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Charlotte "Amy" Gellert

Family Attacked By Intruder, Daughter is Murdered

From FDLE:

On the evening of Sunday, March 20, 1994, Charlotte "Bunny" Lehton and her husband, Robert, returned home from church to their residence located on South Orlando Avenue, Cocoa Beach, Florida where they were met inside the residence by a masked intruder. The intruder was armed with a knife and a semi-automatic handgun. While in the residence, the intruder took money and credit cards belonging to the Lehton's.

During his stay in the residence, the intruder advised that he was waiting for an accomplice. The intruder became more agitated as time went by and the accomplice did not show up. After approximately 30 minutes, the victim, Charlotte "Amy" Gellert, the daughter of Mrs. Lehton, pulled her car into the driveway where her headlights could be seen from the living room. The intruder then attacked the Lehton's with a knife, severely wounding them.

As "Amy" exited her car, she was attacked by the intruder, who had run from the residence. "Amy" sustained multiple stab wounds, which caused her death. The intruder then fled the area by running south on South Orlando Avenue, Cocoa Beach, Florida. The intruder was described as a white male, early twenties, 5'07" - 5'10" tall, weighing between 165 to 185 pounds, wearing dark clothing, gloves, and a black ski mask.

The handgun, which was not recovered, was later determined through investigation to be a blue in color, blank firing stage prop, which is a replica of a 9mm semi-automatic pistol. The Homicide Unit is looking for any information on persons who may have owned or possessed such a weapon or may have had a similar weapon stolen in a burglary.

Any persons providing information in reference to this case may be eligible for a reward up to $5,000.00. If you have such information, please contact the Florida Crimeline at 1-800-423-TIPS.

Church services at the church near their home were performed at 5 pm, 7 pm and 9 pm. This gives me a few hours window to figure out when this murder occurred and who committed it, I am hoping. Not having exact times for events forces me to spread out my charting over many hours, hoping to pin down the right moment. I live in this area and was here when this happened so I have a vague recollection of some details but mostly I just remember the lurid descriptions I read in the local papers. This poor girl bled to death in a driveway across the street from where she lived. She lived in the same neighborhood as my parent's did at that time, only a mile or so north of their home. When I start drawing up charts, I see that things become interesting between 9 and 10 pm. Looking at the chart for 9 pm, I see that Scorpio is rising and Taurus is descending. Pluto is in the first house with Jupiter, which tells me that at 9 pm, the victim, Amy Gellert, was where "she wanted to be" and was having a good time. Reports say she had just bought a new car this very day and she may well have been out and about, showing it off to friends. The tenth house ruler, the Sun, which describes her parents, is in the fifth house, which, for me, shows the church. Moon, a collective chart co ruler, is in the ninth, also showing me a church. But pay attention to Venus. This is the future attacker, the person they are next going to meet. Venus is in the sixth house in fall, in the sign Aries. This person is sick, feeling sick, in bad shape and desperate. Venus in Aries disposed of by Mars in Pisces in the fifth house makes me believe this person had a drug problem; he was "jonesing" as they call it. Sick with the need for drugs. Venus is square to Jupiter, which hints that this person would be willing to go to extremes for a solution; indulgence had become painful.

If you look a the 9 pm chart and then blend it with the next one, for 10 pm, you see the attacker enter the home. Actually, doing a minute by minute charting I saw that he entered the home at just around 9:15. By 10 pm you see that Mars is in the fourth house, where it disposes the seventh house ruler, Venus in Aries, still in the fifth house. I think the attacker used the last of his drugs before he entered the house. He was there for money and was extremely paranoid and afraid. Mars in Pisces is disposed of by Neptune in the third house. Venus is under the sun's beams, which describes a state of fear. Jupiter, right at the Ascendant and backing into the twelfth house, is also via combust, which weakens it greatly. The normal benefits derived from this position of Jupiter are deflected by it's position. So, even though it is involved in a grand trine with both the Moon and Mars, it's influence is very negative and detrimental. What this tells me is that things will not go smoothly. Something, this night, will go very wrong. The attacker did not plan on killing this girl. It was all because of his fear and anxiety, making him way too paranoid. Things might have gone smoothly, due to the grand trine involving prominent planets, but Jupiter along combust way is a negative effect. Things just went haywire.

Between 10 and 11 pm, the Sun moves into the fourth house, showing the parents coming home. Throughout the night, the Sun is not far behind Mars, showing that they were in close proximity to their attacker even when they were away from home. This is strange. Venus lingering behind the Sun makes me think the intruder may have staked out their home, followed them or picked their home out because he saw them leaving. In fact, I am almost positive he was watching them when they left but did not expect them to return as quickly as they did. Regardless, he did not enter the home, for whatever reason, until almost 10 pm. And the parents returned home just after 10. You can see them meeting face to face in the chart for 10:30 pm. A minute by minute charting shows me they actually entered the home just after 10:20. The Sun conjoining Mars in Aries now in the fourth house with Pluto right at the first house cusp, this is where the violence erupts. Pluto is in her dignities and strongly placed on the angle. It is sextile to Uranus and Neptune in the third house, which is a strange aspect considering that Amy would enter the driveway shortly, in her car, and suffer violence there. Was she simply an unexpected visitor who triggered the attacker's paranoid rage? He kept saying he was waiting on someone to get there, as if he was expecting back up from a fellow thug. But I am wondering now if he wasn't there for Amy after all. If he wasn't actually "waiting" for her.

