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Ann Pressly

Lovely TV Anchor Attacked & Beaten In Her Home

From AMW:

Police have found a new lead in the search for local news anchor Anne Pressly's attacker: a cashier at a Little Rock, Ark. Shell gas station told AMW that Anne's credit card was used at one of the gas pumps there the night of her attack.

The employee said that there was a surveillance camera working on the premises, and that the video has been turned over to police, but investigators working the case have not confirmed this information.

Cops are searching for any information leading to the person, or persons, who attacked Little Rock morning TV anchor Anne Pressly, 26. The popular journalist was found in the early morning hours of October 20, 2008 with life-threatening injuries.

The last contact Anne had with anyone was through a text message with a friend at 9:50 p.m. on October 19, 2008.

Anne's mother, who was visiting from South Carolina, says she always calls Anne in the morning for an early wake-up call, and was alarmed when her daughter didn't answer her repeated phone calls.

She went to Anne's house to check on her, and was horrified to find Anne in bed, bleeding.

Cops say Anne was beaten in the head and chest area, and was listed in critical condition at a local hospital.

Everyone who knows Anne has describes her as a smart, popular woman with no known enemies.

Investigators are trying to determine why Anne was attacked. They suspect that the beating happened during the course of a robbery, because Anne's purse was missing, but they say there is the potential that the attacker was a stalker.

Police are working to determine the identity of the culprit, and are looking for any information that might lead an arrest.

If you know anything about this savage beating, call our hotline at 1-800-CRIME-TV right now.

Update: Arkansas Anchorwoman Dies After Beating

An Arkansas television anchorwoman found beaten at her home earlier this week has died from her injuries.

Hospital officials say Anne Pressly, 26, died Saturday at St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center. Hospital spokeswoman Margaret Preston says family members declined to release any other details about Pressly's death.

Pressly was beaten around the head, face and neck during the attack. She had been unable to communicate with her family or police, while being kept sedated in the intensive care unit.

Pressly was discovered Monday morning a half-hour before she was to appear on ABC affiliate KATV's "Daybreak" program. Her mother went to the woman's home after she didn't answer her regular wake-up call.

Police have yet to identify a suspect in the attack.


This is a really frightening story. I first saw it on Nancy Grace. How many evil people are running around out there? It seems like there are more than ever. I remember in the sixties when I grew up there was like the Boston Strangler and the Zodiac and they were really bizarre but they were RARE. Like exotic birds in a cage in the back of a dark store. Now they are all running around out there, under the bright lights on every sidewalk, grabbing kids as they get off the school bus, walking into the living rooms of people's homes, shooting people in parking lots. Does anyone else think this is like the Night of the Living Dead, when the dead were suddenly everywhere, killing the living? It's ugly and sad and I wish we could do more to stop it. I guess all we can do is shoot back. If you remember the ending in the movie, you will also remember that the posse doesn't always come and when they do, they don't always save everyone.

The first chart I drew up was for the time when she last sent a text message. This was a message she sent to a friend and it was the last time she was heard from. This chart is pretty straightforward, showing us what we already know and also a few stray details. Gemini is rising and Sagittarius is falling. Mercury is in the fourth house in the sign Libra and the Moon is in the first house. Mercury is disposed of by Venus in the sixth and the Moon is in her dignities. Mercury and the Moon are in square aspect. This tells me that she is at home but is concerned about work; perhaps working on some news item or other work assignment. She was also worried about some nagging emotional thing, perhaps concerning family or someone else whom she cared about, and this might be reason for the text message. Mercury in Libra is indicative of communicating, especially with the double Mercury influence through Libra being disposed of by Venus, positioned in the sixth, the natural house of Mercury. She was definitely writing, thinking, worrying and talking. Communicating about work and things that concerned her. The Moon square Mercury shows that she did have some concerns or worries. They were on her mind.

The interesting thing about this chart is that Jupiter rules the Descendant from the seventh house; this position presages, to some extent, the "next person" she would meet. Presumably, her attacker. We assume this because it is generally believed that she was home alone and, at least, did not have a roommate. Notice how closely Pluto is hugging the cusp, a harbinger of sorts, because Pluto so often creates chaos, upset and violence. Sometimes on a large scale. Now, an interesting angle I see here is the loop involving Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. Follow me. Mercury is disposed of by Venus, which is in the sign Sagittarius. It is disposed of by Jupiter, which is disposed of by Saturn. In turn, Saturn is disposed of by Mercury. Jupiter is square Mercury from the seventh and Saturn is soon to rule the seventh, within the next hour or so. This interesting group of aspects has me suspecting that this person was not a stranger. In fact, she had been worried about this person in some way or had had contact with this person recently. But I will wait to see if the stars bear this out as I track the evenings events.

