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Dail Boxley Dinwiddie

Young Lady Disappears Walking Home From Concert

From The Kristen Foundation :

Dail Boxley Dinwiddie attended a concert of the band U2 in Columbia, South Carolina with friends on September 23, 1992. The concert ended at approximately 11:15 p.m.; Dail and her group then stopped at Jungle Jim's, a nightclub in the Five Points' area of Columbia. She was last seen at approximately 1:30 am on September 24 by an employee at the club.

Her friends lost track of her at the club and assumed she had a ride home; they left at approximately 1:00 a.m. Dail apparently spoke to the bouncer for 15 minutes before walking out the door between 1:15 and 1:30 a.m. She was last seen walking north on Harden Street and has never been seen again. She was wearing a long-sleeved olive green shirt, a bright blue LL Bean jacket tied around her waist, jeans and new white running shoes or brown boots at the time of her disappearance.

Dail was missed at 6:15 a.m. when her father saw that the lights and radio were on in her room and her bed had not been slept in. He called all of her friends and none of them knew her whereabouts, so he reported her missing at 8:30 a.m. The Columbia police treated Dinwiddie's disappearance as a kidnapping, since everyone who knew her said it would be very uncharacteristic of her to leave without warning. She is described as a cautious person who did not like to be out alone.


Date of Birth: April 12, 1969
Date Missing: September 24, 1992
From City/State: Columbia, SC
Age at Time of Disappearance: 23
Gender: Female
Race: White
Height: 60 inches
Weight: 96 pounds
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Medium
Identifying Characteristics: Pierced ears.
Clothing: Olive green long sleeve shirt, faded blue jeans, brown boots.
Circumstances of Disappearance: Unknown.

A wonderful reader of mine emailed me the scoop on this case. Thank you, Alice, for the tip and for your positive support! I was immediately moved by the details once I saw what had happened and, again, why hadn't I heard about this? She has been gone for over 10 years and I guess the media blitz was way back when and I just forgot. But I wanted to find out what happened to this young lady and maybe help somebody find her. I have been working privately with a few groups lately who are able to search if the information is clear enough. I am heartened by the opportunity to make a difference this way.

So I drew up charts for Dail. The first one for the last time she was seen, which was around 1:30 am while leaving the Jungle Jims. She spoke to a bouncer there so this time is probably accurate. I see that Cancer is rising and Capricorn is falling at the time she left the bar. And there are three strong aspects that stand out right away. Mars is right behind the Ascendant, Saturn rules the Descendant and is placed in the eighth house, and the Moon, which rules the Ascendant, is in the second. This creates an inconjunction between Mars and Saturn. Mars rules the midheaven angle and is in a close sextile to the chart ruler. There was someone who followed Dail. This person had sex or murder on his or her mind. With Pluto hanging out in the fifth I'm inclined to say sex was the motive. Conversely, Dail had money or possessions on her mind, perhaps worried about how much she had spent in the bar or maybe now believing she had left something there. I think she either went to look for an ATM to get money for the next day, perhaps worried about something she had to do in the morning... or she turned around and headed back towards the bar to check for something she now thought she had left or lost.

Interestingly, her ruler, the Moon, is disposed of by Mercury, which is right at the axis of the fourth house. And looking at the chart for 2 am, I see that the Moon has backed into the third. She was almost home. But she stalled, or even turned back, perhaps looking for that ATM or considering returning to the bar to look for something. And this person was right behind her. I mean, right there. Saturn enters the seventh house so he is now the "open enemy". I say he because I am looking at the Sun hugging Mercury in the third and this describes a "male" to me. He faces her when she turns around. Because Mars is disposed of by the Moon, I think he targeted her. This isn't a situation where he was just hanging around, looking for a victim. He picked her out and followed her. And then the kamikaze attack from behind. She was grabbed before she realized.

I also notice that by 3 am, Aquarius has taken over the Descendant and it's ruler, Uranus, is in the sixth house, closely aligned with Neptune. I think this person worked in the bar. Both of these planets are still disposed of by Saturn, which was the ruler of the Descendant in the earlier charts. There may be more than one person involved in this kidnapping. And you will also notice that the Ascendant ruler, the Sun, is positioned in the third house. This tells me that Dail was grabbed and taken away in a car or other vehicle. And as late as 3 am she was still in that vehicle. Shortly after 3, the Sun moves over the axis into the second house, which shows me that she was either pushed out or simply removed from the car. The interesting thing is that thus far I have seen nothing to indicate that Dail is dead or even in danger of death. But I do see violence coming. It is also just after 3 that Scorpio moves onto the nadir and Pluto is in the fourth. Wherever this person takes her, she will be kept there like a home. She will be intimidated and possibly brutalized.

And then you see that by 4 am the chart is very clear. The Descendant ruler, Uranus, along with his buddy Neptune, has slipped into the fifth house. Pluto is well into the fourth house and the chart ruler, the Sun, is in the second house. She is some place where things are kept or stored. This could be a warehouse, a storage shed, a garage, etc... The planets in the fifth house show me that they are taking pictures. And there is sex involved. Venus rules the midheaven and is placed in the third house. She is in a neighborhood or suburb with small roads and avenues. This place is not back in the woods or in a dark corner of a big lot. It is right on the road, visible to everyone who travels by. Most of the planets in the sky this night are sextile or trine to each other. There are few negative aspects. This means it "went smoothly". That may mean that she did not resist too much and was not hurt too much, either.

