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Brenda Kay Epperson

Young Girl Stabbed to Death at Home

From Unsolved Crimes:

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Brenda was killed just before 4:00 a.m. inside her third-story apartment, at the Peppermill Apartments, in Universal City, a suburb of San Antonio, Texas. At the time of her death, she was a 24-year-old insurance adjuster.

The cops have a lot of information in this case and have some theories but no suspects so far. However, from the site I looked at, it appears that they have a bead on sightings of individuals in the area and eyewitness reports of a man returning to a car nearby. This case is interesting and if you get the chance, you can check out the grim details at the site link above.

I drew up charts and then backed them up from the supposed time of death until I found a visible pointer. At 1 am, I see that Aquarius is rising and Leo is falling with the Sun in the fourth house, conjoined Venus. He is in her home at this point, with Venus saying that they may be right that he was hiding in the closet. Venus would describe a place where she kept her clothing, purses, makeup, stuff like that. That sounds like a closet to me. I once found an object I'd lost because Venus was in Pisces so I knew it was a closet where it was and lo and behold! It was in one of my shoes (Pisces rules the feet)! So I think the cops are right with their belief that he hid in that closet.

At 1:30 am, the Sun is still in the fourth house but Venus has moved into the third. The killer has left the closet and is now out in the open in the house. Saturn is in the first house which is a harbinger of death. Saturn is disposed of by Uranus in the twelfth closely aligned with Neptune so she was asleep when he attacked her by surprise. She never saw him coming and wasn't fully awake when she died. Sun is opposite Pluto so he was in a violent state of mind, looking to kill somebody. I am not sure if he knew her at all. Pluto disposes of itself at the midheaven, so murder was the purpose of this event. He wasn't there to steal something and had to kill her as an afterthought. He was there to kill her, period. That was his intent. The interesting aspect in this chart is Mars in high dignity in Aries and placed in the second house. The knife or weapon he used to kill her came from her apartment. He did not bring it with him. Which seems weird to me.

Mars disposes of itself so once again the violence was an end unto itself. Mars is also exactly trine the Moon, which is co ruler of the chart. The Moon is in the tenth house. There was an open door through which he entered. She overlooked something and this is how he got in. In other words, she "made it easy on him". Trines make everything go easily and "as planned". The Moon, in turn, is square to Jupiter in the seventh house. There was a reason he chose her but I still do not believe he knew her. He may have seen her before and selected her at that time but it wasn't because they knew each other well. The Sun is actually trine Uranus, another aspect making things go easily, but it also tells me that if they had had any contact in the past, it was friendly. On the surface, things would seem pleasant.

Significant planets are all disposed of by Venus, which disposes itself. This tells me that he entered the home through her bedroom window or other entrance and found his way to the closet. I am not sure if he did this when she wasn't home or if he managed to slide in while she was asleep. The timing seems to imply the second scenario and that may be why he slipped into the closet and hid for a moment. To be sure he had not awakened her. The cops believe she was killed at 4 am that morning but these charts place TOD a little earlier. The presence of three planets in Capricorn in the eleventh house trine to the Taurus planets (which rule the attacker), it looks to met that they knew each other through mutual friends or at least in a social group. He had seen her when they were among people they knew, perhaps. The planets in Capricorn are disposed of by Saturn, which ominously crosses the Ascendant, saying clearly that it was her friendship with these people that "allowed this to happen". This does not mean that their mutual friends had anything to do with her death... not at all, in fact.. but the fact that they knew her and also knew this man brought them into the same space and started the ball rolling, so to speak. If they hadn't had these mutual friends, he would never have seen her and started wanting this.

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Believe it or not, the next chart I draw up shows that he is still in the house and I am not sure that he has killed her yet. He is, in fact, going through her things. She is going to die; Saturn has moved in the twelfth house closely square Pluto in the ninth. But at 2:30 am, he is actually going through her personal, "girlie" things because Mercury is in the second, disposed of by Venus in the third. He may even be looking at her mail and going through her paperwork or pay stubs and other stuff, as well. He may be looking for a knife to use or a personal item to "excite" himself with. I am just not sure. But then the chart rolls into the violent scenario which then occurs between 3 and 3:30 in the morning. Mars moves into the first, Saturn is still in the twelfth and Pluto is now in the eighth. A perfect murder chart. Pluto and Mars both dispose of themselves so they are as strong as Planets get. Mars is in the first, placing it in double dignity. The Sun is exactly conjunct Caput Algol, the meanest star in the sky. All I can say is this man is pure evil; he is an ugly man who murders for fun. At 3 am, with the murder chart in perfect harmony, he stabs her to death. Mercury on the descendant describes a hand held weapon like a knife.

Venus in Taurus is closely opposite Pluto in Scorpio in the eighth house. He likes to "own" women and by taking their lives, he has ultimate power. There has to be a "sexual spark" between them for him to want this. He had that spark for this victim. I am not sure if there was a rape involved in this or not. Sex killers do not always rape their victims, but they actually do so more often than not. This was a sexually motivated crime. Like Bundy or Rolling, this man was sexually attracted to the women he killed. And with this chart, I believe he'd killed other women before he killed Brenda. He stayed in the house too long, was too self-confident, obtained easy access to the home and went about it in an easy, smooth fashion. He has yet to be caught. He must have done this before to pull it off so easily. There are markers in the chart that say he might have gotten carried away; perhaps with over confidence or too much pleasure in what he was doing. Jupiter is exactly inconjunct to Mars, fueling his excitement and enjoyment in the process of killing her. This aspect was at it's most intense around 3:30 am, which is around the time at which I believe he stabbed her to death.

I would say the cops should be looking into serial killers in the area. If there had been other murders and someone had been convicted for these others but not for this one. The killer is defined by the Sun in Taurus, which is a sexually charged position. It shows a man who is obsessed by women. No, I don't mean to say that every man with Venus in Taurus is sex obsessed. But this position as a pure energy has this sort of influence in a chart like this. We are not describing a normal man, by any means. However, Venus in Taurus is in exaltation and this gives it enormous power. Actually, during the course of events this night, many planets were in dignity or exaltation, casting a powerful influence. Venus in Taurus, Mars in Aries, Pluto in Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius are all in dignity or exaltation. They also move through houses in this way: Pluto into the eighth, Mars into the first and Venus into the second. Dignity and double dignity over and over again. And these are exactly the planets that created the energy that made this murder happen so easily and without repercussions. It's another grim example of how Astrology facilitates fate in our daily lives.

Once again, I want to try to describe the killer. Venus in Taurus is a lovely position, actually, which gives beauty and ease to the body and heart. This man is no doubt fortunate in many ways and may have a fairly good source of income. He may be considered good looking, with a lovely voice. He may even like to sing. He may be fat or have a tendency to get fat; although this is unlikely if he was climbing balconies and running across parking lots, as the cops believe. In any event, he may be a little chunky or have rounded, soft features. He would have a florid face, full of color, with a rich complexion. The skin would be clear, unscarred and without blemishes. The hair would be full and luxurious and perhaps curly. He would have dark brown eyes, lovely eyes with long lashes. He may be considered "girly" looking. He would also be considered to be "soft" or easy going, mild tempered and well mannered. He makes good company. No one would believe that he has done this. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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