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Brian Shaffer

Young Man Walks Into Bar and Never Walks Out

From Brian Shaffer

On the night of Friday, March 31st 2006; Brian Shaffer, a 27 year old 2nd year medical student at OSU went out with friends to have a few drinks and celebrate the beginning of Spring break 2006; it was his 'time out with the guys'. At around 9:30pm, the men headed to the Ugly Tuna Saloona, a bar located near the OSU campus. At 9:56pm, Brian called Alexis -his girlfriend- who at the time was visiting her family in Toledo, OH. He told her he loved her and that he would see her when she came back to Columbus; the two had planned on taking a vacation to Miami and were scheduled to leave for Florida on Monday, April 3rd. Shortly after talking to Alexis, Brian and his friend walked down to the Arena District in Columbus, OH; they stopped at the North Short Tavern and then went to Brother's, where they met with other friends. One of the friends drove them back to the Ugly Tuna Saloona, where they are seen in the surveillance tape at 1:15 am. The next time Brian is seen on cameras, he was outside of the Ugly Tuna, at the top of the escalator, talking with two girls; he appears to say 'bye' and turns towards the bar, he then disappears from the camera's view and has not been seen since.

Two years later, there are still no answers. Numerous searches have been conducted including the construction area by the Ugly Tuna Saloona, numerous locations close to his disappearance including help from Texas Equusearch and numerous search agencies in the Ohio area but to no avail. At one point, the police were looking for an individual seen on the escalator (the man with the orange sweater) - this has been ruled out and not considered linked to Brian's case. Conversations have been had with the 2 girls who were outside the bar speaking with Brian but they were not able to provide any additional information to help locate Brian. It truly feels as if he just disappeared but we all know, Brian is SOMEWHERE and needs to be located.

From Find Brian Shaffer

The two men arrived at the Ugly Tuna Saloon around 9:15PM and had a few shots. He and Alexis spoke on his cell phone around 10:30PM. Brian and Clint then left the Ugly Tuna Saloon around 11:00PM and walked to Short North Tavern and then to another bar around 11:40PM. By 1:15AM they were back at the Ugly Tuna where their evening had begun.

Brian can be seen in the grainy surveillance video returning to the Ugly Tuna around 1:15AM. He can also he seen on the foyer near the escalators speaking with some girls that Clint knew. He then walks out of the bottom right side of the camera and Brian Shaffer disappears into thin air.

By 2:00M its closing time. Clint calls Brian on his cell phone and it goes straight to voice mail. He goes to the men’s room and looks for him but Brian is not there either. Eventually Clint assumes Brian has left and he leaves as well.

Saturday, April 1st Alexis continuously tried to call Brian with no luck. The couple had plans to leave town for a Spring Break vacation in Florida that following Monday. By Sunday she was scared and knew something was not right.

One baffling aspect of this case that still perplexes law enforcement today is the fact that Brian could not be seen on surveillance leaving the bar after he had re-entered. Both bar exits are covered by cameras, as is the escalator in which you see Brian enter and leave and enter again.

Outside the bar, out of camera view, are stairs and an elevator that lead to the first floor. Once on the first floor, the only way out, without being seen on tape, would be through a service exit that leads to a construction site, with doors to the street.

Brian’s credit cards, bank account and cell phone have not been used. There have been no significant leads to indicate what happened that Friday night.

Today Brian’s father continues the quest to find answers and to find his son. After all, not knowing is the hardest.


Thanks to an astute reader who emailed me this case I was able to give it a shot. I had never heard of it so I am always grateful to readers who mail me cases from their area. In fact, I'd like to turn this blog into a "request only" blog, where readers send me cases from their areas with details I need. If you want to email me a case, always include the month, day and year they disappeared along with the time they were last seen and / or the time at which they are discovered. If they are still alive and missing, then the time at which they are last seen, within a 4 or 5 hour window is necessary. If they are dead, then both the time they were discovered along with the TOD, if known. If you have mailed me a case and I have not done it on the blog, it is most likely due to the window of time. I cannot do charts for events that could have happened over many days. It's just not possible to do an accurate or honest reading that way. Every day of our lives aspects exist that create danger and death; I mean, think about it, somebody dies every day, if not every hour of every day. So any given time can be read for death, but is it the same person we're talking about, or somebody else? This is a trick with Astrology and depends heavily upon specific windows of time. So remember that when sending me cases.

