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Tara Grinstead

Beautiful Young Teacher Disappears Into Thin Air

From AMW online:

Witnesses say Tara attended the annual Sweet Potato Festival and beauty pageant on October 22 in Fitzgerald, Ga., and then went to a friend's house for dinner. Hancock says Tara said she was going straight home, but she hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Friends and family say they tried unsuccessfully to contact Grinstead the Sunday after she was last seen. When she didn't show up for work at Irwin County High School that Monday, co-workers contacted police and reported her missing. Students and co-workers say the 11th-grade teacher was popular at the school and that it was unlike her to not show up for work.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has taken the lead in the investigation and authorities say Grinstead's disappearance is being treated as a missing persons case. Officials say they are considering the possibility that Grinstead, who lived alone, was abducted.

There are also reports that Tara may have left town because she had been upset over her break-up with a man she dated for six years. Family and friends say Tara thought she would marry her former beau, but was heartbroken when their relationship ended late last year. Close friends say she recently found out that he had started dating a much younger woman.

Police have questioned the ex-boyfriend as well as a student who was recently arrested for harassing Tara when he was found trying to enter her home. Investigators have also questioned everyone who knows Tara and have conducted several searches, but still have no leads in the case.

Although many who knew her thought she had the perfect life, Tara's troubled relationship and the disturbing incident with her former student offered a telling glimpse into the young woman's personal life. While the GBI has no reason to believe that Tara met with foul play, they have not ruled it out.

You may visit the Grinstead family website at: Missing Tara .

I wasn't going to do this chart, in fact started to do it several times and then resisted it. Partly this was because so many psychics have already done it, I thought perhaps there was nothing left to add. I don't want to contradict conventional wisdom as a general rule, which is why I often turn down really high profile cases. Once people have made up their mind about what happened, why bother reading a chart? I mean, would it make sense to do a chart for Nicole Simpson? My findings would be considered "conveniant" to say the least. And this is how I felt about this chart. That everybody already had an opinion and there was nothing to add. But I have since changed my mind. I decided to run a "last seen" chart and see if it told a story that fit the facts. If it did, I would move through the timeline and see if anything new came up. Interestingly, things did come to light and I feel I should pass them on.

In the first chart I did, for fifteen minutes after she left the party, I find Cancer rising and Capricorn falling. The Moon is in the twelfth house, disposing of itself. This is a very powerful position for the Moon and makes it the most important planet in this chart. Saturn, the descendant ruler, is in the second house, disposed of by the Sun in the fourth. This describes a man she is about to meet and he is already in her home. The Sun is exactly conjunct with Jupiter. What this tells me is there is a man who has entered her home for the purpose of locating a particular item and he is in a closet or cabinet or attic or other place where these things are kept. He has no idea she has come home. However, she is aware he is there. She makes every effort to not be seen by this person and actually hides when she enters the house. It does not look like she knows him and I am not sure how she knew he was there. But she makes an effort to hide from him and he is not aware of her presence, at least for a short period of time. I am not sure exactly what time she would have gotten home from the party but the time period covers 11:00 pm until midnight. According to reports she left her car unlocked with the cash she had gotten that evening still in the car. The chart seems to be saying that she knew someone was in her house when she arrived. Perhaps he, too, had a car and perhaps she knew who he was.

The chart I draw up for midnight, 30 minutes later, shows that dynamics are changing. It is around midnight when Saturn enters the first house and she and this man come face to face. Moon in her dignity puts Tara in charge of the situation. The Moon is also trine to Uranus in the eighth house so she had the element of surprise on her side. She only made herself known to this man when she had to. She was able to hide for quite some time. Saturn, the descendant ruler, is directly opposite Neptune in the seventh house. This is further proof to me that she knew he was there, he may have tried to hide, but he was unsuccessful in keeping his presence secret. Perhaps he did not expect her home from this party so early. I am not sure. But Saturn placed it the second house again emphasizes that his interest is in something she owns and what this is I am not sure. I am not sure it had real dollar value; it may have been sentimental or possibly incriminating in some way. Or just something he felt entitled to. I realize that she had broken up with a man in the recent past but that he had moved on with a younger woman. She was not known to be dating anyone else. However, the chart says she knew this man well and he knew his way around her home; good enough in fact to know that she had something he wanted. Whatever this was, it was a reason for him to enter her home. I understand they have checked out the student who had been harrassing her. Still, it could be something very much like this, even if it isn't this same person.

The patterns present in this chart also show some ominous forebodings. Such as planets aspecting from the fourth, eighth and twelfth houses, traditionally the houses describing death and dieing. Saturn, which often describes the death of the body and the bones of the decomposed body, is strong in the first house, the house which describes our victim. The signs tell one story and then they tell another. There is no doubt in my mind that Tara is in grave danger and the odds are stacked against her. But the fact that the Sun is conjoined with Jupiter hints that there is more than one man involved in this. I am not sure if they were both present, one was present and one was "calling the shots" from elsewhere, or if one was there at first and the other came after. But the actions of the man that she confonted in her home on this night were not soley his own. He may well have been "working" on the behalf of someone else. The Sun and Jupiter are both disposed of by Venus in the fifth house, closely aligned to Pluto. This points directly at a man who had feelings for Tara, a suitor, a stalker, an ex boyfriend, perhaps? This chart is strongly hinting at a man who has romantic ties and violent tendencies. Libra is the "relationship" sign. Saturn in Leo is proud and easily wounded. It also has a long memory. If she had hurt someone, it may have been a person this dangerous and revengeful. Anything is possible.

