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Kellisue M. Ackernecht

Young Wife Disappears In Neighborhood; Car Found on Fire

From Find Kelliesue :

Name: Kellisue M. Ackernecht

DOB: 12/16/1972
DATE MISSING: 09/30/2008
Jayson Ackernecht: husband
Daughter: Ashley ; dob 10/?/99 She is either 9 or 10 yrs old.
Kellisue, Jayson and Ashley lived with Jayson’s parents.

Details of this case:

Kellisue left her job after work at Rite Aid, in Amsterdam , NY , about 9:35 p.m. Her home in Johnstown, NY was about 30 minutes away. Her car found on fire about 2:00 a.m. (1:53a.m.) in Johnstown , NY . The car was three blocks from her home. The car fire was across the street from Kellisue’s uncle by marriage, Dennis A.

A full search was done, by search group, dogs, plane, divers in nearby river. Kelliesue has never been found. A neighbor reported hearing gunshots around 12:15 a.m., Oct. 1, 2008. Her report was discounted. Police say she heard the tires blowing out on Kellisue’s car after it was on fire. Car fire reported at 1:53 a.m., per police in news article.

Johnstown police department insist this is a missing person case and not a criminal investigation. Johnstown police say Jayson is not a person of interest.

Fulton county district attorney Louise Sira refuses to get involved. She states she is there for the police dept.; there is no evidence of a crime.

Police department will not call in state police.

I have received numerous requests to do a chart on this case. After looking at it, I found it to be complex and confusing. But there is a missing woman at the center of all these events; a woman who disappeared after leaving work and then her car was found on fire. This is a mystery and you know how I love a mystery! So I thought I'd take a look at the charts and see if something came forward. I was hoping I could find something to talk about or I'd have a lot of disappointed readers. The first chart I drew up was for the time she was last reported seen, as she was leaving work that night. This was around 9:35 pm in a nearby town where she worked in a drugstore. When I looked at this chart, quite a few red flags popped up for me and I knew right away that this was probably foul play. In that chart Gemini is rising and Sagittarius is falling. Notice that Jupiter is in Capricorn in the eighth house. This is a falling position for Jupiter and it is in bad shape. It is square to both the Sun and Mercury; consider that Mercury is the first house ruler and Kellisue's marker. Jupiter is disposed of by Saturn and also trine to that planet in the fourth house. This planet is showing me someone desperate and in sad shape; a needy, complex personality who may have dependencies. Addictions to drugs, sex or other dark habits are possible. And, too, the planets describe the person as either someone who lived in Kellisue's home, was a close relative of hers or who was waiting in her home when she got back. Pluto is angular and powerful in the seventh house, showing that violence is a possibility and that the violence would come from someone she knew; a partner, her husband or ex husband perhaps, business associate or close friend. Pluto, in turn, is disposed of by Jupiter. I am afraid this person will do anything, go to extremes in fact, to get what he or she wants. Again, I feel an air of desperation. This person is, at the least, rather scary.

In this same chart, you can see Mercury pleasantly placed in the fifth house, between the Sun and Mars. It is in 20 degrees of Libra, near to the fixed star, Spica. This is a very fortunate position. But it is retrograde is actually moving backwards, off the conjunction, and into the Sun's shadows. So this is an aspect we must watch through the night. The Moon, the chart co ruler, is also right close nearby. Now, the fifth house points to children but there are two men there and she has no sons, so who are these men? The Sun is an angular ruler, as it rules the fourth house or nadir, so it has a lot of power. It also describes a man who is related to Kelliesue or who lives with her. This man has some distance from her and is not real close to her in the personal way. In other words, he does not sleep with her or engage her on a personal level. He is perhaps a relative or roommate. Mars is also describing a friend of hers, a man who rotates in her orb and may have a crush on her but there is nothing personal here either. She is not in love with either of these men. So who are they? Somehow, this night, she comes into their company. They either come to see her when she leaves work, perhaps they were visiting the store to shop. Perhaps they call her and invite her out to socialize with them or ask her to go with them for a time, to just talk or hang out. She does oblige them, the chart shows them together over a period of time, an hour or more and that the meeting was pleasant. But I cannot help but wonder why this meeting was never reported or discussed by the police or the media. Perhaps these men have never come forward? And were they aware of the third man? This man that is indicated by the seventh house; the next man she would meet? The interesting thing is that the third man, ruled by Jupiter, who she is about to meet, is near her home at this time. I looks like he came to her home or was there when she arrived. I do not feel that the other two men, her friends, came home with her. I don't see that at all. She left them and went about her business, going home, on her own.