One more thing I would like to add. I did a chart for Cari, by request, but she did not give me an email address to which to send the chart. So I can't get it to her! Cari LW, if you are reading this, then email me!! I have your chart.

And now, for Brian Shaffer. In regards to this case, anyone who has been bars where students gather, it can be said that closing time is always dangerous. Everyone is looking to hook up and the drinking keeps people from being as careful as they should be. In this case, we have Brian returning to an earlier spot just before closing to end the night. The cameras have him entering the bar and then the trail goes cold. There is no record of him leaving the bar so what happened to Brian? This one makes me feel like I'm Nancy Drew; this one looks impossible to solve. So the first chart I draw up for Brian is for that last time he was seen, on the camera entering the bar at 1:15 am. Right away, I note that Sagittarius is rising and Jupiter is in the tenth. This echoes the fact that he was right out in the open, where he could be seen by anyone and, in fact, was seen. Notice also that Gemini is on the seventh cusp while Mercury is in the second house, crossing into the third. He was actually seen speaking to people who were leaving the bar as he went back in. Mercury's movement shows us people leaving an enclosed area to step outside, in a parking lot or neighborhood, both defined by Mercury and the sign Gemini. Probably headed to their cars (Gemini again). Mercury was in Pisces, disposed of by Neptune, so perhaps some of these people had been drinking or using drugs and were impaired. Overall, this chart could be not be clearer nor simpler to read. He was outside, speaking to people who were leaving the bar as he went back in.

But you must admit that it is fascinating that this young man, who was seen on camera one minute, disappears forever in the next. But, the charts expound on this as you move them forward. Within 15 minutes, at 1:30 am, Capricorn moves onto the Ascendant and Saturn is in the seventh house. He has been joined by someone else. Who is this person? Looking at the seventh house, Cancer is on the cusp and the Moon is ruling from the fourth. This person works at the bar. I know this because the fourth house is the tenth house for the seventh, showing someone at their job or career position. This person is prominent at the bar, perhaps an owner, operator, bartender, bouncer, promoter or performer. Ruled by the Moon, with the Moon in Taurus, this might be someone who is involved in the day to day operations of the bar and might be responsible for handling money or accounting for transactions. Or he or she may have been involved in the preparation of food, if food was served here. Saturn is Brian's marker and it is in the sign Leo. It is disposed of by the Sun in Aries in the third house. This hints that Brian left the bar with this employee and that they left through an employee exit. I am curious to ask, considering the chart, if there might have been a wine cellar beneath the bar or an underground storage area or business office. And if there were cameras at employee exits and if anyone has viewed the films from those cameras.

Another aspect I must point out is that the Moon is disposed of by Venus in the second house, conjoined there with Neptune. Was this employee also a drug dealer? If Brian was resistant to drugs and would not have gone anywhere for this reason, then perhaps he was offered money? Or perhaps he was offered something else for sale? What would have motivated Brian to leave the bar with this person? If it was not drugs, then someone was conned. Something shady and possibly illegal is implicated with Neptune in the second house. He may have been led away by a lie and then robbed. Theft is a possible motive. Perhaps he was asked to help a sick person? He was a medical student; was a "hero" type? Neptune and Uranus are in mutual reception so there was a lot of unexpected twists and turns in the events as they transpired this night. Moon in Taurus is also square to Neptune, which again hints at the possibility that someone got ripped off or hustled; perhaps things were promised that could not be delivered? Another important aspect that runs through the evening is the trine from the transiting node in Aries to Saturn in Leo. Since Saturn is Brian's marker, this is a symbol of "kismet" to me, a sign that this event occurred for a bigger reason. Brian's disappearance (or death, if that happened) would be "fated" in a way, or, predestined, if you are so inclined. His marker trining the north node also whispers that "things went as planned". Not a good feeling for those who are looking for Brian and wishing for his return. But comfort should always be found in the knowledge that things are as they should be.. or, in other words, working within God's plan.

