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The Springfield Three

Two Girls, One Adult Disappear From Home During Sleepover

From the Springfield Missouri PD:

On June 7, 1992, the Springfield, Missouri Police Department was notified of the disappearance of three women from a residence in central Springfield.

The parents of Stacy McCall, one of the missing women, contacted the police department in reference to their daughter's disappearance from the home of Sherrill Levitt and Suzanne Streeter, the other two missing women. Upon officers' arrival, the house bore no signs of a struggle, but rather the appearance of the missing women being abducted. All personal property was left behind including purses, money, clothing, cars, keys, cigarettes, and the family dog.

Stacy McCall and Suzanne Streeter had graduated from high school the day before their disappearance and were last seen at approximately 2:15 a.m. on 06/07/92 when they left a graduation party in a nearby community enroute to the Levitt/Streeter home at 1717 E. Delmar, Springfield. It appeared as though they had arrived at the residence because their clothing, jewelry, purses, and vehicles were still at this location.

Suzanne's mother, Sherrill Levitt, was last heard from at approximately 11:15 p.m. on 06/06/92 when she talked with a friend about painting a chest of drawers. Levitt's car, purse, keys, etc., were left at the residence and it appeared as though her bed had been slept in when friends and police arrived to check the residence.

With the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Missouri State Highway Patrol, and numerous other law enforcement agencies, an extensive investigation into the lives of the missing women has been conducted with no positive leads concerning the reason for their disappearance or their location.

A reward fund of $42,000 has been established for the location and prosecution of the persons responsible for the abduction of the three women. Anyone with information into the disappearance of Mrs. Levitt, Miss Streeter, and Miss McCall is requested to contact the Springfield Police Department or CRIME STOPPERS.


A reader emailed me a link for this case. After reading about it, I became very interested in it. This event brings back Polly Klaas for me, where a stranger enters a home while girls are having a sleep over and just grabs one of the girls. I found that astonishing in the first instance and even more so in this case. They not only took one girl, they took both and they took mommy, too. This is really scary stuff. More and more, it seems like we're absolutely never safe. I do know that this case is over 15 years old and has gone stone cold. The likelihood of solving it is really slim. But I can't resist trying.

The first chart I draw up is for the time the two girls were seen leaving the graduation party. In charts that involve more than once person, or victim as it were, I use the first house to represent them both, as if it is a single person. In this chart, Aries is rising and Mars is in the first house. Right away, this tells me that the girls were full of themselves, energetic and excited. Mars is exalted in Aries, so their feelings were positive and pleasant and not aggressive or overly emotional. Libra rules the seventh house and Venus is in the third, which tells me there was another person with a car. Venus usually represents women but it is conjunct the Sun, which represents men and is in the sign Gemini, the twins. I think this more than one person, but a couple of people, a boy and a girl. Because Venus rules the seventh, I think the two victims were friendly with the girl but were not that familiar with the boy. Venus and the Sun are both disposed of by Mercury, also in Gemini, also in the third house, so this couple may have been picking up kids from the party and giving them rides. Mercury points to the school and to children. This couple may have been teachers, parents or just other students, it is too hard to tell.

At 3 am, I see the chart changes a little. Mars moves into the twelfth house and Moon and Jupiter have entered the fifth house. The Moon is ruler of the nadir. Mercury is still in the third. The two people who drove them home left with other students still in the car. The girls took the party home, so to speak, with the fourth house ruler in the fifth house. They did not go right to bed. As a matter of fact, I do not think they actually went into the house, but stayed outside. Capricorn is on the midheaven and Saturn is in the eleventh so they were outside with a friend or friends. This friend or friends appeared suddenly, in an unexpected fashion. I see this because Saturn is disposed of by Uranus and Uranus is right at the tenth house cusp, closely aligned with Neptune. I think this friend or friends outside were high on drugs or drunk when they appeared. They may have been using drugs right where they stood. Smoking pot on the streets in common in modern suburbia. I see it all the time.

The position that grabs my attention right away is the appearance of Pluto now in the seventh house and the close proximity of Scorpio from the descendant. In fact, it will tick over onto the cusp within the next half hour. Venus, still at the descendant at 3 am, is in Gemini in the second house. Venus so close to the Sun at this point shows me that someone is with a boy. I think the girl whose home this was, Suzanne Streeter, was at this point playing the background a bit, being quiet. And I think her visitor, Stacey McCall had attracted a male friend, either someone she already knew or someone she just met. Because the Moon is conjoined with Jupiter in the fifth house, I am thinking somebody snuck some alcohol into this, perhaps only beer. But this was the reason, or one of the reasons, the girls continued their socializing outside the house instead of just going in. Mars in the twelfth seems to be talking about mom, who was asleep in dreamland. And my eye is watching Pluto closely, moving silently through the seventh, in close square to Saturn.

