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Tammy Lynn Leppert

Aspiring Actress and Model Leaves Home and Disappears

From The Charley Project:

Missing Since: July 6, 1983 from Rockledge, Florida
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: February 5, 1965
Age: 18 years old
Height and Weight: 5'4 - 5'5, 105 - 115 pounds
Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Curly blond hair, hazel eyes. Leppert may spell her first name "Tammi." She occasionally uses Tammi and/or Tami-Lyn as stage names.
Clothing/Jewelry Description: A blue denim skirt, a light blue shirt with flower appliques on the shoulders, and flip-flops.
Medical Conditions: Leppert may have been three months pregnant at the time of her disappearance, but this has not been confirmed. She was apparently suffering from emotional problems at the time of her disappearance.

Details of Disappearance
Leppert left her family's home in Rockledge, Florida at 11:00 a.m. on July 6, 1983 with a male friend. Her friend later told authorities that he and Leppert had an argument while driving and that he left her standing in a parking lot outside the Glass Bank near an Exxon gasoline station in the vicinity of State Road A1A between 2nd Street North and 3rd Street North in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Leppert carried a gray purse when she went missing. Many reports erroneously state that she was barefoot at the time of her disappearance. Her mother said she noticed Leppert had not combed her hair before leaving the house that day, which is very uncharacteristic of her; she usually spent considerable time on her appearance before going anywhere. At the time of her disappearance, Leppert was planning to go to California to act in some movies. She apparently never arrived there, however.

Investigators looked into the possibility that Leppert was attacked by Christopher Wilder, a man linked to at least a dozen disappearances, rapes, murders and/or attacks of women in the early to mid-1980s. Photos of Wilder are posted below this case summary. He frequented the Florida region at the time of Leppert's disappearance. He sometimes attempted to lure young female victims by offering non-existent "modeling sessions" or other tactics, which would have fit well into a scenario involving Leppert. She was a relatively known model who had won several titles and was an occasional actress, landing bit parts in the films Scarface and Spring Break, and she wanted to be an internationally famous star.

Wilder, whose history of violence towards women went back to his adolescent years, was put on probation in 1980 after pleading guilty to attempted sexual battery towards a teenage girl. While on a visit home to Australia that same year, he was charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting two teen aged girls. His parents bailed him out of jail and he flew back to the United States, promising to return for his trial which was set for April 1984.

Wilder is a also a suspect in the Florida disappearances of Mary Opitz, Colleen Orsborn, Rosario Gonzales, and Elizabeth Kenyon. He was killed during a shootout with authorities in 1984. Leppert's family filed a one-million-dollar lawsuit against Wilder before his death, but dropped the suit afterwards. Leppert's mother, modeling agent Linda Curtis, later stated that she never believed Wilder was involved in Leppert's disappearance. Police have never been able to link Wilder and Leppert and it may be coincidence that she disappeared at the same time he was targeting area models. He had a long history of sex crimes but did not begin his killing spree until a year after Leppert vanished.

John Crutchley, the so-called "Vampire Rapist," is also considered a possible suspect in Leppert's case. He received a life sentence in prison after kidnapping and raping a woman in Orlando, Florida and drinking her blood. Crutchley committed suicide in prison in 2002. He has never been linked to Leppert.
Curtis criticized the police for allegedly mishandling the investigation into Leppert's disappearance. Police initially believed she ran away, and some continue to think that foul play was not involved in her case. Curtis said her daughter was afraid of the man who last saw her, and that the individual was never properly investigated. Authorities say they did the best they could to find Leppert and the man she was last seen with has been interviewed is not a viable suspect in her case.

