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Joseph David Wolfgang Pichler

Young Man Disappears From Home After Late Night Card Game

From Joe Pichler Missing

Joe Pichler was last seen by a friend on January 5, 2006 in Bremerton, WA. He had spent the evening playing cards with some close friends. Everyone that saw him that evening described Joe as in a very good mood. They say he was not showing any signs of distress or depression. Several people tried to reach Joe later on and was unable to reach him so they reported him missing. On January 9, 2006 Joe's vehicle was found abandoned near the Wheaton Way and Sheridan Road intersection in Bremerton, WA behind a restaurant called "Taqueria Los Cazadores". It is located at 2805 Wheaton Way. Joe Pichler has not been seen since.

Joseph David Wolfgang Pichler
NICKNAME: Joe or Josie
NCIC #: M-005439814
CASE NUMBER: #B06-000286
CASE TYPE: Endangered Missing Teen
DATE OF BIRTH: February 14, 1987
SEX: Male
RACE: White
HEIGHT: 6'2" Feet Tall
WEIGHT: 170 lbs.
EYES: Hazel Green
HAIR: Light Brown
DATE MISSING: January 5, 2006
TIME MISSING: Last seen around 4:15 a.m. by a friend.
ADDRESS LAST SEEN: 2000 Magnuson Way in Bremerton, WA
CITY/STATE: Bremerton, WA
LAST SEEN: Last seen playing cards at his apartment with friends located at 2000 Magnuson Way.
EMPLOYMENT: Worked full-time at Teletech. He was a tech person for Nextel and another phone company. He had been on the job for only 2 months when he disappeared.
VEHICLE: Joe had a Silver 2005 Toyota Corolla. His vehicle was found abandoned on a main road near the Wheaton Way & Sheridan Road intersection in Bremerton, WA. It was found parked behind a restaurant on the corner of Wheaton Way (559 Lebo Blvd.) This is a busy intersection surrounded by houses and businesses. The location of the car was visible from 2 directions.

This is another interesting case emailed to me by an astute reader. It is a cold case now, with no clues or leads and the police are stumped. As you all know, I can't resist a mystery and tossing in my two cents with a chart or two. Apparently, what it seems to me, is that he was last seen at his own apartment by friends who had dropped in to play cards. These friends left the apartment and went on their way, never to see or hear of Joe again. I am assuming that the police have questioned everyone known to be at the card game and cleared them. However, the first chart I draw up, for this time last seen, raises some questions about the current version of events. At the time reported, around 4 in the morning, I see that Scorpio is rising and Pluto is in the first. This says that Joe is "in his place", which we know to be his home. But Pluto is disposed of by Jupiter in Scorpio in the twelfth, which is opposing Mars in the sixth. It doesn't look to me that Joe was safe; in fact, this placement puts him in danger from someone or something he does not see. Mars as co ruler of the chart being in the sixth tells me that Joe is not only in danger, he may very well be sick. Please notice that the chart co ruler, the Moon, is in the fourth house in Pisces. This affirms the account that Joe was in his own home. It also hints that he may have been drinking or using drugs and wasn't exactly sober. The Moon is disposed of by Neptune in the third and Neptune is in mutual reception with Uranus, also in the third. A workmate, neighbor or relative of Joe's brought along the alcohol and / or the drugs. Combined with Mars opposing Jupiter it is my belief that Joe overindulged that night, was maybe even a little aggressive about it, being in the mood to be "rowdy" and to "have fun".

But the aspect that lingers out there, grabbing my attention is Saturn moving through the ninth. This planet is clearly going to move into the eighth within the next hour. If this occurs while Jupiter is still in the twelfth, igniting the square between the two planets we may be able to get a glimpse of whether Joe is dead or alive. Mercury rules the midheaven and is placed in the second, showing that the purpose of the card game was money. These men were gambling. Jupiter also rules the second cusp, from it's place in the twelfth, saying also that Joe was keeping it to himself how much money he had won or lost. Jupiter sextile the Sun in the second would seem to imply that he had won a bit of money that night. Other positions I must note is that Mercury also rules the eighth house, indicating that money might be a factor in Joe's disappearance. Also, the cusp of the eighth house (27 Gemini) is opposing Pluto, inconjunct to Venus and is squared by the Moon. Not good.

