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Jon R. Van Dyke

Loving Husband Runs An Errand From Work And Just Disappears


Missing since May 19, 2005 from work at CitiGroup Command Center in Las Vegas. Ran errand never returned to work or home.

Download Jon's route he would have taken from work to Budget Rental. Go to this page on the site: Download Here

Jon has been missing since May 19, 2005. On May 31, 2005, Jon had made brief contact with his daughters in one phone call that ended abruptly. The family still considers him missing and are very worried about his safety. You can help by continuing to send the updated flyer out to law enforcement agencies, medical/psychiatric hospitals and rehab centers across the country and to shelters. Thanks!

Jon's family may have been threatened leading to Jon's disappearance. Jon may have seen something or became involved in something where his family is being threatened. If you have any information please email Jon's wife, Maureen (link below) or fax the information to 1.800.570.8915.


This case was emailed to me by an anonymous reader who thought I might be able to help. I must thank them for the opportunity. This case really touched me and made me want to find answers. Go to the site above and read about it. There is no proof or evidence of any kind that he is either dead or alive, as either situation is possible. But after looking at the case, I wonder if he is dead, why and how? And if he is alive, why has he not contacted these people who love him so very much? A mystery to be solved. I just hope I can do it justice and toss out some help in the effort.

The first chart I draw up is for 2 pm on May 19, 2005. This is the time he left work for his lunch break to run an errand then just disappeared. Looking at the chart I see right away that the first house ruler, Mercury is in the eighth house. My first thought is, he might be already dead? Seeing Pluto at the nadir exactly inconjunct Saturn (within 28 seconds, in fact) and Neptune ruling the seventh house, I have to move backward and check earlier times to be sure. It looks like something has already happened that is currently in motion so I want to find out what that is. His death at this point does not seem likely so I will backtrack to find the danger I am seeing. This timeline is a guess made by his wife, based on what she remembered as his working schedule. I am sure it is a flexible time line. So I ran charts backward a bit to be sure of what I thought I saw.

At 1:30 a certain scenario appears. Mars is at the Descendant but it is in Pisces, sextile to the chart ruler, Mercury in Taurus. This means that there was a discussion with another man around this time. Mars is disposed of by Neptune in the sixth house so this tells me it is a secret discussion about another person at work, someone who is doing something he or she doesn't think anyone else knows about. A secret discussion about a secret situation? That's what it looks like. And because Neptune is disposed of by Uranus, which is between Mars and Neptune, closely hugging Mars at the Descendant, my guess is the activities of this third person were having a direct effect on the man that Jon was talking to. This other man definitely knew about some hidden, subversive activity at work, something destructive or dangerous that could upset the "apple cart" so to speak. Was someone stealing? Selling company secrets? Cooking the books? I can't say for sure. But I do know it just wasn't good. I also know that Jon was already aware of some aspects of this situation but that the confrontation this day was a surprise.

Because Mercury was in the ninth house, inconjunct to Jupiter in the second, I would venture a guess that Jon had some foreign customers or clients who had financial dealings with large sums of money. I don't know if he worked in sales, customer service, accounting, or whatever, but these foreign clients brought him financial rewards, which could mean bonuses or a raise in salary or some other such benefit. Mercury, Jons' marker, is disposed of by Venus in Gemini in the tenth house. He had dealings with Corporations and large businesses that were comprised of partnerships or mergers. In fact, one of the companies he dealt with was a partnership or agreement between two entirely different entities but in the same field. I know this sounds confusing and I am not yet sure what all this matters. As I go along I may discover more to it.. or perhaps not. So far, I know that he had a conversation about something secret.... and possibly illegal (?) going on at work. I am not sure it involved his foreign clients but that is a possibility. I am sure it involved at least one or two other people in his department.

Returning to the chart for 2 pm, I am convinced he is in danger but not dead at this time. The eighth house is shouting about somebody elses' money and a problem there. Jupiter has moved into the first house, emptying the second, so this is not a huge amount of money. But the eighth house tells me it's not Jon's money, it belongs to a client or customer. Venus has moved into the ninth house, so this sum of money may be being transferred overseas. Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception so there are good relations with these foreign customers and they may be a part of the overall problem but they had nothing directly to do with his disappearance. In other words, someone may have been stealing from them or some other such thing, but they were not involved or may not have even been aware of this situation. And then I notice that Neptune, the seventh house ruler, has slipped into the fifth house and it occurs to me. Someone is using drugs at the office. This may have been what they were talking about after all. And this drug use was spilling trouble into the other man's lap and this is what he was complaining about to Jon. I will have to move forward with the charts to see what all this might have to do with Jon's disappearance.

Still, with Mars and Uranus huddling in the sixth sector, there is still a hint that something is yet to come up at work. And at 3 pm, it appears to. Looking at the chart for this hour, I see Libra moving onto the Ascendant and Aries falling. Mars and Venus are square each other from the ninth to the sixth houses. Then, Mars is disposed of by Neptune in the fifth and Venus is disposed of by Mercury in the eighth house and these two planets are square each other, as well. Hmm. There is a disagreement over some sort of money "scam" involving someone else's money and it looks like one of Jon's clients. This is foreign money and Jon is "minding the store" so to speak. The man that Jon talked to earlier appears to be back and it now looks like this person may be the drug user, himself, and not some other unnamed person. Again, I must point out that Venus and Mercury are in mutual reception, so Jon is the "good guy" in this situation. He is very much wanting to do "the right thing" and do right by his client. But it looks like there is fraud afoot and the money is being stolen anyways. This man or woman with the drug problem is the one who is committing fraud and trying to make it look like someone else. Hmmm.

