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James Farrence Jr.

Young Man Drowns Suspiciously

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Circumstances of Disappearance: Unknown. James was last seen on March 31, 2005 at approximately 11:00pm in the vicinity of the 40 block of S. Main St. in Carbondale, PA. On September 20, 2005, James' body was located along Lackawanna River along Shawnee Ave. in Scranton, PA. His skull was later located approximately 1 mile further along the riverbed near Providence Rd. and Olive St., 15 miles outside of Carbondale, PA. Cause of death has not yet been determined.
Investigative Agency: Carbondale Police Department
Phone: (570) 267-0098

He was last seen on 3/31/05

His body was found 9/20/05

The skull was found in March 2006 over the 11-12th weekend

My notes:

There were men who had beat him up real bad over a girl and went to jail over it. They got let out right before he disappeared. But they have alibis. And the cops think he was drunk and fell in the river. His family thinks he was murdered. He had had facial reconstruction and had hard luck with money. He got into little tiffs here and there. His parents say he was a phone freak and called all the time. So any 24 hour period in which they don't hear is unusual. His cell phone records show over 300 calls during the last month he was seen and then none at all after March 31. It seems like he met foul play on that day.

This is another heart breaker mystery that has gone unsolved. This family is desperate for answers and they just don't accept the view of the cops: that James fell into the river and drowned, he'd been drinking and he just messed up. Now, I'm not saying that right off I am sure he met with foul play or that he didn't fall in this river. Heck, there was big flood that weekend and a lot of stuff got washed away. So I am open to anything as I start to look at this chart. It may well be that he just fell in. But I'm going to let the chart tell me what and when. So I draw the first one up for the time he was last seen to see if anything starts to move.

In the first chart, Sagittarius is rising and Gemini is falling. The chart ruler, Jupiter, is in the tenth house of the public. This puts him out and about socializing and being seen. Jupiter is disposed of by Venus in the fourth, which means he is not far from home and possibly in a familiar neighborhood. Venus is exactly conjunct the Sun so he is visiting a male friend, perhaps at this person's home. In turn, Venus and Jupiter are disposed of by Mars in the second house. He may have just been paid or gotten some money in some way and was out spending some it, maybe treating friends to food or drinks. There is also the possibility that he went by this friends house to pay him back on a small loan. But, no matter how this may read, it does say that James is alive and well and had been seen by people he knew.

At midnight at the dawning of the next day, Pluto is approaching the Ascendant. Because Pluto is disposed of by Jupiter, also the significator for James, this says that he is confronted by someone who has been looking for him. Jupiter is right at the midheaven so he is out in public when this happens and may have been seen talking or engaging with this person. Venus and the Sun are just now exiting the fourth house into the third so this may have happened just as James was leaving this other man's house. It looks to me that he was leaving with two other people: a man and a woman. Probably a married couple who lived together at this residence. The man at the door, signified by Pluto, does not appear to be an immediate problem. But Mercury rules the descendant and Mercury is just outside the fourth in the third house so another man, coming along shortly, may be. Mercury is disposed of by Mars in the second house, too, so it is likely that this man was looking for money, too. Mercury is sextile Mars so there is no reason for him to believe that there would be a problem. But the conjunction of Mars to Neptune also says that there may have been an ulterior motive. The callback on a loan may have been an excuse for another purpose. And, finally, Neptune is in mutual reception with Uranus in the third and Uranus disposes of Mars. This little loop shows me that this new man came upon everyone suddenly, unexpectedly, for the purpose of collecting on a loan but had other, unspoken, motives for doing so. Does that make sense? There are a lot of intertwining aspects and dispositions in this chart which always tells me there are greater depths... but they are sometimes hard to convey.

Mars and Jupiter are both very strong in this chart, which describes a highly charged, aggressive air with a large amount of self-confidence and possible foolishness. This aspect always describes a person who is just too sure of himself and ends up tripping over his own feet, so this does point in the direction of a fall into that river. But the real question for me is: was he alone? At this point in time, the charts are saying that he is not. So if he were to fall into the river, why was no one willing to pull him out? And if they were unable to, what kept them from calling for help? I am deciding to take the charts out farther to see if they abandon him before he falls to his death or if they are along for the event.

