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Adji Desir

Little Boy Disappears From Front Yard

From True Crime Report:

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA - Deputies are searching for a 6 year-old boy reported missing in Immokalee Saturday night.

The Collier County Sheriff's Office says Adji Desir around was last seen leaving his home in Farm Workers Village around 7:15 p.m.

Deputies say Adji was watching television in his bedroom when he told his parents he was going outside to play with friends.

His parents watched him leave the house and go outside. When they went to check on him a few minutes later he was nowhere to be found. His parents called for help.

Adji is described as 3 feet tall, 45 pounds, with short black hair and dark eyes. He was wearing a blue and yellow T-shirt and blue and yellow shorts.

Deputies are searching the area with patrol cars, a helicopter and K-9s. They are also going door-to-door assisted by local firefighters.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Collier County Sheriff’s Office at 239-793-9300.


I saw this case on Nancy Grace and found it to be compelling. It is an immediate event, this child has just disappeared and there are people looking for him as I write this. I felt an urge to do a chart and see what it said about this little boy and where he might be. What the stars say is startling and so fascinating I just had to present it here. There is no doubt I will get hate mail and more people calling me a fraud but this blog is not about me. It's about Astrology. So no amount of criticism is going to stop me from trying to read charts. If you don't believe in Astrology, find something else to read. So there.

Anyways, I will once again dare to wade in and see if I drown. I just hope maybe one of these days a chart will give up a secret and save a life. That's all I want. Not much, aye? Anyways, big fat ego aside, I drew up charts for this vulnerable little boy and was shocked by what I saw. I am going to show you what the charts say, how I read them and what I believe they reveal. If you don't agree, as always, you are invited to tell me all about it. I publish every comment, unless there is profanity, spam or links to unrelated sites. So feel free to do your own charts and show me what you see. I always encourage that.

The first chart I drew up was for the last time that Adji was supposedly seen. He left the house, they say, at around 7:15 in the evening to go outside and play with friends. Never mind that I thought this was strange right off the bat because I also live in Florida and at 7:30 in January it is very dark outside. I checked the weather archives at the national weather service website and it was in the 50's that evening, as it has been most of the winter here. So, did they button him up and make sure he was warm? Or is the story just that he slid out in his T shirt and disappeared? These are all valid questions. So I am looking at the chart for 7 pm and thinking about all of this. I have trouble at times reading for children because I never know whether to read the first or fifth houses. Children are hardly in control of their lives so the first house never feels right but in this case there is nothing implicating the parents so I can't use them as the focus of the reading. It is assumed that they lost control of this child and his situation at the moment he disappeared. So I am left with a small child for which I am reading the first house in the fashion that I read for adults.

And immediately I see that Leo is rising and the Sun is in the sixth house. The Moon, the chart co ruler is directly opposing the Sun from the twelfth house. In turn, the Sun is disposed of by Saturn in Virgo in the second house. This child is an employee of someone. He works for money; he is a source of income. If not already, then this is why he disappeared. Someone wanted to put this boy to work. The seventh house is ruled by Aquarius with Uranus in the eighth house in Pisces. This planet is in mutual reception with Neptune in the seventh house. This placement leads me to believe that someone had a secret agenda; not everything was said or out in the open. The person Adji ended up with on this night was someone who had a private plan for the child and with the second/ eighth house axis as rulers, the indications are, once again, that the child meant money. This was a migrant workers village in south central Florida. Were there contractors moving through the area, looking for people they could put to work? Had there been talk of child slavery or the trade in child laborers among anyone in the village? There is a strong possibility that someone came through the town, someone who made friends with the migrants, who was looking for slaves. The stories about 10 year old girls working in upper middle class and wealthy immigrant households in the west and southwest are current and accurate. Did someone take Adji to make him a slave?

Everything in these charts, from the first until the last, is showing me an emphasis on the second and eighth houses with clusters of prominent planets in the sixth and twelfth. This indicates someone is profiteering from other people's work and restraining people, confining people, to make them work. The next charts I do, for 7:30, 8 and 9 pm, the Moon in the twelfth tells me that this was done in secret and at this time, no one knows what really happened. The child was "swallowed" up in a larger group of people and probably smuggled. The Sun, which represents this boy, is closely lined up with Mars along the sixth and fifth house axis. Mars is co ruler of the fourth house. This hints that someone close to the family had a part in this disappearance; in fact, he might have been sold. Pluto is also nearby so this may have been forced, an act of violence, where the child was actually grabbed and bagged, so to speak. Taken against his will by surprise. The Sun is dexter, moving away from Mars, while the Moon is sinister in it's opposition. The boy was helpless in the matter, totally at the mercy of others and so taken by surprise that there was little resistance. He was "swept away". But the Sun consistently placed in the sixth house also tells me this little boy is in danger. He could very likely become ill or be harmed in a manner that could threaten his life. This sad position also tells me it is highly unlikely he will ever be seen alive again.