I run the charts ahead and stop at midnight. This is to see if anything is developing. I realize she was attacked later on, according to reports, but events begin to manifest long before we experience them. Notice that Cancer is on the first house and the Moon is in the twelfth. She has already gone to bed. The Moon is trine Mars in the fourth and Uranus in the ninth. The Moon opposes Jupiter. She is comfortable in her home and even if she doesn't feel totally safe, she has faith in her own abilities to protect her property. She may have some sort of security, whether it's alarms or just the dogs they reported about. But here's the thing that bothers me: Saturn rules the seventh and Saturn is in the third house, disposed of by Mercury, also in the third; in fact, Mercury is right at the third/fourth house cusp. The fourth house has both the Sun and Mars. Mars rules the tenth house. I am very shocked that she is in that house alone. It looks very much like a man was there at this time. It also looks like someone else was outside. So now I am very curious and must back up charts for quarters of hours until I find out when this person entered the house.

Running the charts backward, I discover that the Moon entered the twelfth with Cancer on the Ascendant for the first time at 11 pm, just a few minutes after the text message she sent. She went to bed right away and may have sent that message from the bedroom. Between 11:30 and 11:45 Mars crosses the cusp into the fourth and I see this man enter the house through a window. Saturn is in the third house, showing a second man just outside the house, on a sidewalk, in the yard, sitting in a car. Prominent planets in water signs clearly describe more than one man. Mars rules the tenth house so Mars is in dignity and is co disposed of by Pluto in the sixth. This hints that she knew this person through work. This can mean that She knew the one man in some fashion, perhaps involving work. I do not believe he works with her but it can also mean that he had come around to do odd jobs or run errands. Saturn in the third indicates clearly that the second man is a stranger. He has come along on the suggestion of the first man.

Also note that Saturn, the seventh house ruler, is disposed of by Mercury, which is in the fourth. Both of these men came together for some reason, one calling the shots, the other willing to go along. As an aside, I see that Scorpio rules the fifth house cusp so this tells me that one man entered through a bathroom window. At midnight, Mercury crosses from the third into the fourth. Saturn, the seventh house ruler, is disposed of by Mercury. The other man enters the house. He doesn't stay long as I see Mercury back out of the fourth into the third by 12:30 that morning. This might mean he brought something in or was called in by the other man or some other such thing. Strange but this is what it looks like. And then a shocker! (For me, at least!) I see Leo takes the Ascendant just after 12:30 am and in the next 30 minutes, the Sun moves out of the fourth into the third. This tells me that Ann gets out of bed and walks outside! Seriously. I am thinking that perhaps she heard something and went outside to look. Maybe into the carport area, considering that the Sun is in Libra. The Sun is disposed of by Venus, which is still in the fourth house, telling me that she did not leave the house area. She did not walk down the street or even into the front yard. She was still within the confines of the "house" and this, to me, seems like the carport area. During this same period, Aquarius moves onto the Descendant and Uranus is in the eighth house. The intruder is hiding. Somewhere in the house, most likely the bathroom. I say this because Uranus is in Pisces and Mars is in Scorpio. So he has either retreated back to the bathroom or he has never left. Could he have been hiding there for over an hour? Aries is still on the midheaven and Mars in Scorpio is still in the fourth house. This man is still inside and Ann is still unharmed; in fact, she has walked outside.

Looking at the next chart, there is a handoff between the planets that keep the scenario in place. I always find these actions fascinating and proof of how Astrology works. Check out the midheaven in the chart for 1:30 am. Taurus takes the midheaven and Venus moves into the fourth. This maintains a presence in the house that was first defined by the Aries midheaven and Mars in the fourth. The planets are telling me clearly: the intruder is still in the house. Libra rules the nadir and Venus is in the fourth house, also telling me someone is in the house. The seventh house ruler is Uranus in the eighth house, which is opposed to Saturn in the second. the second. There is something she has that he wants. It's interesting that Saturn co-rules the seventh house, as well. And that Saturn is disposed of by Mercury in the third. Is he looking for documents? Money? Credit cards? Letters? It could be anything it seems, with aspects from Mercury, Venus, Libra and Virgo, involving the second and eighth houses. Paper is a symbol I keep seeing here, but money is paper, too. So it's anyone's guess. Make your own guess at this and post it in comments. Everyone is welcome.

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Interestingly enough, at the time of the attack, the seventh house is Aquarius and Uranus is in Pisces. This is someone she knew, as I said before, a casual acquaintance or distant "friend". She had some worries about this person in the past and had recently spoken to this person or seen this person somewhere. Uranus is disposed of by Neptune, which indicates that although this person was an acquaintance or friend, perhaps even a friendly "fan", this person is also a thief who has problems with drugs or alcohol. Saturn was the earlier significator so this person may have worked for her at some time in the past, either around the house or at the station; otherwise, this may have been a person she had allowed to use a room in her house or had helped with a financial problem or personal need. Uranus and Saturn both describe a man to me so let's go with that. Considering how badly she was beaten, this may be a given. But a woman with a baseball bat is just as deadly; it's the planets that decide for me in this instance. One of the men, Saturn, was older than she was and the other man, Mars, was younger. The younger man entered the house. The older man stayed outside.

