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Amy Billig

Young Girl Goes Hitchhiking And Is Never Seen Again

In response to readers who have asked that I do another update on Caylee Anthony, I will say that I have done this on my monthly newsletter, which will be emailed on January 15. The email date on the newsletter has changed and it will be sent out on the 15th of every month from now on. This is to accommodate the news cycle and make more timely information available for publication. In the matter of Caylee, I do not want this blog to be dominated by a single case so I will not be addressing every event in the case on this blog. But I promise to document events as they occur and respond to them on the newsletter. With that much said, I must begin my work on Amy Billig. I cannot resist this one. She's from near my home and was around my age when she disappeared.

From the Charley Project:

Amy Billig
Missing since March 5, 1974 from Coconut Grove, Dade County, Florida.
Classification: Non-Family Abduction

# Vital Statistics Date Of Birth: January 9, 1957
# Age at Time of Disappearance: 17 years old
# Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'5, 110 pounds
# Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Brown wavy hair; brown eyes.
# Marks, Scars: Scar on abdomen
# Clothing: A short blue denim skirt and cork platform sandals.
# Dentals: Available. Much dental work.
# DNA: Available.

Circumstances of Disappearance
Billig was last seen hitchhiking along Main Highway in Coconut Grove, FL on March 5, 1974. She was headed to her father's office. Billig never arrived; she has not been seen since.
Law enforcement agencies have never closed Billig's case.
She often hitchhiked in her neighborhood. She was known as a flower child, and a very spiritual, very social, well adjusted teenager.
Her mother Susan Billig died on June 7, 2005 at the age of 80 after searching ceaselessly for her daughter for 31 years.

Amy Billig Solar Birth Chart

The articles I read about this case had Amy on her way to lunch when she disappeared. This gave me a relative window of time, considering that most people don't eat lunch at 4 pm. She was on her way to her fathers' office first to get money. So I am going to work from a window that starts at 10 am and go forward from there. Hopefully, I can pinpoint something! This case has haunted me since I was a young lady; as we are only a few years apart in age and I was a "hippie" and "flower child" type back in the early 1970s, when Amy disappeared. Also, the belief that she was taken by bikers also haunts me. I remember the horrible tales I heard growing up in the area about bikers raping and killing women in south Florida, most famously a young woman they left crucified to a tree with nails. Pretty hairy stuff. I always hoped that something this awful had not happened to Amy Billig.

The first thing I need to note is that I went over the charts from 10 am until 4 pm and saw clearly that Amy is dead. I will show you how I came to that conclusion with a chart by chart reading like I always do. My heart goes out to Amy's mother, who spent her entire life chasing a ghost. In looking at Amy's solar chart, I can see that she was rebellious, head strong, independent and free spirited. Most especially notable is the Mars - Moon conjunction in square to the Sun - Mercury conjunction in Capricorn. This tells me, out of hand, that no one could tell Amy what to do. She was so willful and controlling, she could be very difficult at times. Flower child or not, she had a temper and a quick response to any attempt to curtail her activities. Actually, her chart paints a picture of a typical run away, a headstrong, rebellious kid who wanted to do her thing. But she was pretty much allowed enough freedom and power by her stable, loving family that I do not believe, from the start, that she wanted to leave. However, looking at the chart, I am not averse to thinking that if something appealed to Amy, she would have taken off on a whim without as much as a look back. She was just made that way.

Looking at the first chart of the day, I see a tempo developing. Notice please that the transiting Node is exactly conjunct her natal Venus. This conjunction opposes transiting Saturn in the third house but is overall fairly well aspected. Overall, Taurus is just taking over the Ascendant and Venus is in the 10th house, which tells me Amy is out and about, visible to all the world, perhaps on the highway or in a public place. Venus is disposed of by Uranus, right at the Descendant, telling me that she has someone on her mind, a friend she is "about to meet". This does not look like a boyfriend or relative, but someone a little different, a friend who is unusual or "odd", someone that reflects Amy's counterculture attitude. There is nothing that appears threatening or untoward in relation to this person. But the Descendant ruler is the first few degrees of Scorpio, which shows me that is also "about to meet" someone else, this person ruled by Mars and Pluto. Mars in the second with Pluto in the sixth points out someone who is "at work" or at the very least, "earning money". On the highway where she was last seen hitchhiking could mean anyone from a drug dealer to a truck driver and even a wider choice, wide enough to include anyone in a work vehicle who might have pulled over to give her a ride. Pluto is disposed of by Venus, Amy's ruler in the chart, showing me that this person spotted Amy, picked her out and perhaps picked her up on purpose. This person "had a reason" for doing this.

