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Amos K Mortier

Young Man Disappears From Home Before Dinner

From the FBI Website:

27 year old Amos K. Mortier recently moved into a rental house in Fitchburg, Wisconsin approximately 2.5 months prior to his disappearance. On November 8, 2004, Amos was last seen between classes at Madison Area Technical College around 11:30 am in Madison Wisconsin, by a classmate. Amos made a call from his cell phone at around 1:20pm to have the propane bill put in his name. Amos was supposed to have dinner with a friend that night, but he never arrived. No one has seen or heard from Amos since.

Amos's home was found unlocked, with the stereo still playing and his dog wandering around without it's collar. Law enforcement feels that foul play was involved in Amos's disappearance.

Amos's family does not believe that Amos would have left his dog, whom he loved very much, alone. They also believe Amos would have contacted his mother if he could.

From Amos Mortiers MySpace page:

Circumstances of Disappearance: Amos was last seen November 8, 2004 at his school, Madison Area Technical College. His last cell phone record was at 1:20 p.m. His dog Gnosis was located three doors down where a woman took Gnosis in after he showed up on her steps. Amos' turntable was spinning at the end of the album with loud scratching coming through his speakers, his car and truck were both parked in the driveway. His backpack was still in his car with his wallet, Driver's License, money, and his last lab notes from class that day...all still in his car. Inside, Gnosis' dog food bowl was full so we believe Amos disappeared shortly after he returned home because Gnosis' bowl was full and if Gnosis had been in the house for some time, he would have chowed down his food, but his bowl of food was full. A tuition check was on Amos' computer desk. It looked like Amos got home from school, left his books in the car thinking he'd go out and get them later, fed Gnosis, put an album on and began hanging pictures (he had only been living in this house for only 2.5 months) - not sure of the order obviously.The stepstool was left right in the middle of the hall area with level and hammer there. Not a place you would leave it all day. It is exactly as if he was in the middle of doing ordinary things, then something interrupted him...and then he was gone. It looked like all of Amos' personal belongings and clothing were left behind. That being said, I do know of 2 specific items that are for sure missing. Please help us find my son.

There is also news on this case: several people have been indicted for a Marijuana conspiracy ring that the police believe involved Amos Mortier. But they still have not found him, dead or alive, and there is no clue as to where he may be. No one has been accused or indicted for his murder or abduction. You can read even more about this on his MySpace page through the link given above.

I could not resist this case because it has so many twists and turns. I wanted to know if he was dead or alive and where he might be right now. I did not want to do this one when I first heard of it because everyone is convinced he was killed over a Marijuana deal and that these men they have in custody did it even if they can't prove it. But I did the chart anyways and saw some things that were born out by the facts so I thought I'd chase it. Let's try to see what happened to Amos Mortier.

The first chart I drew up was for 2 pm, 40 minutes after his last cell phone call. Pisces is rising and Virgo is falling. Neptune is in the twelfth house in mutual reception with Uranus in Pisces, right behind the Ascendant. This tells me that Amos was, indeed, involved in something hidden and secretive. Neptune often points to drugs. He is meeting with a foreign man (an exchange student, perhaps?) and the meeting is amicable. It may be about business or just because they are friends. They either met this day at the college or they met elsewhere because they knew each other from the college. Because this person has not come forward about the meeting there is a strong likelihood it was about pot. Most especially because everyone claims Amos was a Marijuana dealer (and on a grand scale!).

The chart for 3:00 shows a different situation. Aries is now rising and Libra is falling. Mars and Venus are together in the seventh house so he is obviously now in the company of someone else. This is a female. The MySpace page doesn't refer to a girlfriend however there was a girl who claimed to be his "mentor" so perhaps this is her. Venus disposes itself and Mars is in fall indicating that he was in the "weaker" position. She may have been bossy and told him what to do. He appears to have stopped by her place for a business meeting. The Midheaven ruler, Saturn, is in the fifth house. This may have also been a romantic relationship as well. None the less, the fifth house looks at recreation and entertainment and drugs are considered recreational. Their meeting had elements of both of these things. A mix pf business and pleasure perhaps.

