Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nancy Cooper

Housewife Goes Jogging & Ends Up Dead

From the news:

Nancy's body was found by a man walking his dog Monday evening in the Oaks at Meadow Ridge neighborhood, which is under construction. It is in a 5-mile radius of the Cooper home.

Police are not saying what kind or how much evidence has been collected from the scene where the body was discovered.

Just minutes after announcing Nancy Cooper's death is a homicide investigation, Cary Police put crime scene tape around the Cooper's home on Wallsburg Court in Cary.

Authorities have not said whether Nancy was killed where her body was found, somewhere else or at her home.

"The last time that she [Nancy] was seen was by her husband, Brad Cooper, just before she was to go out for a jog, about 7 o'clock," Bazemore said.

General Timelines I gathered on various forums:

Friday, July 11, 2008.......Evening, Nancy Cooper is reported to be at a neighborhood get together or informal cocktail party or as some said 'block party.'
Saturday, July 12, 2008....After 12:00 Midnight, Nancy was last seen by her friends and neighbors, as she left to return home. (it's been reported, husband Brad did not attend the neighborhood party)
Saturday, July 12, 2008...6:30 - 7:00...Husband Brad said was the last time he saw Nancy as she left to go jogging.
Saturday, July 12, 2008...2:00 - 2:45, Nancy was scheduled to go paint with her friend Jessica Adam, later on Saturday. When Nancy didn't show up, Jessica called Brad. He claimed Nancy went jogging with a friend earlier and hadn't returned.
Saturday, July 12, 2008...2:51....Concerned for her friend and with an uneasy feeling, Jessica Adam contacted LE to report Nancy missing.
Sunday, July 13, 2008 - Police and volunteers search for the missing jogger, Nancy Cooper. Not sure of what trail she had taken, Brad had given LE three separate routes she may have gone.
Monday, July 14, 2008 - 7:30 p.m. - A man walking his dog found the body of a woman, near a cul de sac in The Oaks at Meadowridge off Holly Springs Road. (This was not one of the routes Nancy normally followed)
As of Saturday, July 19, 2008, there is NO Person of Interest NOR Suspect in the murder of Nancy Cooper. The investigation continues.

Here is another woman who goes jogging in North Carolina and ends up dead. What's up with that? A lot of murder going on in NC these days. From college students shot in drivebys or murdered and left on riverbanks to young mothers who go out for a morning jog. Of course, this seems to be the case nationwide, murder is on a huge upsurge, and here in Florida we are no exception. We have way too many missing kids cases, from Jessica Lundsford to Trenton Duckett and now Caylee Anthony. None of us are immune and it's just really sad. So I will take another shot at a crime and see if I can shed some light on it. Here is what I find for the murder of Nancy Cooper.

The first chart is for the time at which she was last seen by friends, 12:30 am on Saturday morning as she was leaving the party. Aries is rising and Libra is falling. Mars is in the sixth house close to Saturn, indicating that Nancy thought of the party as an obligation, either because of work associations or because she was doing someone a favor. I don't know what Nancy did for work but she may have been passing out business cards or networking. Otherwise, she felt obligated because she had promised a friend she would be there and her friend needed her help in some way. Libra, which rules her husband, is signified by Venus in the fourth house, showing that her husband stayed home and did not attend. Venus is close to the Sun so he had a male friend over perhaps or was spending time with his oldest son, his father or a brother. Both Venus and the Sun are disposed of by the Moon in Scorpio in the eighth house so the conversation between the men was about Nancy. The Moon is disposed of by Pluto in Sagittarius in the ninth house so it might be that Nancy was considering going back to school or taking a class or course of some kind and this was a problem for her husband. Because Pluto is square to Uranus, her husband was upset because his wife going back to school would change their daily routine.

Nancy was still alive and well at 1 am, as she has just left the party. The chart for that hour shows she spent some time with her children when she got back home (Mars moves into the fifth house disposed of by Mercury in the third). Venus is still in the fourth house and the Sun is moving into the third. This shows her husband still at home and his friend on his way out to his car. By 1:15, the Sun is in the third house and his friend is driving home. Mars is shadowed closely by Saturn showing that everything Nancy is doing is both a habit and a duty. She may have feelings of being put upon and too much being expected of her. She may also be living with some degree of fear. For sure, she is burdened in a painful way. But at 1 am she was still alive and well and every chart I did from that point forward showed nothing new but her being with her children. In fact, all night her significators stay in the fifth house, showing that she either sleeps in the children's room with them or in a rec room or den or possibly even in a "mother in law" unit on the property. She does not sleep in "her room" with her husband.

