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The Lester Street Massacre

Entire Family Brutally Murdered In Their Home

From Mahalo:

Police responding to a 911 call at 6:11 p.m. found nine people shot in Memphis, Tennessee on March 3, 2008. Of the victims, six were found dead and three children wounded. The wounded were taken to Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center for treatment. Jessie L Dotson, brother of victim Cecil Dotson has been arrested and charged with the murders. He allegedly shot everyone in the house in order to cover up his murder of Cecil Dotson.

Fast Facts:

1. Police called at 6:11 p.m.
2. Investigators ruled out murder-suicide
3. Location: 722 Lester Street Binghampton, Tennessee
4. 9 people shot/stabbed
5. 6 found dead: 2 men, 2 women, 2 children
6. Adult Victims:
* Cecil Dotson , 30
* Hollis Seals, 33
* Shindri Roberson, 20
* Marissa Rene Williams, 26
7. Ages of hospitalized children: 7, 4, 10 mo.
8. House owned by Rob Robinson
9. Robinson believes 3 children lived in house

And from Eyewitness News:

Memphis TN – Police say two toddlers and four adults were found dead in a home in Binghampton and three other children were rushed to the hospital.

According to investigators, the bodies were found at 722 Lester Street, Monday evening, March 3, 2008. Police are not saying how the children and adults were killed at this time.

Nicole Dotson says her brother, Cecil, lives in the house with his girlfriend and five children. According to Dotson, Cecil’s ex-girlfriend went to the house to pick up her child and noticed something was wrong. She told Dotson that the two cars were in the driveway and the door to the home was open. The ex-girlfriend told Dotson she knocked on the door and nobody answered.

The man who owns the house says Cecil Dotson rents the home and he is always polite and helpful.

Investigators have not released the identities of any of the people found in the home.

Police say the three injured children, ages 4 years-old, 7 years-old, and 10 months-old, were taken to Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center in extremely critical condition. A spokesperson for Le Bonheur says the family members of the children do not want any information released about their conditions.


This case was given to me by a reader who posted the info on my forum. She then emailed me the gory details, most of which I won't post here. Suffice it to say that the people who were killed in this mass murder suffered horribly and did not die quickly. Although they have arrested a single man for these murders, the reader who emailed me wanted me to look into it and see if there weren't other people involved. It was just the kind of murders that make you think more than one person was involved. Some people were shot, others were stabbed, which indicates different weapons along with different relationships. People who don't know people very well don't stab them, unless it's a sex crime. Although some of the women were raped and otherwise sexually tortured, it is still likely they knew their killer or killers. The fact that a 10 month old child was also injured seems to tell me there was real anger here, a desire to just destroy everyone. Why on earth would they need to hurt a baby? What kind of witness would be a 10 month old child?

Three of the children survived but none of them were able to say with any certainty who did this. They did not name their uncle as the killer, although he has been charged. My purpose in doing the original chart is to look and see if something points to other suspects. If it didn't then I would email my reader and tell her I found nothing new. But if it did, then I would post in the hopes of getting some attention for it and having someone look into that possibility. So the first chart I draw up is for 5 pm that night. I know they were found at 6:30 but I want to see what happened earlier, what might have led up to the event. As soon as I see this chart, I realize right away that the whole thing started right then, at 5 pm. In this chart, Virgo is just now taking over the Ascendant with Pisces on the seventh. Saturn is right at the first house cusp with Pluto backing into the fourth. Knock Knock. Bad news. Saturn is trine Pluto so they are working together. Somebody came to the front door at 5 pm and brought violence right into this home. Pluto is also almost exactly inconjunct to Mars in the tenth house. This whole thing plays out right in front of everybody. Nobody is hiding their gun.

The first house ruler, Mercury, is in the sixth house, always a sign of pending doom. Illness, accident or other malady may occur. The last few degrees of Scorpio are still on the nadir just as Pluto enters the fourth. I don't think there was any introductions in this event; they just came in shooting. The seventh house ruler, Neptune, is in the sixth house along with the Ascendant ruler, Mercury. They are all herded into the kitchen, the family and the intruder or intruders. Neptune is really close to Venus and Mercury, the tenth and first house rulers. This is someone close to the family, perhaps even a family member. But there are two other planets, Uranus and the Sun, also positioned in the seventh house and this shows me two other people. A total of three people entered the home that night; one family member with two friends and they were armed and intended to do some damage.

I think the idea that these three people were members of some gang is possible but not probable. The two extra planets, Uranus and the Sun are both disposed of by Neptune, the seventh house ruler. Neptune describes this family member and the other two planets are there because of this person and not for any other reason. The family member, which may well be Jesse Dotson, was sort of in charge of the operation and other two people were there on his invitation. I cannot tell if he paid them to do this or if they just owed him a favor. Perhaps they were just mad dogs who loved this kind of thing. But this chart definitely shows three people that came into this home this night and proves to me that Jesse Dotson did not work on his own.

