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Kelly Currin Morris

Mother Goes Missing While Looking For Dog

From the News Observer

Granville County sheriff's deputies continued searching today for a missing mother who disappeared last week on the same day a fire destroyed her home.

Kelly Currin Morris, 28, has been missing since Sept. 4.

Granville County Sheriff David Smith said today that the fire was deliberately set.

The fire department responded at 11 a.m. to Morris' home at 3220 Tump Wilkins Road in Stem. Later that afternoon, the sheriff's office was called when Morris could not be located.

Morris' husband, William Scott Morris, told law enforcement he was at work at the time of the fire, Smith said. Morris works part-time at a BP station in Creedmoor and runs Scott's Towing, Smith said.

Since, then, William Scott Morris has been talking to investigators, Smith said, adding "I'll just leave it at that." No suspects have been named.

"Right now everybody is a suspect because our main thing is trying to locate Kelly," Smith said.

Her locked car was found on the day of the fire a mile from her home with her purse and other personal items inside.

The Morrises have a 5-year-old child, and Kelly Curran Morris has an 8-year-old child from a previous relationship, Smith said. Both children were at school during the time of the fire.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the State Bureau of Investigation is assisting the sheriff's department in the search for Morris, Smith said. The sheriff's department has seven investigators, and six have been assigned to this case, Smith said.

In addition, volunteer search teams, including people on horseback and in the air, have been looking for the young mother.


Kelly Currin Morris was last seen by her husband and two children on Wednesday night, September 3rd. The following day, her home at 3220 Tump Wilkins Road was reported on fire around 11:15am. When family members were unable to contact Kelly, a search was begun. Kelly remains missing. Her family, friends and volunteers continue to look daily for her and will not stop until Kelly is found.

From the Criminal Report Daily:

When questioned by police, William Morris allegedly told them that he had not seen his wife since the previous night.

"He was the last person to see her alive on Wednesday night (Sept. 3) at their home," Granville Sheriff David Smith told "She was allegedly going to find a pet dog that had got outside, we think, between 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m."

According to Smith, the dog later showed up without her.

I am assuming, given the sheriff's statement, that Kelly did not return after she went searching for the dog. If that is the case, then I find it suspicious that she was not immediately reported missing.

Police records do not show any incidents of domestic violence at the Morris home, and investigators have yet to receive any reports suggesting that the couple was having marital problems.

On September 12, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the state Bureau of Investigation conducted forensic tests at the scene of the fire which, according to Smith, have revealed that the fire was the work of an arsonist. Following that revelation, investigators named William Morris a person of interest in the fire and in his wife's disappearance.


I was emailed by a reader and asked to do a chart on this event so I took a look. Right away, the whole thing looks hinky to me, with the woman going missing the night before and her husband just going about life as if things were ok. I mean, he goes to work, the kids are sent to school and he tells people she has gone to her job, as well, even though he now says she went out to find the dog and never came back? I mean, what did he think she did all night? Sleep in the woods with the dog? How could he just mosey off to work and not think to report her missing? Doesn't look much different from the other missing wife cases in NC. Brad Cooper come to mind for anyone else? Hmm.

I thought I'd give the chart a shot with the hopes of finding out what happened and perhaps where she is. In that regard, I hope to be of help, although that's not always the case. So I draw up a chart for 9 pm and find out immediately that the information given to the police is incorrect. She is supposedly out walking a dog or looking for a dog, after which she apparently doesn't return or returns and hides somewhere. All the conjecture is mine. I have no idea what her husband said happened when she just didn't come back. Anyways, the chart for 9 shows Aries rising and Libra falling with both Mars and Venus in the sixth house. I assume Venus is her husband. Look at Mercury right up close to Mars, which signifies a child to me. Some young child who is very close to mommy. The tenth house ruler, Saturn, is also there in the sixth, which is someone else in the family although I am not sure who. And the Sun is also there. They are all together in the home, most likely the kitchen area. She is not walking a dog or looking for a dog.

And so now I am a little concerned about the timelines and the general information that was given so I sort of "wing it" and go along on my own, half hour by half hour to see things progress. I am thinking that perhaps she went out after the dog at a later hour than he recalled. So the next chart is for 9:30 and nothing much has changed. Aries and Libra still hold the angles and these rulers are still in the sixth. The child is also still with them. Saturn has moved to the fifth house, showing that somebody left the house around this time. Perhaps the Sun that I noted earlier, which is now moving along with Saturn into the fifth, was someone who came and picked this person up. This person has gone and is on the way to a party or a bar or other place of entertainment. But this other person has little to do with the dynamics of the chart; I just find it interesting since reports do not include this other person, whether it's a sister or brother of either adult or an older child. This planet is under the sun's beams so it is a negative force, pointing at fear and oppression. This person could be made to keep quiet later on about being there at the house or any suspicions or even facts this person might possess.

