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Mia Zapata

Grunge Rock Singer Killed On Way Home From Work

From Wikipedia:

On the morning of July 7, 1993, Zapata was walking home from the Comet Tavern bar in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle. She was brutally raped and murdered in the Central District. It is believed she encountered her murderer shortly after 2:15 am. According to Unsolved Mysteries, a couple watching a late show about two blocks from where she was found heard what sounded like screams at around 3 am. A woman found her body in the street at around 3:30 am near the intersection of 24th and Yesler in the Central District neighborhood. According to the medical examiner, if she had not been strangled she would have died from the internal injuries suffered from the beating.

The first chart I draw up for Mia is for 2 am in Seattle. They say she probably met the person who killed her at around 2:15 am, right after she left the bar. So the chart for 2 am, closing time, has meaning in future events. This chart has Taurus rising and Scorpio falling. Notice that Venus is in the first house, showing Mia to be in "her sphere", so to speak. She is where she wants to be, in front of her audience, perhaps, but definitely out in the open. The Moon, the chart co ruler, is in the tenth house, reiterating the fact that she is out in the open, perhaps in front of crowds. She was in a place where she was easily seen by others. Now take note of the seventh house. Scorpio is there with Pluto right at the cusp. Pluto here is very powerful, in his dignities and at an angular cusp. Mars, Scorpio's co ruler, is positioned in the fifth house. The fifth house rules bars, nightclubs, performers, actors and whatnot. The person she is with, or is about to meet, is someone she already knows. She is aware of this person and this person is present in the bar. Now, this is either a fan and admirer and possibly a stalker of sorts or it's a person she knows does not like her, causes her trouble, an open enemy. Comparing the conditions of both Pluto and Venus I would be inclined to say that this person is much more powerful than and has a big advantage over Mia. There are no really scary omens here but the presence of this powerful person does seem to be important.

Another factor to consider is Mars in the fifth house. This person seems to have sexual energies directed towards Mia; did she have a lover or a casual sexual relationship? Was there someone who was trying to seduce her or seemed to be determined to have sex with her? Someone must have come on to her; she was aware that this person had done so. And here's another factor: both Mars and Venus share the same dispositor, Mercury in the fourth house. Who did she live with? Did she have a live in boyfriend? Mercury is in Cancer, which is disposed of by the Moon in the eleventh, so perhaps this involves a mutual female friend. Did Mia have a roommate and was her roommates lover interested in her? This sort of triangle is highly possible with this combination. Moon is conjunct Saturn so this other woman is much older than Mia and perhaps her boyfriend or husband is no longer interested in her but is attracted to Mia. There are all kinds of possibilities here. It could even be a love triangle. I do not know Mia's sexual orientation but perhaps she was sharing someone's wife? Only those close to her would know these things and it's up to them to think it through.

Now, I cannot be sure that the person she is connecting with at 2 am is the same person who kills her after she leaves the bar. I can only tell that from the future charts as I move through the hours ahead. The police believe she met her attacker at some time around 2:15 or just after she left the bar. However, there are reports of screams in the area at around 3:00 am that same morning. This would mean that she had spent at least 45 minutes with this person before she was hurt enough to scream. But the charts show me that she actually came upon her fate a little earlier than all of this, with the big event occurring closer to 2:30 than 3:00 am. The timeline sort of falls out a little differently, too, with her not meeting this person until almost 2:30 and things happening very quickly after that. Looking at the chart for 2:15 am, you can see that things haven't changed that much for Mia. She may have begun to leave the bar or has actually already left the premises but the first house Venus tells me she is still out in the open and the Moon in the eleventh house tells me she is still surrounded by friends. Now, the Sun is taking over the nadir so her home is nearby in the same neighborhood and this is where she is headed. The man that I saw earlier is still among the partiers, perhaps even still in the bar. And the position of Uranus and Neptune in the ninth also tells me that she stopped to talk to the bar owner on her way out; something about her contract or booking agreements, perhaps? Or maybe she just wanted to get paid.

Now, at 2:30 am, Gemini takes over the first house. Mercury is then in the third house, telling me that Mia is now out in the street, walking through the neighborhood. Jupiter has taken over the seventh and is placed in the fifth. Notice also that Jupiter is disposed of by Venus in the twelfth house. This is the person who is going to meet her shortly. This could be the same person I have already seen . Again, the chart tells me that this person is also interested in Mia as a woman and is secretly infatuated. I cannot, at this moment, rule out a woman. In fact, this does look like a woman to me. A woman who follows her? But how does a woman rape a woman? Was there semen collected at the scene? I am going to have to assume that this was the case and go with the assumption that the killer is a man. Perhaps the man killed her over a woman, as I said before. I will see how the charts pan out as I go along. If you notice, Venus is disposed of by Mercury, which, in turn, is Mia's ruler. This person has definitely picked Mia out and is stalking her in secret. But this chart is very subtle in it's overall message and you have to dig around a bit to find the truth.