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The thing about the chart is that the Moon has moved into the eighth. This is a sure sign that death is possible and with Pluto on the first house axis, I would say that any violence that occurred would end in death for someone. I cannot find a birthdate for Amy Gellert so I just have no idea how these planets line up with her destiny. It's sort of grim when you see that the Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Saturn are all in water signs, in a loose grand trine pattern, translating light. Consider then that Amy bled to death. I find the correlation worth further investigation and when I do charts in the future I will be looking for bleeding deaths and water signs. Now, the Moon is also square to Venus and the Sun, which are both markers for the other parties; the Sun, her parents and Venus, her attacker. Does this say that planetary patterns worked against Amy and made her the victim this night? Would it have turned out differently on any other night? Notice also that the eighth house ruler is Mercury and it is placed in the fourth house, conjoined Saturn. Another grim detail. The twelfth house ruler, Libra, is ruled by Venus, which also rules the seventh house and the attacker. Was it a karmic mission? Did this man come there because Amy was going to die this way? This chart is very karmic in nature and a fascinating study in metaphysical elements and how they may work in Astrology.

Pluto passes from the first into the twelfth while the Moon still inhabits the eighth. Notice how the eighth house ruler, Mercury, now suddenly moves into the third house at the same time. Combine this with the fact that Amy ran from her home through the neighborhood, stabbed and bleeding and then died there, on a neighbor's driveway. Fascinating, no? What more could a third house placement mean? But even more fascinating is the general report that it is believed her attacker CHASED her there, stabbing away in a frenzy. What on earth was this about? It brings me back to my original belief that he staked this house out, he chose it for a reason and the person he claimed to be "waiting for" may well have been 21 year old Amy Gellert. And since I know nothing about Amy, it is all just conjecture. I mean, did she have a luney ex boyfreind? Was she known to smoke pot or use other drugs? Did she have friends or boyfriends who used drugs? Did anyone hate her? These are all things that only the cops know, I'm sure. And they have recently reopened this case under a cold case project at the local PD. They are making a concerted effort to solve some cold cases that have gone to sleep for a long time. Actually, since this event, her parents moved away, someone else lives in the home and there has never been a single clue as to who this murderer might have been. I wish the police luck and God speed. At this point, I must also note that the times that have been given have varied widely from source to source. Some accounts put the event before 9 pm while others say they drove by the scene closer to 11. And yet still other people say it happened around 10. My charts are variable. They tend to show times but often this proves to be flexible. I cannot vouch for the exact times in this event. I can only say that this is what the charts say. This is about Astrology, after all.

Now I will give my typical shot at describing her killer, in the hopes that the chart may reveal something useful. The position of the planet Venus does not define a specific sex but based on the testimony of the parents, who were both attacked but survived, this attacker was definitely male. They did not recognize him at all. In fact, they gave a really good description of him, as noted above. I want to compare what Astrology says to what we already know and then see if it gives us anything new. In fact, right away, some things dovetail. Venus in Aries gives a person of average height with a slender body. See that this person is of average height and of a weight range that would make him slim, this all fits. Astrology also gives that he has soft, curly hair and long, sweeping eyebrows. This would not have been visible to the Lehton's because the attacker wore a ski mask. This person would also have a short, straight nose with round nostrils. Full lips, dark in color. A dimple in the cheek or chin and a scar somewhere on the face. I know this is a needle in a haystack; sort of like going through thousands of mugshots and seeing a lot that look the same. But there are two more things I feel I should point out before finishing with this one. First, the descendant, moving through Taurus, starts out with the Pleiades crossing the axis and then, right around the time of Amy's death, Caput Algol stands there. This is a very ominous point, showing me that the killer may very likely be dead today; he may well have been dieing at the time of this attack. He was in grave danger for his life, as the first chart I drew showed his ruler in the sixth. I believe he has since died, either through illness or through murder or even suicide. The position from Venus to Pluto and Mars tells me that he did not know Amy well. This could not have been an ex-boyfriend or other person who had been close to her. This is not to say he did not know her at all, just that they had not been close. However, this is not me saying that he did not pick her out; the disposition of Pluto tells me differently. How he picked this house and these people I cannot say for sure, as he was definitely not a family friend or even estranged relative, but he did know who they were and went there for his own purposes. It will be hard to solve this case.

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  1. Since you purport to be able to determine past events of which you have no "ordinary" knowledge from astrology charts, I am astounded that you have not collected the $2MM prize offered by James Randi, for which this ability would surely qualify in spades.

    So do you know you're a fraud or are you deluded that your "ability" is real but also untestable? Seems to me that your claims are eminently testable.

    Hmm... what are the chances of this comment seeing daylight? If you delete it, I would appreciate a note as to why.

  2. If astrology is "science" then that means there is observable, predictable phenomena to prove your claims. Physics, astroNOMY, biology and even sociology can be called sciences.

    What exactly are your scientific qualifications? What percentage of people who share the same birth date and time of the victims you desecrate here were also violently killed or disappeared mysteriously? Why would I need, for instance, to "commit Amy Bechtel Wroe's picture to memory" if you have already have the description of her killer? Are you not convinced of your own assertions? I don't need the Psychic Friends to tell me that after almost twelve years Amy would not resemble that picture.

    I would agree, however, that fraud can be considered to be an artform when you can legally make money doing it.

  3. Geez, you two. Lighten up. Why are you reading an astrology blog if you don't believe in astrology? She doesn't make any money off these readings; she's just trying to help. Buzz off.

  4. Nope, this "does no harm" argument does not fly. When twaddle like this is placed before a family who are grieving, it distracts them from the reality-based things they could be doing to help or heal. It will tend to give them hope based on lies, and the crash from that is almost as bad as the initial tragedy.

    The only good comes to the charlatan who puts it forth. The resume will be padded....

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