In the chart for 9:30, the Moon remains in the seventh house, showing that Kelly is with her "partner", which I can see is her husband. She is in her home with her children and her "partner". She is not outside or walking a dog or anywhere other than in the home, most likely the kitchen. I cannot find Kelly Currin's birthdate so that I can compare charts, which makes the reading a little harder. I can't help wondering if she was an Aries or if she had a strong Mars. These planets play a large role in the charts for the night she disappeared. The North Node is conjoined to Neptune, emphasizing mystery and deception. There is a touch of kismet to the mystery, almost as if it's meant to be unsolved. But what the aspect tells me in the real, day to day world, is that her friends were duped on the one hand and, on the other, some of them helped cover this up. Some of them are protecting someone and not telling the truth. This points to Saturn, mentioned earlier as a planet under the Sun' beams and widely inconjunct to the sensitive Node. The only aspect I see to Mars is a sinister, close square to Jupiter. But notice also that although Mars rules the first house, it is placed in Libra and is therefor in fall. The Moon, the chart co ruler, is via combust, a very unfortunate aspect, indicating that violence is possible. In traditional readings, this was considered extremely unfortunate and indicates the conditions are "critical". There are a lot of creepy indicators in this chart, things that are not obvious just on the surface. There is no doubt that Kelly Morris is in grave danger.

The transiting square between Mars and Jupiter is an important marker. Kelly makes a hasty judgment or follows an impulse that puts her in danger. She may be very angry at her husband but she is also careless and this recklessness allows bad things to happen. She may very well have said or done something that ignited anger that led to violence. She, herself, may have felt violent as well. The next chart, for an hour later, shows that Taurus and Scorpio have taken the angles. Mars and Venus remain in the sixth house with Mercury, showing me that they are all remain together in the house. Nothing much changes. But there is another new omen. Pluto, co ruler of the seventh house, has entered the eighth. It is sextile to Neptune, which has now entered the tenth. The animosity between them is right out in the open and they might be fighting over something. However, this combo also describes a secret violent desire that has now emerged. Someone is scheming and keeping their desire secret. Pluto can cause chaos and violence and mixed with Neptune, it can be nefarious.

Between 11 and 11:30 pm, Pluto reaches an exact inconjunction with the Ascendant. It forms this aspect from the early part of the eighth house. Sagittarius moves onto the Descendant and Jupiter slips into the eighth. Please notice that the Moon, which is still via combust, is disposed of by Pluto and Pluto, in turn, is disposed of by Jupiter. Her husband (Jupiter) loses control and resorts to violence. The ongoing Jupiter square to the chart ruler and subsequent chart rulers indicates that Kelly was a victim of that violence. Pluto in Sagittarius looks like stabbing to me. He got out of control angry and stabbed her with the first thing he could grab. A kitchen knife, a letter opener, a meat fork. And because of the Libra planets, I think he stabbed her in the back. But if you notice, in the 11:30 chart, you will see that Mercury is the chart ruler and it is in the fifth house. Mercury rules the fifth and is accompanied there by Venus and Mars. She is with the kids. She is in the kid's room. Now, I am not saying he stabbed her in front of the kids but the kids room played a role. She was moved there after she died or he killed her there when the kids had been moved elsewhere. I just can't say. But she was in the kids' room and I think she was put there after she died.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

Now, because I have seen that she has been killed, I don't want to read charts this way at this point. I want to fast forward to a later hour and see if I can find him disposing of her body. It is already a fact that the house fire was an arson and, at this point, I am thinking he started it in the hopes of making it look like she died in the fire. But her car was found down the street, so he wasn't crossing his Ts or dotting his Is. I think this was spur of the moment plan that just never took shape. It was just a sloppy, slipshod attempt to hide what he did in a fit of anger. And running charts forward, I see that around 2:30 am, the planets take positions that make sense. Saturn rules the Descendant and it is in the third house, showing her husband in or around the car. Maybe outside in the driveway. The Moon rules the chart and is in the fourth house, showing Kelly in the home. This is the same Moon still as via combust and describing her condition. This is dire. She is most likely dead. The Moon disposed of by Mars, also in the fourth, tells me the violence did, in fact, occur in the home. Perhaps the fire was set to destroy evidence like blood, hair and prints. That would be clever, wouldn't it? But my question has been and still remains about the kids. Where the heck are they? Did they hear or see anything? And if there was evidence in their home, how did they go about eating breakfast and preparing for school without noticing something strange. Why did they not ask about mommy? Really frightening and saddening questions.

