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Jeremy Ted Alex

Young Man Goes Missing In The Afternoon

I found this case on the net on the missing persons website They Are Missed. I have been working on some private cases lately and I'm not as active posting here but I want to change that. There seems to literally be thousands of people, both children and adults, that are missing and this is multiplied by the thousands of murders, kidnappings, abductions and rapes that have gone unsolved. I could post every day for the next five years and barely cut it. However, not all of them have viable information. Often there is no time they were last seen, just a day or so. Other cases don't have the location, just a general idea they were headed somewhere. These cases I have to pass on.

But Jeremy Alex had all the details I need so I thought I'd give it a shot. I got the info from the missing persons site and drew up a chart for when he was last seen. There was an interesting formation in this chart that left me with a certain question that wasn't answered on the missing persons site. So I went to the MySpace page just to find out what he was doing or where he was when he was last seen. The answer dovetailed with the formation I'd seen so I considered the chart viable. The only other thing I noticed there was a note about his drug use. I did not, however, see drug use in the chart, which is weird.

Here is what I found on the missing persons site:

Name: Jeremy Ted Alex
Classification: Endangered Missing Adult
Date of Birth: 1976-04-08
Date Missing: 2004-04-24
From City/State: Northport, ME
Missing From (Country): USA
Age at Time of Disappearance: 28
Gender: Male
Race: White
Height: 66 inches
Weight: 155 pounds
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Medium
Clothing: Olive green "Timberland" sweatshirt, blue jeans, athletic shoes, carrying a red backpack.
Circumstances of Disappearance: Unknown. Jeremy was last seen at approximately 5:20pm on Pound Hill Rd. in Northport, ME. Extensive K-9 searches have been performed but no clues have been found.

The first chart I drew up was for the time he was last seen, 5:20 pm. In the chart, I saw a formation which had the Ascendant ruler conjoined with the Descendant ruler conjoined with the Midheaven ruler conjoined with the Nadir ruler in the ninth house. This is every ruler of every angle in the chart in one house. It's interesting. It means he was with some people who were very important influences in his life. He and one other person were "soul mates" of sorts; there planets are conjunct in the same sign, Gemini, which leads me to think they were "twins" of some sort, either in the soul or in appearance. This stellar group of planets is placed in the ninth house, which puts the group in the woods. On the missing persons page I was led to believe he was on a street when he was last seen so I wanted to see if there were woods nearby. On the MySpace page a note was made there of him "coming out of the woods" so I knew the chart was working.

Also in the chart for 5:20 I see that Neptune is in the fourth. This in and of itself does not mean drug use but you can look at it in retrospect. It says that if they were doing drugs, which it is assumed they were, then they were in the place where they always did drugs. This place, in the woods, may have doubled as a home for one or more of these people. Pluto is in Sagittarius in the third house, opposing the Venus- Mars conjunction, which indicates that there was a fight between Jeremy and his close friend. There was a lot of fire in the fight, mean things said and maybe some pushing and shoving. Mars rules the Descendant and Mars is most closely opposed to Pluto so this other person, Jeremy's friend, was the angriest and most violent of the two. He could very easily get physical and violent at this time.

Venus and Mars are both disposed of by Mercury, which is placed in the seventh house. These two men had a third person in common, someone who introduced them, perhaps. This mutual friend was younger and more closely associated with Jeremy's friend. Mars and Mercury are in mutual reception and sextile by aspect, which means that this mutual friend may have attempted to smooth things over with the two men and may have mitigated the argument at the onset. Because of the Cancer-Capricorn angles from the midheaven to the nadir, I am tempted to believe that someones parents were present. If not, then a married couple to which many of the others in the group went for advice and guidance. These people would have been older and more settled, even if this just means they had lived longer in the woods than the others. Pluto is disposed of by Jupiter in the eleventh house so the argument began as a minor disagreement between friends but Jupiter and Pluto are square so it grew into a big brouhaha because someone was unwilling to admit they were wrong. Jupiter square Pluto is the definitive "horses ass".

At 6 pm, the chart shows that Mercury has moved into the seventh house. Mercury is in Aries. It looks to me like one is chasing the other, perhaps running through town or in the street. Mercury defines transportation of sorts, avenues through which we travel on a day to day basis. So this is the small town neighborhood and not some big city or luxury resort area. It looks to me like they are in a wooded area near railroad tracks. If not railroad tracks then a small two lane road with a crossroads or fork in the road. None the less, there are cars out and about and they may have cut through traffic. And regardless of what might be tempting to believe, both Venus and Mars are trine to Neptune in the fourth house, telling me that they did not die from drug use or overdose; in fact, they may have been using drugs but there were no adverse effects from that.

I also note that both the Sun and the Node have moved into the seventh house. Although the Sun does not rule an angle or dispose of a major planet, this movement is notable because it is on an angle. It tells me that the people who are present during this event are karmically tied to Jeremy in some way. These are "fated" or, if you prefer, "destined" relationships. In particular, Jeremy is strongly influenced by these people and as I noted in the first chart they were very important elements in his life. And then the chart for 6:30 shows major changes that preordain events to come. Both Venus and Mars have slipped into the eighth house and Pluto is now in the second. Here, we see the fight is over money or possessions. Someone borrowed money and didn't pay it back or took something that wasn't his and kept it. Venus and Mars directly opposite to Pluto from this angle is dangerous. The fight will escalate to violence and end in a horrible manner. The mutual dispositer, Mercury, has slipped into the sixth house, so they are making each other sick. There may be vomiting or staggering. It could very well be that one or the other is already hurt. Mars is exactly opposing Pluto to a degree, showing that the one man had an upper hand on Jeremy and possibly also a weapon.

