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William Paul "Billy" Smolinski, Jr.

Young Man Disappears From His Home

From 4 Our Angel :

FULL NAME: William Paul Smolinski, Jr.
NICKNAME: Bill or Billy
CASE NUMBER: #04-71025
CASE TYPE: Endangered Missing Adult
DATE MISSING: August 24, 2004
TIME MISSING: Last seen by a neighbor around 3:30 or 3:45 p.m. on Tuesday, 8/24/04.
ADDRESS LAST SEEN: 130 Holly Street in Waterbury, CT (Home) (Map)(Aerial Photo)
CITY/STATE: Waterbury, CT
LAST SEEN: He was last seen at his home around 3:30 or 3:45 p.m. at 130 Holly Street in Waterbury, CT. (See Map) He left behind his vehicle and other personal belongings that he normally carried with him. He even left his wallet & keys inside his truck.
DATE OF BIRTH: January 14, 1973
SEX: Male
RACE: White
HEIGHT: 6 Feet Tall
WEIGHT: 200 lbs.
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Light Brown
JEWELRY: Left ear is pierced with a small diamond and he's also wearing a gold chain necklace with a cross. (See PHOTO of Billy w/ diamond earring & gold chain w/ a cross.)
SCARS/MARKS: Billy has a tattoo of a blue "cross" with the name "Pruitt" in the cross on left forearm, a tattoo of a blue "cross" with an orange outline on right shoulder. His left ear is pierced with a small diamond. (See photo above.) He is also bowlegged.
DENTAL HISTORY: Unavailable.
LAST SEEN WEARING: Most likely wearing blue jeans, a blue denim shirt, and work boots.
GLASSES OR CONTACTS?: Does not wear glasses or contacts.
SMOKING HABITS: He is a Non-Smoker.
PETS: He left behind his 5 year old German Shepherd named Harley who misses him at home. Billy loved Harley and it is VERY unlikely he would have left Harley unattended like this on purpose. (Photo Of Harley)
EMPLOYMENT: He worked full-time for Midland Heating and Air Conditioning, but was fired from this job shortly before he disappeared. He also worked PT for Durable Towing and on the side he mows lawns and plows drive-ways. His employer and co-workers have not heard from him either.
VEHICLE: He has a late 70's or early 80's white Ford pickup truck, but it was found at his home.


This is another case emailed to me by a special reader. Thanks go out to Tina for this one. Having access to Billy's birth date was a pleasant surprise and when I saw his chart, it was eye opening. This man has 5 planets in the sign Capricorn, including the Node. This will make sense to you as we leaf through the charts that are drawn for the day he disappeared. I am posting a basic natal here, a solar chart, because I do not have the time of birth. This is for comparison purposes only and it must be noted that I am not even sure if he was born where he died. A large number of us do not live and die in the place of our birth so this is, again, just a general reference point.

Drawing up the first chart, for the window of time in which he was last seen, I use the time of 4 pm. Right away, please note that Venus and Saturn are in the seventh house, directly opposed to his Capricorn grouping, which is transiting the first house. He is on center stage, today, that's for sure. And with Venus EXACTLY opposed to his natal Node, down to within seconds of arc, I would say something fated was about to happen. Venus does not make me think of bad things and since it's in the sign Cancer, it sort of brings the mother image to mind. Noticing also that the chart co-ruler, the Moon, is placed in the twelfth house in Sagittarius, close to Pluto. The Moon is the dispositor of Venus. Although Venus and Saturn are in the seventh, the seventh house ruler is actually Mercury, which is placed in the eighth. There is someone around him at this time, an unseemly or dangerous person. Mercury implies someone younger, of either sex. Mercury is in Virgo and is close to the Sun, or under the Sun's beams. Mars is nearby, also in the eighth, and under the Sun's beams, as well. This shows a person who is in very bad shape, sick or in danger. It also describes someone to fear, a fearsome person who is obviously bad news. Notice that Mercury is APPLYING to the Sun, which makes the aspect even stronger. In turn, the Sun is applying to Mars, which is moving slower than the Sun at this time. It is transiting at 45 degrees a day as compared to 59 degrees a day for the transiting Sun. This all makes these aspects sinister and therefor stronger.

Now, the Moon and Pluto are both in Sagittarius in the twelfth house. Notice in Billy's natal chart that he has natal Mars and Neptune in Sagittarius, Neptune as the ruler of the twelfth house in the natural Zodiac and so this aspect, as well, takes on importance. His natal Mars is 9 degrees behind the transiting Pluto, showing that the aspect is dexter, or fading. He is not the instigator of trouble on this day. The transiting Moon, his co ruler, has just passed a conjunction with Pluto, also a dexter aspect. This means that he passes right away on any urge to get violent or resist. He decides to comply. Because Mercury is so close to both the Sun and Mars, also hanging out in the eighth, tells me that he has friends in the background, perhaps waiting for this event to happen. And the appearance of Pluto in the twelfth at this time shows that he was attacked from behind, someone just came up on him unseen. Sneak attack. It looks to me that this man was a "mark"; that they did this to him for a personal reason and not just for money. Noticing that Billy's natal Moon is in Taurus and the transiting Node is also in that sign, I am pretty sure they planned this out, for some reason. Taurus, as natural ruler of the second house, points to belongings, to money, to "things". But it is known that nothing was stolen, in fact his wallet was left in his truck, along with the keys to the truck to boot. They did not want his "things". So robbery was not motive.