One thing of note is that all the planets have vacated the fourth house except the Moon. The position of planets in the third show that they had been in the fourth house earlier and now are not. This describes people leaving the house, going into "the neighborhood" or "getting into vehicles". This supports the claims of the others that they all left that house and Joe had been there alone last that they knew. But here is the thing. By 4:30 am, Saturn steps into the eighth while Jupiter remains in the twelfth. Neither planet is personalized, with Scorpio still on the Ascendant, but this combo much be watched as the Ascendant changes to Sagittarius shortly. Also, of note, is that Saturn in the eighth is in mutual reception with the Sun, which is now in the second house. And, conversely, the Sun is disposed of by Saturn. The number of mutual receptions and special configurations in this chart is amazing. There is a grand square and three sets of planets in mutual reception. This is exceptional to say the least and I am not sure what it means as I have never seen this before. Someone have an idea? Feel free to comment!

Now, if we are to discover whether another person was involved in this, we must take a look at the seventh house. At this point, Venus rules the seventh and is placed in the second. This planet is disposed of by Saturn in the eighth. Again, a whiff of trouble is in the air. And it appears to be over money. Did someone leave, count their money and then determine they had been ripped off? The next chart I look at is for 15 minutes later, 4:45 am, and the planets have shifted to the positions I thought they might. Sagittarius has moved onto the Ascendant while Jupiter is still placed in the twelfth. Saturn remains in the eighth. And Gemini has moved onto the Descendant, making Mercury the seventh house ruler. If you look you'll see that Mercury, right at this time, has moved into the first and opposes the eighth house cusp, which is now at 4 Cancer. Mars is entering the fifth, coming into opposition with Jupiter in the twelfth, the first house ruler. Somebody came back to the home, angry about money. They came to the front door. And now we need to watch the Moon and see if it leaves the fourth and enters the third while this person is there.

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I do not think that Joe was shot or stabbed. I am pretty sure that he dies this night because the planets show way too much danger. But the grand square involving Neptune in Aquarius in the third, Saturn in Leo in the eighth, Jupiter in Scorpio in the twelfth and Mars in Taurus in the fifth, makes me think he might have been drugged or poisoned. Is it possible that someone drugged or poisoned his drink this night and returned shortly to finish him off? Perhaps they wanted his winnings.. or they felt he had cheated them or shortchanged them somehow. We must take into consideration the mutual reception between Jupiter and Pluto. At first this involved the first and second houses, showing the kind of luck that Joe was having. He was winning at the game. Later on, this aspect came to involve the first and twelfth houses, showing a different set of possibilities. Was Joe hiding something and someone else figured it out? Is this why the aspects look so much like death to me? And if they did kill him, then what? His body has never been found.

Moving everything forward minute by minute I locate a movement at 5:15 am. This would be right after this person returned to his home. It is at this time that I see Joe leave the home. Whether he does this of his own free will or not, whether he is dead or alive as he does so, is just not clear. But the position of Mercury, the seventh house ruler, in the first house and disposed of by Saturn in the eighth is telling us that this person came back there with the express reason of killing Joe. Seriously. And he may have done that right away, although I still think Joe was drugged or poisoned in advance. Pluto in mutual reception with Jupiter and Jupiter opposing Mars in the fifth seems to say that Joe had a hand in his own death. He drank the poisoned drink or smoked the spiked cigarette or otherwise took part in it without knowing. But I am not happy with what I see as vague indicators in these charts and cannot say for sure what has happened. So I resort to the Arabic Parts formulas, which I hardly use these days even though I once wrote an educational series for American Astrology on the Parts Formulas. When all else fails... go to the source! So I draw up a part of change (or death) to see if anything illuminates. And what I find is that, at the time I am guessing Joe had to have died, if he did die, the Part of Change is at 5 Aquarius. This position is widely conjoined to Neptune, widely square to Jupiter and in nearly exact opposition to Saturn. I am pretty sure that Joe died this night, and at some time close to 4:45 am. Very shortly after this friends left, someone came to the apartment. It was this person who killed Joe Pichler.

Whoever arrived at Joe's apartment, took him out at around 5:15 am. He was put in a car and driven away. I think it's interesting that Joe's car was said to be silver and the Moon in the third is in Pisces. I would have guessed blue or silver just from this alone. And I believe that by the time the chart shows Joe being taken from the car, the Moon will have moved into Aries. At that time, the Moon will be square to Mercury in Capricorn, which I believe to be his killer's marker. Jupiter in Scorpio in the eleventh tells me, sadly, that this person was a person Joe considered a "friend". It is noted that Joe was a technician who worked on phones and other communications equipment. This is well defined by the eleventh house, which tells me that this "friend" also worked either as a technician or for a company that Joe did work for. Technicians often go to various businesses and do contract work for the phone companies, setting up T1 lines, PBX switches and wiring business phone systems. This person who killed him worked either for the same tech company Joe did or he was employed at one of the businesses that Joe serviced. I believe that the killer was among the players at the card game and was probably already interviewed and cleared by the police.