An interesting aspect from these charts is that Venus and Mars remain on the Ascendant and Descendant for hours, even as the angles change from Libra to Scorpio and from Aries to Taurus. Mars and Venus therefor consistently rule both Jeremy and his "attacker", who, in fact, is a "friend". Even as the Ascendants change, as they do at 7 pm, they switch to Taurus and Scorpio, ruled again by Venus and Mars. Pluto now is a co-ruler of the Ascendant as well. This says that Jeremy has become violent as well, fighting whole heartedly and perhaps no longer running from his "friend". Noting also that Leo has claimed the midheaven and the Sun is still in the seventh, I believe there was a "cheerleader" of sorts, a man who was considered to be a leader or "guru" of sorts by the other druggies who lived or hung out in this area. Also, the Sun is in Taurus which shows that the place they were in was a small wooded area with small animals, nests and dens. There might also have been a cattle ranch in a nearby area. Uranus rules the nadir and is placed in the sign Pisces, showing that there may have also been water nearby like a pond or lake. And from the outside they were in a wooded area but from where they actually were, you could see the water.

I am going into a lot of detail about where they were because Jeremy has not been found. They ran dogs all through the area where he was last seen and nothing came up. I think they looked in the wrong place. I think Jeremy ran through an area where he was seen, attempting to avoid his "friend" who was pursuing him but actually ended up in a different area after he was last seen. Aries tells where he actually was and this means it was near the place where the druggies hung out, may be on hilly ground where some plowing is done (the cattle ranch or nearby farm?) and perhaps also in a place near an abandoned outdoor furnace or chimney. Mercury means there might have been a nearby mineral mine. There may also be foxes in that area and maybe even beekeepers boxes with bees. Small animals also populate the area, as I said earlier, and this means turtles, squirrels, raccoons, possums or any small animals like this that are native to the region. It was in this area that the fight escalated and the other man used a weapon on Jeremy. Mars in Gemini opposing Pluto in Sagittarius and trine Mercury in Aries says it could be a gun, a bat, a knife or an arrow. In other words, there are many different weapons that might have been snatched up or brought along and used. Mars opposite Pluto in this configuration just looks like assault and when the chart ruler rolls into the eighth house and stays there this long, it looks a lot like death.

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However, the switch in Ascendants at 7 pm shows that Jeremy gave a good fight. He may have even injured his "friend" enough to hurt him badly and maybe even kill him as well. This may actually be why there are no witnesses or anyone talking about this in more detail. These two men may have each killed the other and died together. This is highly possible with the Node in the seventh house, Venus and Mars in such close conjunction and the interchanging Ascendants, it looks like these two were "soul mates" of sorts and may have had a life plan to live, play and party together and then die together, as well. Any other young men that went missing around the same time who had drug problems and may have been a part of the local scene in the woods should be considered. I don't think this was a suicide pact or drug overdose. An act of violence is surely involved. It started with Jeremy running and ended with him fighting back. I am not completely sure, but mostly sure, that both of these men are dead. There is a slim possibility that they both lived through this, but if they did, where are they?

With the chart aspects they way they are at the time he appears to die, Jeremy's body would have been left out in the open, actually, and it seems surprising that they ran the area with dogs and didn't find him. This says they looked in the wrong area. They should return to areas with railroad tracks that are near to cattle farms or freshly plowed ground, with small animals like foxes and beavers in the area. They might also look for an abandoned chimney or furnace left in an area near a mineral mine or quarry. Areas with a nearby smelter, iron works, cannery, distillery, slaughterhouse or crematorium that is also wooded to some extent should be considered. Where ever they will find him will also have been the place or "home" for the drug crowd, perhaps even homeless drug abusers, and there should be signs of human habitation and probably also drug paraphernalia.

The person Jeremy was fighting with was a soul mate, of sorts. They were "twins" in many ways. This would be someone he had partied with, that was similar to himself in personality and outlook and had been in his life for awhile. This person would have been tall, with a muscular, well made body shape. He would have had a fair complexion with blond or light brown hair. The eyes would have been a dark grey or hazel and he would have really good eyesight. This person was a bold, confident, quick witted person who also had a intemperate, cruel, almost evil, side. This person has been often inclined to do nasty things, is or was an elaborate liar and has lived as a thief or criminal. Jeremy would have been a "perfect complement" to this person, filling in holes in the personality. Where this person was mean, Jeremy would have been kind. And where this person was manipulative, Jeremy would have been compliant. If there are people that Jeremy knew that are now nowhere to be seen, then he would be among them.

Regardless of my findings, Jeremy Alex is still a missing person and no proof of his death has yet been found. He may very well be anywhere and could be in your own hometown. Please look at his photo and commit it to memory. If you think you have seen him, have an information about what happened to him or know something about his whereabouts, please contact the Maine State Police at (207) 624-7076. Refer to Investigative Case # 2004009888.

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