This early morning chart shows her husband making preparations. He is doing something with the car and Kelly is in the house and most likely dead. The Node and Neptune are now in the eighth house, showing him going over his steps, covering and hiding his actions and disposing of evidence. He is being careful to cover his tracks and make this into a mystery. So far, he's been successful. If you notice, Saturn is disposed of by Mercury, which is conjoined to Mars in the fourth house. He is going over the scene and removing evidence of the violence. Cleaning up blood or removing weapons or broken objects. He is hiding his actions (Mars) by going over the details (Mercury). Saturn is nothing if not patient and hard working. In Virgo, it is exceptionally good at detail. And, then, at 3:30 am I see that he dumps her body. Aquarius rules the Descendant and Uranus in the ninth house, which places this man in the woods. What is he doing out in the woods at 3:30 in the morning? Well, if you look you see the Sun in the second house. She has been taken out of the car and dropped in the woods. The position of the Sun in the second makes it a sunny area with lots of brush and small animals like turtles and opossum. Virgo tells me this place is near a local dairy or dairy farm, a cornfield, an area with racks of hay, a malt house or brewery or a chicken ranch. If there are any dairies, chicken ranches, cornfields or malthouses in this area, the woods nearby should be searched. And not a deep, dark part of the woods. A sunny, bright area with bright green brush and small animals.

I hate it when the charts point at husbands, friends or lovers. The world is full of violence and ugliness enough without those who promise to love us morphing into our murderers. There is just no greater betrayal. Those we love should deserve our trust. I really hope I am totally wrong. I hope charts are just an interesting hobby and I'm a horrible Astrologer because I hate this kind of thing. Too many women in North Carolina have died at the hands of their husbands or lovers as of late. Megan Touma, Nancy Cooper, Irina Yarmalenko, Michelle Young, and others I can't recall just now. One is a sad mistake, two is way too many. I hope this trend discontinues. And I hope I am wrong and this young man did not kill this lovely woman. No reason is reason enough for this. My sympathies go to her family and freinds. And, to the police, God speed. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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  1. I just started practicing my psychic abilities with this case and the Caylee case. I also got that the husband did this. I also got she is in deceased in the wooded area. This is truly sad.

  2. GRANVILLE COUNTY (WTVD) -- The Granville County Sheriff's Office has charged Scott Morris with first-degree murder in the death of his wife Kelly Currin Morris.

    Morris has been missing since September 4, 2008.

    Search teams and volunteers have been looking for the Granville County mother for over a year.

    The sheriff's office said Wednesday that searchers found a human skull on some property near Sam Moss Hayes Road in Creedmoor on Monday.

    The State Medical Examiner's office used dental records to identify the body.

    "It's Kelly today," Kelly's mother Wanda Hollis said. "It's about Kelly today."

    Scott Morris had been a person of interest in the case since his wife went missing. He was taken into custody Tuesday evening. In addition to the murder charge, he's also accused of fraudulently burning a dwelling. Morris' home was burned the day she went missing.

    "Who else could have done this," Hollis said. "There was just nobody else."

    The arrest came as no surprise to family, friends and many others who live in Granville County.

    "As far as him getting caught, good you know," Kelly's friend Myra Wrenn said. "Karma, Karma's bad."

    "Now that we do know, it's horrific and I just hope that he pays," Kelly's friend Lisa Thompson said."I don't know what you do with someone after you kill them, but to throw them in an area like this he has no heart he should not have anything to do with society."

    ross the southeast spent their weekends praying and searching heavily wooded areas and even manholes for clues leading to Kelly Currin Morris.

    "I personally didn't think they would ever find her, so I'm glad it happened," family friend Jon Zbonack said. "I just wish it had happened sooner for the family."

    Zbonack sponsored fundraisers at his downtown Creedmoor bar and eatery with proceeds going to search efforts.

    Morris made his first court appearance Wednesday. He's being held without bond.

    Also Wednesday, a court order granted Kelly Currin Morris' father and stepmother, Pat and Juanita Currin, immediate custody of Scott and Kelly's daughter, Carolyn Haley Morris Wednesday. Another custody hearing is scheduled for Friday at 9:30 a.m.

    In the meantime, the home the couple shared with their two daughters is in foreclosure. The home has been in disrepair since the fire.

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