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Danny Barter

Four Year Old Wanders Off And Just Disappears

Help Solve a 50 Year Old Mystery!

From Crime and Justice:

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

Missing Since: June 18, 1959 from Perdido Bay, Alabama
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: December 12, 1954
Age: 4 years old
Height and Weight: 3'0, 50 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian male. Brown hair, brown eyes. Barter's nickname is Danny.
Clothing/Jewelry Description: Only gray boxer shorts.

Details of Disappearance

Barter was last seen playing near the banks of Perdido Bay, Alabama at 9:30 a.m. on June 18, 1959. He resided in the 1700 block of Thrush Drive in Mobile, Alabama at the time, and had gone camping at Perdido Bay with his parents, some of his six siblings, an uncle and two cousins. He apparently wandered away from the rest of his family while his parents were preparing some fishing equipment. His mother began searching for him ten or fifteen minutes after she last saw him, but was unable to locate him. He has never been heard from again.

The area Barter disappeared from is swampy and infested with alligators and snakes. Authorities investigated the theory that the child had been attacked by an animal. They even killed and gutted two alligators to look for human remains, but found no evidence of such an attack. Barter's mother stated he did not like the water and she does not believe he would have gone into the bay voluntarily. An extensive search of the region, on both land and water, turned up no sign of the child or his remains. After the search turned up no evidence, investigators looked into the possibility that Barter was abducted, but they were never able to find any clues supporting this theory.

Barter's parents and siblings moved to Texas after his disappearance. His parents have died, but his brothers and sisters are all alive and still hope his case may be resolved.


This case was emailed to me by a loyal reader. Thanks to all of you who take the time to send me cases. I will get to them all eventually, I promise. But this is one that turned out so strangely when I read it that I am now turning it over to my readers to interpret. I will read the chart as I see it, of course, but lay it out for you to determine exactly what did happen here. In truth, the chart left me with questions, and, in fact, remains a mystery to me in many ways. Traditional readings shed uneven light and not everything is clear. You'll see what I mean as I read it. And I leave it up to you to decide what really happened to this boy.

The first chart I drew up was for the time at which Danny Barter was last seen, 9:30 am on June 18. Leo is rising, Aquarius is falling, the Sun is in Gemini in the eleventh house and Uranus is in Leo in the twelfth. When you are reading for a child, you take the first house for the parents and the fifth house for the child. It looks like the parents were enjoying themselves this morning with their children. They were "preparing to go fishing" according to reports and with their marker in the eleventh, that is very likely. They were doing things they wanted to do, even some things they had wished to do for awhile. It was a real vacation. Mercury and Jupiter both describe the child. Mercury is there in the eleventh, near the Sun, showing that he started out the morning with mom and dad. Jupiter is in the fourth house, near the Moon, showing again the child being close to the parents, the home where they were staying, and that Danny was clearly a close member of the family group.

The one outstanding aspect I must point out is the presence of Saturn in the fifth house. Saturn is retrograde in the sign Capricorn and it sextiles Neptune, trines Pluto and opposes Mercury. Since Mercury marks the child in the chart and the fifth house rules the child, we must assume that Saturn has a pivotal role to play in events that occurred. The trine to Pluto right at the Ascendant is important. The Ascendant is the parent's place and Pluto trining the child's planets makes me think that things were good between the parents and the child. Pluto also co rules the fourth house so this brings it into clearer focus, emphasizing it's influence over family events. And, then, to crown it all, Pluto is disposed of by Mercury, which is the child's marker. It just really looks like the kid did not go missing. I am not sure how these aspects will play out against the facts but I'll keep reading to see. However, these initial aspects seem to indicate that these parents will not lose the child for good. On another note, I notice that the seventh house is ruled by Uranus from the twelfth house, in conjunction with Mars and Venus. Now, this sort of looks to me like a group of three people who come upon the family by surprise, almost from behind, perhaps unexpected. There was never any mention of any visitors or neighbors dropping by so this seems odd. Venus rules the midheaven and Mars co rules the nadir, so it looks like these are relatives. Perhaps grandparents or aunts and uncles with or without children. I use plurals because I am not sure if it's either-or or both.