So, seeing nothing new in the late night charts, I move right ahead to the chart for the time she was said to go jogging. And I was hit with a surprise right away. The charts for 6 am, 7am and 7:30 am show Nancy still at home, not jogging at all. And the chart for 7:30 am shows definite signs that she may already be dead. So this set me back. All of a sudden, I wasn't looking for a jogging trail murder or a woman who might have slipped off to meet someone, but now I was dealing with a woman who was said to have gone jogging but who, in fact, never left her home. So my charting changes again. I draw up a chart for 7:30 am and read it CLOSELY. Look at the chart and follow me now. Leo is rising and Aquarius is falling. The Sun is in the twelfth house in Cancer disposed of by the Moon in Scorpio in the fourth. The seventh house ruler, Uranus, is placed in the eighth house in the sign Pisces. And the very first aspect the Sun makes is an exact trine to Uranus. Quite a loop. And the loop moves between the fourth, eighth and twelfth houses. With her ruler in the twelfth, to boot, this is looking an awful lot like death. To wrap this all up for me, I see that Uranus is disposed of by Neptune in the seventh house and nearby in the seventh house, sits the North Node. And the North Node is nearly exactly inconjunct to the Sun, Nancy's ruler. I just don't see how she could survive these aspects. And so now I am trying to pin point the time of death and cause of death, if I can.

From a series of charts that I will show you some of here on the blog, I reckon that she actually died sometime just before 7 am. Something like 6:53 or thereabouts. But she was actually assaulted a few moments earlier, some time between 6:30 and 6:45 am. Why do I think this? Well, for one thing, the charts show Nancy entering the house at just before 6:30 am. I see this because Cancer is rising and the Moon is just crossing over the fifth to fourth house axis. She could be coming to the main house from the place she sleeps or she could have gone out and come back in but she is entering the house at this hour. At just around the same time, the seventh house is taken by Capricorn and Saturn rears its head in the second house, exactly conjunct to Mars. Both Saturn and Mars are in Virgo and are disposed of Mercury in the twelfth house. As she entered the house, someone snuck up on her and assaulted her. She was struck or assaulted with something that she herself owned, whether is was a weapon or not. Mercury and Mars in Virgo combined with the Moon make me think that she was strangled, smothered or throttled somehow; it looks like her breath was stopped. Again I think it was something she owned; her pillow, her belt, her sash, something like that.

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Now, the thing is, I cannot say that it was her husband who did this. In fact, I get a feeling (and there is nothing scientific at all about my feelings) that this is the person who was visiting her husband the night before. This person is older than her husband and much more aggressive. I know from the charts I did for the night before that these two men were discussing Nancy. But was her husband asking this man to kill her? Or did this man just take it upon himself to do her husband a favor? A favor that he may not have really wanted? I just can't be sure. But this man who killed her is aggressive, angry, hard to control. The combination of Uranus, Neptune, Mars and Saturn is heavy duty. This is not some beginner. He may have done violent crimes in the past and was certainly, at least, no stranger to abuse.

But of course right away my concern arises over her body. How could her husband not have been involved if her body is right there in the house and then is not found for 2 days? I am not sure. So I continue to look at charts, trying to see the future course of events. And I find what I'm looking for on a progression done for 9 am. Mars and Saturn are in the first house, the Moon is moving into the third house and the Sun is in the eleventh house. Leo is still rising. Her body is moved from the house and placed in a car but not her car and not her husbands car. It appears to be a friends car (Sun in the eleventh). This is why they found nothing in the family vehicles. She was placed in a car belonging to an unknown third person. Again, whether her husband was involved in this is not known to me. He might have been at work or elsewhere when all this happens. After all, it has been said that they were having problems and not spending time together. This was his excuse for having not reported her missing. He wasn't used to paying attention to what she did or where she went. So his involvement is a job for the cops and I'm sorry I can't get any further with it here.

Now I feel compelled to run charts forward in both horary and progressed aspects until I find something more. And it looks to me that at around 11:30 am this other person drops her out of the car. At this point, I see Virgo rising with Mercury now in the tenth house of the public. Mercury is disposed of by the Moon, just rolling out of the third into the second house. The Moon is in Scorpio in the second so he places her somewhat hidden, even though it's out in the open he partially hides her. The second house points at a small wooded area with little animals like Turtles, Raccoons and Squirrels. Scorpio implies a water source nearby... anything from a water fountain to a retention pond to a swimming hole. There may also be snakes in the area. Another interesting aspect here is that the Moon is disposed of by Pluto which sits right at the Nadir. This implies the area is near a neighborhood or suburban area where homes are nearby. Not Nancy's neighborhood but another family neighborhood. But she wasn't found right away. Why, I cannot say. But she was discovered two days later in the evening hours.

So the last chart I draw up is for the time at which she was finally discovered. Not until 2 days later, on July 14th at 7:30 in the evening. Someone just walking by, it seems. And so that tells me that the area is not commonly travelled. Not many people walk through there and those that do are probably in cars. This man was walking his dog. And so he comes across her, partially hidden but out in the open, in a neighborhood. In this chart, Capricorn is rising and Saturn is conjoined with Mars in the eighth house. It must have been immediately obvious that she had died a violent death. She must have had bruises, cuts or other external damage. Mars and Saturn are disposed of by Mercury at the seventh house cusp, which again makes me think she was strangled. Pluto in Sagittarius is in the twelfth house, so something drew his attention to it. It was probably nasty, knowing the effects of Pluto, so it was a smell or some other offensive detail.