On June 1, a month before Leppert vanished, she began acting erratically at her home. She yelled and screamed and broke a window with a baseball bat. Curtis took Leppert to a mental health center for a 72-hour observation after she calmed down. Psychiatrists there could not find anything wrong with her. Curtis planned to get a therapist for Leppert, but she disappeared before that could be arranged.
Curtis believed that Leppert may have been kidnapped and murdered as a result of her knowledge of a large-scale drug and money laundering operation in Brevard, Florida. The operation allegedly involved many prominent local citizens. Leppert was reportedly afraid for her life because of what she knew. She stayed in her bedroom more than usual and refused to drink from open containers or eat from her own plate. Curtis claimed Leppert made a police report about what she knew, but investigators have no record of the report and do not espouse Curtis's theory.

Leppert's sister is still looking for her and believes her mother's theory about Leppert's disappearance. Curtis, who moved to Orlando, Florida, after her daughter's disappearance, died of a blood infection in 1995. The missing persons organization Child Protection Education of America states that Leppert had no cavities or fillings at the time of her disappearance; however, this is unproven. Her dental records have been lost. Some agencies incorrectly state that Leppert's home is in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

This is one of the most fascinating murder cases in my area here in Florida. It is arguably the most famous cold case out of Brevard County. I remember all of the events now, looking back, and all the rumors that flew up and down the beaches. So many men were suspects, some of them well known in the area, and all of them exonerated over time. The case is very cold and I had completely forgotten about it until it was emailed to me by a reader who requested I look at it. It's been awhile since she did that and I want to apologize for the delay at the same time as thanking her for the reminder. This is a very sad, strange and tantalizing mystery and I was excited about it when she emailed me. I hope the stars speak to me and I hope I hear what they're saying!

The first chart I draw up is for the time when Tammy Lynn left home on that fateful day. Her mother says she left home around 11 am that morning and, as you can tell by reading the information above, there were strange actions and events surrounding that day. I firmly believe that Tammy Lynn was depressed about something, her peculiar behaviors leading up to her disappearance, seem to say that. In particular, notations that she "hadn't combed her hair" before leaving, when she was very attentive to her appearance, being a model and actress. Back then, in the 1980s, we had far fewer resources and much less understanding of mental problems and illnesses like depression. There were certainly no viable drugs available to treat it and it wasn't often discussed, generally believed to be a character flaw and that it might lead to a diagnosis of "crazy". So I am sure that if Tammy Lynn were depressed she would not have discussed it and may not have even known it. With that much said, I do not believe she committed suicide nor do I think she ran off. So let's look at what the charts tell us.

This chart has Virgo rising with Mercury in the tenth. Right away I see that Mercury is conjunct Mars, also in the tenth and they are both in the sign Cancer. The Moon is in the ninth in Taurus. The seventh house ruler is Pisces and Neptune is in the fourth. Now, this aspect reads two ways for me. The young man she left with came to her home, which defines this position. But also, looking at Mars, I have an inkling that she went with one man (Mars) in order to go to the home of another man (Neptune). I will let the stars sort it out as we go along, and tell me what happens. But I also notice that the Sun is right ahead of Mercury, close to a conjunction. In fact, the Sun is closer to Mercury than Mars. The Sun rules the twelfth house so is this a man who is hidden from Tammy? Or are just his motives not known? Also, Mercury moves faster than both Mars and the Sun, so it is leaving Mars and approaching the Sun, making that aspect sinister. BOTH planets have fallen under the Sun' beams. This is a very dangerous position and makes Mercury (with designates Tammy) weak and vulnerable. I feel fear emanating from this position. This man frightens her. With the planet Mercury in this position, I can safely say that Tammy Lynn is in grave danger and this was true before she even left her home.

The other prominent aspect we have to watch is the Moon moving into a square with Venus. The Moon is actually disposed of by Venus while Venus is disposed of by Neptune. Neptune rules the seventh house so the person she is going to meet this day is someone she knows. She was not taken by a stranger, a serial killer she did not know. Neptune is free of restraint, no bad aspects, nothing challenging it's position. This person has the upper hand and everybody knows it. The Moon in the ninth tells me that Tammy was planning on leaving, someplace far away like California, and may well have believed she would have gone on this day. And I do not rule out the possibility that she was actually taken somewhere out of state, on a plane, boat or train, and met her fate elsewhere. Moon being disposed of by Venus in the twelfth house whispers that she may have had a secret. Something no one knew about. And that the secret was a part of what happened to her.

