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Michelle Young

Pregnant Wife Found Dead In Her Home

From Triangle Mom2Mom :

Michelle Young was found dead in her home south of Raleigh in 2006. She was pregnant. And bloody footprints (and this is just a horrible fact of the case) of her two-year-old were found around her.

Apparently Wake County deputies are investigating whether her husband, Jason Young, checked into a Virginia hotel and then drove back to Raleigh where DNA and bloody footprints were linked to him.

Also related to the case, a new family just moved into the house, which has been empty since the murder.


Investigators said Young had been at home with friends until about 10:30 p.m. the night before her body was found. Her husband, Jason Young, told authorities he was out of town on business when his sister-in-law, Meredith Fisher, found his wife’s body.

Fisher told authorities she had received a call from Jason Young asking her to go to his house to pick up something. Authorities said it was a fax.

From The News Observer:

RALEIGH - A young pregnant mother found dead in her home on Friday afternoon was the victim of homicide, according to sheriff's investigators. A family member discovered the body of Michelle Marie Young, 29, on Friday just before 1:30 p.m. in her two-story brick home at 5108 Birchleaf Drive. Her husband was out of town, and their 2-year-old daughter was in the house but unharmed.

"It was a violent death," said Phyllis Stephens, a spokeswoman for the Wake County Sheriff's Office. "We do not have a cause of death." Investigators must wait for a medical examiner's report to learn exactly how Young died and how far along her pregnancy was. Stephens said she could not comment on whether the house showed signs of forced entry.


This was a really ugly murder. This woman was 20 weeks pregnant at the time and the police reports released to the public were so grisly and lurid I don't want to go into it. Suffice to say she was badly beaten and then strangled. Her child was present and the baby's footprints were found in her blood. Yes, that's about as bad as it gets. Since then the police have focused on her husband who is acting a little bit like Drew Peterson. There apparently was a multi million dollar insurance policy hanging in the balance and the Youngs had financial problems. Sound familiar? And to boot, her husband was having an affair with a woman down here in Florida. Needless to say, everyone is sure that her husband, Jason, is the killer. But no charges have been filed and he has not been arrested. I mean what kind of man puts money ahead not only of his wife but his unborn baby son? In truth, I don't want to know and I certainly could not stand in the same room with such a person. It just breaks my heart.

But needed clues are still lacking in this horrible case. In fact, I see on the websites that many people are disgusted with the police in this matter. A family member supposedly found one of Michelle's teeth still on the scene after local CSI had already left. Now it is questionable that a thorough job was done. Since Michelle was found at 1:30 pm the next day, on November 3, I started there and then backed up the charts. Working my way through each hour, I am looking for signs that she is dead, that there is an entry into the house, that there is violence. I am not sure what time of death the Coroner put on this event but the charts narrow it down to between 6:00 am and 9:00 am the morning of November 3rd. If anyone out there has a definite window on the possible time of her demise, please post it in comments or email me. If it is greatly different or very much outside my window, I will reprise the chart to update it.

The first chart I drew was for 4:30 am and you will realize why when I tell you what's there. I see Neptune backing up into the fourth house from the fifth, which tells me someone has entered the home stealthily. The fifth house hints that it may have been through a window or door in a game room, den or possibly even a child's bedroom. If Michelle was building a nursery, it could have been that yet unoccupied room. Libra is rising and Aries is falling with Mars entering the first house, joined closely with the Sun. Venus is in the second house, right nearby. Mars entering the first tells me that the attacker now faces her, gets her attention somehow. Venus in the second tells me she is among "her things" or belongings, which of course we all are when we are at home. An interesting detail is that Saturn rules the fourth house and is placed in the eleventh, pointing at her visit from friends and the possibility that leftovers from the visit of those friends is still somewhere in the home. Perhaps used dishes or cigarette butts or other debris.

Another interesting thing I note is that Venus is in the second house with Mars in the first, and considering that the dial moves east to west, then we can assume this intruder is "coming towards her". All of these Scorpio planets are disposed of by Pluto in the third. He uses a handheld device to attack her, perhaps something small and sharp, perhaps a utensil of some sort. This echoes the police report that she was stabbed. Mars in Scorpio shows brute force in the first house, so I think she was first hit on the head or around the face. Possibly she was beaten with a fist, a club or other solid, blunt instrument. However, this has not actually happened yet. When you look at the chart for 5:00 am, Venus has moved into the first with Mars and the Sun. They are face to face. These three planets are all trine to Uranus in the fifth, showing that total surprise had the upper hand in this event. She did not expect this and was taken completely off guard. And here is one more thing I want to mention and I will leave it to all the other sleuths out there, the Sun is positioned in the first between Venus and Mars. This can mean many things. There could have been a second person, a man for sure, that was also present this night. Or it could mean that the Sun is asserting that this person is a man who was the father of her child. And since the Sun rules the eleventh house, it could also indicate that the person who attacked her was a "friend". Perhaps even one of the friends who had "left" her home earlier the night before.

This person or persons entered her house at 4:30 am but she was not aware of their presence (whether one or more) until around 5:00 am. And then if you watch the planets move forward, you see that at 6 am, Scorpio moves onto the Ascendant and shortly after that Mars enters the twelfth house. The Moon, which co rules the victim, is in the sixth house in Aries. Michelle is in real danger here. She is very sick or injured and might die. But she has not died yet. In fact, from all the charts I have looked at, it took her awhile to fade out. And in looking at the planets and aspects, I would venture a guess that this an act of sexual jealousy, even though there are no signs of rape or other sexual activity. This was an angry person who wanted her dead for a very personal, very intimate reason. I am not sure it was a man and I am sort of leaning towards a woman and a man together. Now, as ugly as this is, I am going to note that the murder went on for some time. The violent planets stay together in the first house over a long period, perhaps more than an hour. Mercury and Jupiter join the cluster of planets in Scorpio in the first house at just around 6 am. These two planets are closely square to Saturn in the tenth house. This was a crime of great animosity and hatred. There was no love lost in this murder. Somebody hated Michelle and wanted her dead. Right away, I am asking about the husbands secret lover? Has she been cleared in this? And then of course it could have been the two of them together or this woman and another man, like a son or brother.