Please notice that Neptune and the node are both in the tenth house. For me, the way I read it, this is an omen. Neptune tells me that secrets will be kept and the case may never be solved. The node tells me this was planned out carefully and may have involved more than one person. The case would become famous on a local level and many people will investigate it but I am not sure the clues that need to be revealed will ever be seen by anyone, including me. Neptune, like the High Priestess in the Tarot, hides everything very well and makes it very hard to see clearly. Clues can lay right out in the open and somehow everyone misses them. That is the nature of Neptune. And in this case, it rules the authorities right at the outset. It tells me that they missed important clues and overlooked important leads because they were hoodwinked somehow. Somehow, they believe something that is actually not true. And because of this ruse, they will chase red herrings for a very long time before they are able to solve this crime. Will they solve it? I am often asked that question. The Mercury trine to Neptune reveals something about this. Both planets are retrograde but Mercury does go direct on the 15th of October, which tells me it will be about 15 months before a real lead is offered. I read this by a fast moving planet in an angular sign in a succeedant house. After they find this lead, things will start moving on this case.

The charts seem to say that Kellisue made it home just before midnight. I am not sure why it took her so long but from all accounts, she lived a half hour away from her job and the charts are telling me that she socialized for awhile with two male relatives or friends. Why haven't these people come forward to say they were with her? And who would be waiting in her home, if we are to assume that her husband and child were there? The facts state that she also lived with parents, so were they home as well? The next few charts give an interesting twist to this story. This would be the charts for 11:30, midnight and 12:30 am.. Here you see Cancer rising and the Moon just entering the fourth house. Kelliesue has come home. Notice that the seventh house ruler, Saturn, is now in the third. This sort of hints that the man she is "about to meet" is in a car. Is he behind her? Did he follow her? Or was he in her car with her? The Moon is in the fourth so Kelliesue is at home; in the driveway, perhaps or just down the street. But somewhere near or in the home. The Moon has just entered Scorpio, which is now disposed of by Pluto and the volatile Mars. And if you notice that Aries is on the tenth house cusp and Mars has just appeared between Mercury and the Moon inside the fourth, you see that someone else has entered the scene. This man has literally stepped in the space between Kelliesue and her daughter. This makes me think that she was intercepted before she actually returned to the home. She was on her way to her child and someone entered the scene before that happened.

Uranus is in the ninth house in mutual reception with Neptune in the eighth. Sudden opportunities just come out of the blue and this event happened in a smooth but unexpected fashion. Conversely, Saturn in Virgo shows careful planning and shrewd manipulation of events. The Moon in Scorpio is beginning a transit that allows it to translate the light from Jupiter to Saturn in a trine formation, showing action on the way. Unfortunately, it is a sinister aspect but wide in orb. It's influence at this point is questionable. It's next strongest aspect is a conjunction to Venus. Venus is in fall in Scorpio and it rules the fourth house. She might have been killed by someone in her family. This is a strong possibility. Mars where it is, in detriment in the fourth house, coupled with Neptune in the eighth, I think Kelliesue was shot just before she arrived at her home. Perhaps outside on the lawn, at the end of the driveway, a few feet away as she approached, something like this. I believe she was shot in her car, right near her home, which is why the car was later burned. And I think more than one man was involved. I am not sure if her husband was one of them, although the charts seem to say that one of these men was at the home when she got there. So who would be in the home with her husband that he would not know about? Even if it is to be beleived that her husband might have been involved, there is no way he did this alone.

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Another interesting angle I must point out for consideration is that all of the planets that signify Kelliesue are in Libra and disposed of by Venus, which is in fall in Scorpio. This means they are all disposed of by Mars and Pluto, both violent and unpredictable planets. And then after midnight, her marker, the Moon moves into Scorpio as well. The planets that are in Libra are what is called via combust or combust way, which means they are conjoined to a number of violent fixed stars. The only standout is Mercury, at 20 degrees Libra, which I mentioned earlier because it was near to Spica early in the evening. But during the course of the evening, by midnight, in fact, Mercury has moved backwards a degree and has fallen into combust way with Mercury and the Moon. The Moon in combust way describes a dangerous situation that is very critical. Mercury, which rules Kellisue early in the evening, tells me that she was or is an honorable person who had been fortunate in many ways. But the grouping of planets around Mercury on this night, including Venus in fall in Scorpio and via combust way, she was not able to get out of the danger she faced. The conditions were critical; on red alert, so to speak. She just didn't have a chance. I believe she was shot before she even realized what was happening. I believe, from these planets, that she may have just stepped out of the car and was blown away. These are the shots the neighbor heard.

