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Tommy Kelley

Boy Leaves Home, Later Found Dead

First of all, I must apologize for being behind schedule on posting for this blog. I finally had a number of charts ready for posting and we had a freak hard freeze here and the telephones and cable modems just went down. I had to wait for these freezing temps to leave the area before they restored service. Again, my apologies. I know people have been waiting for this reading so I am sorry it took some time. That much said, I will dive into the chart.

From a reader:
Jan. 26, 1999, at 10:30a.m., Tommy left his family home. His mother suspected he was using drugs.
At 11:30a.m., he was seen 1 1/2 miles away, on Pioneer Rd, Talent, Or. He was bloodied and covered in mud. He told two neighbors, 'they're after me.'
But Tommy ran before anyone could stop him.
He was not seen again.
There was an immediate search for him.
Read Tommy's story here: Tommy Kelley
Read more about it here: Tommy Kelley Archive
18 months later, June 12, 2000, 1:00 p.m, a skull was found in a creek bed, in blackberry brambles, near his home.
It was off Gore Ck drainage near Pioneer Rd, close by his home.
It matched Tommy's dna.
Two years later, two men were put on trial and convicted for giving Tommy a shot of meth at a party.
Tommy's family set up the Tommy Foundation, devoted to helping missing children families.
Visit Tommy's Website HERE
For the story about the search for Tommy, go HERE


This chart is being done by special request from a beloved reader. It is known that Tommy is dead, it is known he was probably using drugs, but what is not known is who he was with when he died, how he actually died, etc... As the family puts it, the mystery is: What happened to Tommy? How did he die? Did the men catch up to him? Was anyone really chasing him? Did he slip into unconsciousness?

Many questions accompany this death and it's obvious the family wants closure. I am not sure I can give them much that will help but I have looked at charts and have found a few things to be true. I will show you as I go through each chart, one at a time. And throughout the reading, I refer to the "boys" or the "kids" or whatnot. I have no idea how old Tommy was or how old the men who were convicted for this were. I do not presume to even have an inkling as to their ages, so I stayed with the moniker, "boys" and "kids" rather than assume they were older. They may well have been adults.

The first chart I drew up was the last time he was seen, saying "they are after me". I am looking to see who he is with, who he is running from and what condition he is in at this time. Looking at the chart, I first see a cluster of planets at the tenth angle. Taurus is rising and Venus is in the eleventh. Tommy is with friends. These are not strangers or enemies; he is with his friends and there may be as many as 5 people. One thing to note is that Mars, the co ruler of the seventh house, is in the sixth house, showing that there are health dangers, and not just to Tommy. Someone else with him is also "not well". Mars disposes itself so it is a strong influence in the chart, showing aggressive behavior. Pluto, the secondary co ruler, is in the seventh house, showing the dominance of one individual, who is more aggressive and perhaps more "adventurous" than the others. This person feels chaotic and violent at times. Two other factors in this chart must be noted: Saturn in the twelfth sector and the Moon drifting through the first, where it is slowly closing in on an opposition to this violent Pluto. It is just past an inconjunction with Mars and is in an exact trine with Neptune. The wheels are greased for drug abuse. The emotional component is present and the desires run high. It is prime time for "overdoing it".

I do not believe from these aspects that Tommy actually meant that someone was right behind him, chasing him. I believe he was high and talking about the pressure he was feeling, the insistence of his "friends" that he "do more", "get higher", "have more fun", etc... This is a common state of mind among aggressive, self destructive drug abusers. You just aren't cool until you take a bigger hit. In the tricky loop the planets are creating I see that Pluto is disposed of by Jupiter, which is disposed of by Neptune, which is trine to that emotional first house Moon. Tommy wasn't forced, but he felt coerced. He went along with the fun because he wanted to be "cool"; he had done this before so he was actually afraid. He was just pointing out to the people he saw that someone was "after him" in the coercive sense, "bugging him", so to speak, to use more drugs. He probably felt a little out of his league. In deep doo doo, as they say.

