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Lana Stansbury

Woman Found Dead, No Clues, No Suspects

Lana Stansbury was a young woman when she was found dead in an apartment in Orlando. The police have released very little information because they have no suspects or clues even now. This is truly a mystery murder with no cause to suspect, no persons of interest, no fingerprints. They only say she was murdered and do not give the method. I have no more information than this.

I do know that she was discovered at 11:40 am on February 13, 2004. It isn't said if she was shot, stabbed, strangled or whatnot. Whether she had a roommate, or even whether she actually lived at this location. The chart will reveal a lot, I'm sure, and I'm glad I don't have any other information to change the way I view it.

Drawing up the chart for 11:40 am, the time at which she was discovered, I find the following positions and aspects:

Taurus is rising and Venus is in Aries in the eleventh. Scorpio is falling and Pluto is in Sagittarius in the twelfth. Co-ruler Mars is in Taurus, in the twelfth house, conjoined the North Node. Aquarius is on the tenth house cusp and Uranus is in Pisces in the tenth. Uranus is in mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius, also in the tenth house. Leo is on the nadir and the Sun is also in the tenth, in the sign Aquarius, positioned between Neptune and Uranus. Interesting line up. This is what it tells me:

Either a friend came calling or a roommate came home because it was a girlfriend (Venus in Taurus in the eleventh) that discovered her and called the cops. Mars in the twelfth conjoined the North Node says it was a stark scene, a dead body in bad shape, obviously the victim of violence. This is highlighted by the exact sextile from Mars to Saturn (death) in the second house (the victims property). I believe she lived in this apartment, either alone or with roommate(s). She was definitely among "her things".

The perpetrator or killer is signifed by Pluto in the eighth and Mars in the twelfth. These houses indicate death and violence. Pluto is typically a violent planet under the right aspects. Mars is an "igniter". Pluto in the eighth also says sex to me, so there is a probability that this circumstance involved sex, consensual or otherwise. This killer came there for sex, either to rape her or because she invited him (or her?). Knowing nothing about the victim leaves this question unanswered.

But I can guess! And remember, this ONLY A GUESS, not a proven fact. But because the Moon co rules the chart and it is placed in Scorpio, right on the descendant, I would say that the victim participated in the sex. In other words, it was consensual. With this information in hand, the cops might want to look at friends, ex lovers, ex husbands, boyfriends, even casual acquaintances. Of course, knowing more about the victim would help here. Did she pick up strangers and bring them home? Some women do. Or was there a "booty buddy" that perhaps her roommate or friends knew about?

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Consider that Pluto is disposited by Jupiter in the fifth house, and it might be assumed that romance was at play here. Perhaps he was a regular in her life. Perhaps he was "in love" with her? Perhaps she spurned him? Jupiter is retrograde, too, so it should also be assumed that she knew him longer than one night. It is likely she knew him for years.

Now, I like to take charts backward after the discovery to try to pinpoint the time of death. I did this with this event, rolling it backwards until I found that moment in time. I ascertain from my calculations that she died between 7:30 am and 8:00 am. It just can't be earlier than that because this chart shows me what happened:

In this chart, Pisces is rising and Neptune is in the twelfth house. Virgo is falling and Mercury is also in the twelfth house. They are closely conjoined in Aquarius. Uranus is near the Ascendant, in mutual reception with Neptune, the chart ruler. Pluto is right at the midheaven. Saturn is in the fourth house. And this chart tells me:

The two of them were face to face in a struggle when she died. Uranus means it was a sudden event, totally unplanned, perhaps the result of a sudden surge of anger. Pluto is at the midheaven so I have doubts that no one heard anything... I believe the event was audible by public ears nearby. But Pluto is disposited by Jupiter, now at the Descendant, indicating that people who heard the fight thought it was a "lovers squabble", just a typical marital spat. Saturn in the fourth house merely asserts that the death occurred at home, once again stating that this indeed was Lana's home.

From these charts, I am assuming that this was a lover or a friend she had sex with and that things just went sour. Perhaps no one knew about this lover. Perhaps her roommate worked at night or perhaps she lived alone. But any way it falls, this was not a random encounter but it was also not a planned event. He or she did not intend to kill Lana. However, I think because of Mercury the way it looks to me is he strangled her. Maybe just crushed her and she suffocated.

Now, to give my usual stab (no pun intended!) at describing her killer. Mercury in Aquarius indicates a person between 5'9" and 6' tall, with a fleshy body that tends to be chubby. This person has brown hair with blue or grey eyes. Usually a clear complexion and a full face with well defined features. Bright eyes and an intelligent, alert demeanor. This person tends to be restless, easily agitated and quarrelsome. He or she tends to brag a lot and tends also to be sarcastic. There is also a gift for scheming and plotting and in this instance, would make a convincing liar in order to cover this crime.

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