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Tiffany Sessions

Young Lady Disappears on Walk from College Dorm

From First Coast News:

Tiffany's Story Christmas 1988 was the last time Tiffany Sessions would be home for the holidays. Six weeks later, she would just vanish into thin air.

The day was February 9, 1989. Her mom, Hilary, remembers it well. "Tiffany went out about four o'clock in the afternoon."

The University of Florida Junior left her apartment at Casablanca in Gainesville for some exercise. She went for a walk. An hour passed, then two hours, three hours. Five hours later, Tiffany's roommate made a phone call.

"About nine o'clock, Kathy called. It was her tone of voice, I immediately knew we had a problem," says Hilary Sessions.

Sessions says her daughter never came home. There was no sign of a struggle, no sign Tiffany even made it out of her apartment complex parking lot. For days, crews searched the area looking for any clues. "Nothing -- no clothes, no walkman, no batteries, no shoes, no Rolex, no clothes -- nothing. It was like aliens came down and picked her up," says Sessions.

Eighteen years later, more than 2000 leads into Tiffany's disappearance have been investigated.

From Tiffany Sessions:

By Rupa Mikkilineni
Nancy Grace Producer

NEW YORK (CNN) — Tiffany Sessions was a 20-year-old junior studying economics at the University of Florida in Gainesville when she decided to go out for a run. She never came back.

College student Tiffany Sessions has been missing since February 9, 1989.College student Tiffany Sessions has been missing since February 9, 1989.

Sessions left her off-campus apartment about 6 p.m. February 9, 1989. She told her roommate she’d be back shortly and took her Walkman with her.

It was the last time anyone would see her.

That was 20 years ago, a time when no one had cell phones, Blackberries or Web sites to aid in tracking a missing or abducted person.

The only clues came from people who recalled seeing a young woman fitting Sessions’ description walking down the main street just before dusk.

Sessions’ jogging route usually took her down Gainesville’s main street to a small dirt trail that cut through the woods. The loop was 1½ miles each way and took her about an hour.

Police and family believe that she was abducted near the woods. After extensive searches, no clues were found: not her remains, not her Walkman, not the clothes she was wearing.

“Much of the area in the last decade has been paved over, with new construction, making a search today very difficult,” said Detective Bob Dean of the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office. However, investigators are still searching and working this case actively.

According to Patrick Sessions, who has been closely involved with the police investigating his daughter’s case, the man who confessed was a sex offender who had been released just a month and a half before Tiffany Sessions disappeared.

The cold case unit of the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office has taken over this case. Patrick Sessions observed the 20th anniversary of his daughter’s disappearance by making renewed appeals through the media.

Police and family urge anyone with more information about Tiffany Sessions or information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for her disappearance to call the tip line at 352-367-4161.

A $25,000 reward is offered.

Tiffany Sessions was last seen wearing red sweatpants, a white sweatshirt with the word “Aspen” on it, a gold Rolex watch and a black Sony Walkman. She was 5′3″ and weighed 125 pounds at the time of her disappearance. She has blond hair and brown eyes.


A reader emailed this case as a suggestion and I thought, "great idea"! I had almost forgotten about this case, you know what I mean, you never forget but it's not in the front of the mind. I hear so many cases day after day I just get a head full of them and old ones disappear. I realize there are a lot of new ones to explore but cold cases seem sadder to me in many ways and many of the new ones solve themselves pretty quickly. Like poor little Sandra in California. That one had me in tears. It reminded me of Carly Bruschia here in Florida. You should see what has happened to Carly's mother since that horrible event. It's enough to break your heart. I cannot imagine living our your life with such a memory; the knowledge of what happened to your precious child. Worse than a horror movie. A living nightmare.