The next chart I draw up is for 1:30 pm, just to see what is happening with Tommy. It's been 2 hours since he was last seen and I'm wondering if he is still alive. In this chart, you will notice, that Gemini is now rising and Mercury is in the ninth. Tommy is out in the woods. Mercury is exactly conjunct Neptune, which verifies the allegations of drug use. The seventh house ruler is Jupiter, which is still in the eleventh. This reasserts that he is with friends, people he knew and liked. Jupiter is disposed of by Neptune, showing me that these friends are his "party pals", people he used drugs with. Moon is in the twelfth opposing Pluto in the sixth, which tells me he is in real danger. So much danger, in fact, that it is unlikely he will be seen again. Follow this loop: Jupiter rules the seventh and is disposed of by Neptune, Pluto opposes the Moon and is disposed of by the same Jupiter and the Moon is disposed of by Mercury, which is conjoined with Neptune. There is no doubt in my mind that Tommy is overdosing on drugs and is close to dieing at this point. Notice also Mars in the fifth house, showing aggressive partying, a tendency to overdo it, to "force it" on others. Mars is also via combust, inconjunct to the Moon and exactly square to Tommy's present marker, Mercury. I believe the family is right in assuming that someone "overdid it"; they gave him one shot too many. This person was aggressive about it, forcing it, making a scene. This was a "badge of honor" to this person, who was self-destructive, angry and acting out. They actually gave Tommy too much.

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The supplier of the drugs was a boy who tends to be chubby, or at the least overweight. This boy appears to be shy, bashful and somewhat of a geek. He wants very badly to belong. He wins the love of the people he envies by bringing them drugs. This boy seems to be quiet, unassuming, sensitive and generous. In fact, he may be a good student who gets financial rewards from his family that he shares with the "cool kids" by buying them drugs. This is a very possible, if not probable, scenario with these placements. But the boy who gave Tommy the overdose is a different character altogether. He would have been seen as a "ring leader", a "trouble maker" and may have been out of work and out of school. This boy has criminal tendencies, likes the idea of being a boss or pusher, dreams of having a "cult" or a "gang" that follows him. He is charismatic, violent and controlling. The other kids fear him but admire him and want his trust. This boy had differences with Tommy in the past, had claimed that Tommy was "wimpy" or "not cool" and Tommy tried hard to change this impression. This was a large part of the reason that Tommy allowed this brat to overdose him. He wanted to look like a person who could "take it". Please forgive all my quotes, it's just a general idea of what I think might have been thought or said.

The last chart I prepare is for 2:30 pm. This chart reveals the death pattern so I figure this is where it ended. The first house ruler is now the Moon, which is in the twelfth in Gemini. Mercury is in the eighth house right along with Neptune. Capricorn is on the seventh and Saturn is in the eleventh, so Tommy is still with "friends". These are people he knew well. And I believe he was unconscious when he died; in fact, he became unconscious earlier and they simply left him there, where he died. Saturn is disposed of by that violent Mars, still in the fifth house. This tells me that the bully is still running the party and everyone is going along with him. They are all using drugs and being "cool". They are not willing to risk the bully's wrath and so they simply leave Tommy alone, believing he will be fine. After all, they had all used dope in the past and no one had ever died. In this case, it was a forced overdose that put Tommy out and while he was out, he slipped away. I am not sure they didn't just leave his body there, to be carried off by animals. It is not clear in the chart if they even realized right away that Tommy had died. But I can see a possibility in this chart. The Moon is in Gemini and sinister to a trine with the Sun, which rules the third house. It may be that they put him in a vehicle at some point and drove him away from the area and dumped him. I don't think anyone was trying to kill him or actually chasing him. He was fearful of the bully but his friends were also there so he went along with the craziness. Whoever realized he had died later took him off and dumped him or left him there without telling anyone. It seems odd, I know, but when some folk are worried about getting into trouble for drug use, they keep horrible secrets to stay out of jail. And now it involved a death, which made the trouble they might face much worse.

My heart goes out to the family in this matter. I feel it was an accident but the circumstances involved coercion and bullying. So I believe justice was done when the two men were accused and found guilty of giving Tommy an overdose of Meth. I think there were other friends of Tommy's there who have not come forward. And I hope the charts reveal some of the things that the family is searching for. I don't believe Tommy was outright murdered and I think he died while unconscious. God bless Tommy Kelly and I hope his loved ones can someday find peace.

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