At 4 am, Pluto is right at the seventh house angle and is under great duress. It is square to Saturn, now in the tenth; inconjunct to Mars, still in the twelfth; and inconjunct to the Venus, Mercury, Sun cluster in Gemini at the first / second house axis. I see that Venus has stepped into the first and it's about this time I think the girls go into the house. They are only going to be there for about 30 minutes, as the planets predict. Sagittarius is closing in on the seventh house and the Moon and Jupiter are entering the fourth. This means another man enters the home right after they do. Jupiter so close to the Moon means that he has targeted one of the women. At 4 am, Venus still rules the Ascendant and is in Gemini in the second. This tells me that the girls entered the house to get something. Something they wanted, perhaps of value, perhaps only a momentary need. A camera, perhaps? Or a lighter? It could have been anything.

And shortly after they went inside, they were followed. And I believe it happened this way: one girl went in for the lighter or the glass and then a man, not the younger boy the girls had been flirting with earlier, but a latecomer, a man who came from out of the blue, grabbed the other girl and forced her into the house.This was not a man from their group but someone new, probably unknown or not known well. Perhaps a lingerer in the neighborhood or a watcher from a nearby house. The Moon and Jupiter so close together says that this man was interested in one of the women, whether is was one of the girls or the mother. The Moon also indicates that since he was dealing with women and only women, he was very sure of himself. This all happens between 4 and 4:30 in the morning, as the party is "winding down" and the girls are pretty much alone. Notice that during that half hour, Sagittarius moves onto the seventh house cusp and Jupiter moves into the fourth. During this same period, I take note of the close trine between Jupiter and the Node. This was planned out, thought about and "fated" in that fashion. This man had every intention of snatching these women or, at the very least, the woman of his fancy. Remember the earlier tension with Pluto at the Descendant? He was actually watching and plotting this thing since that moment in time. He saw his opportunity developing and he waited until it was easy.

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So all of this action seems to occur between 3 and 4:30 in the morning. The girls get back in the neighborhood and spend time outside with friends. At some point, one of them is flirting with a boy. As time passes, friends begin to splinter off and this leaves the girls alone. One of them steps inside for a lighter or other item and the other is grabbed by the stalker. And at 5 am, the whole picture becomes crystal clear. Gemini now fully in the first house and the cluster of planets there, including Mercury, tell me that all of the women have been awoken and they are all together there, in the front of the house. Moon and Jupiter are still in the fourth house, showing that this man is there with them. There is a close square between the Moon, Venus and the Sun, which tells me that one of the girls caused this to happen. One of the girls helped this man, intentionally or not, and he used her to get into that house. He takes her as his main "hostage" or prisoner, of sorts. And then if you look you will see the planets in the eighth house, Neptune and Uranus inconjunct to the Sun and Venus. This tells me that there was an undercurrent to this whole affair, involving sex, drugs or illegal activity. Uranus rules the midheaven so it may be something this man does for a living. Uranus is trine to the Moon and Jupiter so he is successful with it and it may also be that one of the girls had participated in this before. The Moon trine to Uranus and Neptune indicates that one of the girls was aware of all of this in advance, had a hand in it, as the chart earlier implied. She may not have been forced into the house, after all, she may have actually waited for the chance to let this man in.

Because Jupiter is square to both Venus and the Sun, it is my guess that the other two women resisted. There was a bit of a fuss getting them to come along. I realize that nothing in the house appeared disturbed and there was nothing missing other than the women, but I think two of them made every effort not to go along, to stay out of this. Pluto is also inconjunct to the Sun and to Venus, which tells me they had to be forced, perhaps handcuffed or tied. There is also a possibility that they were knocked out somehow. With Pluto in Scorpio, the planets in the eighth house and Mars in the twelfth, I think this was a sex ring. I think one of the girls was already involved and helped this man to grab the other girl. In the process, they woke mom up and were forced to take her, too. Or maybe it was the other way around. This was mom's boyfriend and they had planned to take these girls together. It could work either way; it just says that one female was complicit. I am not sure which.

There is no doubt in my mind that this had something to do with the sex industry. Aquarius rules the midheaven and Uranus is in the eighth, conjoined Neptune. Saturn disposes both Neptune and Uranus and it's positioned at the tenth house cusp. Mars is in the twelfth and Pluto is in the sixth. I see cameras, both video cameras and still shots. I see forced sex. I see drugs or drugging. I also see these women eventually hidden in a home. A home in a suburb just like this one. And perhaps not that far away.

As a small measure, I will again attempt to describe the man or men who took these women. Right away, with Jupiter in Virgo, I can say he was driven by money. This was his way of making a living, taking photos of women or children, unwilling or willing. Perhaps drugging the ones who resisted. There is a chance that he drugged one or both of the girls on this night. Something in their beer would do it. I say this because of Neptune and it's position. Now remember that Jupiter in Virgo was disposed of by Mercury, which ruled the first house or was stationed in the first most of the time. He targeted one of these girls and one of the girls helped him do it. Now this reminds me of the case in Pensacola where the young girl was duped and drugged by a so called "friend".