Overall, from the chart, I can see that Billy was overall an even handed, even tempered person. He was not inclined to violence or trouble. His Moon in Taurus, combined with all the Capricorn planets, describes a workaholic who was good with his hands and loved natural things. However, his Mars - Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius generates conflicting energies. Sagittarius is usually an honest, straight talking, truth telling sign, describing adventurous, sporting folk who love the outdoors. But with Neptune close to Mars there, this adds an air of mystery and even secrecy to the personality. There was no doubt something he was doing that was sneaky and hidden from others. Sagittarius is the ruler of the house of law and order in the natural Zodiac so I tend to think that something he was doing was illegal. He was doing something secretive and illegal and he was doing everything he could not to get caught. It was most likely being done for money, because his Moon in Taurus and Capricorn grouping creates great desires for material things and for the trappings and comforts of success. He liked to eat good food and sleep in a comfy bed. He also liked to show off what he earned, wearing jewelry and other status symbols, often flashing money and letting people know he had it. But, again, robbery was not a motive in this matter. At least not of his wallet or truck. But might there have been something else? Something involving his secret doings? Something illegal that no one knew about? This is worth looking at.

In Billy's solar chart, I see that Pluto is placed in the eighth house. This is a traditional placement for violent death. I am not sure that this alone is an indicator. In the sign Libra, I tend to think it would be at the "hand of another". Natal Pluto is square Mercury, which made him a bit of a hot head. But I don't see any transiting triggers for this aspect, again telling me that he was not argumentative on this day, he went along with events, in the hopes, perhaps, that it would all just come to a safe ending. In the chart for 5 pm, I see that Capricorn is now ascending, bringing his solar Sun into focus with the transiting Saturn opposing it from the seventh house. The seventh house ruler is now the Moon, which is in the eleventh. This person he was with was a friend of his; someone he thought of as an associate or even a business partner. But the Moon is too close to Pluto for comfort, which hints to me that this person was not feeling kindly this day, in fact was using their friendship as a reason to escalate to violence. Someone felt betrayed, perhaps? Saturn now being in the seventh in the 5 pm chart, tells me that Billy is with this person at this time. The close positioning of Venus in Cancer cannot help but make me think there is a woman present, or even that this person actually is a woman. With the earlier placement of Mercury, I think of a much younger woman, in fact. In this chart for 5 pm, please also make note of the huge cluster of planets in the eighth house. The planets are all in the sign Virgo and they generally oppose Uranus, in the second. These are people who are hardscrabble, broke, rough riding and dangerous. Virgo hints at poverty and the eighth house describes hardened criminals. The second house describes upsetting and unusual efforts to obtain money with an erratic financial picture. These people have as much bad luck as they do good and they sometimes have a windfall, purely unexpected money, followed by long periods of dire poverty. The unsettled and disturbing nature of the financial picture creates extreme stress that calls for extreme action. The eighth house describes extreme desires, as well.

Now look at Jupiter in Virgo, in fall, in the eighth house in square aspect to Pluto in Sagittarius in the eleventh house. There is a sort of smug self confidence in the man who holds the gun, as they say. This person, a friend of Billy's, had no problem getting him where he wanted him. And then things just got uglier by the minute. So what was causing all of this? It's not crystal clear and it's open to other interpretations, but the Moon in the sign Sagittarius makes me think it might have been guns or firearms. I don't see pointers at drugs. However, Pluto is disposed of by that nasty Jupiter in the eighth, so it could have involved embezzlement, insurance fraud, illegal sex, weapons or firearms. Jupiter in Virgo is a placement that describes the cheapskate, the chiseler, a marker of the struggling miser. In this manner, it would also have been a mean and debased activity like slave trading. Virgo is the sign of the servant; were there immigrants in this area that might be used by wealthier folk as maids or servants? Could they have been smuggled into the community to work in secret? I know this all sounds really weird and way too much like some TV episode, but it is just a guess of what might it all mean.