Venus is closely trine to Neptune in the eleventh house which could mean a conspiracy. This plot might have involved friends of his who used their friendship with Amos to plot against him. In this chart, there are other planets in the seventh house so he and this girl are not alone. There are other people present when he drops by her home. And then the chart for 4 pm changes radically in a dangerous manner. Taurus is now rising and Scorpio is falling. The North Node is exactly on the Ascendant, just behind it. Mars is close to the Descendant. Pluto and Mercury are in the eighth and Saturn is now in the fourth. He does go home but not for long. With Saturn in the fourth closely square to Mars, the seventh house ruler, it looks like someone was already at his home or outside his home, waiting. Someone who did not like Amos very much. Saturn square Mars usually shows long standing animosity. Pluto, which co rules the Descendant is in the eighth house. This looks like someone hateful was planning to murder Amos.

Saturn, in the fourth house, rules the tenth house, so this is business and is not a personal matter. Saturn is disposed of by the Moon in the sixth so this is someone who "worked for" Amos in some manner. Since he was a pot dealer, according to the record, then perhaps this was a person who sold Marijuana for him on the street or found other people who could sell it as well. Someone in the "downline" so to speak. The only other planet at an angle is the Sun in the seventh house. The Sun is in Scorpio and is disposed of by Pluto in the eighth, another indicator that death is on the horizon. The Sun rules the fifth house, the house of recreation and parties. Another indicator that this person was also a seller of drugs.

But to get the timeline right, I must say right now that I do not see Amos getting home until sometime between 7 and 8 pm. The charts are telling the story as it unfolds, showing the intentions of people around him but he is not confronted until later. There are people outside his home or actually inside it, perhaps hiding. This is an "ambush" as I already said. Up until 5 pm the charts show the first house ruler in the sixth house, meaning that he is "at work". I do not know if he had a regular job but he was not at this job at this time because no one saw him after he left the school. So he was either buying or selling Marijuana with people who either were a part of his disappearance or who have not come forward out of fear. But up until 5 pm, the charts show him "working" which means selling pot I presume. The first chart to show him heading home and possibly arriving shortly is the chart for 7 pm. Gemini is at the Ascendant but is moving quickly towards Cancer. The Moon is moving into the fourth house, which shows him coming home. It looks like he came in a back door. I am not sure where he lived but there may have been swings or toys in the backyard area or perhaps the home backed up to a playground or a public park where kids play. In this chart I see a number of planets in the fifth house, including the seventh house ruler. This shows people hiding in the backyard area or perhaps in the park or playground behind the home. The North Node is in the eleventh house so a number of people he considered "friends" were a part of this "conspiracy". They had all agreed to do this.

I am not sure who he was planning to have dinner with or at what time that was scheduled to occur but at 7 pm he came home, perhaps for a moment. However, as shown by evidence, he took enough time to feed his dog and start playing a record. But the dog was outside and hadn't eaten when the cops arrived so it may have been a short stay, as I said the earlier charts indicated. He may have been just dropping in to change clothes and get ready for the dinner date. However, these people who are outside waiting have made an appearance at the home by 7:30. Saturn, which rules the Descendant, is now right in the first house so his killer came right up to him at his home, face to face. I think they just walked in while he was getting ready. There are two other people also in the home and one looks to be a female. They are "holding" him in a way, hugging close to him and perhaps "cornering" him. There is one other person still outside who is holding a weapon. The tenth house is housed by Pisces and Neptune resides in the eighth, so Amos had no idea what they were planning. He was not aware of their intentions. They lied to him and hide their purpose (Neptune) and he had no idea they wanted to kill him. The Moon, which rules the first house, is disposed of by Venus so the girl was his weakness. She was the "traitor" who "set him up" for this. Another interesting aspect is that Amos was a Taurus and on this day, at this time, the North Node was near his Sun in the sign Taurus. The wicked fixed star, Caput Algol, also occupies this space. This all points to a "fated" situation in which Amos was "targeted" for a violent end. There just isn't anything good in these harbingers.