The strange thing about these charts is that I do not see "movement". What I mean by that is that the charts do not show the child getting into a car, being taken across time and space, transported in any way. I find that curious. But all it means, in fact, is that he was not taken far on the night he disappeared, in fact, he was likely right there nearby, in the neighborhood. Were the cops looking for a child wandering around on his own? Were they beating bushes and checking lakes in the area? Perhaps they should have been ringing doorbells and asking to look around in neighbor's homes. I do believe he was taken elsewhere nearby. His ruling planet remains in the sixth house for the better part of the evening, telling me he was right there in the workers village. He never left. At least not that night. They may very well have taken him out of there at any time after that; the next day or even the next. But he was not taken far on the night he disappeared.

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The only change that really appears in these charts occurs later on, after 9 pm. In the charts for 9 and 10:00, there is a change that shows his ruling planet moving into the fifth house and the Moon into the eleventh. He has been taken somewhere with other kids, and perhaps people he thinks of as friends. I think it looks like he with the parents of other kids he knows. Kids who are from the same village. Whether these kids are being traded off as slaves I can't say. But it looks like Adji feels safe there at this time. The sad thing is that I notice that by 9 pm, Saturn has begun to work it's way through the first house. There is no death markers that accompany this so I do not think he is going to die or is in danger of dieing at this time. But I do think this shows him being confined or restrained. Confinement is very likely; hidden away from view in some secret compartment or closet. The creep who took Jessica Lundsford kept her hidden in his closet for days before killing her. Keeping her there even as the police knocked on the door and talked to his sister. Amazing but true. Scary but true. And I think they are hiding Adji just this way, even as the cops roamed the area with dogs and searchers and maybe even knocked on their door.

At 10 pm, the cluster of planets are gathered together in the fifth house. Adji is no doubt with other kids. Mercury rules the first house and is conjoined with the north node, which tells me that this was a plan of sorts, something someone thought about before doing. This was not a last minute snatch of an available child. This was a planned abduction, either because they bought this boy or they decided to steal him, for the purpose of making him work. Most likely as a free slave. And if you notice that the tenth and fourth house rulers are conjoined in the fifth house, you will come to the conclusion that I did. These are the parents of other children who did this. They took this boy as a slave even though there were other children available to them. Strange. But because the one ruler is Jupiter, I will say that they see this is greatly beneficial, something that will make their lives better and more enjoyable. Dare I say they chose this boy because he was developmentally delayed? Dare I say that someone sold him because, perhaps.. and this is a big perhaps.. he was burden? I don't really see any money changing hands on this night and I do not see Adji's parents talking or exchanging anything with anyone so I am not implicating them. I cannot say they are innocent, either, just that I don't see them as players. But someone sold or stole this child. Someone close to the family that Adji trusted.

Working the charts forward into the morning hours, I believe they finally moved Adji at around 5 in the morning. After the cops had gone home and the boy had gotten some rest. Sagittarius takes the Ascendant after 5 and Jupiter moves into the third around that time, putting a vehicle at their disposal. Jupiter is joined with Mercury at that time and Gemini is on the seventh cusp, so he is taken by one other person, an adult, and no other kids or people went along. Just Adji and one other person. My best stab at describing the person driving this car is to say that this person is perhaps a little chubby with brown hair and light eyes. This person would also be free spirited, probably unmarried, a little "odd" in his or her behavior and habits. This person dresses unconventionally and tends to stand out in a crowd.

Along the same lines, I would like to try to describe the person or persons who first took Adji. This person also has dark brown hair but is more likely to also have dark eyes. This person may walk with a limp or other abnormality; he or she may have something noticeable about the feet or the walk. They might have, for instance, club feet, very large feet, a sideways walk, a tendency to drag the feet loudly, to have very small feet... you get the picture? In fact, this person may have a missing leg, a prosthetic device, or even be crippled and in a wheelchair or walk with a cane or other device. Also, this person may be a fisherman, boater, shrimper, clammer, someone who makes his or her living on the ocean; this person may also live on a boat or spend time on a boat. In addition, there is something unusual about the lifestyle; a love for keeping unusual fish or water birds is another thought. Along the intercoastal in that area of the state, there are large ravines that cut through ridges of land that create huge divides. The intercoastal rushes along between these ridges, in the bottom of the divides, which creates a kind of canyon effect. You have to see it to understand what I'm describing; I have spent many a summer years ago traveling with my father on a boat through these ravines, rushed along by the fast moving water, crashing into the sides of these divides. It's hard to describe but the placements in this chart brought those areas to mind, in particular around Indiantown in nearby Okeechobee. I believe this person spent time on boats traveling through these divides, living on the areas above the ridges. The chart describes this exactly for me; Neptune in Aquarius in mutual reception with Uranus in Pisces. Something high, above ground, with water rushing through. Perfect.

I believe this little boy is still alive and is being kept as a slave. Please look at his picture and remember it. He could be taken anywhere at any time in order to do his new job. He could be in the burbs in your area. So don't forget him. And if you think you see him, have any notion of what might have happened to him, or believe you know where he might be, please contact the Collier County Sheriff's Department at 239-793-9300.


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