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The actual confrontation appears to have come about around 7 pm. The chart for that time shows that Aquarius is now rising with Uranus in the first house. The seventh house ruler is now the Sun, strong in the sign Virgo, placed in the seventh. Both Mercury and Mars are under the Sun's beams and show that more than just Billy is being dealt with today. There are other people who are also in danger. The Sun is now EXACTLY opposed to Uranus, within 2 degrees, and shows that Billy rises up and faces his attacker. Uranus in the first shows a sudden display of self assertion, an attempt to take control of the danger he knows he is in. Uranus is in mutual reception with Neptune in the twelfth, which can be a sign of doom. Mars, under the Sun's beams, also opposes Uranus. Someone just gets very angry and just pulls the trigger. Unexpected, maybe not even wanted, but it just happens, in the heat of the moment. Billy faced this person down and took his chances. The fact that all of these planets in Virgo are actually trine to his natal planets in Capricorn tells me honestly that this person did not intend to kill him. It happened in the heat of the moment. Billy could be a bit of a hot head and he was not afraid to defend himself. Although he had been kidnapped and taken somewhere against his will and faced some pretty creepy people, at least one of them with a gun, he was still capable of fighting back. The Moon is hovering in the tenth house, closely snuggling with Pluto, again describing violence as the result of an emotional outburst. And it was not done in secret, it was done right out in the open, with other people present. There are people who saw this, who know what happened and who have just not come forth with what they know.

The next chart I work on, the chart for 9 pm shows some ugly aspects that don't look good. The first house ruler is now Mars, which is currently in Virgo in the sixth house. Mars is right under the Sun's beams. This is when Billy is in grave danger, so much danger in fact that I do not think he can escape. The gun has been pointed at him and with Mars like this, I would say he has been shot. The sixth house tells me he is gone and will not be seen again. Venus, his assaulter, is placed in the fourth house, showing that all of his transpired in this person's home. Venus is conjunct Saturn, which now rules the tenth house, so his attacker is working under "orders" from the "boss". In fact, this man and the second man, or "the boss" are working in concert. They are kicking Billy's butt for some mutually rewarding purpose. Billy's car was left behind because they sneaked up on him and took him by force to another home, elsewhere in the community. Billy went willingly because he knew these people and thought he could handle the situation, that it would likely turn out ok. Both Mars and the Sun, Billy's markers, now oppose Uranus in the twelfth house. The decision to kill him was sudden, almost unexpected. I think they planned to take him, scare him, rough him up, even pretty badly, but I don't think they decided to shoot him until the last minute. Uranus is nothing if not unexpected and sudden. In the chart, to add another interesting dimension, I must point out that the Sun is actually translating the light between Mars and Uranus. The Sun rules the cusp of the sixth house and is a catalyst in the killing of Billy Smolinski. Something came up that incited the violence. Something that was discovered, uncovered, made known at this time; something had a "light shined on" it and this was the final straw. Billy may, in fact, have been keeping a secret and it was this secret that incited his murder.

At 10 pm, Taurus takes over the first house and Venus is in the third. They put him in the car. The subsequent charts for subsequent hours this night keep putting the ascendant ruler back in the third house, even as the ascendant changes. Saturn is with Venus when they put him in the car and they are in the sign Cancer. Saturn implies that they never took him out of this car. Saturn would indicate some sort of binding or confining. Both planets are in the sign Cancer so I am thinking that they pushed this car in the water, with Billy in it. Saturn in Cancer seems to say that he will be there for a really long time. At least until he is nothing but bones. Both of these planets in Cancer are disposed of by the Moon, which is placed in the eighth house. He was already dead when they pushed the car into the water. There is the interesting angle of the Moon being in Sagittarius and the new ascendant ruler at 11 pm being Mercury in Leo, although still in the third. It makes me wonder if they burned the car before sinking it. I can't say that for sure, it's just a thought. Overall, Sagittarius would imply a woodsy, forested place. It also describes higher ground, such as in hilly regions or up along mountain roads. I know Connecticut fairly well although I've never been to Waterbury in particular and I know that there are some hilly or mountain like areas in the region. Not as much as in other areas of New England, but consider that it's probably a lake, pond or basin along a mountain road going upwards. This is a dense, woody area where people hunt. Sagittarius definitely defines hunters and woodsmen. The Moon may also hint at fishing. This could be a fishing pond or lake. But it has to be a deep one to hide a car. Another clue comes from Jupiter, which disposes the Moon from the fifth house. This may be a recreational area, a place where people go camping or partying. Another, more general, description of the overall area may include a dairy farm or a place where hay is stored.

None the less, no body has ever been found, and Billy Smolinski is still considered an open missing persons case. He could very well be alive and living somewhere in the country or even overseas. If you have any information about Billy, have any knowledge of his disappearance or current whereabouts, please go here and use the contact information link in the sidebar. Take a moment to look at his picture and commit it to memory. If you see him or think you have seen him, please contact the number below.


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  1. Great info as usual. I (a Taurus) also have the moon, Pluto, and Libra in my 8th house and I fear too that I will suffer a violent demise someday :(


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