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Suzanne G Lyall

Young Girl Goes Missing On Her Way Home From Work

This is information I got from the FBI Website:
Suzanne Lyall was last seen on the evening of March 2, 1998, at approximately 9:20 p.m., as she departed her place of employment at the Crossgates Mall in Guilderland, New York. Lyall was known to have boarded a Capital District Transit Authority bus heading to Collins Circle at the State University of New York (SUNY), at Albany, New York, where she was a student. It is believed that she exited the bus at Collins Circle at approximately 9:45 p.m. and has not been seen since that time.

Suzanne Lyall has a light brown birthmark on her left calf, a mole on her left cheek beneath her ear lobe, and a surgical scar on her left foot.

Lyall was last seen wearing a long black trench coat, a black shirt, and blue jeans. She was carrying a black book bag or tote bag.

Lyall was known to be an avid computer user and enjoyed spending time conversing online.

For general information and an age progressed photo, go to Missing Kids.Com

My findings:
I saw this case on the FBI site and checked into it. There was enough information for me to take a shot at a chart and see if I could find something useful. The first chart rang true so I decided to complete a full reading. In this first chart, Libra is rising and Aries is falling. Venus is in Capricorn in the third house so she is walking on a street in her neighborhood. Venus is closing in on the nadir, so she is making her way to her front door. Venus is also closing in on Neptune, also at the nadir. Someone stands between her and the front door. But this person is not being obvious, he is not waving at her or running up to her, Neptune shows him sort of hiding. He is being careful not to get her attention for some reason. Venus is disposed of by Saturn in the sixth house, which emphasizes the fact that she is coming from work and still has work on her mind. Strangely enough, Saturn is disposed of by Mars (the descendant ruler) in the fifth house, which sort of implies that someone at work had been approaching her in a romantic way, maybe asking her out. Mars, in turn, is disposed of by this same Neptune, waiting for her near her front door. This is a loop and it may indicate that the person waiting for her was someone who had a romantic interest in her and may well have been this person from work.

And then the chart for 10 pm made a change that shows more action. Scorpio takes the Ascendant and Taurus is now falling. Venus, still in the third house, is exactly sextile Mars in the fifth. This person is in a car out front and approaches her to go with him, for a ride, perhaps? Just to talk? Just to get a burger? A date, perhaps? He is romantically interested in her, there is no doubt, with the chart rulers being Venus and Mars and centered around the fifth house. Pluto, the new co ruler, is placed in the second house, so maybe he has a really nice car. Also, it is in Sagittarius, disposed of by Jupiter in it's dignity, closely conjoined to the Sun. He appears honest and friendly; she is not at all afraid. The loop involving Jupiter and Pluto with the fourth house emphasis also tells me that he knew where she lived and planned to use this ploy. He came there because he knew she would be comfortable there, near her home. Also, because Venus is in Capricorn, in fall and disposed of by Saturn in Aries, also in fall, he is unlucky in love and very lonely, perhaps not good looking or comfortable with women. Mars in Pisces indicates she is sensitive and sympathetic and because he is awkward, she is less fearful with him that she would be with more aggressive, self assured men. Another aspect I find fascinating: Suzanne's birth date is April 10, making her an Aries. Saturn was in Aries on this date that she disappeared, dispositing Venus and, in turn, is disposed of by Mars. This is a karmic point I have to mention. This man is older than she is, he worked with her and he focused on her for quite awhile. This was not a random abduction or mindless murder; he planned this out and targeted her specifically.

I must also point out that Venus and Mars are sextile in the chart, which indicates that they had a good relationship up to this point, they had been friendly. As I said before, Suzanne was comfortable with this man, did not feel threatened at all. I believe she went willingly for a ride. The chart is showing her in his car but she does not look bound, tied or restrained in any way. The chart doesn't change much for a few hours, actually, showing that they went out and had fun. She enjoyed herself as Mars is in the fifth. But by midnight, Mars has moved into the fourth house and Venus is still in the third. Pluto is in the first house, disposed of by Jupiter at the nadir. It looks like he took her back to his place after awhile and there was a confrontation. He was persisting in his romantic overtures and she was trying to seem agreeable, friendly, happy. This may have been her way of making him comfortable and staving off any anger she might have sensed. Mars in Pisces shows great sympathy but also a kind of "fakery", something like acting. She was putting on a performance to keep things from going south.