And then, a half an hour later, at 11:30 am, I see that all of these conjoined planets are now together in one house, the tenth. The Node is at the midheaven and the Moon is still in the ninth. I am still thinking they have all gone to an airport or train station or other depot and she is going on a trip. Also notice that the seventh house ruler, Neptune, is disposed of Jupiter in Sagittarius in the third house. Jupiter is the strongest planet in this chart as ruler of the fourth axis. Again, this is talking about a trip, going somewhere, either with this man (Neptune) or off to see him somewhere like his home or office (fourth house). Since I know the area, I can pose a few ideas. The nearest airports in the 1980s were a small airport near Titusville, a small airport in Melbourne, a private airstrip on Merritt Island and the larger airport in Orlando. If they were going by private plane or if one of them had access to a small plane, then they could have taken off from Titusville or Merritt Island, which would have been less than a half hour away in either instance. And there would have been no security, no customs, no terminal with cameras, etc... it would have been just like getting out of a car and getting on a plane, with no eyes on you. The pilot may have signed a form and notified the control tower but no one would have asked the names of people on board. Who would have suspected this?

But the charts really change and take on a death pattern by 12:30 pm. It is this chart that starts to fulfill the threats posed by the planets hovering under the Sun' beams. But here's the real mystery for me. The three planets in the tenth house are all disposed of by the Moon, which is now in the eighth. Mars, which now rules the seventh cusp, is also under the Sun's beams. Pluto and Saturn have entered the first house and the first house ruler, Venus, is now in the eleventh. They took her somewhere to take pictures but things went south somehow. With Mars also under the Sun's beams, I am beginning to think that someone she was with was also in danger, if not killed. I think these were sexual photos and it may have been something she was forced to do by someone she was afraid of. There is no doubt that fear is present in even the very first chart. This may explain her fall in self esteem, her loss of caring about herself that her mother complained about. Victims of sexual exploitation lose self esteem and personal pride practically overnight. This is likely the secret she was keeping from her friends and her mom.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

Between 12:30 and 2:30 that day, Libra was rising and Venus was in the eleventh house squared to the Moon in the eighth. Tammy hated taking the photos (or films) and today was no different. She may have complained or made a fuss. It definitely didn't sit well with her. But as I said before she was scared to death and in grave danger. The story the first man gave that he dropped her off on the side of the road is not true. I don't care what the cops think or what he might say. He took her to a plane, a bus, a boat, a train, another vehicle of some sort and she was taken away to a second location where pictures or films were to be made. Tammy was doing this out of fear and she was keeping the whole thing a secret. They had probably threatened to kill her before. To answer the rumors that went around at the time, there are no fifth house or Venus related aspects to indicate that Tammy was pregnant. That was not a part of this event. If she was pregnant, which it doesn't say she is, the chart is saying that this was not the reason she was killed.

But I can say with fair certainty that Tammy Lynn died the same day she disappeared. I cannot say, from these charts, whether it was a plan or if it was just an accident. It is not clear. However, she was killed sometime between 3 and 4 in the afternoon and she died in some body's house, making films or photos. If you look at the chart for 3 pm, you will see that Scorpio takes the Ascendant while Pluto and Saturn are backing into the twelfth. Mars moves into the eighth house at just a few minutes after 3. Venus rules the seventh house and is placed in the tenth. Mars, which now co rules Tammy Lynn, is under the Sun's beams. The Moon has moved into the seventh house. This all shows that she was with someone else, a partner, friend, business associate, etc.. and they were in his home or office when this happened. She was actually strangled I believe (Pluto and Saturn in Libra in the twelfth). Also consider Mars close to Mercury as it enters the eighth. She was killed by force and most likely they strangled her... unless she drowned. I know that sounds crazy, but the planets are in Cancer in the eighth and it could have been in a bathtub or swimming pool. Moon in Taurus rules the throat. The cusp of the eighth house is ruled by Mercury (the breath) and it's at an early degree in Gemini, opposed directly by both Jupiter and Uranus. The death pattern is very clear and with the major planets coming under the Sun's beams, I must say that she was murdered that same day. Moon in the seventh disposed of by Venus in the tenth, this was "business" to her killer. Just business. And one last note, I see that Neptune in Sagittarius is opposed to the north node in the eighth house. This was a film business; movies; most likely porn. A very popular line of porn films, possibly distributed overseas.