One other interesting thing I noted is that the Node is in Sagittarius in the fifth, disposed of by Jupiter in the second. Money is being made this way, from photos or films. And another item I notice is that the chart ruler, the Sun, is conjoined Mercury and they are both disposed of by Venus in the third. They make "talking" films and strange as this may seem, they like Dail's "voice". She will be made to speak during these films, reading a script. The third house again emphasizes business transactions, which indicate they plan to sell these films and make money on them. I am not well informed on Porn, in fact I hate it because it exploits women so badly, but I would think that if Dail could not be recognized under makeup and died hair, perhaps her voice could be found on film. Also, having seen very little of it but having seen some, I do recall that they rarely sell films with women screaming for help and trying to bolt. They would have to "initiate" this girl first. Neptune in the fifth often points at recreational drug use so I am thinking they drugged her. Maybe that's what made things "go smoothly". And my guess is that now, after 10 years, she is probably addicted to something.

In the very first chart that I drew, Saturn ruled the Descendant. In turn, this planet was disposed of by Uranus, in the sixth. The person who did this probably worked in the bar that night. Uranus tells me he was a temporary employee, such as security personnel or valet perhaps, someone who wasn't there all the time. This is really likely because the kids had all been to a U2 concert in the area and my recollection is that this brings a lot of people out. The bar would likely hire additional, temporary, staff to handle the larger than normal crowds. In the chart for 3 am, I saw that Aquarius had moved on to the Descendant, placing Uranus as the direct ruler and disposed of by Saturn. This is a loop that just says the same thing over and over again. This man worked in the bar. As you can easily see, Saturn and Uranus are in mutual reception, meaning that he may have had help with this. But this help would come from a more "regular" employee, perhaps even someone who had worked there for a long time. This could even be a manager. Saturn implies that this man was older than Dail and very hard-assed and rough. Saturn is inconjunct the Moon, which rules the Ascendant in the first chart, showing me that he has no pity for this girl; he lacks sympathy. Mars is sextile the Moon in the chart for 2 am, from the twelfth house, and this shows she was "jumped from behind" but that it went easily. They did not have to hurt her. Because Mars rules the midheaven, she was snatched right out in the open, perhaps on the street outside her home.

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Here is one more clue. The chart for 3 am shows Venus ruling the nadir with the planet Venus at the fourth house axis. The place they took her to was owned by a woman. A woman not only owned it but spent a lot of time there, whether it was her warehouse, storage shed or garage. And I also believe that this same woman drove the car they spirited Dail away in. According to all planetary motion, I believe they arrived at this woman's storage place at just after 3 in the morning. This was in a neighborhood or suburb with similar homes all around. They parked the car right out front in the driveway. Creepy, isn't it? More and more it just seems like nobody is safe anywhere.

In giving my usual attempt at a physical description, I can say that this man who took her is older and very crafty. He is of medium stature, thin and ranges from large boned to wiry in frame. He has a quick, active walk and always seems impatient. He has a large head and face in comparison to his lean body and also a broad, wide, high forehead. He has prominent temples and a long nose. Thin features with thin, bloodless lips. Also, straight brown hair and piercing eyes, either bright blue or dark black. When he gazes at someone he seems intense. This man is sarcastic and witty but also very conservative and reserved. He appears to be "uptight". But he is also secretive and independent and few really know him. His worst characteristics are jealousy, suspicion and mistrust. This is a bad tempered, selfish man who is somewhat eccentric and stubborn. He can be extremely critical of others and himself, as well, and is often melancholy and blue.

And I will make a last attempt to try to describe the place where they took her. As I said this was likely a storage unit or shed on the property of someones home. I think they used it regularly in their secret porn business. Because the planets are disposed of by Venus in the third house, I am inclined to think this might have been a trailer or RV unit either parked out back or attached to another vehicle in a side yard. Dail may have been kept in a secret compartment or closet at first. This trailer or RV would also be a place where they stored other stuff, like drugs or food. It could have been used to make medicines, in fact, like a meth lab or something like that. It's possible. It would have been set up like a studio with lights, mirrors, cameras, etc... There may have been book or media storage units where they kept books or films related to their activities. It would also have doubled as an "office" of sorts. As far as the home at which this trailer or RV was kept, I would say that it was probably what's called a "dump". It would have had a bad smell and may have been bug infested. There may have been a marsh behind the house or just a stagnant swimming pool in the backyard. The plumbing probably had problems and the place might have always had water on the floor. Really gross. Because the ruling planets are not far apart and are close to the same house in all of the charts, I would say that this was not far from Dails' home. It may well have been in the same neighborhood.

That much said, let me now say that I don't believe she is in this same place today. It has been ten years and she could well be dead. But I don't think so. I think, from what small knowledge I have of such things, that she was "spent" over time and after awhile she was "dumped". She was turned out, perhaps, to hook on the streets or whatnot and her addiction to drugs became too much for them so she was allowed to go. She is likely still out there, somewhere, struggling with her destiny. She would be 33 years old now and not such a hot ticket in the sex and porn industry. Conversely, she may be one of the lucky ones who got away and started a new life. I hope so. And since she is still missing and is not known to be dead, she could be anywhere. She could have no memory of her family or how she got where she is. Or she could be too "chastened" to return, realizing how much she has changed. But she could be anywhere, even in your own neighborhood. Please look at her photo and keep it in mind. If you know where she is, think you have seen her or have any information on the night she disappeared, please contact the Columbia Police Department at phone # (803) 233-8474 and refer to Investigative Case #: 92-31749 .

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