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Hubert Valdez

Man Leaves Bar And Disappears

From Crime Library:

Hubert Valdez, 28, was last seen walking out of Gilbert's Lounge in Van Horn, Tex., at closing time on April 29, 2003. His car was found later that same day elsewhere in the southwest Texas town.

From The Charley Project:

Details of Disappearance

Valdez was last seen as he was leaving Gilbert's Lounge in the vicinity of the 300 block of east Broadway in Van Horn, Texas, at 2:00 a.m. on April 29, 2003. He has never been heard from again. His vehicle was found abandoned that same day, in an open lot near the intersection of Mesquite Street and Frontage Road within Van Horn city limits. Foul play is possible in Valdez's case, but few details are available.

The chart for the time he left the bar, 2 am, shows Capricorn rising and Cancer falling. Saturn, the chart ruler, is in the fifth house in Gemini. This shows he is in the parking lot outside the bar, perhaps looking for his car or already with it. The Descendant ruler is the Moon and she is in the third house, showing there are a few people in or around a car in the parking lot, possibly Huberts car. With the Moon is also Venus, which rules the nadir. There is a woman there who is either a member of Huberts family or connected through the family in some way. If it is not a woman, then Venus tells me this a family member from his mother or sisters' side, such as a brother in law or a maternal uncle. The Sun is also in the third house but it has no importance in the chart at this time.

Both the Moon and Venus are disposed of by Mars, which is in Huberts first house. These people are there to argue with him, face him down, chew him out over something. Mars opposes Jupiter in the seventh house so it may have been over some relationship, an ex wife or girlfriend or even his current wife or girlfriend. They are not happy about something he has done in this relationship. This is probably the person to whom they are related; his wife or girlfriend. Mars co-rules the tenth house, along with Pluto which is placed in the eleventh, so they have no qualms about facing him down in public and, in fact, do start arguing with him right there in the parking lot outside of this bar. These people also think they are doing a friend a favor (the eleventh house Pluto) and are willing to go to extremes. As an aside, I must note that Mercury is in the fourth house and it rules the fifth house so this is telling me that Hubert has kids at home. And since Mercury is again disposed of by Venus, this tells me for sure that one of these people are related to the mother of his children or may well actually be the mother of the kids, if he were separated or no longer living with her. I am beginning to wonder now if he had custody and she was not liking it.

The chart for 2:30 shows that this melee continues in the parking lot at that time and not much has changed. Hubert is still with his car in the parking lot and they are still outside around it or in a car parked nearby. I tend to think they are out of the car and so is Hubert; this chart looks like they are arguing and maybe even pushing and shoving a bit. Mars in opposition to Jupiter is a "might makes right" type of position so somebody is throwing their weight around. Also, Venus and the Moon are both in Aries, showing that even the females present are ready to throw it down. We have a mostly bucket formation in this chart, with the majority of the planets near the bottom of the chart. This is all going on in the neighborhood, not far from home and most likely involves family.

Sometime between 2:30 and 3:00 am, Aquarius rises onto the Ascendant and Leo falls past the Descendant. Look closely at how the planets are placed. The Descendant ruler is in the third house, the ruler of the Nadir, Venus, and the chart co-ruler, the Moon, are both in the second and the chart ruler, Uranus, is in the first. Where are they now? It looks like the Sun is driving a car, the Moon and Venus are in the back seat and Uranus is in the trunk. Dare I say they tossed him in the trunk and drove off? And then pushing my "intuition" here a little farther, I think that because Uranus is in the first and Mars, which rules the third house, is right behind the Descendant, they took off in Huberts' car. This is further indicated by the fact that Mars is disposed of by Huberts' ruler planet, Uranus. I do believe they pushed him into his own car, either in the trunk or elsewhere, and took him for a ride. When looking at cars, I usually see the second house as the twelfth house of the third and therefor the trunk or backseat. I rarely see someone sitting in the first house, which is sort of "behind the trunk" so to speak. In this case, I am thinking that Hubert had a truck and they tossed him in the bed. That's what I really think this was.