What happens to Amos happens sometime around 8 pm. They force him out of the home and into a vehicle, under cover. They hide him from view as they muscle him into a vehicle and take him for "a ride". Sounds like an old mobster movie, doesn't it? I'm sorry about that. They kill him in that vehicle (a car, truck, RV) at sometime between 8 and 9 pm. It looks like a surprise. He did not expect it and it happened really fast. He did not see who did it, they were concealed in some way. Perhaps this person was in the back seat and Amos was in the front seat. I am not sure. But the same person who confronted him at home is the person who killed him. Saturn could mean strangulation, smothering, or otherwise any fashion of cutting off the airway. I do not see the gun at this point but I think it was used to force him into the car. However, I don't believe they shot him. If I did not have the information from the case that I got online and did not know he was a drug dealer, I could only say there was some sort of conspiracy among his friends to kill him. And that he was indeed killed in this fashion. It wouldn't make as much sense to me as it does knowing the story but it would not have changed the reading.

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And then the chart for 10 pm shows that he is actually dead. The person who killed him so unexpectedly is still with his body. The Sun now rules the first house and is placed in the fourth house in the sign Scorpio. They did not go far from his home before killing him. They then returned to the area and dropped him in the water. Any lakes, ponds or rivers near his home should be searched. The Sun in Scorpio is disposed of by Pluto in Sagittarius and Mars in Libra. Look for a lake or pond where people fish and water ski. It would be near a sporting area, perhaps with a boat launch. If hang gliding or bungee jumping goes on in the area, then look there. Otherwise, there might be a rope which hangs from a large tree and swings out over the water. This is in the area where they dropped his body.

And now here is my usual attempt to describe his killer. The person who actually "did the deed" and did it by surprise was a friend of his who did business with drugs. He was and is an older man who may have children. He is a thin man of average height. His body may be funny looking with a strange shape; crooked legs or a hump back as an example. He would have a pale, sallow complexion; this means pale for his race and not that he must be white. He has brown ashen hair (perhaps with grey in it) and dark eyes. This man is very opinionated and hard working. He stays with something often long after everyone else has given up. He can also be jealous or malicious, greedy and sometimes fearful. He most likely killed Amos over money. Perhaps there was money owed or money due for drugs and this man did not want to pay it. However, I am not entirely sure why they killed him. The chart does not specify money. I went to that idea because he was a drug dealer and no doubt people owe him money. Saturn also tends to point at a lack of money, deprivation or stinginess. But this is not a fact nor does the chart support this in any specific fashion. There may be any number of other reasons why this happened.

I know it's easy to write this off because Amos was into drugs. But, no matter what somebody does with their life, they are never deserving of death. Especially at such a young age where he would have had every chance to turn his life around after school was finished. This young man has never been found and is to this day an open missing persons case. Please look at his photo and commit to memory. Visit his MySpace page and read what his dad says about him. If you believe you have seen him, might know where he is or have other information regarding his abduction and possible death, please call the Fitchburg Police Department at: (608) 270-4300
and refer to: Investigative Case #17147-04.

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  1. Amos Mortier has been reported seen by two nurses in the first aid tent at a rock concert. They positively identified him from pictures on his missing persons poster.

    Mortier is one of several missing persons who had large pets living in the house or apartment. One has been found a suicide.

    His mother emailed me to have him added to my Missing Students page.

    He designed and made jewelry and had sound equipment for music events. Added to that he was a student at a Tech school. There were several activities he engaged that would have allowed Subliminal Distraction exposure.

    He may have full or partial amnesia and might have delusional beliefs that someone is trying to harm him.

    SD is a problem believed limited to crowded unprotected business offices. It is treated as a harmless nuisance in the design of these offices.


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