The earlier markers led me to believe that this man may have worked with her or somehow in her field. But now I am thinking seriously that this could possibly have been a neighbor. Because of the eighth house, he had come to the house occasionally in the past. He had somehow befriended her. And because of Saturn's placement and the second and eighth house positions, I am inclined to think that she had helped him out in some way. She considered him to be "needy" and she wanted to help him out. He had been in her house before and knew who she was. He probably assumed she would have money on her, or at least, credit cards or other things of value. I guess whatever she was kind enough to do for this man was not enough; in fact, in only served to encourage him to come and take the rest. And because of the planets sitting where they are I will still venture to guess that he had done some work for her. He had fixed the roof, run some errands, tuned up the car, painted the door, etc... handyman type stuff. Because of the second house planets and the fact that she was not married, I must believe that this was an "employee" of sorts, someone to whom she had given money and who had gotten an eyeful when he looked at her purse, wallet, checking account or whatever else he saw when she paid him.

It is my guess that she was attacked between 2:30 and 3:00. In fact, it looks like they surprised her as she turned to come back into the house. She had come to conclusion that there was no one outside and started into the house, to return to her bed. And bang! He confronted her. I see this in the chart for 2:15 am, when I see Mars leave the fourth and enter the third, right behind the Sun. Venus is in the fourth and shortly afterward, Pluto enters the fourth house, too. They go back inside together and perhaps he makes her look for something he wants. By 2:45 am, Pluto, which still co rules the nadir, has entered the fourth. It is disposed of by Jupiter in Capricorn in the fifth house. Jupiter is in fall. It is interesting to note that she was beaten with baseball bats. Capricorn describes wood objects and the fifth house describes sports. Fascinating, isn't it? Of course, it's always easy to go back in retrospect and see it all clearly. Hindsight is 20/20. I wish we could predict this way but it's too reliant on time and space to do that without a reason to suspect a certain time and place. Sometimes the birth chart shows a violent death but even in those cases, it is hard to predict exactly when that will happen. Of course, it would be a horrible life indeed if we all ran around knowing, in advance, how and when we were going to die. Too fatalistic for me.

But I must admit that Astrology walks a fine line between possibility and fatality. Are we victims of random planetary activity or are the planets a part of a "divine script"? I will leave those decisions up to individuals. This woman is very sad for me because I know what it's like to be alone, unmarried, trying to create a successful life. I also know what it's like to be compassionate and caring and eager to help everyone. It puts a woman in danger but I suspect even if she was fearful of that, she would have still helped this guy and not regretted it. She was a lovely woman. Like they say, the good die young. What a sad epitaph.

Because Uranus is in Pisces, this man came from nearby but not the same neighborhood. He was a "neighbor" in the fact that he was from somewhere close by but he did not live in the country club area she lived in. He was "down the road" so to speak. Again, because the Moon is in a succedent house, I have to say that he is near his home. He just does not live far away. He is somewhere nearby, but just not in the exact same neighborhood. He had visited her home before and possibly had done odd jobs. She had helped him out. At the same time that Pluto backs into the fourth, Saturn enters the first. Saturn is opposed to Uranus in the seventh. BOTH men attacked her. The second man, the stranger who had stayed outside, perhaps grew tired of waiting so he entered the house with the weapon or weapons. This was a SURPRISE. The first man, the one who had confronted her in the house, was shocked by the other man's attack. But he was taking too long, fooling around, trying to get her to give him her money. During the attack, the Ascendant switches from Leo to Virgo and Mercury is in the second house. She runs and tries to escape, heading for her bedroom. They follow her in. She retreats to the bed, perhaps not thinking clearly or not knowing what else to do, and they follow her in and then they beat her in her bed.

Please note a position I have become fearful of. At around the time of this attack, Caput Algol reaches the midheaven, in direct inconjunction to Pluto in the fourth. The beating became vicious and horrific. The violence was beyond what was necessary. Because of these aspects, we are seeing a robbery that just went haywire and ending in a vicious bloodletting. It is amazing, actually unbelievable, that she survived even a minute. Another position to note in this chart is that Mars is via combust. Also, the seventh house ruler is retrograde. This did not work out the way it was planned but some reason it just got out of control. It's not really anger that caused this to happen; it was more a sudden morbid delight, almost as if they enjoyed it. Once it started, it just could not be stopped. And, yet it was. They did stop before she was completely dead. Notice, as well, that the Pleides is also near the midheaven. This case will be famous; it will go on for some time, enough time to gain national fame.

I will again attempt to describe the intruder with a physical description. I have already said quite a bit about him, that he knew her, that she had helped him. Any handymen she had given jobs to in the recent past should be investigated. This man is of average height and may tend to be "fleshy" and even, at times, a bit chubby. He has pale, ashen colored skin and an oval shaped face. His forehead is high and broad, taking up a great deal of his face. His chin is weak and his lips often look pouty. He has dark brown, ashen hair and expressive grey colored eyes. His partner, the stranger, is a taller man and thin. He also has a high forehead; the nose is long and the lips sit low on the chin. He may have a yellowish or dark complexion, he may even be "swarthy" in coloring. He has black or very dark brown eyes and hair. I don't expect, in most cases, that these physical descriptions are of much use. But this case is not cold yet and there are fresh memories. Perhaps someone will remember a man who worked around her house, someone she befreinded and helped in some way. If he matches this description, even a little bit, he should be investigated. I cross my fingers that they find these men and that they do so soon.

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