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Brianna Maitland

Young Lady's Car Found Inside Abandoned Home & She Is Gone!

Brianna Maitland, 17, clocked out of work at a northern Vermont restaurant at 11:20 p.m. on March 19, 2004.

Hours later, a state trooper found her car, a 1985 Oldsmobile, about mile down the road. It was backed partway into an abandoned house. Two of her paychecks were found inside. But the teenager was gone and hasn't been heard from since


Brianna Maitland has been missing since Friday evening March 19,2004 when she left the Black Lantern Inn restaurant in Montgomery, VT. Brianna has a small nose ring in her left nostril and a fine scar down her forehead that extends into the left eyebrow.

And if you have the time, you should read the whole outrageous tale online at : LINK This item really upset me and it's worth the read. We can't always count on the cops. Sometimes, we are on our own.

I wanted to find out what happened to this little girl and why she has never been found. I went at this chart pretty much convinced that she didn't just run away but may have been abducted. But the first chart I drew up grabbed me and made me think. Her car was found backed into an abandoned house. But the chart I see right away looks like someone is living there. Have a look. Sagittarius is rising and Gemini is falling. Jupiter is in the ninth house, it's bailiwick, and Mercury is in Aries in the fourth house. Jupiter is in fall, placed out of dignity in Virgo and disposed of by Mercury. Mercury, which rules the seventh house, is, in turn, disposed of by Mars in the sixth. I hate to say this but it looks like somebody was there at that house and making a living in some fashion out of that house. I mean, that's what the chart seems to be saying. This could actually mean that some bum was sleeping there from time and time and selling drugs. That's what it may be saying. It's just not super clear. It could be saying something else. I am just not sure.

Anyways, the thing that sort of grabs me is that Pluto is right there in the first house. Naturally, it is disposed of by the chart ruler, Jupiter, in Virgo in the ninth house. I have read that that area of Vermont is very isolated and rural, heavily wooded and miles away from supermarkets and malls. The ninth house is a marker for rural, wooded areas. This chart is literally placing her "in the woods", which, according to all accounts, would be a fact. Jupiter is disposed of by Mercury, placed in the fourth house, and this tells me she was headed home, that she had her home on her mind, and was not planning on going anywhere else. She was not planning on stopping or doing anything divergent at all. But Mercury rules the Descendant and from that angle, is still placed in the fourth house. She ended up at somebody else's house. Of course, we know that. But what I was not aware of that the chart is saying is that she ended up in the hands of the person who was crashing at that house. Whoever that person was.

And then if you look more closely you'll notice that the Moon, which also rules our victim, is right at the axis of the fourth house in the chart for 11:40 pm. She is at "the front door" of that house 20 minutes after she left her place of employment. And if you let the chart come alive, you will also note that the Sun is just on the other side of the fourth house cusp. Behind the Sun is Mercury, which rules the seventh house. As the ruler of the seventh, this planet shows us the next person she is about to meet. In fact, the Sun is not important in the chart as a whole but it tells me that there may have actually been two men there at the time. One who came to the door, either because he heard her car crash into the house or she went to the door after she crashed, just to see if there was someone there. There is no doubt in my mind that there was at least one and maybe two men in that house. Also note that Uranus is in the third house and that an accident could well have occurred.

And then at 11:59 pm or midnight on this night, the chart changes to place the Sun outside the fourth house and now in the third. This shows one man coming outside the home and talking with her. This could be because he was wanting to see what damage had been done, pretending to some extent that he lived there or even owned the place. This is one scenario. However, another one seems to be possible, as well. She may have not crashed her car into that house at all. She may have gone to the door and knocked. Perhaps this was a place that a local drug dealer habituated and she had known she would find him here. They then left together in her car. If you look at the chart you see both planets in the third house, as if they have gone off in her car. The Sun remains close to the fourth house cusp until around 12:15 am, which looks to me like around the time they took off together. This is a second scenario. They went off together to get the pot or the pills. The fact that I see these two planets huddled in the third house so long I tend to believe that they went off for a ride. He was getting her the dope.

