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Stephen "Spoon" Spina

Popular Post Man Murdered On Day Off

I got this case from one of my favorite readers, Susie. Actually, Susie sent me the rapper house fire case as well. So I want to dedicate this case to her and I hope it gets solved soon.


Postal Worker Slain In Apartment

Police in Mamaroneck, N.Y. are looking for information regarding the murder of beloved postal worker and father Stephen Spina, 36.

The killer stabbed Stephen to death in his apartment sometime between the hours of 9 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on Monday, September 17, 2007.

His girlfriend of more than two years, Tamara Acevedo, discovered Stephen’s body at 12:40 p.m. that same day.

Crime scene details suggest he may have known his assailant: there were no signs of forced entry, and the murder took place on Stephen’s day off, suggesting the killer knew his schedule.

Weeks earlier, Stephen found his car vandalized, with four tires slashed. Shortly after that, Tamara found her car windows shattered. Police did not comment on whether these acts are related to Stephen’s murder.

Supporters held a candlelight vigil attended by hundreds of friends and family members, community residents, and Little League players.

Stephen leaves behind a daughter; his killer remains at large.

Starting with the earliest time in the time line window, I drew a chart up for 9 am. Looking at the chart I saw right away that Neptune had recently entered the fourth house from the fifth house so I rotated the charts until I located that moment. It seems, from looking at charts for every 20 minutes between 8 and 9 in the morning, that someone entered his home at around 8:30. At the same time I see that Libra is rising and Aries is falling. Stephen's marker, Venus, is in the eleventh and tenth houses during this hour. Mars is in the ninth, as well. Venus and Mars are sextile and Venus is disposed of by the Sun in the eleventh house. This tells me that Stephen left the house and went outside sometime between 8 and 9 in the morning. He was conversing with a neighbor or a friend who was outside for whatever reason. He may have gone out for the paper or to walk a dog or something else and ran into someone and stopped for a chat. While he was doing this, someone entered his home. This person got in through a window in the room where his child slept. His child came and went, she lived with her mother, but there must have been a room where she slept when she was there. This is where the killer entered.

Mars is trine Neptune so the intruder had no problems getting in. He or she also had no problem hiding and was not seen by Stephen at that time. Mars, which rules the intruder, is involved in a grand trine with Mercury and Neptune. I hate to see grand trines being used this way in so many of these crimes. But these aspects make it easy on certain people at certain times to do exactly what they want unimpeded. Mars, which rules the intruder, is involved in such a trine and is also disposed of by Mercury, which is a planet involved in the trine as well. This creates a "greased" loop or facilitated energy exchange between these planets and made things go the way they did with no resistance at all. In other aspects, Venus, which rules Stephen at this time, is disposed of by the Sun in Virgo which is also square to Mars. There was no love lost between Stephen and his killer; this person did not care at all. In other words, they were not friends. I do not believe this was a personal crime but he may have been targeted. The charts will reveal what and when as I go along I hope!

Moon, the chart co-ruler, in Sagittarius in the second house raises my eyebrow. It is close to Jupiter, also in the second, and is also disposed of by Jupiter. Hmmm. I wonder what Stephen had that was this valuable? And I wonder who knew he had it? An interesting aspect that also grabs my attention is the opposition from Venus to Neptune. Somebody was hiding something and somehow this person knew it? That's a lot of "somes". But I am not sure which way the energies are working. I mean, was Stephen hiding this or was the intruder looking for something he or she had hidden there in the past? This is an important question. Mars, which rules the seventh, is opposite Pluto, also in the second house. This intruder was willing to kill for this object, whatever it was. I mean that. The violence occurred because of this valuable object, be it money, a life insurance policy, a gold bar or bank instrument. This person either hid it in Stephens house in the past or knew that Stephen had it hidden there. And because Venus opposes Neptune while Mars opposes Pluto, I would be tempted to say that Stephen hid the object and the intruder was there to kill for it.

