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Bambi Lynn Madden

Grandma Goes For Beer And Disappears

This from the Charlie Project website:

Madden was last seen walking away from her residence in the 20 block of Winding Way in Binghamton, New York at 11:00 p.m. on January 11, 2006. She said she was going to a convenience store to buy beer. She never came home and has never been heard from again. Madden apparently did not visit any local stores; surveillance cameras at those establishments did not show her there on the night of her disappearance. She was carrying $5 in cash at the time she went missing.

At the time of her disappearance, Madden frequented Sara's Pub and the Brass Rail Grill, both bars on Clinton Street in Binghamton. No one at the bars remembers seeing her after January 11, however. At first it was believed she had left of her own accord, although she has never been gone this long before without contacting her family. She is married and has three children and a grandchild. She was petitioning to get custody of her grandchild, and disappeared the day before a scheduled court hearing on the matter.

Madden's loved ones describe her as a friendly person with no known enemies. Although there is no hard evidence of foul play in her case, the possibility has not been ruled out. Her disappearance remains unsolved.

This woman was happily married with three small children. She did not own a car. She walked around town and was often seen along this path to the store. This night, she was off to buy beer and did not say she was going anywhere or doing anything else. The family expected her to return home right away. But something else happened along the way.

This case looks interesting and I can't help but play my role as armchair Detective and get out my star charts. So, having basic information, I begin to consider the case. Even if Bambi was a drug user that does not mean she went off to use drugs or that she just up and left. From all sources, she was a family woman with three children who was trying hard to get custody of a grandchild. You don't try to get custody of a child while getting stoned. I assume she had been clean or trying to get clean and would not have just up and left for no reason. In fact, she had EVERY reason to return home safe and sound.

And so I decided to look at the charts and see if there was a story in them. She had last been seen around 11:00 pm this night as she was leaving the house to go buy beer. This first chart, for 11:00 pm, bears this out. Libra is rising and Aries is falling. Venus, her ruler, is currently in the fourth house of the home with the Sun and Mercury. They are all in the same sign, Capricorn, which tells me they are all family. She is at home with her husband (the Sun) and her children (Mercury). Saturn, which disposes these three planets, is placed in the eleventh house in Leo. She is thinking about visiting friends. Saturn, in turn, is disposed by the Sun in the fourth house. These friends are also friends of her husband and none of them are unknown to the family. Mars rules the Descendant and is placed in the eighth house, a creepy harbinger of a violent person she is about to meet. The North Node is in Aries, also hugging the seventh house cusp, hints that this a "fated" encounter. One that she won't be able to avoid. Another interesting aspect that shadows this chart is the opposition from the Moon in the ninth to Pluto in the third. Let's keep reading and see just what happens.

Moon, her co ruler, is in Gemini in the ninth house. They say she lives near the railroad tracks and the ninth house is a traditional ruler of long distance transportation like long haul truckers, airplanes, trains and cruise ships. The Moon is in Gemini, which is a neighborhood sign that rules short distance travel. This says she is walking, not riding on a train, and probably along the tracks. The symbol for the sign Gemini looks a lot like railroad tracks, doesn't it? Facts show that short commuter trains come through this leg and since Gemini is a local sign as I just said, this placement defines a close circuits of deliveries and pickups. So I am assuming she is walking through the neighborhood near the railroad tracks. This is confirmed further by the next chart I draw up.

In this next chart, done for 11:45 pm, Bambi is still along the tracks in her own neighborhood but at someone elses home. Mercury has left the fourth house, so there are no children in this home. Gemini is a sign of movement but it's also a symbol of neighborhoods, showing she has moved along but is still somewhere near home. At the same time, Neptune has moved into the fourth house, which brings to mind her drug problem. I also notice that the Moon is high in the chart in the ninth and the fourth house ruler, Saturn, is in the tenth house. She is not inside at this house, she is outside in the yard or along the tracks with the people from this house; they are going back and forth from the house to the place where they have gathered outside. But the hot button in this chart is the opposition of Mars in Taurus to Jupiter in Scorpio along the eighth-second house axis. This implies an argument over money. Mars is disposed of by Venus, the Ascendant ruler, so someone actually stopped Bambi because she owed somebody money or they just thought she might have some. The anger suggested by Mars in the eighth is directed right at her. There is no doubt about it to me, this person came after her and it was over money. And when he or she found out that all Bambi has was 5 dollars in her pocket, things did not go nicely.

Another important aspect is that both the Sun and Venus are disposed of by Saturn in the tenth house. Saturn, in turn, is in mutual reception with the Sun. These people had no other purpose than to confront Bambi. She was the whole reason they were there. It was done right out in the open, nothing was hidden. They confronted her outside, in full view of anyone watching. But Mars is square Saturn in the chart, showing that patience just ran thin and Bambi was taken to task on the money. This person does not like Bambi enough to give her a break. Saturn square Mars often shows great dislike, even hatred. And as a matter of fact the Mars square is a part of a greater dynamic in the chart: a grand square. This configuration includes Mars in Taurus square Saturn in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio square Neptune in Aquarius. This type of grand configuration, which is very rare in a chart, causes setbacks, roadblocks, confrontations and troubles of all kinds.