So I thought I'd give this hard nut a shot at cracking it a little. It's been a long time and the chances of her body being found are slim but my curiosity begs me to take a peek anyways. I drew up some charts and saw right away a few things I thought might be interesting to discuss. The first chart, for the time when she was known to have left for her walk, was drawn for 4 pm. This chart has Cancer on the Ascendant and Moon in the ninth house. This tells me right off that theories about her being kidnapped in the parking lot are just not true. She made it beyond the parking lot, into a wooded area near the road, a place with brush and trees. I have been to Gainseville before; in fact, I went there for the trial of Danny Rolling in 1994 and I know it is dotted with wooded areas, deep brush with overhanging branches from lolling trees, a beautiful, scenic town that would be lovely to walk about. In fact, I took a lot of pictures of the area just because I thought it was such a lovely old south city. The chart shows her marker, the Moon, in the ninth house, showing me Tiffany walking in one of these lovely wooded areas. So she did leave the parking lot. And then you have to glance at the seventh house, to show the person she is about to meet, and see that this is Capricorn with Saturn in the sixth. By God, the theory that he worked in the area is correct. But Saturn is in Capricorn with Uranus and Neptune right near by, so this colors the details in. He is also in the wooded area, working with the earth most likely, landscaping, digging ditches, measuring property lines, mowing grass, etc... and with Neptune there he was in an "out of the way" area, where he was likely partially hidden from view. It is unlikely she saw him there. And when you add Uranus to the mix you see also that the theory that this was a stalking is also hooey. Uranus describes a sudden opportunity.. that good old wheel of fortune... just turning and there it is! His chance to grab a girl. Now, this is not to say that he did not know her or had never seen her before. In fact, he may well have known her but he didn't expect her, not at this time. When she appeared, he may have thought, "there's that pretty girl...I think I'll... ". But this was not planned. It was a sudden opportunity and for some reason he grabbed it.

Still considering this chart, we see that the Moon is in Aries and disposed of by Mars in the tenth. Tiffany was right out in the open. She was walking along a highway or open area where she could easily be seen by the public, even if was along a wooded area or beside a dense property. The Moon is not especially dignified in Aries but neither is it weak. However, Saturn is exalted in Capricorn so this gives her abductor the upper hand in many ways. He is stronger, of course, but also has the patience, determination, grit and discipline to push hard for what he wants. And in this situation, what he wants is this young lady. Notice also that the Moon is exactly square Saturn (within minutes!) and this describes a fight, a real row. She fought him off furiously and it took every inch of his steely nerve to pull this off. Moon in Aries is no wilting wallflower. She was definitely a handful. And there are two other observations I'd like to make in this matter. Mercury is closely conjoined to the seventh cusp, showing either the presence of a child or that this person had a child. This strangely dovetails with Venus, also in the seventh, which rules the nadir. So this man had a wife and child at home? And he was due home shortly? And perhaps he took Tiffany to this home? This much is yet to be explained. So let's move on to later charts.

The 4:30 chart shows Leo rising and the Sun in the seventh house. This shows Tiffany fully in the company of her abductor. Her abductor, now ruled by Uranus, is making sudden and unexpected choices. The Moon, still the chart co ruler, is still in the ninth, showing that they are likely still in the woods or she has been taken further into the woods. The Moon is now dexter to it's conjunction with Saturn, showing that they have already met. So she was in his hands by 4:30. So the place where the abduction occurred could not be farther than a 30 minute walk from where she lived. Strangely enough, you will notice that the next aspect the Moon makes is a square to Neptune (within an hour or about 50 minutes), which marks the beginning of the mystery. This is where she disappears without a trace. I must point out that Venus is under the Sun's beams and is the ruler of the fourth house. Since this is a place of extreme danger and it seems to indicate a residence of some sort, I would guess that she was taken to a home and killed in that home. The North Node is in the eighth house, which is a karmic marker for me and I see it as a point of "destiny". It's as if she were meant to die this day. Scary stuff.