Sometime between 1 am and 1:30 am the chart moves forward and Leo is now rising. The Sun moves into the third house and Uranus, which now rules the descendant, has backed into the eighth. She is forced into a car and taken away. This is probably where she was made to change her clothes. Taurus and Scorpio rule the midheaven-nadir axis and Venus is conjoined Pluto still in the fifth house. She was taken away from her home and killed. This was a violent death, either by gun or by other means. She may have been beaten to death, there was a LOT of anger in this event. Saturn crosses the ascendant between 1:30 and 2 am and this I believe would mark the time of death. Saturn still opposes Neptune and, at this juncture, this describes a hidden place. Some place familiar to the killer. Not far from where he lives, in fact. Mars is in the tenth house but has basically had no planetary influence in the chart thus far. Although, at this juncture it enters an angular house, and shows the violence of her death, somewhere out in public, parked in a car, perhaps. Mars is directly opposite Mercury, now in the fourth house, so this is the finish of an argument that started back at the house. Mercury has also had no influence in this chart until now, when it, too, enters an angular house. Her significator, the Sun, is in the third house, showing me that she is in a car. It is conjoined to Jupiter, so someone is with her. However, Jupiter does not rule the descendant, so it is likely that this man had no personal beef with her, he was there on the behalf of another man, an angry man who is shown by Venus conjoined Pluto. Does this make sense? I sometimes think I am unable to convey exactly what I see and how I see it. This is a confusing chart. Bear with me.

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Uranus is powerful as the ruler of the descendant, in the sign Pisces and disposed of by Neptune, which is conjoined the descendant. This was a complicated plot that revolved around hiding the identity of her killer. He is disguised and hiding, possibly not even present. Or perhaps he has changed his identity or assumed another identity on this night in order to throw people off. He may have been driving someone elses' car or a rental car. He may have even been in disguise. There were definitely two or more men involved, one of them having the reason, the other or others doing a "job". Does this sound like a hit? I am not sure, but it's not out of the question. However, it may also have been an angry man with a sympathetic, psychopathic friend. It's just very hard to tell. I CAN describe her killer and I will get to that at the end of the chart, as always. At 2 am, it looks like she is dead but still in the car. In fact, the body remains in the car until sometime right before 3:30 am, where I see them pushing her out. They are pushing her out near a home or number of homes. Venus is conjoined with Pluto and Pluto often points to sewer systems or underground areas. However, the combo of Libra and Sagittarius makes me think of a fireplace or furnace on a roof or top floor of a building or home. High, sloping ground is indicated, as well, and since Pluto and Sagittarius both describe war and conflict, she may be somewhere near to Army barracks or other military buildings or offices. I know these are a strange combinations and are hard to make sense of but if someone who is sensitive could travel this area, looking for these signs, and focusing on these images, there might be a hope of finding her body. Saturn as the harbinger sadly says that when she is found she will be nothing but bones. Of course, that's a given considering the time that has passed. It's just interesting to note how Astrology describes things in tune with actual reality.

Of course, I must mention one more thing. The combination of Saturn in Leo and Pluto in Sagittarius also points at a possibility that her body was burnt. The upstairs furnace could well have been used to dispose of her by fire rather than marking a dumping ground. If she was burned, her bones were discarded somewhere outside, possibly near a government or military building or in a public park or near a monument. This sort of imagery would fit with the archetypes described by the death chart. This man made every effort to cover his tracks, to confuse investigators and to hide his identity. It would be right in sync with his mindset to move her somewhere secluded and burn her remains. Here is one last thought before I try to describe her killer physically. Tara was a financial analyst. Did she do work for clients in this regard, or help people she knew with their finances? If so, consider that perhaps she had paperwork for a client that showed illegal or unethical financial activity. This, by itself, would be reason enough to murder her. This is one angle that should be investigated thoroughly in this matter. She is also a teacher. Was there a student that she was failing or had caught cheating, perhaps? These are serious issues that can set someone off, if that person is not wound tightly to being with. However, her killer is a clever man and he may have taken any paperwork with him, effectively erasing any trail to him. And what does this "clever" man look like? He would likely be a large man with big bones. He would have a very large bone structure with broad shoulders, a wide chest and a long back. His spine might be prominent through the skin of his back when revealed. Because of his height and overall size, he might stoop when he walks. He has light hair, a pale complexion and is most likely Caucasian. This is a passionate man who feels strongly about things. He gets into an emotional rut and is sure that he is "right" no matter what evidence may be given to prove otherwise. He is very fixed in his opinions. Once he had decided that Tara had to go, there was no stopping him.

Remember, that regardless of my findings, Tara Grinstead is still a missing person and may very well be alive. You should look at her picture and keep it in your mind. If you see her or believe you might have seen her, please call the GBI at (478) 987-4545 or email the cops at tips@missingtara.com. If you wish to contact the family with information, suggestions or tips, please use the email link at: http://www.missingtara.com. Thanks for reading my blog.


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