But then, again, the first scenario is totally plausible. Mercury, which rules the seventh house for much of the time, is steady in the fourth. Someone is still at that house. So perhaps she is kept there at the house for another reason. Mercury is disposed of by Mars in the sixth house, which could mean that she was hurt in some way. Perhaps konked over the head or made sick in some way. Mars in Taurus points at the throat area so maybe she was strangled. It is possible that this squatter was afraid she would draw attention to him and to the house and the cops would find out he was hiding there. That could have been his reason for silencing her. However, I do not see her dieing at 12:30 am. In fact, I don't see her in grave danger until 1:00 am and later. In the meantime, she is either riding around with this one man in her car or standing outside chatting with this man while another man hid in the house.

And then at just past 1:00 in the morning, Pluto crosses the Ascendant and moves into the twelfth at the same time that Jupiter, still the Ascendant ruler, slips into the eighth. This is when she dies. Mercury is in the third house, disposed of by Mars, now in the fifth. This looks like they were outside the house, in the yard and perhaps even in the car together and the second man assaults her. This assault could involve either sex or drugs or both. Whether they drugged her and raped her or she did drugs with them and they assaulted her and raped her and during this event, she was strangled. Mars in Taurus is a deviant marker as Taurus is a poor sign for Mars and is in "fall". Placed in the fifth house of sex it looks like rape to me. And then I see that Venus is in it's own sign, Taurus, right near by in the fifth house, also. Boy, did he think she was pretty. He was very attracted to her right from the start. But he's on drugs or he's a deviant, and just can't go about it the way other people would. Instead of seducing and romancing, he just takes. This is greatly amplified by the presence of Caput Algol, a violent fixed star, right between Venus and Mars and conjoined to both.

At the same time, the Moon, Mercury and the Sun are in the third house. This just really looks like they are in her car. They are all three driving around for some reason, perhaps to "look for drugs" or just for a thrill. Perhaps they forced her to drive them around. And she is drugged and raped in the car? Or maybe they went somewhere else, got out of the car and did their dirty work. However, the first scenario is still possible, so that can't be forgotten. They could have been outside the house, perhaps in the back yard or the garage of the empty house, when they attacked her. The marker for sexual assault in this chart is Mars in Taurus and it is the ruler of the fourth house angle. It is also possible that they never left that house. They may have attacked her outside of the house, looking at the car, discussing it. But two hours go by, from 11:30 to 1:30 in the morning, and I have a hard time imagining this girl just hanging out this long for no real good reason.

Also to be considered is that Saturn is in fall in the sign Cancer in the seventh house, which is accidental dignity. It is also disposed of by Moon, the chart co-ruler, which is in the third house, a pointer for the car. This is an aspect that could hint of drowning or smothering. She may have been drugged, assaulted, strangled and dumped in the water after all that. Although I must add that Neptune does not play a large foreground role in this chart. It does dispose of the Moon and the Sun, which might indicate drugs were a factor between Brianna and the first man she met at this house. Neptune is also sextile Mercury, which rules the Descendant and her rapist. This makes it look like drugs made it easier to do this. Because of that aspect alone I would be inclined to believe that she was drugged. Against her will or not. If she did stop here to look for drugs it was supposed to be a quick in and out as the aspects show her headed home and not planning a party or a big night out. People who smoke pot on a regular basis don't consider it a party when they stop in for a baggie. To a pothead, which I am not sure this young lady was, a bag of weed is like a six pack for anyone else. Something they keep around to use when they feel like it. So she could have very well stopped here for drugs and intended to just keep headed on home for the night.