And then sometime between 3 and 4 am, close to 4:30, Uranus crosses over the Ascendant and falls into the twelfth house. Combined with Pluto right at the midheaven, Mars and Neptune also in the twelfth and Saturn in the fourth, I think he died around this time. It wasn't something that was done to him at this time, it had been done in the earlier melee. Mars in the twelfth close to Neptune shows a hidden weapon such a knife to the side or back. This was a sort of "hidden" wound, one that would not be expected to kill him by an uneducated person. But I think it did kill him while he was either in the bed of the truck or the trunk of the car. This seems strange to me now because they did find his car abandoned and I am sure the cops went over it. If he had died in the trunk the cops would no doubt have found blood or other DNA. I am not sure this happened.

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But running the charts forward I see that at 6:30 am, Aries is rising and Mars is in the tenth. Libra is falling and Venus is in the twelfth. Pluto is sitting in the eighth house and the fourth house ruler is in the twelfth. Again, there is no doubt, that were are talking about a dead body. Hubert's body is out in public somewhere and the person who killed him is in hiding. Again, the finger is on Venus, showing the influence or actions of a woman. Venus so close to the Moon this way I am tempted to say it was two women. They got together and made this happen. I do not know if Hubert was a womanizer or a man of many lovers, but these women were not happy. And after he died, they put him out in the open somewhere and left him. Saturn rules the tenth house and it is in the third house in Gemini. Mars is in the sign Aquarius, another air sign. And this is how I can tell where they left him and where someone might be able to find his remains.

They left him on a small roadway near a fork in the road in an area with railroad tracks. He would have been placed in an area where there was freshly dug up ground. There may be a small airport nearby and / or a place where they manufacture or lease lighting systems for professional photographers, performers, filmmakers or theatrical productions. Another area to check would be near steel or iron works, perhaps places where they make the tracks for the trains as well as the steel wheels and bearings. He is in a hidden place; perhaps a place that had freshly dug up ground at that time and has since been filled in or covered over. He is likely partially buried and could be under cement or wood. This is not a place with much foot traffic and very few people have a reason to be around that place. It could be surrounded by desert or on private land used for agricultural purposes.

The persons that he gave a ride to could be described to some extent. There are more than one. There are one or two women, as I mentioned. One of the women would be slender with a well-made, "attractive" body shape. Her hair is soft and thick with long, sweeping, delicately shaped brows. She has a dreamy look on her face a lot of the time and has large, deep blue or dark brown eyes that are set apart. She has a short, straight nose with flexible, round nostrils. She has full lips with lots of natural color and her lips are considered beautiful. In fact, she is a beautiful woman. She likely has a dimple on either her cheek or chin and also has a scar somewhere on her head, face or neck. The second woman, whether present or not but may be involved from a distance, is quite different. This woman is plump, average in height and has a very good complexion. She also has a noticeably round head and her face has full, "moon shaped" cheeks. Her short nose would be round at the tip. Her hair would be light brown to blond, even flaxen colored.

And then there were two men. One man in his group would be short, stocky and muscular. This is a very strong man. He has a dark or dusky complexion with a broad or "roman" style nose. He could very well be Latin or black or mixed. And the second man is a lot younger than the others, perhaps only a teenager, of average height with a strong, athletic body. He has a full head of thick short hair. Very expressive light brown or greyish eyes. These men are both manual laborers. They are strong and willful. And very capable of getting into a fight. Another point: these men are mostly earthy types. This means that they may work in the agribusiness as laborers, pickers or farmers. They are from the local rural community and are somehow related to the slender, more beautiful of the two women.

In this case Hubert Valdez has never been found, his remains have not been found, and he is still listed as a missing person. This case is cold and the cops can use any tip they can get. Regardless of my findings, this man could still be alive and somewhere in Texas or neighboring areas. He may very well have gone to Mexico. Please look at his photo and commit it to memory. If you know this man, believe you have seen this man or have any information about the night he disappeared, please call the Texas Department of Public Safety at (512) 424-5074 or the toll free helpline at: (800) 346-3243.

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