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Brandy Hall

Palm Bay Firefighter Leaves Work and Disappears

I found this info online at Find Brandy Hall.

# Missing since Aug 17, 2006
# Hair: Blond, shoulder length
# Eyes: Blue
# Height: 5’7 - 5’8
# Weight: 130 - 140 lbs.
# Age: 32
# Tattoos: Tweety bird w/ a fire hydrant on ankle, fishing scene on low back
# Visible Scars: Face, Abdomen
# Piercings: Tongue, Belly
Last seen leaving Malabar Fire Dept., around 10:45 PM, Aug 17, 2006
Last seen wearing white sweat shirt with logo on back and left breast, dark long pants, and mid-calf work boots.

This case made a small splash locally back in 2006 when Brandy just disappeared and all the firefighters were throwing benefits and managing search parties. But it just sort of died out in the media because we had some high profile child murder cases take the stage. Jessica Lundsford and Carlie Bruscia. Both sad, heartbreaking cases that I will never forget. Just thinking about these girls makes me weep. But Brandy is still missing and even though she's a big girl and not a child does not mean she doesn't deserve attention and care. The cops are still looking around on this one but there are no clues, no leads, no suspects. And when I say none, I mean it.

So I felt motivated to read a chart if I could. I am dedicated to cases that are overlooked or forgotten in the hopes that someone will pick up my lead and make a new effort in solving them. I know the cops are overwhelmed and they're only human, mistakes are made and stuff gets shelved. So it's up to all of us to try to help out, to make a difference, no matter how small. So I drew up a chart and took a look. And you know, it grabbed me. It's interesting how the first chart I drew up showed some aspects that dovetailed perfectly with the facts. In this first chart, drawn up for the time she was last seen, Aries is rising and Libra is falling. The first house ruler, Mars, is in the sixth house, cusping into the fifth. Brandy was a firefighter! Mars is the fiery planet and Aries is a fire sign. The sixth house is work. So this shows her leaving her job, as a firefighter, and going out to have fun (the fifth house). Her partner in life, shown by a Libra Descendant, is at home with a child. I do not know her personal situation, if she had a boyfriend or whatever, or whether she had children. But I see a partner or other significant person at home in the company of somebody's child. Mars is disposed of by Mercury so it seems like the child is hers. Venus is disposed of by the Sun in the fifth, so this other person is her love interest. I cannot tell by these planets whether this is male or female. Because this involves both the Sun and Moon, it could be either sex.

The Moon is in the second house, so there are some concerns about money. I don't know if Brandy was going to cash a paycheck, take money out of an ATM or perhaps borrow money from someone, but money was definitely on her mind. The Moon is also disposed of by Mercury so her concern for money centers around her child. There is something she wants or needs for her child and the money has to be there. So she is getting it or borrowing it either tonight or as soon as possible. Now, in the event, that Brandy did not have children, then this is a younger sibling for whom she often cares and has a strong bond with. Or it's another close relative for whom she feels responsible. The link in the chart is strong so there is no getting around this aspect.

It's interesting that Saturn rules the midheaven and is placed in the fifth house. This seems to show that her other job, day job, was in a place of entertainment. Perhaps she was a bartender? And the Moon rules the fourth house and is placed in the second in Gemini. She shares her home and her bank account with someone else. She either has a roommate, a husband, or a lover, at least. She does not live alone.

By 11 pm, the chart is starting to change a little. Aries is moving off the Ascendant with Mars just entering the fifth house. She has gone to a bar or other place of entertainment for a drink. She seems to be alone. There are other people there she knows but she is not with them. Mars opposes Uranus in the eleventh house so it looks like she wanted to surprise some friends of hers and show up at their hang out. At 11 pm, she is hanging out, waiting for them to arrive. By 11:30, much has changed. Taurus is rising and Scorpio is falling. Venus is now in the fourth house. Pluto is in the eighth. Venus is disposed of by the Sun in the fifth and Mars is also in the fifth. Uranus is in the eleventh, opposing Mars and the Node has slipped into the eleventh, near to Uranus. Here is what it looks like happened at this point in time. She was waiting on some friends to surprise them but was surprised herself by the appearance of someone else, another friend. In a flash, they talk and decide to go to their house for a drink or two and get "away from the crowds". Around 11:30, they are at this home and having drinks. I don't see cars or other vehicles so it may have been within walking distance of the bar. I know this area in south Brevard county here in Florida and many of the bars are right along the streets that run through neighborhoods.

There are two other people with her, one older and one younger. They look like an older male and his child, either male or female. I am not sure if the younger person, the child, came from the bar or was old enough to drink. I am not sure of her relationship with the older male, except it looks like friendship and nothing more. Here's the creepy part of this chart for me: Pluto has slipped into the eighth house, disposed of by Jupiter, right at the Descendant, in Scorpio. This gives me a creepy feeling about this man's motives. They look sexual to me, wanted or not, and he also looks aggressive enough to force the matter. Mars, the co-ruler of the Descendant, is also in the fifth house, another house of sexual desires. This looks like a stalking case to me, or at least, a man who was willing to take advantage of sudden opportunity.