All of the charts I run up until now show that Brian was still alive, fine, and went along of his own accord. He was not kidnapped, restrained or forced. Pluto does cross the ascendant, but this happens early on before he disappears. However, it might have a meaning in that regard, from the possibility that there was anger aroused by someone in his company hours before he was last seen.. but that is not a given. There are no aspects involving Mars or the eighth house ruler and no forward planets that point to violence.. or death, for that matter. So far, I see no sign that Brian died or is dead. But I do keep seeing Neptune in a prominent place throughout the night and this does call for attention. Saturn, Brian's marker, is also retrograde, which is a sign that can't be ignored. When the ruler of the party is retrograde it is a planetary sign that he will not be seen again, or at the very least, not for a very long time indeed. Neptune in the first points to deception and fraud. Neptune is conjoined Venus, which rules the fourth house, and this seems to say that the ruse was played on family or involved a family in some way. But from my knowledge, Brian had a girlfriend he loved dearly and had a father and a brother left, who are all still searching for him. Unless, of course, Brian had another family? Is this possible? Is there a woman somewhere with children? Or an ex wife? The chart does not say this clearly, but there are hints here and there. And I am not saying this is a sure thing.. it is just suggested by the chart that a deception was being played out and that it involved family... someone's family, not necessarily Brians. Just someone's. Beyond that, I am not sure what this implies. However, one must remember that this was April 1st or April Fool's Day and many cruel jokes are often played.

Watching the seventh house, in the hopes of seeing who he is with, I note that Saturn, Brian's marker, is disposed of by the Sun, which is in the third house. He is getting into a car. Every chart I look at shows that gets into a car. Along with this, I remind that Cancer rules the seventh house and the Moon is placed in the fourth. This is a sure sign that Brian accompanied this person to his or her home. The Moon seems to point to a woman but I won't swear on it. Venus rules the fourth house cusp so it's a strong possibility that either the woman lived in the home alone or was present with the men arrived. It looks like they went in someone else's car, not Brians. As another point of interest, I must point out the opposition between Mars and Pluto. At this point, this aspect has not come into play. But it is like a buried bomb; if at anytime these planets move into the foreground or end up ruling an angle, then this aspect will blow up and most likely in violence. So this is an aspect we must watch as the hours move the ascendant along. From the progressions I see that they get out of the car and enter the house sometime between 2:30 and 3 in the morning. And up until now, he seems fine and to be going along willingly. Moving everything far into the morning and drawing a chart for 3:30 am, I see that Aquarius takes the ascendant and Uranus moves into the first. Leo on the seventh puts the Sun in the second house, conjoined to the node. This is a sure sign that Brian is where he wants to be; he is there because he chose to go there. At this point, I see money coming into play again, as if this is where they discuss the cost or price of something. There is definitely a focus on money, as if they went there so someone could repay a debt or pay someone for something. However, it is in this chart that I first see a sign of danger; not a huge dark one, though, just a hint. Uranus, Brian's marker, is now conjoined Mercury which rules the eighth house. The eighth house cusp, in turn, is now moving towards a square with the transiting Mars-Pluto opposition. Not good. Not a guarantee Brian will die but scary nonetheless.

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And then it is between 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning that the charts take a dark turn. The aspect I've been watching, Mars opposite Pluto, has moved into the fourth/tenth house axis. The ascendant moves onto Pisces and Neptune falls immediately into the twelfth. Saturn lingers in the sixth and Pluto's dispositor, Jupiter, has moved into the eighth. Brian is in grave danger at this point; the chart is beginning to form a death pattern. And a violent death pattern as well. Notice also that the transiting Moon in Taurus has just completed an opposition with Jupiter from the second house. It is also just beginning to square Neptune in the twelfth. This is an argument over money. Somebody didn't produce something they promised or someone didn't have the money that was expected. And Brian is killed over it. Mars in Gemini, Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Aquarius makes me think he was stabbed. Somebody grabbed a knife or other utensil and went at him in a fit of rage. It does not look planned to me. I can see nothing but Brian going along willingly, with no danger at all up until this hour. Notice how the seventh house ruler, Mercury, is conjunct to Uranus right at the ascendant. This was sudden, unexpected and unplanned. This person flipped out, grabbed a sharp instrument and killed Brian. It's that strange and yet that simple. Scary. And it looks again a lot like theft. I think they lured him there with the promise of something and he brought money. Then they killed him over the money. I do not think they planned to kill him; I think they planned to rob him, maybe knock him out. But they realized they could not do it without being caught if they left him alive, this man took things into his own hands and killed Brian right there.