So what did they do with Tammy's body? Since it's never been found I am sure someone would like to at least find a bone and put this to rest. By now, she would hardly even be bones. I am sure it would be nearly impossible to find her; although I've heard of stranger things happening. So I will give it a shot. Pluto is in Libra in the twelfth and Mars is in Cancer. Air signs indicate high places but this is Florida and let's be real. There are no high places in Florida except some oceanfront condos. So perhaps it was in a penthouse at an oceanfront resort. Or perhaps the air sign is indicating a place where high things are, like airports where planes fly, a radio tower, air related sports like hang gliding, ballooning or bungee jumping. All of these are popular here on the coast. Or it might simply mean she was killed in a building near a kite shop. It can get that cryptic. But I feel it was in a penthouse somewhere along the beach, with water nearby. I don't think it happened in the same area where she lived because the charts show her leaving on a plane, bus or other vehicle and this would mean somewhere a few miles away at the least and at the most, out of state. The time window on the events in these charts lead me to believe that they did not leave the state, but possibly flew or drove to a place no more than 2 or 3 hours away. If they drove, it was along an interstate like I95. Since the destination appears to be on the coast, this means Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Tampa Bay, Sarasota, or any other places along the coast a few hours away that would have penthouses on the ocean.

And this leads me to wonder, where did they put her body? Why was it never found? The positions of Pluto, Saturn and the Moon tell me that she was dumped in the water near an airport or radio tower. Moon in Taurus tells me they weighed her down. Pluto indicates depth to me so she might have been taken out and dumped in the ocean. But the ocean is notorious for eventually coughing everything up, especially floating things like bodies. So I think it was more likely a still lake or fairly deep riverway, of which there are many throughout all of the coastal regions in question. The intercoastal would be a prime location to weigh down a body and dump it into the deepest parts and it would never rise. Just not enough current. I wouldn't be surprised if the intercoastal in Miami wasn't loaded up with a few dead drug dealers. This may very well be where Tammy Lynn came to rest.

I doubt if they will ever catch the person who killed her. The man who drove her that morning took her to a ride with other men somewhere and left her. He was not with her when she died because the other man that was came into danger himself and may likely have also been "snuffed". His markers spent too much time under the Sun's beams and taking on negative aspects to have come out of the day unscathed. If he is still alive, he is feeling very lucky. I beleive Tammy was killed by the filmmaker(s) or photographer(s). The cluster of planets in the first house at the time of her death are in Sagittarius and Jupiter is there, too. Jupiter, in fact, is right at the Ascendant, ruling the event. And as soon as the Ascendant changes from Scorpio to Sagittarius, Jupiter has fallen into the twelfth, showing Tammy Lynn as "still dead". This is what I call continuity in the chart, where a certain condition is reasserted over and over again as you move the times forward. I saw it often in the analysis I did on the Caylee Anthony case and there is no mistaking the message: this person is dead.

