done for this span of time in that location would at some time of day reveal some truth about the event. I do not like "guessing" at which chart fits which scenario and I'm just glad the first pick wasn't that far off in the details. I won't be doing that again. As the boys on Dragnet used to say, "just the facts, ma'am". And I agree! -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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