Monday, August 11, 2008

A Note About How I Do This

As boring as it seems to me, lots of readers keep asking me to write a few posts about how I do this. It isn't something I can teach in a single blog post and probably not in the blog format at all. It's a bit complicated when I sit down and look at it as if it's new to me. At this point in time, it's second nature and just comes forth on it's own. But, it doesn't always come easily. Not every chart is readable and not every crime has a reasonable time line. Often it is that they don't know when someone went missing or the time at which they died, sometimes giving a span of days or weeks as possible TOD, leaving me without enough tools to even begin. That is why the blog posts are sporadic. I get a good one or I don't. For instance, this Caylee Anthony thing is all over the TV, especially here in Florida where I live about 50 miles from where it's happening. But Casey Anthony is lieing about so much that no one even knows for sure when this child went missing for real. So that case is not open to me. And many of them aren't.

In actuality, this reading I do is part Astrology (locked into my brain like DNA) and part intuition. There is a point during the reading process that the chart begins to "move" as I call it, or, for want of a better term, "comes alive". I have to see planets moving from moment to moment to see things as they unfold. This starts with basic Astrology learning, of course; knowing, for instance, that Moon in the seventh house gives a certain influence in the chart. But after the planets are placed, if they don't start moving for me, then the story falls flat. And this much is not teachable by itself. If you learn to read the charts, then your intuition gets intertwined and that has to happen for the story to be told. But beyond the mystery of intuition, I can share some basic principles that I must apply to make sense of this stuff.

The ruler of the chart is the Ascendant and it always rules the victim, period. Whenever it switches signs or takes planets or leaves planets, that is what happens to the victim. If Saturn crosses the Ascendant, for instance, it can read death. In reading death, always look for planets in the eighth house as well. When the Ascendant ruler enters the eighth house or the twelfth house, also read death. So the Ascendant and it's ruler describe what is happening to the victim. If you read nothing else in the chart, this one position will give you the story to some degree. The second rule is, if there is going to be a killer, an abductor, an attacker of any kind, this is going to be shown by the Descendant. The Descendant faces the Ascendant and is traditionally known as the "open enemy". The twelfth house shows "hidden enemies" so if the ruler of the Descendant is in the twelfth, for instance, then the attacker is "behind her" or hidden from view. If the ruler of the Descendant is in the first house, then, read it that they are "face to face". Is the Ascendant ruler in the fourth and the Descendant ruler in the first? If so, then she is at home and he is at her "front door". Are both the Ascendant ruler and the Descendant ruler in the first house? Then they are face to face and if the planets are well placed, then the meeting is friendly. Look for stress aspects to describe anger or danger.

The Moon is the second most important planet in the chart, it co-rules the victim and shows movement around her that she is either causing or that she has a direct effect on. For instance, if the Moon is in bad aspect to the Descendant ruler, then you can assume she doesn't like this person or has had problems with him or her in the past. On the other hand, if the Moon is in the twelfth house and other planets are out in front, then she is hiding her feelings from this person for some ulterior reason. No other planets have any meaning in the chart whatsoever unless they are at an angle or dispose of a chart ruler. Disposing of a planet simply means that the second disposing planet rules the sign of the first planet. To wit: Mars in Aquarius is disposed of by Uranus because Uranus rules Aquarius. Simple. If Mars rules one of the angles, then this placement would give weight to Uranus and you should look to see what it's doing in the chart. So disposition is important and so is being on an angle. Otherwise, planets have no meaning and should be ignored.

There are other rules which have great importance, most of which come from Horary work. Planets translating the light between them, being in mutual reception, being aspected by a fixed star or a sensitive point like the Node, being in dignity or fall, being in the last or first degree of a sign, all of these things have some bearing on the chart. But remember planets translating light or in mutual reception that are not on angles and do not dispose of angular planets are also unimportant. Only those planets that rule the angles, are on the angles, dispose of planets at or ruling the angles or in strong aspect to the same type of planet, are the only planets that matter. Often in these charts, large group conjunctions occur that make things difficult to read and more interesting. For instance, Mars and Venus are at the angles and they are disposed of by Jupiter, which is in turn conjunct with four other planets in the same house. The other four planets have no real emphasis in the chart outside of this conjunction. In this case, check and see what house they are in, if it is an angle, if it's in dignity, etc.. and then place importance on their role accordingly. If the conjunction is exact I often attribute the same importance to these other planets as I do the angular planet or ruler. This is all interpretation that an Astrologer learns to give to certain aspects as they have learned their role and importance through study and practice. And, last but not least, the whole thing requires an awful lot of study and practice, to the point that being an Astrologer is a life choice, not just a hobby. Much like a Doctor or Scientist, whose work takes an entire shift in thinking and belief, Astrology demands the same commitment.

Whew. I'm wore out just giving you this much in this post and to think... this is just the beginning. I will try to give more information over time. Oh, and, yes, I am still working on giving classes. That might be happening soon. Thanks for asking! -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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  1. Fascinating and mind boggling. It wears me out, too! Thanks for keeping this art alive. It is amazing.


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