The photog who killed her had a drug problem. Key aspects involving Neptune throughout this event show me that. I did not see that Tammy had a drug problem although the appearance of drug related aspects indicates that she may have used drugs casually or, at the worst, was forced to use drugs during these sessions. And very likely that they drugged her on this day. It is common practice for porn producers to drug the girls, like pimps do, to make them "agreeable". But I do not think that drugs killed Tammy; the Neptune aspects do not involve her planets directly. So this much I see in the chart with some certainty: she was taken away to make a film, was drugged, was brutalized and eventually killed by a filmmaker/photographer who was on drugs and had a strange, peculiar personality. She likely met him through contacts in her business; they are often preying on ambitious actresses, models and dancers who hope to become famous. But this was not a serial killer, as people imagined at the time, because she knew this man and went there to take these films by prior arrangement and had very well taken photos with him before. However, if there had been a single thread to tie her to Christopher Wilder, I would have suggested looking into that. He was known for pretending to be a filmmaker in order to rape and murder women. And I am not saying that this wasn't something like that; I just can't tell that from a chart. Those kind of details must be left up to the psychics and profilers. She went there willingly, but then so do most serial killer victims. So I guess anything is possible.

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  1. Tammy pulled a vanishing act, obtained evidence of sanity to provide the legal system (court) with the last remaining piece of legal paperwork needed.

    The police are constrained from even saying they can't say.

  2. The police do not know where she is.There are no court records saying she left on her own.The police would tell the family members she is ok if they knew where she was.The family say's The FDLE Agent Bliss and Detective Cooper with the CBPD have been recently called back in to reinvestigate tammy's they are looking for her.They have moved tammy's status on her case I believe to missing endangered.If you know any thing about please call the FDLE or the CBPD or her sister suzanne.

  3. She is not endangered and the person responsible for the "endangered" is a sister who was adopted out at around age one. She has no legal position but the police will humor anyone who is persistent.

    Those who actually knew Tammy, other than her mother who started the doom and gloom promotion, knowing better... people know the only missing is the celebrity name of "Tammy Lynn Leppert" as she went through a name change.

    There is enough history established prior to the vanishing act to warrent relevant information to be sealed from public access, including such early adopted out siblings.

  4. Hi
    My name is suzanne.I am Tammy's sister.I am Tammy's blood sister.We have the same birth mother.We have worked with the police for many years to find my sister tammy.The CBPD and the FDLE work with me and use me as a family contact.If you know some thing about tammy please contact the CBPD Detective Cooper or the FDLE Agent Bliss or me her sister suzanne.She is listed as endangered.

  5. Listed as endangered only because you pushed and pushed and pushed and the police are going to humor the persistent. You may be blood but being adopted out before you had any memory, you claim you never met Tammy or your mother. You only picked up and ran with this because it was in the media and gave you something to do that gave you the feeling or purpose.

    The vanishing act was planned and the police were informed and seal court orders are not something you'd have access to or be told about. There is no other reason for the police to ignore sightings and contacts others have had with Tammy. There is no other reason they became stupid about her, to forget what they knew about her, that same day.

    To defend themselves as to why they didn't do more, they claimed that Linda wasn't giving them correct description details yet Tammy had a police record and even served probation where such records contained Tammy's description details including age/birth date.

    It would also be inline for the police to "not know" of one of there own related to this matter. Officer Shumaker, whom had a connection to Tammy, a supposed undercover investigation of Linda. And there was an incident where I understood there was a hearing (legal) where Tammy tried to legally get away from her mother and was really angry that she couldn't. Shumaker related, I believe.

    There is this and more history to support a sealed court order to protect Tammy's privacy as an adult.

    Your persistence only results in harassment of some who know, by those who don't and don't need to know. And it can also be seen, by Tammy herself, as an act to pry into her life against her privacy wish.

    To find her and her privacy intent, who would you tell? And since you couldn't tell anyone, what of all your efforts and how will you look to those who have seen your efforts, should you drop them?

    You have no right to harass or to cause harassment of others. You did this to yourself. All you have to cover your own errors is that of promoting doom and gloom, as you do.

  6. There is no harrassment by people.Good people are trying to find tammy because they care.She is listed as a missing person as endangered and on the NCIC.Please if you know something concerning tammy.Please call detective Cooper with the CBPD or Agent Bliss with the FDLE.

  7. How do you take in account that two weeks after she was reported missing she called her sister in Ca. This would not put her being killed on the day she left????????????


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