Now, there is an interesting twist in the 10 am chart, which has Virgo rising and Pisces falling with Capricorn still on the fifth. But notice that the parents have now acquired the child's marker, Mercury in Cancer, again emphasizing the familial tie. Neptune, which now rules the seventh, is in the third with the co ruler, Moon. I think these people have joined the parents outdoors around the home, either to "go fishing" or to do other activities. Like I said, these seem to be members of the family, extended or closer. Note also that Saturn, still the fifth house ruler, is in the fifth house, showing the child going off to play. He is probably headed to an area he remembers as a playground or an area where he has played games with other children in the past. This is where he ran off to that morning while they were preparing to go fishing. Saturn disposes itself so Danny was off on his own, he was not taken by anybody, coerced in any way or abducted. He was headed right where he wanted to go. Four years old or not, some kids can be very willful. Danny was a Sagittarius so he was adventurous, unafraid, loved the outdoors and wanted to have fun. One more thing I want to note in the 10 am chart is how the nadir is now at 1 degree of Sagittarius and the midheaven is at 1 degree of Gemini. Where these people that had joined the parents, the grandparents after all? It looks like these people are the parents of one of the parents. I have nothing to corroborate that, it's just what the chart appears to be saying.

In the chart for 11 am you can see the cluster of planets in the eleventh and tenth houses. This tells me that people are helping them look for Danny. They are all gathered around the parents. These are family, friends and even neighbors. The Moon is still in the third, joined by Jupiter and both of the planets are disposed of by Pluto in the twelfth. This describes the parents looking around outside, in the immediate area, in hidden places like behind bushes and over drop offs. They think he is hiding. But notice Saturn, which still rules the fifth, moving through the fourth house. Shocking as this may seem, this child has entered someone's home! It almost looks like the parent's home, or the home where they were staying, but this does not have to be so. The fourth house is ruled by Jupiter, which is placed in the third, describing a home in the neighborhood, perhaps along the beach or woods, nearby, in fact. Since the Moon is lingering there as well, again, I see that this child did not wander far. He was in the neighborhood, in another home in the woods, but very nearby his parents. Not far at all. Like I said, he may even have re-entered the home where the parents were staying!

Neptune rules the seventh and is placed in the second, disposed of by Pluto. This is a planet we will have to watch as the charts unfold. This may very well be the next person Danny meets, whoever it is that lives in this home. Or, conversely, this may have been an abandoned home that no one had been inside of in years, a place forgotten, that went out of memory. The disposal of Neptune by Pluto in the twelfth supports this last assertion, giving the picture of a place that is desolate, filled with pratfalls and possibly dangerous. Is it possible that Danny wandered into an abandoned home and gotten hurt or trapped? When you note that Pluto in the twelfth is trine to Saturn, it seems to say that something attracted the boy. Something dark and mysterious but alluring. Perhaps an animal in the doorway or a toy seen through a window or something shiny from within the darkness. There's no telling. Pluto is mysterious but dangerous and perhaps the child met some danger on his way into this place. Neptune in the second seems to describe something the child would like to have for his own; something like a toy, perhaps. Neptune seems to indicate that he could not clearly make it out and it was curiosity that drew him in closer. What he thought it was may not have been what it actually was but the chance that it might be was alluring enough.

So far, the charts seem to be showing me a boy who has wandered away from home into another home, a place nearby. But moving the charts forward to 1 pm on this day, a different story emerges, one that's hard to reconcile with the facts. Notice in the chart that Aquarius is now on the fifth cusp and Uranus is placed in the tenth. This is showing us the child out in the open and in the company of other people, shown by nearby planets. The first house ruler is now Libra and there is Venus, right next to Uranus. The seventh house ruler is Aries and there is Mars, on the other side of Venus. And oddly enough, the child's universal marker, Mercury is placed there as well. For all appearances, it seems that the child is reunited with his parents. They are all together. And these planets are disposed of by the Sun, which is nearby in the ninth house. They are all together outside, perhaps on the beach? Why, then, did the parents say that they never saw this child again? Or are these NEW parents, perhaps, or, at the very least, people who assumed the role of parent with this child? How then did the child end up with these people in such short order, after merely entering a home nearby? When you see the Moon in the second house in Scorpio, not far from Jupiter, it makes you wonder if money was involved somehow. Did money exchange hands? Was this the parents selling their child? Or was this a ransom for the child that was never reported and never met? Was the child kidnapped after all and the parents could not meet the ransom so out of embarrassment, they said the child ran off? And, again, another thought. Perhaps they gave the child to someone else who had more money than they did; or even to someone who needed money that they might receive for raising this child? These questions are all legitimate. What do you think the chart says?

