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Irina Yarmolenko

Mystery Surrounds Death of UNC Student

This is what I saw in the NC Papers and Fox News:

Yarmolenko’s body was found last week next to her car on the bank of the Catawba River. Police said suffocation was the cause of death but they are not sure of the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and death.

Mount Holly Police have released a surveillance tape of Yarmolenko visiting a Goodwill near campus to drop off some donations hours before she was found dead.

Our latest information is that she made a stop at the credit union and then stopped at the Jackson's Java near the UNCC campus. She left Jackson's Java around 10:50 in the morning.

Yarmolenko was last seen leaving Jackson’s Java on University City Boulevard on May 5 just before 11 a.m. Her body was found a few short hours later at 1:15 p.m.
Yarmolenko was a graduate of Chapel Hill High School in Orange County.

I saw this broadcast on Fox News and it caught my eye. Here is a young immigrant girl in college in North Carolina and she is found dead, just laying there next to her car. Cause of death is strangulation. No mention of sexual assault or robbery. However, her car was crashed into a tree stump and she was just laying there next to it like she fell out. It is a strange story and is a big mystery for NC cops. There just isn't a single clue.

So I decided I would do some charting and see what the stars wanted to tell me. It is a tight sequence of events in a short period of time as she leaves the coffee shop at almost eleven and is found dead just after one. She wasn't seen with anyone, leaving with anyone, talking to anyone. Nothing points to anybody else and she was mostly noted by viewers as being alone on this sunny day.

My first chart, of course was for the time she was leaving the coffee shop. The chart I drew up showed that at 10:50 am when she left the coffee shop, she went some distance with a male friend. She had possibly run into him in the shop and they stepped outside to talk some more, or perhaps she gave him a ride? Her time with this person extended beyond the 10:50 time at which she was seen leaving. A third person, whom I believe was the stalker, the attacker, entered or exited the coffee shop around this time. I believe he was watching her because the chart also shows that while she was at the Coffee shop, this person drove by or parked outside and saw her then. He may have come in a car or maybe walked if he lived in the neighborhood. He was from around that area. He might have been stalking her or looking for her. Irina spoke to a man and woman in the coffee shop, perhaps a couple or just two of her friends. He watched this from somewhere nearby.

The chart also shows the Sun and Moon are both conjoined and disposed by Venus, meaning they have a mutual female friend. She knew this guy, through a friend. This female friend may have also been foreign or from another country. Venus in the ninth.. an exchange student or temporary student visa? So this person knew her before he saw her this morning and she was likely the reason he was there.

Seventh house Aquarius ruled by Uranus in eighth, disposed by Neptune, in the seventh. His one and only purpose this day was to kill her.

By 11:20 am, she has left the company of the man she was talking to. She has parted ways and has moved on. She is out in public, easily seen by other people. This may be a part of that elapse of time where she visited the Goodwill store. Mars is closing on the Ascendant so she is near to confrontation with her attacker. He is in her second house, so I believe he may have been hiding in her car when she got in either at the Coffee Shop or later, at the Goodwill store. Again, Saturn is disposed by Mercury in the eleventh, so this is someone she knew and thought was a friend. Not necessarily a close friend, but in a circle of her acquaintances.

At 11:45 am, Mars slips into the twelfth house and Saturn is hiding in the second. I think he comes at her from the back seat. His ruler, Uranus, is in the ninth house, so he may also be an immigrant, a foreigner or foreign exchange student. He may have also been from the Ukraine. His circumstances may be unusual and perhaps he is even a refugee or may have escaped from an oppressive or undemocratic country.

Uranus in the eighth is in mutual reception with Neptune in the seventh, so he might have been propelled by drugs or alcohol. He might have blown his imagination up into something wild and that drove him to do this. He might even have imagined her to be someone else.. or she might have reminded him of someone from his past. Perhaps a lost girlfriend or wife. The North Node is conjoined to Neptune, so the whole event has a "karmic" feel. As if he felt this was his "destiny".

The time is tight and swift. He sneaks up on her around noon and she is dead by 12:30. She may have been driving the car but she could not have been after this time. He must have driven the car during the crash-- or he killed her and pushed the car down the road.

The chart I drew up for a half an hour later showed Saturn in the first and she was already dead. She was dead before they got to the embankment where she was found. The car played absolutely no role in this, neither did her money. This was personal and had nothing to do with robbery.

And again, I see Saturn slipping into the first with Mars still in the twelfth at just around 12:20 pm. Mercury, which disposes Saturn, has backed into the tenth house. He strangles her from behind in the car, right there, in public. I doubt if she was driving. He probably forced her off the road. However, Scorpio and Taurus are at the angles, with Pluto in the fifth and Venus in the tenth. I think he offered her a choice. He may have tried to force her to have sex with him. There may be sexual evidence at the scene.

Saturn disposed by Mercury, she was strangled or suffocated. Smothered to death. It is likely she was smothered.

Earlier in the day, Saturn in the second house, disposed by Mercury in the eleventh, shows that the attacker spent the morning thinking about his long lost loves, his ex wife or girlfriend. He felt towards her, perhaps, like a possession and that this woman "belonged to him". He may have been reminiscing about gifts her gave her, alimony he has paid, money she took from him and he resents this. He also shares a friend with Irina and perhaps this provides a link to how he chose her.

Note also that the seventh house ruler, Uranus, is consistently in the eighth house. He wants to rape her? He has sexual desire for her? He feels a karmic link with her, like they are "meant to be"? Also, Mars in the twelfth is disposed by the Moon in the tenth, lined up with the Sun. He shadows her, follows her all morning, with the intent of attacking her, forcing her or killing her. Perhaps the delusion I keep seeing and the sexual energy cause him to think of her as the woman he is so angry at and by forcing himself on Irina, he establishes some dominance. I'm not a psychologist but I watch a lot of Dr. Phil! (LOL).

Or perhaps this is just a hate crime. Or the revenge of a jilted lover. Here I am just guessing. It's like shooting in the dark. Only those with the opportunity to interview friends and family and trace her history can answer those questions. Hopefully, they find this girls killer. There is always a chance that this is the work of a serial killer, as of yet undiscovered. There have been numerous murders on the campuses in NC and there might be a tie between a few of them.

And this is where I try to give a description of her killer. I already said I thought he was a foreigner, an immigrant, like Irina. Uranus, his ruler, is in Pisces and this describes a man of average height with a large, well made body. Not fat, necessarily, just large muscled and boned. He is not an athletic type. He is likely pale in complexion with lots of thick or curly dark brown hair. He has a high, broad forehead that gives him a thoughtful countenance. His eyes are likely dark grey and very expressive. He expresses his emotions openly and tends to be sentimental. But he can also be very critical, malicious and rebellious. A tendency towards adventure creates many strange experiences in his life. He tends to brood and hold grudges. And he has an active imagination which can border on delusional fantasy. Irina may have been a part of those fantasies. And she may have not been the only one.

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  1. To properly understand the fate -- that is, binding apportionment -- of a native or event, the artist must make full use of what is being called the Fortuna chart, along with Spirit and the other lots.

    In ancient astrology, one planet is the guardian angel (alcochoden), one is the light of god (hyleg), one is the ego (almuten).

    Trigon Lords ! Trigon Lords !


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