Neptune remains in the fourth house for most of the time. This whole crime was done in a well planned, secret, stealthy manner. The killer covered his or her tracks. It may have been time out, for instance, for a night when the husband was out of town and therefor had an alibi. And the ruse may extend to his phone call to his sister in law. He may have been "making sure" that the job had been done. Get his sister in law to go on over there and see if Michelle was dead. But this is just a guess. I will leave it up to other sleuths to figure the details out. But Neptune is square to Mercury in the first and this is a marker for strangulation. This was a final act of desperation. I do believe it was a long hard fight and Michelle died slowly. The killer was forced to strangle her after all. And I do believe she finally passed between 6:30 and 7:00 am but I can't be exactly sure. Not even the coroner is always right on this. It's hard to tell as the planets tick through the houses, but Mars moves into the twelfth and is followed eventually by Jupiter, and Sagittarius takes the first house after this, showing her "dead" again. And interestingly enough, this is followed by Capricorn at the Ascendant at a time when Saturn enters the eighth house, showing her "dead" yet again. Interesting stuff, these stars and planets.

The killer or killers exited the house between 6:30 and 7:00 am. You can see Neptune leave the fourth and enter the third, showing him or her getting into a car. Neptune in Aquarius tells me that this was a modern, high tech vehicle with an unusual color or design. It was likely rented. Neptune is disposed of by Uranus in the fourth so they left a "surprise" in the house. And at 7:30 am, the ruler of the seventh house has also entered the twelfth house and is inconjunct to Aries in the fifth house, so the killer might have taken something from the house. Something like a DVD Player or an Ipod or other entertainment device. But this is not a rule; he or she could have also taken something belonging to a child or personal items of Michelles, like lingerie. They may have done this to prove they were in the house and did this. And last but not least Neptune in the third means he or she was able to disguise their getaway well enough that they were not seen or remembered. Perhaps dark window tinting on the car windows.

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The closing square from Venus to Neptune also leads me to believe that the killer did leave behind clues, regardless of how careful they were. Venus square Neptune is always sloppy and this may also be the reason there was "overkill". With this aspect, there is no way that this person thought of everything as they were leaving the home. With Venus in the twelfth, it is well hidden in the home. In the sign Scorpio, this item might have fallen into a drain or toilet and is now stuck in the plumbing. I would say it was most likely left in a bathroom. Neptune square from the third house, it is a small handheld object like a pen or hair clip. The sign Aquarius can mean it's a high tech item like a tiny ear plug or pen light. This was not, however, her teeth. This particular object belonged to the killer. It was he or she who dropped it on the way out the door.

I want to make another note. The North Node starts the event posited in the fifth house in direct close square to Pluto. It traverses into the fourth as the hours tick by and these positions tell me that her murder was related to her pregnancy. Again, I tend to think of the husbands' affair and what a dampening effect her pregnancy had to have on his lovers' hopes and plans. In turn, the North Node is disposed of by the secretive Neptune I discussed earlier and inconjunct to Saturn. This leads me to think that this was a long planned out secret affair. Somebody wanted to get rid of Michelle real bad and planned and stewed over it in an angry fashion for a very long time. This looks to have been done so secretly that perhaps hardly anyone knows about this; perhaps only the one, two or three people directly involved. And this might include, as I mentioned earlier, a woman and a man or two. One man being present, the other not. The other might have been her husband. But, of course, astrology charts are really proof of nothing. So I will, again, leave it up to other sleuths to pick out the gems in my readings and make some use of them.

One last chart I would like to do up and address here is the chart for the time she was found. At 1:30 pm, you see a cluster of planets have moved into the ninth house. Aquarius rules the Ascendant and Uranus is in the first house. There she is, revealed. She is found, suddenly, and now she is "out in the open" and "in her own place" at this time. The cluster of planets in the ninth look like law enforcement to me, cops and lawyers, and all that jazz. She did call the police, I presume, because it sure looks like they showed up. These planets stay this way for an hour or more, giving a window on a lengthy investigation on the scene. However, here is the thing in this chart. These planets are all square to that pesky Neptune in Aquarius, now in the twelfth house. There is no doubt that they missed something. Perhaps even more than one thing. Something hidden, out of view and hard to find. This could be describing Michelles' tooth because Neptune is disposed of by Uranus in the first house. The first house describes the head of the victim and Uranus is a sudden event, and the tooth was found accidentally a while afterward. But looking at the aspects I also see that Neptune opposes Saturn at the Descendant. Again, I am absolutely positive that the killer left something behind. Something that belonged to him or her and it has yet to be found. Saturn in the fixed sign Leo slows things down a lot. But it's in an angular house, which speeds things up. And Pluto is in a common sign in an angular house, another mix that slows and speeds at the same time. Together, it comes out to be actual months. The distance between the exact conjunction between these two is 53 minutes which translates into 53 months. I don't know how that works out or how exact that will actually be, but around 53 months from the time of the murder, new information will come to light. Perhaps someone will find the missing clue I've seen in the chart for that day. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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