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Khoi Dang Vu

Young Disabled Man Disappears From Home


Khoi Vu was last seen by his family sometime between the hours of midnight and 1 a.m. on the morning of April 7, 2007, at the home which he shares with his family in Clark County, Washington. They noticed he was missing around 8 a.m. on April 7, 2007. Vu apparently left the house without his favorite jacket and his bicycle, which is his primary mode of transportation. He has never disappeared at night before, and has never left the house alone for more than an hour or two at a time.


Since April 7, 2007, family members and local law enforcement have been looking for 25-year-old, Khoi Vu. Authorities say that Vu is deaf, has the mental capability of an 11-year-old boy and has never gone missing for such an extended period of time.

The Vu family had planned to leave for Seattle on a weekend trip to celebrate Khoi's mother's birthday. Family members can't fathom why he would stray from the residence since he was so excited about the upcoming journey. On April 6, the night before the scheduled trip, Khoi watched TV in his mother's bedroom and also showed her how nicely he had wrapped her present. It was the last time he was seen.

This was another chart that I drew up and it talked to me right away. Of course, it seemed to be very sad that a young man with all these troubles had always been so valiant and had overcome so much just to disappear like this. Who on earth would want to hurt a feeble fellow who was doing so well? So I drew up a chart for the time at which he was last seen. The chart for 12:30 am showed the following details.

Sagittarius is rising and Gemini is falling Jupiter is right at the Ascendant, so we see that Khoi is in "his place", this being his parent's home. Jupiter is trine the Sun in the fourth house, so he is with one other special person also at the home, someone he enjoys very much. He is having a good time. Mercury, the Descendant ruler, is also in the fourth house which means this other person is a member of his family. It also points to something I must watch as I read the other charts. You can see that Jupiter disposes itself and the Moon is disposed of by Jupiter so I get the feeling that Khoi is a really happy person who enjoys his life, as limited as it was. He was not held back by his disabilities and made the very best of his life. His emotional nature was positive and joyful.

Other notes on the chart as it describes Khoi Vu, look and you will see the planets lined up in the third house. The third house is the house of speaking, communicating, using the hands, general dexterity, etc... These planets are all square to Jupiter, the Ascendant ruler. These squaring planets include Mercury (communication, speaking and hearing), Uranus (unexpected problems that could include nerve and neurological disorders), the Node (his destiny). As the reports all validate, he was deaf and had diminished mental capabilities but he could communicate, although he had obstacles to overcome in doing so. Perfect Astrological profile, if you ask me!

Overall, there is nothing much of importance happening at this time of the night. I do see, however, that Saturn is lingering in the eighth house, Pluto is in the first house, close to Jupiter and the Moon is just behind the Ascendant, in the twelfth house. This is a pattern that often points to danger and possible death so the chart is starting to hint. I want to follow this up and find out what else it says. One large facet I must point out is the presence of a grand trine in the chart. An unusual formation, it often points to things "going easily" or, in other terms, "the wheels are greased". It facilitates events and causes them to happen with little difficulty and few obstacles. You can see the trine from Saturn in Leo in the eighth to Jupiter in Sagittarius in the twelfth to Sun in Aries, sliding backwards into the third house. The fact that Mercury rules the Descendant and is in the third house, someone is either leaving or just coming to the house. Because Mercury was already in the third in the first chart, I am thinking that someone visited and then left. They came earlier, while Khoi and family were watching TV and then left later, after Khoi was said to have gone to bed. This piques my curiosity so I must follow this through.

Because I see that Mercury is disposed of by Neptune, I am thinking that something was hidden or unseen. Like, for instance, this person comes to the house and then seems to leave but doesn't really leave until later, perhaps with Khoi. Or another scenario could be that someone in the family came home and then left later, taking Khoi. I am just not sure. Mars rules the nadir and is disposed of by Neptune, again showing deception in some one's actions. With Pluto still inching it's way to the Ascendant, I am afraid that something happened to Khoi. I cannot say for sure, at this time, that violence was involved, but there were "ulterior" motives in what this person was going about doing. Pluto does not rule angles or have an otherwise prominent position, so this influence isn't as important as others in this chart. Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and the Moon are the event triggers on this night.