The next chart I draw up is for just after midnight and you can see the aspects have changed a bit. Most of the planets have moved out of the fourth and into the third, indicating that some people have left the home and gotten into cars. They have mostly hit the highway. But Bambi's signifigater, Venus, is still in the fourth along with only one other planet, Neptune. Mars, the Descendant ruler, has moved into the seventh house. She has been kept there because someone wanted to confront her. I don't know how they lured her but it looks like drugs or alcohol. Neptune being nearby is probably someone who offered a joint or a drink. This is further demonstrated in the chart by the disposition of Neptune by Uranus in Pisces in the fifth house. Bambi is actually having a good time. She is enjoying the company and whatever it is that has been offered. But the charts portend that things are about to change. In the next hour, they leave the house and get into a car together. This is shown in the chart for 1:15 am.

Looking at this chart, you will see that Scorpio is now rising and Taurus is falling. The Descendant ruler has moved to the third house and the Moon is entering the eighth. The new chart rulers are Mars and Pluto. With Pluto now moving through the second house and Mars in the seventh house, a new picture emerges from me. I do not know if Bambi Lynn had ever been a prostitute or would consider this kind of activity but it looks like that's what is happening. She is either being forced or willingly has offered to perform sex for money. Perhaps this is how she is expected to pay off her debt? Of course, all of these outside observations are simply my mind working in response to the chart. So almost anything is possible. But with this planetary lineup it just looks like she is selling sex for money. And with the previous charts showing money as a big issue on this night, I assume she is doing this for that reason.

The opposition of the ruling planets that significate our victim is a harbinger. Pluto and the Moon are in direct opposition along the eighth house-second house axis. This is a clear indicator that Bambi is trying to get money (pluto in the second) but it's for someone else (Moon in the eighth). The Descendant ruler is Venus and it is placed in the third, which could mean they are still in the neighborhood. The third house also often points at business dealings. The other indicator that grabs me is the opposition from Mars to Jupiter along the first house-seventh house axis. Mars is the co-ruler of the Ascendant so it looks like they are forcing her to do something she really doesn't want to do. The Taurus-Scorpio influence of this opposition once again points at sex. I cannot even be sure that this isn't rape. It could very well be indicating that instead.

Running the charts forward for several hours nothing much changes. I am not sure of the details so they could be moving Bambi around or holding her in one place. But the chart shows the same activity pretty consistently until around 4 am. The charts for 3:30 and 4:00 am show that Sagittarius is now rising and Gemini is on the Descendant. Jupiter, the chart ruler, is now in the twelfth. Saturn has slid into the eighth and I'm sad to see Pluto aligned in the first. Pluto is disposed of by Jupiter as well. This looks like somebody hurt her badly enough that she may be dead. Mercury, which rules both the Descendant and Midheaven, is placed in the second house opposing Saturn in the eighth. This just looks like they got what they wanted out of her and then got rid of her. Neptune rules the fourth house and is placed in the third house, another indication of a business transaction involving drugs. Perhaps they drugged her or she willingly accepted drugs in this case. Or perhaps the whole event occurred because of money owed for drugs. I just can't be sure. Neptune is in mutual reception with Uranus which shows this all occurred in a nearby place, perhaps even her own neighborhood. Pluto is a fire sign disposed of by Jupiter in a water sign says two things. They killed her in a "sporting" fashion or with a weapon that is normally used in sport. This could mean a gun or a knife but also many other weapons, as well. I won't go into detail on this. But it's very likely that they put her in water somewhere. Pluto hints at the sewer system and Jupiter in Scorpio supports this as well. The sewers in the area should be searched for her remains.

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Now, the next question is, of course, who did this to Bambi? The chart implies the rulers of this person are Mercury and Venus in Capricorn. This can give us a clue as to who this person is. Right off, he or she is younger than Bambi and very business like. The mindset of this person is business and money. He or she is well known in the community and may be known as a dealer or merchant. I cannot say if this is a drug dealer. The chart doesn't specify that. But it does say that this person would be of average or medium height. His or her complexion ranges from pale to dusky; they could be of any race. This person would have a small head with sharp features and possibly crooked legs. The knees would be bony and prominent. He or she has dark brown hair which may be bleached blond. Brown eyes are expected but they might wear blue contact lenses. Look for a sharp point on the tip of the nose. This person is considered to be serious and ambitious but also diplomatic and may be well respected. But there is a cold, calculating and even treacherous side to the personality. This person at times seems to be a social snob and can be covetous and speculative, taking chances in business with the hopes of scoring big.

Regardless of my findings, Bambi Lynn Madden is still a missing person and may well be anywhere. Please look at her picture and keep it in mind. If you think you have seen her or know where she may be, please contact The City of Binghamton Police Department at (607) 772-7008. Or visit their site online at: Binghamton PD You can also visit the family website for Bambi at: Bambi

Bambi Lynn Madden


Description of Bambi:

Height and Weight: 5'4 - 5'8, 100 - 115 pounds

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Caucasian female. Blonde hair, blue/hazel eyes. Madden's nickname is Bam Bam and she may use the following alias last names: Burns, Fiske and/or Griswold. Her ears are pierced and she wears eyeglasses for reading. She smokes cigarettes, preferably Marlboro or Newport brand, drinks beer, and enjoys eating at McDonald's restaurants. Madden has a scar on her right hand. She has the following tattoos: a flower and rainbow on her right shoulder, a rose on her right breast, the letters "SWF," "CMG," and "TOM" on her left shoulder, a guitar with musical notes on her right ankle, a unicorn and crescent moon on her right thigh, a guitar and the name "Tommy" on her right shoulder, and flames and skulls on her right shoulder.

Clothing/Jewelry Description: A size medium dark-colored puffy South Pole or Polo jacket, size 3 black jeans, size 6 black Timberland boots, gold earrings and a gold ring with a red stone.

Medical Conditions: Madden has a history of drug abuse. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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