I do not believe that Amy actually got into a car until just after 11 am. If you look at the chart for 11 am, you will see that the Moon, the chart co ruler, is just moving into the third house. This shows Amy getting into a car. The Moon is disposed of by the Sun, in the eleventh house in the sign Pisces, which tells me that Amy thought this person was a friend; it was definitely someone she knew. The seventh house co ruler, Mars, is in the first house and the other co ruler, Pluto, is in the fifth. Amy got right into the car willingly, even in a pleasurable frame of mind. This is someone she would expect to party with, to have a good time with. But these same placements tell me something else, something unsettling. The combination speaks of this persons intentions and it looks like he wants sex. And he was prepared to use force to get it. Look at the grand trine between the Ascendant and Descendant rulers. Venus, Mars and Pluto are all placed tightly in air signs from the first, ninth and fifth houses. Amy was willing to go along with his demands; she knew this person. Things went easily. There was no resistance. Consider also that the original Node conjunction to her natal Venus is now radiating from the transiting eighth house.

Looking at the chart for 11 am, I think that although she did not resist, he still came "from behind". Notice how Mars has passed the Ascendant and is now in the twelfth while Saturn has crept into the first. Gemini is now at the Ascendant and Mercury is currently conjunct Jupiter in the tenth. Amy was sure she had the situation under control, she would get what she wanted. This was a dangerous miscalculation. She is still "out in the open", in the car perhaps. She has been promised something, perhaps drugs, when you see that Mercury and Jupiter are both disposed of by Uranus in the fifth. She's been offered drugs for sex and has agreed. However, her accoster has other plans; he may not have any drugs or not want to give them up. He sneaks up behind her and the scenario changes. Saturn transiting the first house is a bellwether. Amy is going to be restrained and held against her will. Saturn opposing the transiting Node conjunction to her natal Venus tells me that it is all about her femininity, her beauty, her sex. She is being taken for these purposes. For sex.

Neptune must be noted as it transits the seventh house, conjoining Amy's natal Saturn. She was confined and drugged. That's exactly what it looks like to me. The Moon, Amy's co ruler, is swiftly closing in on a conjunction with Neptune, which looks to me like she was compliant because she was trapped in the car. Still the Moon is disposed of by the Sun in the tenth, so they are still out in the open, along the highway perhaps. It's been an hour so they are either driving around the area, looking for a place to take her or they are taking her out of the area. An hour south from Miami is the Keys, an hour north is around Palm Beach and then an hour inward puts them near the Everglades. Many stories put her in the Everglades, tossed in with the gators. With these charts and aspects, this is possible.

Looking at the chart for 1 pm, I see that Amy has been taken to a wooded area. Mercury is now moving through the ninth house, along with Jupiter. Uranus, which disposes them both, remains in the fifth. She was taken into the woods for a "party"; a party which probably involved, alcohol, drugs and sex. Notice that the seventh house is now occupied by Sagittarius, which makes Jupiter the marker for her accoster. Jupiter and Mercury are conjoined, I point out again, in the ninth, showing them together in the woods. Another interesting aspect that must be noted is that this Mercury-Jupiter conjunction is tightly square to Amy's natal Node. This is saying that the event is "karmic" in some way, predestined. Planned. She was targeted for a reason. I am never one to blame the victim and I am not doing that, but the chart is saying, with all these aspects combined, that Amy made a mistake in her judgment and set herself up for this. Her biggest mistake, it seems to me, was to believe she had it under control, that she knew what was going on. In fact, I can see that she didn't.

Looking at the remaining charts and not wanting to get too graphic, I will only venture to say that it looks like she came close to dieing twice and then finally did pass around 4 pm. The party appears to have started at noon and to have gone on for four full hours before Amy died. She appears to have been restrained, drugged and raped. Mars and Saturn both slip into the twelfth at 2 pm, with Venus also moving through the eighth. But none of these are her markers. Cancer is now rising and he Moon is in the second, disposed of by the Sun in the ninth while the seventh house ruler, Saturn, is in the twelfth. She may be unconscious or somehow unaware some of the time. I think that money had something to do with this; they either promised them money, or she owed them money or they were collecting money for her "services"; I am not sure how it worked but she was restrained and kept in the woods. And it looks like drugs and sex were involved. This is just a guess based on the traditional readings for these aspects. Remember also that the tenth house ruler, Neptune, is still conjunct her natal Saturn and this in the transiting tenth house. Amy is the "star" of the party, it seems. Restrained and held captive.