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Other points I'd like to make: In the chart for 1 pm, please note that the node is at the first house cusp. The exact degree on the first cusp is near square to Mercury, seeming to say that, at this point, it is unlikely the parents will see the child again. This should be measured carefully. It will give credence to the parent's story. Notice also that the cluster of planets in the eleventh, denoting the child and others, are in direct square to Neptune in Scorpio, now in the first. Was this an adoption gone wrong? Did someone promise money and then run with the boy? I know this all sounds like crazy speculation and I agree, that's what it is. Break out your detective's hat and work it with me. I do not have a pat answer in this case, too much of it is hazy and hard to read. I will not say the parents did anything wrong and from the aspects in the charts, it seems they had a lovely relationship with this child so I doubt they meant him harm. In fact, I do not see him harmed, there are no violent aspects here. He was not assaulted, raped, attacked, abused or mauled in any way. And I tend to believe that he was alive after this day and for quite some time later, if not still. And, so, what did happen to the boy? Are the parents telling the truth and they know nothing of his disappearance and have not seen him since? Or are they culprits in a scheme of sorts, either for money or just to get out a jam? Was the boy abducted and the parents feared for their lives? This is all conjecture but honest thought none the less. I'd appreciate help with this case, so if you have a desire to study it, post your ideas, readings and comments so everyone can see them. Help me solve this one. Danny Barter is missed.

Now, here is the real twist in this chart. Traditional readings give that if the fifth house ruler is retrograde and is in good aspect to a planet in the first, the child will be found. In this chart, Jupiter rules the fifth, is placed in the fourth and is retrograde. The Moon has just left a conjunction with Jupiter, the Sun, which rules the first, is inconjunct to Jupiter and the Ascendant degree, 26 degrees of Leo, is closely square Jupiter in 23 degrees of Scorpio and sinister in aspect. This has a marked WOW factor, showing exactly the aspects one would expect to find in a traditional reading where the child would never be found. But please notice that there are contradicting aspects, as well. Saturn is placed in the fifth in four degrees of Capricorn, in retrograde motion, and is closely trine to Pluto, placed in one degree of Virgo in the first. This seems to tell us they will see this child again. How do you combine these conflicting influences? If you measure each aspect by degree and placement, looking for debilities, dignities and such, you might be able to deduce which influence is actually the greater. But none of these planets or placements are in particular dignity or debility, save Saturn in Capricorn. And this planet is the one placement that tells us they will see the child again. And, yet, we KNOW that they never saw this child again.

Continuing the argument even further, on the premise that the time at which he was last seen is not the appropriate measure of events and only the chart at which time was KNOWN TO BE MISSING should be used, I move forward to the chart for 10:00 am. This is around the time they would have known the child was gone, if not earlier, in fact, because he was not expected to be going anywhere. In fact, the moment he went out of sight he was known to be missing. But allowing for preoccupation on the part of the parents, I move the chart forward a bit just to see if the new aspects fall in line with traditional reading. But this chart is even MORE concisely saying that the child will be seen again! Amazingly, at this point, Capricorn has taken the fifth house cusp, with Saturn placed there in 4 degrees. And the Ascendant point has moved forward just enough to place 2 degrees of Virgo on the first house cusp! This is a near exact trine between these planets, a traditional marker telling the reader that the child will be seen again. Amazing. Now, one can argue that the fifth and first house cusps are often in trine aspect, merely by their natural trine placement, but one cannot extend that argument to include a fifth house ruler. That's what makes this chart so exemplary. However, if you take the same fifth house ruler, Saturn in Capricorn and aspect it in relation to the RULER of the first, which is Mercury, you'd find an opposition. So which is it? What would you read? These aspects, traditional readings, and variables in these kinds of charts all merit much further study. Perhaps I'll tackle it on my other blog, the Tablet. Someday, no doubt, when I have lots of time to spare. For now, I ask you to lend me your thoughts.


I offer the last known photo of Danny Barter in the hopes that someone might know him. He is much older now, as shown in the progression on the website below, so look around you and see if someone you know might be Danny. He may very well go by another name and have no memory of who he was. Although his parents are dead, his sisters and brothers would love to know whatever became of Danny. If you think you have viable information that may help them reunite with Danny, please call 251-972-8589 or go to Danny Barter

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  1. Wow! That is quite a mystery. I think it is possible that the parents did arrange for him to be raised with another family or something like that. This was so long ago. People didn't talk about their financial issues back then. If these parents were struggling financially they may have made this decision for the benefit of their other children.

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    There seemed to be a man hanging around and watching the family up to a month before Danny disappeared.

  4. A sad but interesting case indeed.
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  5. So am I correct in assuming that you are saying he was kidnapped twice? And that at some point he might be seen again?


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