By 5:30 pm, people had died. I can't say everyone was already dead but Saturn backing into the twelfth ushers in death in some fashion. I think it was a blitzkrieg. They just came in with guns, rounded everybody up and started shooting. I don't think they talked much or listened to any tearful begging. Here is a clue, the Sun and Uranus are closely connected which says that these two extras were related to each other; perhaps brothers, cousins, in laws, etc.. They were not necessarily related to the family that was murdered but they are related in some way to each other. They could even be brother in laws. But they are both men. And the connection of their planets to Neptune also tells them that drugs were involved in this killing. Either people were high on drugs when they did it or the whole thing was done over a drug deal gone bad. I understand that Cocaine was used in a cruel manner on one of the victims. So why was Cocaine on the premises anyways? Retribution among drug dealers is notoriously cruel and vicious. This would not stray from the norm.

The Moon and Jupiter are placed in the fifth house and seem to speak for the children. There were both male and female children present. The inconjunction from Mars to the Moon indicates that the kids were stabbed but in a half hearted, almost negligent fashion. I think they wanted to injure these kids but did not intend to kill them. Inconjunctions point to negligence, sloppiness and lack of concern. I don't think they were worried about the kids however the fact that they were not killed may have been an oversight. They may have just not had the heart to do it. However, I think they were right when they guessed that the older male was the target. Look at how the Sun opposes Saturn. They were directed towards killing this man and they took everybody else as collateral damage. The Node so close to Neptune shows me there is a history of anger and abuse; no love lost between one man and the other. This murder was the result of a very angry relationship between two men and one man deciding to just go over the top. I think this man as high on Cocaine and not in possession of his senses. He did this on the edge of a Coke fueled anger binge. And the other two men, probably also involved in drugs and drug dealing, were more than eager to help.

Discuss This Case At My Forum

.At 6 pm, Jupiter, the fourth house ruler, wanders into the fourth house. Someone from the family comes to the home. Notice how Pluto is in front of Jupiter, the bodies laid out in death before the person who has just entered. Notice also that both Pluto and Jupiter are disposed of by Saturn, high in the twelfth house of death. The Moon, at this time, is in the fifth house, telling me that this person has come for the children. This is a fact reported by the papers but isn't it interesting when the chart tells the same story? And the fact that some of the children or all of the children are not dead is born out by the chart ruler, Mercury, entering the fifth house at this time. This is the woman who came for the child and discovered them dead. She is the person who made the 911 call at 6:15. And, incidentally, the Moon is transiting towards an inconjunction with Saturn, showing me that this poor woman stumbled on the find and it was not clear to her at first. She probably had to look twice. And the final twist is the inconjunction from the Moon to Mars. The violence was really horrific and she may not have realized that some of these people were still alive. It was just too much for her to handle; her emotions just shut a lot of it out.

So now that the chart does show me that more than one man was involved, how do we figure out who those other men are? Well, first of all, as I said they are related to one another. Also, they were involved with Dotson in some way, dealing drugs, buying drugs, using drugs. One is an unusual man with an eccentric behavior pattern. You would not know what to expect from this man; he is unusual in his outlook and does not follow the norm. He is likely to do just about anything. You cannot trust him. He is as reliable as the wind. However, he has an electric and exciting personality and is a player on the party scene. He makes sense in the center of a Cocaine ring. He is just the type to do this. The second man, his relative, is a bit different. This is a flashy, dressy, showy type of guy. He wears flamboyant clothing, bright colors and gold jewelry. He may have gold teeth and wear gold earrings often. Everything about this man is "shiny" and "showy". He is a great performer, putting on an act, and fancies himself a player. The two of these men together are like nitrogen and cyanide. A personality bomb on the brink of exploding all the time. They are hard to handle as a team and when they are together they are dangerous.

And what about their appearances? I will give my usual general stab at what they would look like and hope it helps. These are the two other men who accompanied Dyson to the scene. I will not describe Dotson as he is already in custody. The flashier man, the show off with gold jewelry, tends to be fleshy with weight that fluctuates from fat to average. He loses and gains weight often. He has a round face with a good complexion. He has a well shaped mouth and often a double chin. He has natural brown hair or bleached blond hair which can be very curly and thick. He has very large, expressive light brown, gray or hazel eyes. He may be superstitious. The other man, the more eccentric one with the surprising personality, is a larger man with a well made, perhaps even muscular, body. His complexion is lighter than average for his race. He has an oval shaped face with a high, broad forehead. He looks intelligent. His hair is dark brown and his eyes are also dark but can be flecked with gray. This man loves to argue and, as I already said, has a peculiar nature. He may be fond of the occult or paranormal, and be adventuresome in his beliefs. He can also be very critical, sarcastic, malicious and mean. These two men make a tag team. They are related in some way and hang out together a lot. They are friends or at least do business with Mr. Dotson. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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