Now, I want to do the final chart for the time when her car was found on fire. Notice how Leo has taken the Ascendant and the Sun is now in the third. Kelliesue was in that car and that was the reason they burned it. The Sun and Mercury are both there, in the car. Someone else commandeered the car, took the wheel, after she was shot. Notice how the seventh house ruler has now moved into the eighth house. Uranus is in mutual reception with Neptune in the seventh, again emphasizing the secretiveness and mystery on the part of another person, in an event surrounding a death. Fascinating, no? Again, I must repeat, that I believe there was someone else no one knows about. I think Kelliesue was shot when she drove up or got out of the car and they put her back in it and took it and set it on fire. I know she was not found in the car, no bones or other evidence was found. Interestingly, Aries rules the midheaven and Mars is in the fourth house. The fire was within shouting distance of her home. It was seen by everyone in the area. The seventh house ruler, Uranus, is placed in the eighth house. This tells me that this person had murder on the mind; this was the exact reason he was there, it was what he was going to do. Uranus tells me he is unusual, rebellious, lives outside of society, on the edge, so to speak. The shooting was planned but it was also rash; when the opportunity arose, he took it. It was sudden and it was over with quickly but he was there for this reason. A subtle blend of planning and sudden events. Also noted is that the ruler of the eighth house cusp is also Uranus, a trick of the lighting, so to speak, with interception happening among houses in this chart due to the angle of declination. The eighth house ruler in the eighth house points to violent death and grave danger. Uranus tends to implicate a person who was considered a "friend" or who had been visiting lately. In the eighth house, it tends to also implicate someone who had been to her house occasionally and had been befriended by Kelliesue. Uranus also tends to describe a man and not a woman.

Interestingly, Scorpio is intercepted in the fourth with Pluto in the fifth house. This is a strong placement that shows intensity in relationships, like sexual betrayal and jealousy. Is it possible that her husband believed she was having an affair? With one of the men that I saw earlier, perhaps? Was he jealous? Also, Saturn is a player in the second house and it tells me there was financial hardship. Someone felt deprived. Someone really felt the pinch of poverty. Saturn in Virgo is a real miser, counting pennies, worried about everything. Someone had lost a job or didn't have a job or couldn't find a job. Earnings were very low and this was causing a lot of pain. Would this be a motive? Saturn is disposed of by Mercury in the third, so was there a car payment? Did they have a problem paying for the car? Perhaps there was an insurance policy on the car and there was a new car to be had? I know that sounds absurd but it's worth noting in the chart.

What happened to Kellisue afterwards? Where was she when the cops showed up and asked, "where is kelliesue?" The chart for the time of the car fire should reveal some things. We see that Leo is rising, making the Sun her marker. It is in the third house in the sign Libra, closely aligned with Mercury. This can mean any of several things. She could have been in a car, a second car, and being carried away. But even so, Mercury points to neighborhoods and the third house points to avenues and streets, not highways. The Sun with Mercury in Libra in the third makes me think that she is not far from home. She is in a neighborhood, possibly a suburb. She is along a two lane highway or suburban avenue and may even be in the city area, near commercial buildings and office buildings. Where is certainly isn't is in the woods, along a major highway, in another city or state or buried underground. Libra says she was left in the open air, probably face down. In a high place, but probably not on a mountain or in the woods. The Sun and Mercury in Libra disposed of Venus in Scorpio literally makes me think of garbage cans, dumpsters, the landfill. Scorpio can point to sewers or wells. Libra often depicts outhouses so it is possible she was dropped into the sewer. However, Libra often describes attics, upstairs bedrooms, wardrobes and closets with lots of hanging clothes. I personally think that's unlikely. And since Mercury depicts flowing and veined substances, I see again water as a possibility. But not in the woods-- somewhere in the city or the suburb. That's why I keep thinking the sewer system or other disposal method. Mars is also in Libra so she may have been dismembered and discarded of in pieces. I find this whole thing disgusting at this point so I am going to stop trying.

I am not sure I can safely point the finger at her family or her husband. This did occur very close to home and seems to involve someone who visited her home. But I am not sure this was not a person she simply knew rather than her husband. But I am not saying that the charts totally rule him out. But if he was indeed involved in this heinous crime, he did not do this alone. He was helped by someone else; someone they both knew. But, as always, regardless of my findings, Kelliesue has not been found and this is still being treated as a missing person case. She may very well be still alive and well, living under a new name perhaps. So look at her photo and commit it to memory. If you see her or believe you know something about her disappearance or current whereabouts, please call the Johnstown police at 518-736-4021 or go to the website Find Kelliesue and send an email or leave a comment.


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