As time goes by, the chart becomes interesting and suspicious. By 1 am, Capricorn is rising and Cancer is falling. The Moon is in the twelfth house with Pluto. Both the Moon and the Ascendant are disposed of by Saturn in the seventh house. James is still not alone. But there are two people who are "in the shadows" so to speak, lingering in the background or downright hiding. They are "behind his back" in a near literal sense. Saturn and the Moon are in mutual reception so I do believe that James, himself, had a lot to do with how this turned out. Moon in Capricorn is a drunken position, often the placement when alcohol is involved. Saturn is in Cancer, ruling the Ascendant, another pointer to alcohol. His own intoxication caused this vulnerability; in other words, whatever happened would not have happened if he hadn't have been drinking. But there are other people involved, the chart shows this clearly. But would he have been so blind or non-attentive to this matter if he had been sober or, at least, not that drunk?

But here is the gist of it: there was someone standing behind him when he fell. Whether he was pushed or just allowed to fall is another question. This person is shown by Pluto and Pluto is disposed of by Jupiter, which rules the eleventh house. Jupiter itself was in the ninth house. This was a friend of his who was not American born. This was an immigrant, an exchange student, a new citizen of this country, who may have still spoken the language of his homeland, had trouble with English and difficulty with English customs. In his home country, this sort of thing may have been commonplace. To push a man or allow a man to go to this death as payback for something? Worse is done all over the world. And I do believe that no matter what, this other man is culpable because James did not just die right away. This other man had the chance to save him... and, obviously, did not.

As I move the charts forward for a reasonable time, I see that James could have died at either 1 am or around 3 am, and I can't be sure which. It looks like a definite struggle around 3 am, but I am not sure if that is someone pushing him into the river or James trying to scramble out. Mars is at the Ascendant, disposed of by Uranus in the first. The Sun rules the descendant and is placed in the second, disposed of by Mars. This is another loop. Again, he may have fallen or jumped but he wasn't alone. The presence of Mars at the Ascendant disposed of by Uranus says he could have just done something rash. But then again, it says that someone took him by surprise. So it may be a combination of the two factors; he did something rash and someone else took advantage. I am not exactly sure how that would play out. But there were confrontations along the way this evening, with Pluto at the Ascendant, then Mars and then Uranus. Jupiter gave people too much confidence and joviality, as if nothing could go wrong. He may have taken a risk he shouldn't have or perhaps he took an argument too far. Either way, someone else took advantage of this situation and let him drown. That much is clear.

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And so the question is, who is this person? How would we find him today? This is always a difficult thing to answer with Astrology because the stars don't give names. I can describe him and hope that it makes sense to someone. The first fact that the Moon in Capricorn rules the Descendant and Saturn in Cancer rules the Ascendant says two things clearly: first that this other person was someone who interacted with James closely on this night and second that James' own actions helped this event along. If this man was mad, James did little to calm him down. If there was something to fear from this man, James did not recognize it or ignored it. They had had interactions in the past, the signs are too close in mutual reception for this man to be a stranger. And this man is described clearly by Moon in Capricorn. This placement describes someone who is small and dark skinned. This does not mean black, it means dark skinned, which can describe Hispanics, Blacks, Arabs, Mediterraneans such as Spanish, Indian and Italian peoples and Caucasians with dark tans. This is a thin, small person with a weak bone structure. He has a low stature and may walk bent over or seeming to crouch. He has a very thin face with thin, bony features. His complexion may also be a bit sallow, bordering on yellow or green. His eye color can be bright blue, steely grey, hazel or dark black. He has brown hair. He has weak knees and knee troubles. He may also have ill-shaped legs, such as from a previous accident or from a congenital deformity. This man can be very mean. He makes enemies easily and appears cold and unfeeling. This man has a weak character and can be conniving and scheming, which leads me to believe that it's not impossible that he planned for something like this. He may well have blamed James for something that he was incapable of forgiving, whether James intended it or not. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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