And so now the charts have taken a dark turn and this makes me sad. I was really hoping, up until this last hour or so, that he had just taken off and would come back some day. However, with Saturn ruling the ascendant for most of the night and being retrograde in motion, it is traditional to read that as a "never return". Often, with that aspect, the body is never even found; this due to the rulership of the bones by Saturn. They literally remain buried so long they just disintegrate or end up destroyed by outside activities like backhoes, animals or fires. But I must also say that I hope his brother does not read this and if he does, he discards my findings because this is the worst part of working with these cases, when you have to say ugly things. I am only hoping to find out whether Astrology can be helpful in these cases, I am not trying to ruin lives. Perhaps Astrology is not helpful at all and this is all just another exercise in my own lifelong studies. Not every test in the lab comes out correctly. I really hope in this case I am flat out wrong. As always, I welcome other readers to view these charts and give a different story. I look forward to it. And with that said, I must move forward and see what else I find here, most especially who this person is who killed this young man and then consciously went about disposing of him in secret. This person is a murderer and must be brought to justice. And so I will make my usual sorry stab at describing the killer and then I will try to see where he left Brian when all was said and done.

At the time of death, according to the sky charts, Mercury ruled the seventh cusp and Mercury was in Pisces, conjunct to Uranus. By the way, these planets were right at the ascendant, telling me that this person looked Brian right in the eye and did not sneak up on him. This was a face to face fight. But Uranus here describes a person who is unpredictable and unusual. With Mercury, he may have been a very bright man but not always a good one. In fact, this placement is the marker of the brilliant con man or criminal who steals, sells dope and lies for a living and always stays one step ahead of the law. Pisces describes somebody fleshy and short, a little on the plump side, probably with dark hair and light eyes. Also I would say they have rounded, soft features. With Uranus, there is something unusual about this man; near Mercury, I would say he had odd looking eyes or a scar or other marking over or around one or both eyes. He may wear offbeat glasses and have an unusual style of hair. There is no doubt that there would be something standout about him, something that people don't easily forget. Because Brian went willingly with these people and he died in a face to face fight with this man, those looking for the killer should consider closely Brian's circle of friends. Most especially someone who worked in the Ugly Tuna or knew someone who did.

And then I move into the area of trying to discover what this man did with Brian after he killed him. I see in the charts between 5 and 6 in the morning, they put Brian in a car. They took him down the road and then pushed him out. This is shown in these charts by Aries on the ascendant and Mars moving from the fourth house into the third. Then by 6:30 am, Mars moves out of the third into the second. And it is in the sign Gemini. This means that Mars in Gemini ends up defining the area where Brian was pushed out of the car. This combination points at various kinds of places, such as, for instance, a library with a war memorial nearby or a cannon in a park in the same area or even metal statues right in front of the library. Is there a library in the area with these kinds of war memories or weapons displays? Perhaps a military library or a place where they store records of munitions? If not, then consider also a nursery or public gardens with herbs, onions, garlic or hops or red peppers. He could be buried in a garden with these types of plantings. Other areas where he may have been taken include a mountain where there is a mineral mine, he might be left in an abandoned mine shaft. Also consider a military operated laboratory with scientific instruments, if there is a military base nearby that does research. Other places that should be considered are tennis or badminton courts in a park area with outdoor grills or fire pits; there might also be a gun or archery range. And then the simplest of all: a large field with red blooms; bright red eye catching flowers! Any of these sorts of places can be indicated by Mars in Gemini. Only people who live in that area would know which of these things might apply.

And, again, I must admit that I hope I am wrong. His father and brother miss him very much and I feel badly that I have seen his death in the charts. But since they have never found a body nor do they have an evidence of his death, we can assume that Brian may very well be alive. In that spirit, please look at his photo and commit it to memory. If you have any information regarding Brian Shaffer, please contact Central Ohio Crime Stoppers: 1-877-645-8477.


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  1. Thank you for doing that. I wonder about Brian all the time. I can't believe three years have passed already. I wish it could be resolved.

  2. I have been following this case for the last 3 years and i'm very glad that I found this site. I feel that the story you have exposed is probably very accurate. I just wish that the murderer will be brought to justice. I really wish they would investigate Clint more because I feel that he has something to do with it. He bolted out of Ohio pretty quickly after this all went down.


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