Jupiter tells me that this man was large in size and strong. He may have had well developed muscles and been very strong and hard to resist. He is also good looking, which hints that he may make the movies and star in them as well. He uses his charm and boyish good looks to put women at ease. This man has dark wavy hair and reddish brown eyes. He probably has dimples and nice skin. He has a large, well shaped nose and a ruddy skin color, reddish like his eyes. He has very nice teeth, which may also be white, and a lovely smile. He may very well come from money or from a family who had a successful business. In fact, he is all about money most of the time. He is very materialistic and is hungry for money, never having enough. He lives lavishly and loves to show off his possessions. He is also a gambler and spends a lot of money and time betting on various races and games. In particular, he bets on "handed" games like tennis, golf and basketball. He is often heard boasting about his winnings.

As I said earlier, he is likely from the near neighborhood and had seen the girls in the past. In fact, he had had dealings with one of the girls of a more personal nature, perhaps involving the sex business. The node tells me he planned this thing out and was waiting for the details to "fall into place". In searching for the man who did this, the neighborhood should be canvassed and the retail estate records should be searched for men like this who owned a home nearby. Looking for a man who came from money, had a lot of nice things and did not seem to ever work would be a good idea. But in all the charts I drew up and looked at, I did not see the women dead. If they were killed, it would have been years later and perhaps under other conditions; they may even have died from drug overdoses or illness by now. But in fact they are still missing and the case is stone cold but still open. Please look at their photos and commit them to memory. If you think you have seen one of them, know anything about what might have happened to them or believe any one of them is in your neighborhood, please call the Springfield, Missouri PD at 417-869-TIPS (8477) CRIME STOPPERS. Locally, you can walk in at the South District Station at 2620 W. Battlefield Road in Springfield, MO. Otherwise, you are invited to write them at Springfield Police Department Headquarters, 321 E. Chestnut Expressway, Springfield, MO 65802-3899.

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  2. Based on your advice to look in the immediate area, I just did an internet search for any sex offenders in that area. How strange that the only result comes from someone at 1717 E. Delmar.. the very house the girls were taken from.{EA830665-5BD5-4DD7-B902-0355C6A854A3}&lat=37.18948464110639&long=-93.2632827758789&clr=%23ff0000&rm=0

  3. Hello, just found this. Interesting with the latest findings in Cleveland, the 3 women held hostage for 10 yrs. I've always wondered if their mutual gf had something to do w/ "the three's" disappearance. the two who resisted could be the actual young girls taken? just a thought. I think this b/c their mutual gf was so stoic and 'flat' on TV interview. I read Kathie's blog and noticed a few other people thought the same thing. could it be possilbe,this girl snuck out later and met up w/ the man you mentioned and helped get the "handsome man" inside? was this gf's whereabouts solidly accounted for? or was it just her parent's saying she was home, which I thought authorities did not take a parent's 'verification' as truth. i think a more thorough, basements and attics, re-check of neighboring houses should be done, you mentioned they might be locked up close by. And w/ Cleveland case...they were in a non- descript house the whole time.

    1. After re-reading the chart, that DOES make sense. Both her and her boyfriend acted suspicious the next day (maybe Janelle's boyfriend Mike was the guy that Stacy attracted in the chart?), and Cox worked with Stacy's dad so maybe she knew him because of that? Though the profile described at the end fits Carnahan more than Cox (didn't research Carnahan very well when I made my other comment here) and also fits her boyfriend as he was part of a family business too, I don't see a connection between him and those two. Also, Cox was sexual in his crimes like Carnahan, had the "movie star" looks as his mugshot shows, had the false alibi and the interesting letters, all the psychic readings point towards him, and there were sightings of the girls outside a building on Clay Street (a Cox address) and a sighting of a church van driving recklessly at the Cox hospital that morning (Cox's false alibi was that he was at church and he'd definitely be the type to bury the bodies in a place with his name on it, and the parking garage is also always pointed towards in the psychic readings). Very interesting indeed.

  4. just found this article and w/ the Cleveland case (also 3 women abducted) interesting similarities with this 'reading' of the sprfld 3 case and Cleveland.
    From your chart reading, the 'girl' who planned it or had been involved before? How about the last girl to see them? The Kirby girl. I'm sure the police questioned her but did they just take her parent's word that she was home? How hard did the detectives/police lean on her? I think she knows more than she's ever given them. I think this case will end up on "Unusual Suspects". Who would know so many details of their lives? a close friend.

  5. I don't know, the description of the suspect looks A LOT like the main suspect, Robert Craig Cox (also fits in with the man not from their group, as Janelle, her boyfriend, and the grave robbers were part of that group). The chart says that one of the girls let him in, as in one of the missing women, which would make sense if he used the broken glass from the light bulb as a ruse to get in and needed to speak with Suzie's mom to tell her about it.

  6. I don't know, the description of the suspect looks A LOT like the main suspect, Robert Craig Cox (also fits in with the man not from their group, as Janelle, her boyfriend, and the grave robbers were part of that group). The chart says that one of the girls let him in, as in one of the missing women, which would make sense if he used the broken glass from the light bulb as a ruse to get in and needed to speak with Suzie's mom to tell her about it.

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