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But it didn't turn out the way she planned. She either ran her car into a strange place and ended up with two bad guys or she went by there to get some dope and ended up on a wild ride. If they did take her car and kill her, it is likely they then drove her car back to the empty house and ran it into the siding. This would look like an accident and people might just assume she died out on the highway somewhere in the cold. It was a cold night they say. This could be what they hoped the cops would think. And if you look at the chart for 1:45, this scenario plays out. The Moon, her co ruler, has dropped into the second house and the two planets ruling her attackers are still in the third. They are in her car, darn it, and they've pushed her out. This is a common planetary movement in these charts. When the ruling planet rolls out of the third, they have usually dumped the body. Moon in Pisces says, again, that she was dumped in the water. If she was still alive, which is vaguely possible, she died by drowning. Cancer is just now sneaking onto the seventh house cusp, showing that he got out of the car and took her into the water. She was carried out there and dropped. And I believe, because of Saturns' placement, that she was strangled first and may well have been already dead.

Saturn in Cancer means still water so this was not a stream, a river or the ocean. She was dropped into a calm lake or pond. Moon in Pisces tells me this is deep water. It is not a shallow retention pond or a tiny pool of water. It is a large lake of some sort and the water is deep. Saturn tells me she may have been weighted down. Because of the sign Cancer, again, I think this is close to home. This is in the immediate area; they did not cross state lines or take her somewhere far away. This was in this small area in Vermont. I am not aware of the time it was when the cop drove by and spotted this car. At the time I see them dumping her body I also note that Libra is just then slipping onto the Midheaven. Venus in the fourth house at that time tells me that there were clues in that house. If the cops did not search that house at the time they passed up a chance to gather clues that may have helped them solve this case. That's what I see from here. This man also spent a lot of time in her car. There may have been evidence, even DNA evidence in that car. Mars in Taurus in the fifth house whispers body fluids. Perhaps semen.

What does this man look like? Who is he and is he still around this town? These are all legitimate questions I can try to answer. This was likely a two man team, with one very aggressive leader and another more retiring follower. This is depicted clearly by Mercury in Aries and Sun in Pisces. One man ran the entire event, from instigation to finish. The other man is a "hanger on", a weak sister who would never do such a thing but doesn't have the guts to stop it from happening. One man is thin and the other is chubby and soft looking. The thin man was the rapist. He is a man who is somewhat graceful in his movements but is fast and impatient. He has a long face with a pointed chin. He has a high, wide forehead with prominent temples. His nose would be straight with a slight snub at the tip. He has long, thin lips and nostrils that twitch and flare with his emotions. He can be quite a hot head and once he's angry, he is hard to control. He loves to talk, is quite chatty, in fact, and can be eloquent at times. He has lots of brown hair, which he may wear long. And his most distinctive feature is his eyes. They are somewhat "sunken" and shaded, even small in size, but are wide open and expressive, a real attention grabber. They would be blue or hazel eyes, striking in color.

The second man, the tag along in this event, is chubby, as I already noted. He is soft looking, with rounded shoulders and a fleshy body. He has a round, fat face with a beautiful complexion. Very soft and clear. He has a bow shaped mouth and a double chin. Light brown to flaxen hair, often curly and thick. He has beautiful eyes; they are large, set apart and expressive. Like his friend, his eyes are also light in color, hazel, green or blue. They will look like water. This second man is very timid and shy, always in the shadow of his aggressive, frequently violent, friend. Now, as always, remember that these are general descriptions and will play out in some small way. These men could be of any race, they do not have to be Caucasian, however they likely have light colored eyes. They are not foreigners, they are American and are probably from that area or another area very close by.

Now, regardless of my findings, Brianna Maitland is still classified as a missing person. Her body has never been found and police do not even have evidence indicating she is dead. The police generally believe she is a run away. Hopefully, my chart reading is wrong and she is alive and well. In this spirit, please look at her photo and commit it to memory. If you think you have seen her, have an idea where she might be or have any information concerning her accident or disappearance, please contact the Montgomery, Vermont Police Department at (802)524-5993 or write them at 84 Mountain Rd, Montgomery, VT 05470. Please visit her family's website at the link below and read up on the case. Let's all hope she is found soon. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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