Skating forward to 5 pm, I see the death chart unfold. At 5 pm, Leo is on the Ascendant and the Sun is in the eighth. The Moon is moving over the Ascendant and dropping into the twelfth. Because the Moon is fast approaching an inconjunction with the Sun makes me think that this was an accident, a miscalculation. They did not want to kill her. It looks like a mistake. The Moon also opposes Venus which is in the sixth. She had a bad reaction to whatever they gave her, she got very sick and then died. Venus also rules the tenth sector so she died in front of other people. Everyone there knew what happened, and there were more than a few people. This was a "party". Mercury and Jupiter are joined in the seventh and trine to the seventh house ruler, Uranus, in the third house. Although this murder came as a surprise, it was the result of a number of people's actions; everyone there was culpable and it was much too easy for them to make this happen, desired or not. They were "having fun" but not giving much consideration to Amy's well being. Simply put, in their frenzied party state of mind they simply overdid it. Air signs point to psychotropic drugs that influence the mind. They really point to overdose, especially with the Venus-Mars-Pluto Grand Trine falling over her natal Jupiter in Libra. And all of this came about quite suddenly, mostly triggered by the transiting Moon crossing Amy's natal Uranus early in the day.

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In fact, there are many aspects that were activated on this day, many of them portents. During the course of the day, transiting Venus, Mars and the Moon, along with the Ascendant, Nadir, Descendant and Midheaven points, all aspect her natal Neptune at one time or another during these hours. Sometimes several at once, sometimes more than once. This activates the Neptune, along with the transiting Node crossing her natal Venus. She was vulnerable to bad choices based on the pleasure principle; if she liked drugs or parties or alcohol or sex or anything that ignites attraction energies, she was headed for it. She was no doubt made a tempting proposition which she did not resist at first. At least not until she resisted at one point and ended up in restraints. And probably using drugs she would not have chosen to on her own. And all of it looks fated, as if destined to be. This always raises my eyebrow when I see these aspects in murder charts. I do believe in many new age principles, including reincarnation and these charts always make me wonder if our death is ever an accident. It is always subject to discussion and needs to be considered more often in the work that surrounds this sort of Astrological research.

Now that I am fairly sure that Amy Billig was dead that day and did not run off or get sold into slavery, although I cannot guarantee that slavery wasn't a part of the original plan, I would like to go forward and see if I can see what they did with her remains. In defining the assailants, I must refer back to her first encounter, which showed me that the original abductor was a "friend" of hers and definitely someone she knew well enough to go along without resistance at first. The death chart shows Aquarius on the Descendant, which points to an unusual group of people. When you notice that Uranus is in Libra in the third house, the emphasis sits squarely on the word "group". I feel this was an organized group, a club or cult that lived outside of the regimens of ordinary society. Because of this, I tend to lean towards the biker club theory. This looks an awful lot like a bunch of bikers "breaking" Amy into their lifestyle with an orgy. They drugged her and raped her, in the method of making her "one of their girls", not unlike the way pimps rape their hookers until they become compliant. Drugs are still used to break down the resistance of hookers, sex slaves and strippers. So the slavery idea could be considered plausible as well when you combine all of the energies. She was being made into a sex slave for the club, which was common practice in all that I know of that area here in Florida.

As to where they dumped the body, there are promising descriptors. At the time of her death, Leo is rising and the Sun is in the seventh so her body was in the hands of her killers. The Sun is disposed of by Neptune, which is in the fourth house. This tells me right off that they had not moved her yet. So I move the charts forward. Things begin to move and look different at 7pm and later. Virgo is on the Ascendant, Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in the seventh house and the Descendant ruler, Neptune, is now in the third. This shows them "on the move" with the body. Mercury rules bees, which is significant because Jupiter rules honey. So we are looking for an area with beekeepers boxes or a large hive or number of hives. Jupiter also rules orchards and fruits and this area is rife with Orange groves. Both planets rule herbs so there may have been a herb farm, herbalist, herb reseller near this area. Even a Magicka servicing the Santerian practitioners among the south Florida Cuban and Haitian populations. This sounds like ALL of south Florida, with Orange groves, bee hives, herbalists.. etc.. so I need something more. The sixth house is strongly emphasized so I look again at Virgo. The only things that Virgo rules that stand out to me about this area is either a chicken ranch or a dairy. There were small mom and pop operations throughout the area during this time period, when Florida was still sort of a wild west place to be, with people just trying to find a place in a newly civilized, rather undeveloped swamp. As recently as the 1960s this area still had dirt roads and roadside shanties. Immigrants had chicken ranches, there were lots of mom and pop dairy operations with home to home milk delivery.