Because Mars is conjunct to Uranus in the sixth, as I pointed out earlier, this was all very sudden and unexpected. It threatened to become upsetting and confrontational in short order. I think this man or woman, as shown by Mars, threatened Jon and possibly strong armed him. He may have been faced with a gun or other weapon at some point, either earlier at work or later, after leaving. Because Neptune is square to Mercury in the eighth, I am thinking that maybe Jon suspected the crime and confronted the person about it. And he got a threat in return. Perhaps, his "errand" was not an errand after all, but that he was forced to leave the building? It is looking more and more that way to me as I read the charts I work up for the next few hours. At 4 pm, it looks really dire. Venus and Mercury are now both in the eighth house, Saturn is coming on to the Midheaven and the Moon is now in the twelfth. I am aware that relatives received a phone call from him weeks after his disappearance, but with these aspects, I can hardly believe he survived the afternoon.

Mars moves from the sixth to the fifth house between the hours of 3 and 4 pm. Mars is conjunct Uranus and both planets are disposed of by Neptune, now in the fourth. I think he was taken to someone's house and killed or hidden there. He may have left the building for lunch break or to run the errand to the car rental agency and been jumped by his car or followed along the way. I am not sure what happened to his car or if it's ever been found. I am also not sure if he made it back to the rental agency or had a second car with him. However, Pluto is lingering in the third house and even though it has no power in this chart, it still suggests a car to me, so he was probably in at least one car along the way. I do not believe, however, that he was killed in the car or left in the car in a hidden place. I believe he was taken by force to a home other than his own and held there, possibly shot with a gun and probably hidden dead or alive.

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Saturn in Cancer at the Midheaven is disposed of by the Moon in the twelfth. The Moon is conjunct Jupiter. He may very well have not been harmed a this time but simply held, forcibly, against his will. Saturn suggests confinement. Jupiter suggests he came out ok. The Moon is also inconjunct to Uranus, which also clearly describes this event as "sudden" and "unexpected". Again, the chart says he did not know this was coming. I hope that is some comfort, as comfort can be had in this situation. Neptune in the fourth house at this hour tells me he was hidden in someone's home and Venus being in Gemini tells me it's a den, a library or reading room inside the home. Venus and Mercury still in mutual reception in the signs Gemini and Taurus tell me he was ultimately placed in a storage unit or warehouse where someone kept or still keeps their belongings, which are mostly clothing, furniture and personal items. There are also probably boxes of books and letters stored there. Jon, dead or alive, was likely put in a trunk, box or closet and this is inside this garage or storage unit. I am not sure how long he was kept in this place, whether he was moved at a future time or if he was killed. It does not look, with Mars and Uranus, that the person who did this had much sympathy for Jon and does not appear to be beyond violence. With Uranus, anything is possible. With Mars under stress, violence is a given.

One more thing I must say in this event is that the Node moves from the sixth to the seventh house during the hours in question. This was a "fated" or "destined" situation that Jon was already aware of before this happened. There may have been conversations or confrontations with this person before. He may have been aware that the person was stealing or lieing or doing some other illicit activity at work. Jon may have confronted him or her in the past. Perhaps, this was boiling up over a long period. But the drug addiction of this person and the level of his or her illegal or destructive activity was far too grave to just ignore. Jon had to be gotten rid of. There was too much danger in this going both ways. But I still don't believe Jon felt this was a serious threat. He may have known about it but he thought it could be handled and wasn't worried or afraid. As I said before, he never saw it coming. I also believe they held him for awhile, possibly trying to figure out what to do with him, and then may have decided to kill him at a later date.

However, there are many signs in the ninth house throughout the chart so it is also possible that he was taken to another country and kept there. As I pointed out earlier, he had foreign clients and customers and this could have been connected in some way with those clients. He could very well be in a country from which his customers did business. But it is my personal conviction, after seeing the danger signs and violent aspects in these charts, that they killed him and put him away somewhere. The phone call the family received throws me off because if it were up to the charts alone, I would say he was killed later in the afternoon on the day he disappeared. But there are factors proving that to be wrong, so the time line for his actual death would be anyone's guess.

This man or woman who did this is defined by Mars in Pisces. Mars in Pisces is square Venus, inconjunct to Jupiter and the Moon and is conjunct to Uranus. This means the person is short in stature and rather fleshy, even overweight. There could be a bad complexion and a bad attitude, someone who seems sad or depressed or even angry a lot of the time. Resentful comes to mind. This person may have had outbursts in the past and done inexplicable things that did not seem rational or "normal". Emotions just under the surface. This person has dark hair and either light blue or dark brown eyes. The eyes are sneaky, in a way, shrewd and sharp, always on the lookout. There are character weaknesses and flaws, one of which involved drugs. This person is talented with details, sharp with numbers and has an excellent memory. This served him or her well in the scheme they had dreamt up, until Jon came into the picture.

Regardless of my findings, this is still an open missing persons case. The police have no evidence that proves or even hints that this man is dead. He very well may be still alive and somewhere in your neighborhood. Please look at his picture and commit it to memory. If you believe you may have seen him, know anything about the conditions of his disappearance or think you may know his present whereabouts, please go to Missing Jon and email his wife from the link on that page or fax the information to the number given above.

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  1. By most accounts Jon Van Dyke has been found alive in Oklahoma. His daughter has spoken with him on the phone more than once since his discovery. He does not want to see or talk to his family. His family is scared for him and insist this behavior is not normal for Jon. He was discovered when he walked into a lawyers office and told him he was missing person Jon Van Dyke. There has been much speculation on if this is Jon or if it is someone impersonating him. His daughter did admit that it sounded a lot like him when she spoke with him.

    As of Oct 2008 his family is still not totally convinced this is Jon (since they have not been allowed to see him ) and feel that if it is he must have suffered some kind of mental or nervous breakdown.


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