You have to also note that the Sun, which rules this young lady at this time, is very close to the eighth house cusp. It started out the afternoon inside the eighth but at that time, it did not rule any angles. Now, it rules the first and is just inside the seventh. This shows me she was not killed right away. She did not die until later on, so we must assume he took her somewhere and spent some time with her. And when I do the chart for the next hour, I see things take shape. Scorpio moves onto the nadir with Pluto in the fourth. Venus, still in the seventh, under the sun's beams, is now presiding over the midheaven. The tenth house contains both Mars and Jupiter, who are both in a wide angle opposition with Pluto in the fourth. Taking all of this into consideration, I'm going to make a wild assertion. This pattern tells me that Tiffany was taken to a place where another woman was already held, a place where punitive violence was used to subdue the "captives". The other woman, already there, was in grave danger, perhaps nearly dead or possibly dieing. Both Sun and Venus are disposed of by Uranus, which now rules the seventh house. Uranus, which marks the abductor, is in the fifth house. He takes her there to "play with her". There may have been drugs or alcohol involved and most likely also sex. Pluto in Scorpio in the fourth opposing Mars in the tenth paints an ugly picture of primal drives that are poorly controlled. Jupiter also opposing Pluto shows me a person who has high energy and natural aggression that is expressed physically. Anything for pleasure. Combine these aspects with the wide angle square to the Sun from all of these planets and you see Tiffany become a target for this anger and desire.

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The charts, as I read them, just get creepier. At 6 pm, the chart shows a group of planets now in the fifth with the Descendant ruler. Neptune, which now rules the eighth house, lined up with Uranus and Saturn, tells me that several men ended up in Tiffany's company. I have seen this configuration with Neptune involving the fifth and eighth houses before I always have believed it indicates a porn connection. I think pictures were involved, for sure. The Sun and Neptune describe cameras and performance. Venus, the midheaven ruler, is placed in the seventh and square to Jupiter, Mars and Pluto, with Mars in the ninth, Jupiter in the tenth and Pluto still in the fourth. Tiffany didn't turn out so good on film; her photos were not good. She may have been beaten up too badly because she resisted so much. Pluto indicates black and blue. Mars may indicate bruises around the neck and throat. But I think it went farther than that. When you notice, out of the corner of the eye, that the Moon is sneaking into the eighth house, you start to hear the nails being driven into a coffin. In my experience, this is a death knoll. Especially with a violent, toxic Pluto in the fourth and the Sun backing into the sixth. But time will tell how it plays out.

But the charts keep showing a story that gets deeper by the minute. Now, remember, this blog is about reading charts and seeing what they say and not about what I might believe or want to believe. I am reading the charts the way I do to see if they can help. I am not saying that I believe these horrible things happened to this girl. I am just saying what the charts say and you are free to leave it at that. You either want to work with Astrology or you don't. So with that much said, I venture on. In the chart for 7 pm, Virgo takes the Ascendant with Mercury now in the fifth. Mercury is lined up with three other planets but not conjunct these planets, showing her in the company of others but having no closeness or consideration for or with these people. They are strangers. Mercury is disposed of by Saturn, showing that she is there because of an older man. A man who brought her there, most likely her abductor, who was originally shown as Saturn in the first chart. Mercury is also taking the tenth house cusp so it's curtain time! She is "on stage". Time for pictures. The Moon is still placed in the eighth, square to these planets in the fifth, showing me forced sex. This girl was taken for porn. She was kidnapped, beaten, raped and filmed. Still, so far, I do not see her dead.

And this is turning into a long story. At 8 pm, the chart shows the three major planets moving out of the fifth into the fourth. Tiffany's marker, Mercury, remains in the fifth. The men have taken the photos to develop them, perhaps, or to discuss their "business plan"? In the meantime, one small shining detail sparks for me and I notice that Jupiter is trine to Mercury, indicating that someone there is kind to her. This aspect has come into play within the last hour or so, telling us that someone came onto the scene that is helping Tiffany a bit, perhaps because they had concern for her condition. Jupiter is aspecting from the ninth, so this is likely a foreigner, an immigrant perhaps, that has been recruited and is "nursing" Tiffany and perhaps other women as well. It may have been a common practice with this group; kidnap girls, beat them up, take them here, fix them up and make movies. Makes sense. And then if you follow the remaining charts for the remaining hours this night, the story unfolds as expected.