Then, the chart for 1 am is the most telling so far, with planets lining up grimly. Sagittarius is rising and Gemini is falling with Jupiter and Mercury both in the third house. If you look, you'll see the Sun sitting right between them. There are two men there now and Suzanne is now with them in a car. Mars is hugging Mercury right at the nadir. Throughout the night, the Moon in Taurus translates the light among these three planets, causing things to happen. The Moon is also trine the North Node, near the midheaven. All of this has a slightly karmic or "destined" feel to it. But I don't think they kill her this night. I see no signs of murder, except I do see violence in a form of rape. I do believe the first man, her romantic stalker, raped her there at his house before the other man appeared and they left together. And when I look at the 1 am lineup and see that Jupiter is disposed of by Neptune in the second, I get the feeling that she was stashed in the trunk. Here is the first inkling I get that she has resisted and had to be confined. She probably thought that if she was cool with everything, he would just take her home. But this does not appear to be the case. And when she realized she was not being released, then perhaps that's the little skirmish I see with Pluto in the first. Pluto, in turn, is directly square to Jupiter, so it was her that got the brunt of it. They "kicked her butt" so to speak. I get the feeling from this chart that she was sort of athletic, surely strong and capable. They had to use real force. But I do not think she was harmed in a life threatening fashion and I do not see that they murdered her. At least not the same night.

So from this chart I ascertain that they did not kill her at this time and took her with them somewhere unknown. So, who are these men and why did they do this? Well, I am sure, from the chart positions and aspects, that this man took her out of romantic desire. He "wanted" her. She was sweet and friendly, easy going and sympathetic. Excellent qualities in people until they are faced with someone they should judge immediately as evil and run like hell. She was a fair minded person who gave people the benefit of the doubt. Otherwise, I can tell that he is definitely older than her and probably worked with her, either currently, or at some time in the near past. He may have just been fired from the job. Conversely, though, Saturn could mean that he had been there for years and had seniority and would not be questioned in anything he did. Therefor, he could come in late, tell big stories, act like he didn't even know her and no one would argue that. For some reason, the cops didn't look this way. Perhaps they were too focused on other suspects. I don't know that much about the case. But in the long run, there were two of them. The first man was known to her, the second was probably not. The second man was called upon to help the first. He may have been a more distant relative than a brother or father but more likely was a cousin, a nephew or a step brother.

In other descriptions, I can say that the man who wanted her was of average height and may have had a pale complexion for his race. He has dull brown hair, probably a darker brown shade with some ash. His eyes could be blue or brown and he could be of any race. This man may have been her supervisor or manager. He was in a more powerful position than she was and she, as well as everyone, respected him. He could also be somewhat of a snob and viewed as cold by people outside the workplace. Conversely, he has a lot of private self pity. His partner in crime in this abduction would be a younger man who was either fat or tended to be chubby. He would have a round face with a good complexion. He would have rather fleshy lips and a double chin. He also has dark brown hair but his would be curly. He is most likely a white man with blue, grey or hazel eyes. This man tends to be sympathetic and kind but also easily pushed around. He would do what he was told.

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From the placements of the planets and their movements in the sky, it looks like they took her northeast. They went north first for a few hours and continued north before slowing turning towards the east. They travelled north by north east for maybe another hour and a half and then went straight on east. It took less time from that point on to get to where they were headed. Their dash east lasted an hour or less and they were there. Overall, their entire trip should have taken them about 5 hours. So consider areas that are 5 hours north and east of Albany, NY. They may very well have gone to Canada. My mothers family was from upstate NY and I know that area really well. If you get far enough up there into farmland there are a lot of places you could just duck down and no one would be looking. There are places out in the moors that can take hours of travel past empty fields of farmland just to get to a barn. I firmly believe this is the way they headed when they took her.

So if I were looking for Suzanne or for her killers, if she were to be dead today, I would start with those people she worked with. People did not have to know that someone was stalking her, she obviously didn't feel threatened or she would not have gone with him. But they would recognize the description of an older man in a supervisory position. A background check could discover if anyone was from Canada or upstate NY or had family in the Adirondacks or the moors. This is the person I would be trying to find. He would be asked what happened to her. She may very well still be alive, there is no way to project the charts out far enough to discover her murder, which may have not happened for months or more. She may be in sex slavery or in a religious cult. So much time has passed. However, there has been no more information in the case and Suzanne is still a missing person, so please look at her photo and call the cops if you've seen her or think you've seen her. Maybe someday she will be brought back home, alive and able to live out her life.

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  1. Suzanne Lyall was one of the first student disappearance case I studied. In addition it is one of a very few cases where parents have communicated with me. Her father said the police verified emails from a stalker. But an attendant at a parking lot near the bus stop where she would have begun her 200 yard walk to her room saw nothing the night she disappeared.

    The next day someone took $20 from her account via ATM using her pin number. Why only $20. A thief would have taken more.

    Her father also verified she had set up her computer where the blinking hard drive light would have provided stimulus to cause Subliminal Distraction.

    Like Maura Murray and Amos Mortier she is likely still alive.

    Two other cases that might interest you are Ron Tammen and Mary Shotwell Little. He disappeared from Miami of Ohio fifty years ago. This case has pictures and a sighting with identification three hours after he went missing.

    Little, a bank clerk, walked away from Lenox Square Mall, Atlanta, in 1965. She probably engineered her own disappearance.

    It's about a fifty percent chance that a long term missing student is still alive. There is no way to narrow those odds using factual information available in the disappearance story.


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