Now I will try, as I always do, to give a description of her killer. There are many traditional Astrological definitions given to placements of the stars and planets that are believed to define individual characteristics. Not unlike Palm Reading or Body Morphology. So, taking the chart for the moment of death, I see that her attacker is defined by Capricorn falling on the descendant. Saturn is in Virgo and is therefor the marker that defines our killer. Saturn in Virgo defines someone rather tall, or at the very least, medium tall. This means 6 feet to 6 feet and a half in height. This person is thin with long features, such as a long nose, chin or long lower lip. He has a high forehead and a swarthy, even sallow, complexion. He could be white, black or brown. Whatever race, his complexion is darker than average. His hair and eyes are black or very dark brown. This person is reserved, subtle and extremely careful. However, he is also malicious and vindictive and steals from others easily. He is clever and slick and hard to catch. He may be a lifelong criminal.

Now, regardless of my reading, there are no suspects, no clues, no persons of interest in this case. If you know something about this case, if you have heard, seen or suspected someone or something in this matter, then you should call the Cary, North Caroline Police Dept at (919) 469-4012. Or if you can't afford a phone call or are afraid to call, then go to this site and use the email link: Do whatever you can. God bless the Coopers and I hope they find her killer soon. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon


  1. Wow I am amazed at how well you interpret the chart with the murder. (:
    I would love to know how you began to learn all these ways of observing planets and such to real-life situations.
    And as for the murder, I can only hope the criminal is caught and put behind bars. :/

  2. I could not believe your physical description of the killer. While I know it could be someone else, you VERY ACCURATELY described Brad Cooper, Nancy's husband. Have you seen photos of him? I work in law enforcement in Raleigh and live in Cary, where Nancy lived. I have been following all details of this case. You were right about Nancy's body being messy - she was being pecked at by vultures (listen to the 911 call from the man who found her body.) Very sad. Did you know she slept separately from Brad, in a room with her girls, with the door locked and her car keys in her pocket? You got that, and I think it is amazing! She hadn't slept with Brad for a long time, since he admitted cheating. It makes sense that the fifth house element was there all night, since she would have been sleeping with the kids in "her" room. I am just creeped out by the indication of another perp. Is it possible that this "other" person could be a split personality from Brad himself? Just a thought. I would like to see more of the analysis around Brad and this other man. By the way, Brad did attend the party that night. He left early to put the kids to bed, and Nancy stayed until after midnight. Please let us know if you see anything more.

  3. Thanks for your comments. I am trying to write more about how I do this for those of you who have expressed interest. It's part intimate knowledge of Astrology and part intuition. Thanks for asking!

  4. Karena- Thanks so much for commenting on this post. I am really overjoyed to hear from someone who knows about the case as well as you do. No, I don't know what Brad looks like. I've seen flashes of a head shot on the TV but I try to let the stars fill in the blanks. I am not sure if it could be jekyll and hyde type of thing because Astrology can be very exact and also very subjective. I just got the feeling that someone else did this so Brad wouldn't get his "hands dirty". And they certainly used someone else's car, that much is very clear. I was not sure about the condition of the body but the chart looked ugly. What you say is disturbing. I saw the man who discovered her backing away in fear and disgust. As far as their marriage, I may have heard somewhere that they had problems, but, again I let the stars do the talking. This blog isn't about my opinions, it's a showcase for Astrology. Or at least that's what I intended. I did not realize that Brad attended the party, the chart showed him at home with some other man. If the killer sounds like him, then perhaps the "other man" IS another side of Brad's. I will try to do more work in that area and see if this other man does exist or if what I saw was an older child. I will try to do that in a reprise in the near future. Thanks again for reading and keep me posted if you find anything new.

  5. Fantastic summary! Some of the details don't match up with the facts in the case, but others are right on. It appears to most following this case that the husband is the (sole) culprit. There was a ton of animosity in that rel'p and they were headed towards divorce with a lot of bad feelings along the way. Money was likely one of the root causes and possibly the primary motive for murder. Supposedly the husband (Brad) was seething, controlling, petty, and tried to make life difficult for Nancy, cutting her off financially and was the only working spouse. Some have said that Brad is extremely private, sneaky, someone who feels entitled, and very smart. His actions both before and after the murder show a man who was uncaring at a minimum and probably despised his spouse. I personally doubt that anyone else is involved in this crime--it appears the murder may have happened sometime before 4am. There are rumors that Brad was spotted at his local grocery store shortly after 4am buying laundry detergent. He claims 2 visits to his local grocery store: one at 6:15am and again at 6:45am. Speculation is that Nancy was dead well before 6am and was dumped at the site around 4am, before that first alleged store visit. All of this is speculation, of course, and has not been verified by anyone in law enforcement. There might be video of and witnesses to his store visits; Brad and his lawyers are trying to get the video from that particular grocery store.

    Thank you for doing these charts. They're fantastic and very interesting. I hope you'll offer more of your thoughts/feelings.

  6. Since I spent 50+ years near Cary, NC I'm closely following the Nancy Cooper case. Please continue your work on Nancy as it may be very beneficial.I wish more astrologers and psychics would get involved in this case as this may aid in the case's conclusion and give Nancy's family the peace they so deserve. May God bless her precious daughters, sisters, and parents. I pray Brad Cooper never lays eyes on Nancy's angels ever again.


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