More frustration. Mercury rules the Greyhound and there are Greyhound racing operations in that area, however back then there could not have been more than one and maybe only one just opening up. This is a viable starting point. Locate a budding or newly operational dog track and work outward from there. Beehives, citrus trees, a dairy or chicken ranch. I know it's SO general and hardly helpful. I do not see her in water. I see nothing that describes water. The pertinent planets are all in Aquarius which, as an air sign, points at high places but, believe me, this does not apply. Flatlands and swamp is all that was here in that area at that time. There are still no "high places" of any kind. So I revert to other interpretations. Electronics, electricity, power plants, radio towers, airplanes, aeronautical equipment, lightening rods or towers. These could all apply, either or, mix or match. So even with all that Astrology can offer me, I see she is in a place near beehives, citrus groves, maybe a dog track, a radio tower nearby, maybe a landing strip. Consider that there may only be one power plant within the vicinity, this is another good marker. A power plant near a dog track. For all purposes, with my knowledge of the area, which is actually very general, I would say that this is in the north Miami or Fort Lauderdale area. That would be about an hour north west of where she was last seen. The best described areas, in my opinion, are Alligator Alley and north of there around Belle Glade. That is my best guess. I wish it would help.

Regardless of my ramblings, Amy Billig has never been found and, in fact, if you read the myraids of websites dedicated to her search, there have been many clues, hints and tips that have come in over the years. Many of these claim to have seen Amy Billig alive. Please go to the main site and have a look at all the photos of Amy, including an age progressed drawing that would help you identify her if you saw her today. Read her story and the story of the hunt to find her, it is fascinating and frightening. Give Amy Billig a thought in your busy day and if you think you see her, know her or have any idea about what happened to her, please contact the Miami PD here. Go to this link to look at her pictures: The Charley Project . And, everybody, say a prayer for Amy Billig.

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  1. Very nice tips. Thanks for sharing!.
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  2. Hi, I just had to say something because I grew up in the Miami/Hollywood area and I was a teenager in the late 70s, early 80s. My friends and I were warned repeatedly about bikers taking girls but we hung out with them sometimes just because they were part of our area in West Hollywood. I heard about Amy's story before I knew who she really was, the story I heard never changed and we all knew who killed her. I didn't know it was a mystery until I was older. Looking back, it's beyond disturbing. We were told Amy was hanging with the Outlaws at an old caretaker's house in an orange grove that was located near old Flamingo road and Griffin Rd. I was at that house twice. It was an old white square stucco, two story, the kind you could park a car underneath, that sat back off the road. There were definitely beehives there but they sat away from the house near a line of trees. Anyway, the story was, Amy was partying with these guys and she got smart with someone and they wanted to teach her a lesson, so they forced her to drink, do acid and took turns raping her. We were told she was passed out most of the time but she did overdose. What happened after that, no one ever said but your description made me think of several areas - the first being Turkey Point, the power plant. I think that's a long shot. Personally, I'm sure they would've dumped her not far from the house, out on highway 27 and not far from state rd 84 (Alligator Alley). That makes a lot of sense. Every Sunday the Outlaws would get together at Holiday Park right off Griffin Rd and highway 27. These are the folks who knew what happened to Amy. There were two groups of Outlaws, still are to this day. The group we hung around were good to us and made it clear we were to avoid the other group. I think if someone is still intent on finding the answers to Amy's demise, they need to spend some time out at Holiday Park and speak to some of the oldtimers there. I'm sure they will confirm what I have said.

  3. Boy you make me want to go down there myself. If I had wheels and some cash I would right now. I would love to search that area for her. Not that I know what I'm doing, just that the desire is very much there. Thanks for this. It helps me a lot with this case, I want to spark interest in this and find people who can help me. I will keep this information. Oh, and thanks for reading my blog!

  4. I would love to go down and find Amy as well. After reading her mother's book about her search, I'm sure Amy was just as beautiful and inspiring as her mother. If I could choose one missing person case to be fully resolved, it would be hers. I have always believed a group of people knew what happened to her. I pray with all the time that has passed, someone will finally decide to do the right thing. Please let Amy come home to her family and her brother Josh.

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