Working up charts and moving them forward, hour by hour, I finally find the time and place where and when they dump the body. And as I guessed, at that same moment, the Moon enters Aries. This tells me a lot about what they did with Joe's body and where it might be today. They actually did not dispose of him until around 7 am. They drove a distance away from where he died and dumped him, driving his car to the restaurant and leaving it. It is my guess that they did not move Joe in his own car. So this is telling me that there was more than one person involved, no? Gemini on the seventh cusp hints at two people, perhaps brothers or relatives in some way. I would not go so far as to say they were "twins" but, like the Natalee Holloway reading, I see these two men as being "soul mates" of a sort, a "frick and frack" team that did everything together. These men were close and possibly related, much like "twins" in many ways even if they do not look alike.

Jupiter, which still rules the Ascendant, has moved into the tenth house, telling me that they left Joe "out in the open" somewhere and did not bother to bury him or hide him in the woods. But the Moon in Aries tells me that a few places are possible. Start with hunting grounds. Where people go to hunt game. Look in those areas for freshly plowed ground or an area that had recently been dug up (back in 2006 not now). If there are no hunting grounds in the area, then consider the following places: a slaughterhouse, a distillery, toolshops, gunsmiths, locksmiths, smelters and coal fired electrical plants. Consider that he might have been dropped inside a furnace or a chimney and may, in fact, have been burned. If the resources are there and someone has a mind to look for his bones, they should explore all combinations of the possibilities I mentioned. I mean, it could be something like a hunting area near a slaughterhouse by a patch of disturbed ground, or some other combination of factors. Keep an eye out for kilns, metal smelters, ironworking plants, gunmakers or shops, military bases, silversmiths, large scale bakeries or other food producers who use huge ovens. All aspects of the sign Aries should be explored and these places should be carefully examined as the Moon can cloud and obscure the facts. Go over everything twice and look again if you can; do not look for his body at night.

Finally, I will take my last shot at this and try to describe his killer. Mercury and the sign Gemini, as I said before, indicates more than one person. Mercury in Capricorn describes the outward appearance of the principal player in the matter. This describes a thin, scraggly looking man with sharp features and a crooked walk. He might have "crooked" legs, as they are called, but probably just bow legged. He has a nose that is very sharp at the tip and his eyes are small and a bit slanted. This is NOT TO SAY that he is Asian. I do not think he is Asian, although he could be. I see hair of any color from dark brown to blond and he could literally be any race. Although the words, "sharp", "penetrating" and "careful" describe him perfectly. He is extremely serious and organized but can be easily peeved and has a nasty temperment at times. Not much of a sense of humor, he takes things hard and this is why he got so angry over what he believed Joe did. Whether Joe actually did it or not is beyond the scope of this blog, although the horary charts could be read for the entire evening to see if Joe actually did steal something or lie about something along the way. But if he did, does that ever justify murder? Revenge is a horrible mindset and I wish people would stop acting on it in such an ugly way. But this man, as I have described him, is serious and sober enough to take such a betrayal extremely hard and is not beyond getting even.

Now, I realize that I have read the charts and seen that Joe is dead. However, I could be wrong and he may very well be alive. So in the spirit of fairness and justice, I am posting his picture for you to see. If you have seen this man, or believe you know something about his disappearance, please do not hesitate to contact The Bremerton PD either by writing them at 1025 Burwell Street Bremerton, Washington 98337 or calling them at (360) 473-5220.


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  1. I am the one who sent this request to you a couple months ago and just want to say thank you Caroline for doing this reading on Joe!

  2. Carolyn, much of the information you have stated is very much on the money. Joe went to visit two friends that night. Two friends that lived together. It is believed that one of the friends drugged him and the other went to rob Joe's apartment. Joe for some reason returned to his apartment unexpectedly. Joe's Magic The Gathering cards were stolen. One of these friends knew how to get into Joe's apartment (through a balcony door) and was the last person Joe called on his cell phone 4:06am.
    The forged suicide not was written by this same (Frick and Frack) combo and the girl who was supposed to get all Joe's possessions via the forged suicide note is now dating/living together with the no 1 suspect of the two.

  3. Actually the police in Bremerton dropped the ball. They did not question the freinds becasue they were underage at the time, and they have refused to question them since, If you read every report, you will see that they were not, and his friend - I am under the impression it was his girlfriend, knew where his car was before the police, and this is proven, becasue she stated to family members that "we went back to the car, to get anything embarresing, but the police were already there"- Bremerton completely dropped the ball, and this needs to be reinvestigated. The poem they said was there reason to think he comited suicide, was not even written only by him, a freind and he wrote it together...


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