At 9 pm, the charts show Mercury moving into the fourth with the other planets. Virgo is still on the Ascendant and Neptune, the seventh house ruler, is also in the fourth. They are all together in the "home" or "office". Mars is in Taurus in the eighth, which indicates more sexual violence and it opposes Pluto, now in the second, showing monetary concern. Are they getting her ready to pimp her out? Is this a sex house? I am just not sure. This was in the eighties and I do not recall if this sort of thing was common. The Moon is in the seventh, which indicates Tiffany is there, but that she is still alive. Mars rules the eighth house, as well as being placed in the eighth, describing a situation where sex is the end. Sex is the entire purpose of this arrangement. She was taken for no other reason. And now that makes sense. That's why an older man, working on a landscape in a small city in Florida, suddenly grabs a pretty blond and takes her away. She was taken into sexual slavery and held against her will. Whether this was 20 years ago or not.

And no matter how many charts I draw up, going further and further into the night, the new Ascendant ruler keeps popping up in a safe house like the fourth or the seventh and not the eighth, the twelfth or in other positions of danger. There are no signs at all that Tiffany died that night even though she could have been killed or died for any reason at any other time after this event. The most danger I saw in all the charts occurred between 9 and 11 pm when Libra took the Ascendant and Venus was under the Sun's beams in the fourth. At the same time, Venus was square to Mars in the eighth house. This was a very dangerous time for her and she may have come close to being killed. They may have discussed it or even tried to kill her but failed. With Mars and Pluto opposing from the eighth / second axis, it may have been rough sex or a hard beating that almost killed her... but didn't. It is possible that someone else may look at this chart and come to a different conclusion, in fact they may say it reads that she did die, but I don't confer. There are no supporting planetary positions or aspects and this leads me to believe that although this was a close call, it was not the real deal. I think she was still alive at the end of this ordeal and was alive for some time afterward, if not still so today.

And then the charts I ran for the rest of the overnight and next morning keep showing Tiffany still where she was, in that home or office, perhaps hidden. At times, her ruler falls in the twelfth house but without other death markers so I think she may have been confined. Most of the other angular planets move into the third house, showing them all leaving the place in their cars. Her marker never enters the third so she just never leaves that house. I do not know how long she was kept there. There is very little else I can tell about this case except that what I have said. I can describe her kidnapper to some extent and perhaps that will help. As I said earlier, she was taken within a half an hour of her home so the distance should equal that. It was in a wooded area near a road. The man who took her was older and worked in that area, outdoors and likely in earth related activities like landscaping, digging, mowing, care taking, property appraisal, real estate maintenance, foraging, etc.. He was designated by Saturn in Capricorn, which says he is probably respected by people in the community, where he gives a professional and mature image. He is probably lean, muscular, craggy and has poor skin. No matter his age, his hair is graying and his coloring pale or sallow. His teeth might be crooked or thin. He might be thin and lanky with strong legs. He likes to walk and is seen around the area doing this. I beleive he probably still lives in the Gainseville area but I venture to guess that he was not a student at the school. Other features might include thinning hair, a thin smile, a pointed nose and long fingers. He is not much for conversation and is not very social or freindly.

In the spirit of a true believer, I must post Tiffany's photo for everyone to remember her. I know it's been twenty years and she no doubt looks very differently but she could very well still be alive among us. She might have a drug problem or a pimp who controls her. She may have been moved out of the Gainseville area and overseas to a foreign country where she would not be recognized, especially not in red light districts. But if you think you have seen a woman who resembles her or have any ideas of what might have happened to her, please contact the Gainseville police tip line at 352-367-4161.

Tiffany young

Tiffany in 1989

Tiffany now

Tiffany Sessions Age Progressed


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