Take for instance that the seventh house ruler, Jupiter, is almost exactly opposite the twelfth house cusp. Mars, which rules the twelfth house, is opposite Saturn in the tenth, square to the Node in the seventh and also square to Venus, which is placed in the twelfth house. A pattern of death developing here. At the very least, great danger. Jupiter rules the eighth house, as well as the seventh, and is disposed of by Venus in the twelfth. Mercury, Mias' marker, is exactly inconjunct to the cusp of the eighth house. This is the cocktail of death. Her pursuer is set on killing her and she is inattentive and unaware of the danger. It is almost as if she is about to ignore her own death! I know that's impossible but the symbolism is potent. Many victims become victims precisely because they aren't paying attention, they truly believe they have nothing to fear, that such a thing could never happen to them. But here at 2:30 the chart shows the Moon translating the light from Pluto to Mercury and is, in fact, positioned nearly exactly between both planets. It is at this time that the attack begins.

Mars tells me that it was brutal. Mars rules the twelfth house so it tells me about her death. It also disposes Mercury, which is the chart ruler, and this tells me that the brutality of it was the purpose of the attack. Someone was angry enough to just let it all hang out. This person wanted very badly to hurt Mia Zapata and wanted her dead. Mercury, in turn, is disposed of by the Moon in the tenth house. The person who did this knew that everyone would know about it, that her fame would make it an even bigger event. Part of the reason she was killed was because she was well known, her public image fueled the fantasy that played out in this person's head. Mercury, by the way, also rules the fifth house, showing a seamless connection between her musical career, her public image and sexual desire. This person killed her because she was Mia Zapata. Now, again, with Mercury disposed of by the Moon and the Moon conjoined Saturn in the tenth, this shows that Mia died right out in public. The entire time her chart ruler was in the third house, showing her right out on a neighborhood street. Everything could have been witnessed at any time, being so out in the open as it was, and it may have been. However, no one has ever come forward and claimed to have seen anything, save the people who thought they heard her scream.

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The position of her assailants' planet, Jupiter, in the fifth house the entire time tells me that this was someone from her circle of friends in and around the music industry. Now, this could mean anyone from a bar owner to a band manager to another musician to a fan. Whoever it was, he or she spent an awful lot of time in the nightclubs, either playing or listening to music. Mia was well aware of this person and may have received sexual advances in the past. But I do not think she thought this person capable of killing her. Most of us tend to think that people who are attracted to us want to be nice to us. But what happens when you say no? Or when you get tangled up with more than one person? Or when there are other lovers involved? I just do not know enough about Mias' private life to go here. I believe I recall seeing a TV program about this murder and having heard that she had put romance on a back burner, that she wasn't involved with anyone. Her career came first. But this can lead to hurt feelings, especially when an admirer won't take no for an answer. There is a feeling of helplessness in rejection that can be compounded by a persons' station in life. Mia was well known and admired by many in Seattle in the grunge years of the early 1990s. This made her powerful in other people's eyes and this power could be translated into resentment if she turned people away. This person may have been determined to assert power over the object of his or her affections.

I am going to make the assessment now and say that this was likely a man. The female indicators in the chart are outweighed, albeit slightly, by the male energies. However, I get strong male energies from Mia's planets, as well, so it is confusing. Like I said, I do not know if Mia was gay or not. Mercury inconjunct the Moon tells me that she was somewhat unsettled with many areas of herself. She had conflicting feelings about things and undecided intentions towards her own life. At the same time, the inconjunction tells me she was doing very little about the conflict. In fact, she was ignoring it. And this may have been the fuel for the kind of hurt feelings and misunderstandings that would have to exist to encourage a murder like this. It's interesting to note the way she died when looking at the charts. She was raped, signified by Mars and the fifth house. She was beaten, shown by Pluto with Mars. And she was strangled, defined by the chart ruler Mercury, which rules the airways and Gemini on the first house, which rules the chest (lungs).

And, of course, the big question is, who killed Mia Zapata. Way back when I first heard of her death, I found the case fascinating. It was sort of overshadowed in the industry by the Sid Vicious thing, but her murder went unsolved and this made it a more enduring fascination, at least for me. Back then I wasn't doing forensic charts like I can do them now. So I thought maybe I'd give a shot of trying to help solve it after all. So who did kill her? Well, like I said it was someone she knew, someone in the industry she worked in. Either a bar employee, a musician, an entertainer, a member of her own band, a fan or a business manager or anyone else in this sphere. And that leaves the door wide open. So let me try to describe him, in the hopes that people who knew her back then might remember someone like this. This man would be tall and slender with brown hair. He would have very pretty blue or blue-gray eyes. A well formed nose with a full tip and full, well formed lips. This man has good teeth and a nice smile. He also has dimples, either in the cheeks or in the chin. He may also have freckles. And let me add this. He had approached her in the past with a gift. He may even have tried to give her something on the evening of this event. He may have offered her something very nice, feminine and lovely, like flowers or jewelry. She would have turned it down, maybe even laughed it off. Her rejection was the last straw. He would make her do what he wanted and not take any more crap from her. And that's what I see happened. If anyone has anymore information about this event or anything to contribute to my reading, please email me or leave a comment on this post. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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  1. Mia's murderer was arrested in 2003 in Miami. His name is Jesus Mezquia and he is a Cuban native. He went to Seattle with a girl. LE believe that Jesus had never met before. It was a crime of opportunity. He saw her and decided to assault her. Those are the scariest crimes.


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