And then by midnight, the chart is fairly clear. There is a powerful T square that has formed between Neptune in the tenth house, Jupiter in Scorpio at the Descendant and Saturn in the fourth. The short leg of the T is Jupiter in Scorpio. At the Descendant, this describes one on one sex, invited or not. Frustrations has built and aggression takes over. The only outlet for this energy is sex. Especially involving the Descendant, the ruler of her attacker and in traditional charts, ones partner. This person played the part of her "partner" in fantasies, perhaps, and now in real life. Her ruler, Venus in Leo in the fourth house shows her still at the home. Venus is square Jupiter in it's powerful position at the Descendant in Scorpio, so she fought him and probably fought him hard. Neptune in the tenth house as a part of the T Square shows that he is good at hiding his feelings and playing the "fatherly" role. He may have been a supervisor or boss. He is definitely a "father figure" to many. She may have had no idea what he was thinking. If she did, she didn't get the full extent of it.

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At 1 am, the chart changes a bit again and things are in motion. Gemini is rising and Sagittarius is falling. Mercury is now in the third house, disposed of by the Sun in the fourth. Neptune is right at the Midheaven. Jupiter, which rules the Descendant, is now in the sixth house. He is busy fixing things up, hiding what he's done. Brandy is in a car or other vehicle but the vehicle has not left the house. I don't see him killing her but I suspect she's been restrained and may be hidden in the car. I don't think she's in the trunk, though, because the Moon is in the first and there are no planets in the second. She is on a seat in the car or on the floorboard. Neptune in the tenth shows that he is busy hiding everything, the mess in the house perhaps and her, as well. Neptune also opposes Mercury, from a higher point in the chart, so, for now, he has overcome her and is in control.

By 2 in the morning, the chart is moving again. Gemini is still rising and Sagittarius is falling. Jupiter has moved into the fifth house. Mercury is still in the third but it's very close to rolling into the second. The Sun and Saturn are in the third house, as well and Pluto is right on the Descendant cusp. Neptune rules the Midheaven and it's moving into the ninth house. They are on the move. They are taking her somewhere to dump her or hide her. Jupiter ruling the Descendant and disposed by Pluto at the cusp tells me that he will kill her before he puts her somewhere. There is violence in his heart and his aggressive nature keeps him from thinking things through or stopping himself once he's going. Uranus is at the Midheaven so he is impulsive and irrational. This may be unpredictable or unusual behavior for him but he has no problem just "going with it". The Moon is right at the Ascendant and it's a quarter moon. He is emotionally stimulated and can't get a grip on himself. Anytime the Moon is waxing and prominent, it has a front seat over the incident.

The chart for 2-30 am shows me some things I should have seen coming but didn't. Not only does Mercury roll into the second but Venus goes along with it. This looks like there may have been more than one woman and if that's true, then this is a serial killer. That is absolutely possible. Pluto opposes the Moon at the first to seventh house axis. This is powerful and dangerous. Especially since it's in a T Square with the Node. Wow. The Node is the short leg of the T and this is powerful stuff. This is a "destiny" chart or a chart of fate. This confrontation was building over a period of time, he may have been stalking her privately for awhile. He may have worked with her or knew her from her other job, as a Bartender or Waitress. I am not sure. But he befriended her in some way, enough to draw her in for a drink at his home. And all the while, he was planning this event. To rape her and kill her. And she wasn't the first. If this chart is talking to me in my native tongue, then it's telling me there was another woman who was killed and dumped. She may have been killed earlier and dumped at the same time that they dumped Brandy.

This man was having a good time, it's all sexual thrills for him. Jupiter is Scorpio in the fifth house exactly square Mercury in the second house is a creepy combination in this chart. He "owns" her, this is how he feels and he lusts over that. He may have gotten sexual pleasure from killing her and dumping her. This is the ultimate power, after all. The power to take over someone completely and then take their life. Neptune is high in the ninth house at the time he kills her and "dumps" her. She is probably in a hidden place out in the woods. Neptune in Aquarius also describes places near radio stations, airports, engineering firms, new age or metaphysical meeting places or retail stores, a power grid, a large number of crossing power lines, cell phone towers, TV stations, Radio stations, very high buildings. Knowing the area a little bit I am sure there are no high buildings. But there are many of the other things and some of them are near or in a wooded area. Especially Cell Phone towers, TV stations, Radio stations and Radio towers, the power grid and crossing power lines. But that's a lot of ground to cover. I just can't narrow it down. Sagittarius describes the woods and Aquarius describes the other items. Neptune says she is hidden really well or "buried" beneath ground. The second house, as in many other charts, describes small areas in larger wooded areas, places where there are small animals like Turtles, Squirrels or Rabbits. This could describe a small park in an otherwise undeveloped, wooded area. They should be looking in these places for Brandy Hall.

I know that locally everybody just thought she was tough and would be able to defend herself. She was a muscular, healthy woman who did hard physical labor as a firefighter. She was a hero, in reality. But she was also a woman and a pretty woman, blue eyed and blond. Men often target pretty women who appear to be strong. They like the power of being able to take over a strong woman; it's more exciting than raping a "mouse". That's why rape manuals often tell you not to fight back, to act compliant. This makes a rapist lose interest. God speed the cops in finding this evil man. He will be someone no one would suspect. And will have done it before. Sadly, he will likely do it again.. and again.. before he makes a big enough mistake to put the cops on his tail.

And regardless of my findings, Brandy Hall is still a missing person and there is no physical proof of her death. You should look at her picture and commit to memory. She may be held against her will. So if you think you've seen her or might know where she is, please contact the Malabar PD at 321-952-3456 or from out the area, call Crimeline toll free at 1-800-423-TIPS.

Brandy Hall

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