From the charts progression I believe he was killed between 9:30 and 10 am. During this time, Scorpio moves onto the Ascendant and Taurus falls. Mars is in the eighth house, disposed of by Mercury in the twelfth and in grand trine to Neptune still in the fourth. Pluto is in the second house, opposing Mars. There was a big fight over this money or object. Violence that led to the vicious stabbing. And I am not completely sure that the killer was a man. There is a good chance it was a woman. Venus is also disposed of by the Sun, which is opposed to Uranus in the fifth house. This attack was a total surprise. He did not expect this person to come here looking for this thing and to go this far. I am not even sure he knew this person knew about the thing of value or even that he or she was interested in it. Because of the fifth house element, I am wondering if they ever looked at the mother of his child? Did she want something he was unwilling to give her? This is worth considering, although I can't say this for sure.. I can only suggest. It is simply possible. Especially since the intruder entered through the child's window. It's also interesting to note that Mars ruled Stephen at the time of his death and how else would you define a postman, other than with the sign Gemini?

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Between 10:30 and 11 am, the intruder left the home. Mars remains in the eighth house, in opposition to Pluto in the second, through the entire event so I think he bled to death. The inconjunction from Venus to Uranus indicates that this was a sudden decision. The killer simply decided that morning to go do this. He or she may have even hinged the plan on whether they could enter the house unseen or not. If it was too risky, or if things hadn't gone so easy, the killer might have left. Like I said, I hate to see grand trines used in this manner. But that's what happened here. All of the necessary elements just fell into place. Nothing interrupted this or caused it to stop. The intruder got in easily and went about the business of looking for the wanted item. When it wasn't found or the person was interrupted by Stephen, perhaps, things escalated. The fact that it doesn't look cozy or friendly makes me think of family or friends. However, the aspects do not define them as "friend", but actually as having some anger between them. What was his relationship with the ex? Did she have a new boyfriend or an angry brother?

Let me make my usual attempt to define his killer. Like I said, I cannot be sure what sex this person is. Both Venus and Mars trade positions and aspects and make both male and female persons possible. This is a tall person with a beautifully made body. Well shaped and attractive. There would be an oval face with a bright, clear complexion. The eyes can range in color from light blue to brown and would be large, wide open eyes that grab attention. A sense of drama surrounds this person, they are always "acting" or "emoting". This person often seems to be performing, as if life were their stage. The hair is light, either flaxen or red. The skin is golden or honey colored with a few freckles here and there. There is a love for tanning and for being in the sun and there may be athletic tendencies. But this person is also very self indulgent and lazy at times, thinking always of him or herself before thinking of others. A big ego is a focus in this bright, exuberant personality. Vanity and even conceit are also present.

This man was stabbed to death and the marker for this event is Mars in Gemini. Gemini indicates a sharp, pointed object but not a large one. Possibly even a two pronged instrument or utensil. A pocket knife, perhaps, or a meat fork? Neptune in Aquarius marks the entry point so it was on a higher level, like the second floor? Perhaps there was a sky light or a chimney? If the child's room is on a second or third level, then it was probably that window. I don't believe his job had anything to do with this nor do I think it was a random, stranger event. Someone knew about the window and was there for a purpose. The second house tells a story that can't be ignored. If anyone out there knows what Stephen had that someone wanted, they would have the key the cops are looking for. And I really hope they solve this case soon. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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  1. ok he didnt have a dog and there is no way the killer got thu the window on the 3rd floor there is no way to get in and her window stay closed all the time in the summer b.c her ac is in and the mother of skyler wanted nothing from him they were great friends and did what was best for skyler and nothing was missing from his house nothing was stolen or even outta place the killer entered thu the front door there is no way they could get in thu the window without being seen and skylers mother definitly had nothing to do with it because she knows skyler losing her father is the worse thing that could happen because skyler is a daddys girl the most important thing stephen has is SKYLER did anyone ever think maybe his girfriend had something to do with it. skyler was more important then her everything was about skyler. STEPHEN LOVES SKYLER SHE IS HIS WHOLE WORLD her mom and her moms side had nothing to do with it I WANT HIS KILLERS CAUGHT SOMEONE PLEASE HELP


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