Now, the next chart shows some new positions materializing that paint a fairly clear picture. The timing is exact as Capricorn takes the Ascendant and Saturn has moved into the seventh. This aspect alone tells me that this person did not kill Khoi. The aspect that would have had to have happened did not; he is, at this point, alive and well. But Venus, which rules the Nadir, is nearly conjunct to Caput Algol. Also, the nadir is clocking around to an exact conjunction to point Venus and the fixed star. This event began at home. He was definitely taken from home for an evil purpose. The Moon, the ruler of the Descendant, is in the eleventh house now and tells me that he is in the company of "a friend". Someone he and perhaps his family as well believed to be a "friend". They have gone off for a fabled reason, such as getting something more for the birthday or planning a surprise. A disabled and innocent young man like Khoi would never have questioned his friend or his motives, not even at 2 in the morning. But I clearly see that someone came to the house and left, but only after snatching Khoi and taking him along.

He is still in the car with his "friend" at 3 am. I have no idea how far he would have travelled or why he was taking Khoi this far from home. It appears that Khoi was taken between the hours of 1:30 and 2:30 AM. And then the charts I draw up for 4 am and 5 am simply show that he has been taken somewhere and has gotten out of the car. However, the Descendant ruler, the Sun, is in the second house, so he has been taken somewhere belonging to the abductor. Either his home or other place where he keeps or stores his belongings. It looks almost like a warehouse to me. But I just can't be sure. Too bad horoscope charts don't give addresses and names! But I will tell you this, I did charts for every hour from 12 midnight until 8 am and I do not see death aspects. I do not believe that Khoi is dead nor do I think he met with violence. I am not sure of the motives of the person who took him and so it is this that I am trying to glean from the charts in front of me.

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There is one interesting aspect that I'd like to point out and take a guess at what it means. I am looking at the chart for the time that the family says they found him missing. It is also the time at which they called the police. So I think this chart might help me answer a few questions. For one thing, the Descendant ruler is Pluto (and Mars). Pluto is in the eighth house and Mars is in Pisces in the eleventh. Venus rules the Ascendant and is at the Ascendant. This would normally be very nice placement if it wasn't so close to the fixed star, Caput Algol. It is also near to the Pleiades, so I suspect that Khoi does not like his new situation, that tears have been shed. But the old man, Saturn, is right at the nadir in the fourth house. Did Khoi have a relative or close family friend who may have been dieing? This is something they should look into when seeking answers. He may have been taken by this person or because of this person. I know that doesn't really make sense but stranger things I have seen in these charts. Would this person have left Khoi money? Or perhaps this person who was or is dieing was or is very lonely and loves Khoi a lot and wants to keep him to him or herself? I see family and friends all over these charts. I also see Khoi alive and loved. I also see Khoi unhappy and not wanting to be where he is, missing his mother and wanting to go home. The Moon so close to Jupiter throughout all of the charts shows the bond between mother and child. He loved and still loves his mother very much.

Now I am going to try to describe this person who took Khoi. Hopefully that will help eliminate close friends and family who have come under suspicion and possibly point the finger in another direction. I am not sure if they are still looking for Khoi or if the case is so cold it's just dead. But Jupiter is retrograde and as the early chart ruler and therefor the pure description of Khoi, it says it will be a long time before he is found. Sagittarius is a common sign and it's in a fixed house when he is found missing. From that time on, it will be years before he is found or what happened to him becomes a part of conscious knowledge. Another slowdown is presented by Saturn ruling the midheaven from the fourth house retrograde. This sort of tells me that Khoi won't be found until this person dies and that won't happen for longer than expected because there will be a "remission" in the disease. This may take as long as 12 years, as shown by progressing the motion of Saturn from the time he was found missing. As far as the person who took Khoi, he or she is of medium-tall to tall height and somewhat awkward. Normally energetic, he or she is normally adaptable, sympathetic and understanding. There is a broad, high forehead that gives a thoughtful appearance. The eyes are deep set, ranging in color from bright blue to dark grey, including hazel, hazel-grey, steely or grayish blue. This person may wear glasses but the eyes dart around and appear to be "quick". There is a straight nose with an upward turn or a fleshy bulb at the tip. The hair is brown and may be curly. Pale, sallow complexion. I know this doesn't seem to describe family of Khoi, as he was Asian. But variations apply, as well as not every single feature will be present. This person is intuitive, has keen perception and is never at a loss to explain things. He or she may seem to be a bookworm and have a fantastic memory. However, they may be poor at details and can be "scatter brained". The main feature is a person who has "too many irons in the fire" and just never gets much done.

The charts overall show that they travelled about an hour away from where Khoi lived. Any friends or family who live within this distance should be talked to. Vu is described as 5'5", 105 lbs, skinny arms and legs, and has coarse, straight hair about 1-2 inches long on top, but clipped on the sides. Authorities are asking for the community's involvement in helping to find Khoi Vu. Please look at this young man's photo and keep it in mind. If you do see him please contact the Clark County Sheriff's Department.

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