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Chandra Levy

DC Intern Found Dead in Public Park

From Wikipedia:

Chandra Ann Levy (April 14, 1977 - circa May 1, 2001) was an intern at the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Washington, D.C., who disappeared in the spring of 2001 and was subsequently found murdered in Rock Creek Park. The investigation into her disappearance uncovered an affair[1] with then U.S. Representative Gary Condit, a Democrat representing California's 18th congressional district and a senior member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Although Condit was never called a suspect by police, the uproar led to his exit from Congress. The circumstances surrounding her death remain unclear.

Chandra Levy disappeared on May 1, 2001. Her remains were found in Rock Creek Park over a year later.

• May 1: Police say Levy gets on her computer about 9 a.m. and stays on until about 1 p.m. It's the last recorded information of her movements.

• May 1-4: Levy's parents call to confirm her plans to come home. They call her building manager when she doesn't answer.

This case was a huge splash back in 2001, with the big sex scandal because of her backdoor relationship with a congressman. However, nothing was found to implicate or accuse any particular person in this death although it is generally believed that she was murdered. After 9/11, the interest in the case just fell off and the media for the most part forgot about it. The case is currently cold but still open. When will this family get justice? Does her secret life justify her death? Recently there have been people asking about this case publicly and the possibility of the case being warmed up again is in the air. I thought I'd take a look at it and see what help I might be able to offer. This girl may have been "notorious" after death but that does not mean that she should not be delivered justice. Especially her family who is still grieving and who has already gone through so much.

But I must admit that after I started working the charts I ended up doing it several times before I felt right about what I saw. I had read nothing about the case because I hate coming into my work with preconceived notions or foregone conclusions. But what I saw was a bit confusing mainly because I just could not believe part of it. The chart intimated things I would never have guessed and, not knowing much about Chandra, I had a hard time believing it, to be honest. So I read up on this case at Wikipedia. Once I did, the charts I saw began to make sense so I started over from scratch and tried to keep an open mind. The first chart I worked with was the one for the time at which she was last known to be alive. Working at her computer at the Federal Bureau of Prisons at 1 pm on the day she disappeared. In fact, her time at the computer and the time she logged off that computer are the last windows of time in which she was known to be alive. Right away, the chart shows a few things that jibe with the facts. Leo is rising and Aquarius is falling. The Sun is in the tenth house and Chandra is at work, out in the open, at a Government institution, all descriptors of the tenth house. The Sun is disposed of by Venus in Aries in the eighth house. Consider that she worked for the Bureau of Prisons, which services the prison system and has matters that concern criminals and underworld activity. Also consider that Venus is in fall in Aries which tells me that she either didn't like the job very much or wasn't much good at it. The sixth house is ruled by Saturn, which is placed in the tenth. What else does that spell other than a day to day job in a large, powerful organization like our Government?

The Sun is at the midheaven, almost exactly conjoined, saying that she was influential and popular at work, that she worked with powerful people and possibly got the job through the influence of powerful men. Interesting. The Sun in the tenth house may also signify the "shining of the light" on some aspect of her job. Moon in Leo in the first house, disposed of by the Sun, says that there were some secrets or shadows involved in her work and that perhaps it was her job to root them out. I am not saying this because many people seem to think she was Mussad or a spy of some sort, I am not sure that this is true at all, but because that's how the chart reads. Personally, I do not believe that if she were a spy for the Israelis, the Russians, the Chinese or whomever that she would have been assigned to the Bureau of Prisons. I can envision, perhaps, her interest in Condit, who was with the House Intelligence Committee, being that he might have some goods that a spy would care about. So I am left to assume that her job was a cover. And this might be born out by the charts, as I go through the hours of this day, but I must also keep in mind that this lady was a student who had a degree in Journalism and was continuing studies in Public Administration. Journalists can be really nosy as a matter of their work and this could have made her look like a "spy".

The three planets I feel I should watch are Neptune in Aquarius in the sixth house, Mars in Sagittarius in the fifth house and Pluto in Sagittarius just inside the fourth. These planets are in key positions that will be huge influences throughout the next few hours. Uranus rules the seventh house and it is placed in the seventh, directly opposing the Moon in the first. She was at odds with someone at work; I don't believe it was a boss or supervisor, it looks like a partner of sorts, someone she had to work side by side with. This person at work was constantly surprising her, always unexpected and contrary. One of her bosses or supervisors could have been involved in something secret, even illegal. I say this because the Midheaven ruler, Venus, is in Aries in the eighth house.

An interesting aspect that has future potential at this time is the nadir ruler, Pluto, placed in the fourth and opposing Jupiter in the tenth. This aspect also has great potential to influence the events of the rest of the day. So I move onto the next chart, drawn up for 2 am, an hour after she was last heard from. Virgo is at the cusp of the first house and Pisces is stepping onto the Descendant. Mercury is in the ninth house, along with the Sun. Chandra is out in the open somewhere, in the woods, a park, a field. The ninth house to me is the great outdoors, most often a wooded area. Neptune is in the sixth house, showing me the seventh house ruler in the house of work. This means that there is a secret involving someone from work, or work of a secret nature involving a second person. I cannot say for sure which way this is working but there is definitely something shady going on. I cannot say for sure, either, whether this is her crooked boss or someone else. I do not feel it is her lover. There are no signs pointing at romance or sex; but this chart does not yet show her meeting anyone, just that there is a future potential for that.

Another aspect I must point out is that Mercury, the chart ruler at this hour, is placed near the midheaven, saying that Chandra was out in the open, perhaps among crowds of people, in a place where she could have been easily seen. She was not hidden or in a backwoods area. She was most likely in a public park with woods and trees but easily seen by other people also in the park. The Sun and Mercury are both in Taurus so she could well have been exercising or "communing with nature", taking a walk or a jog. But the interesting thing is that the Moon has moved into the twelfth house, saying that she may have been up to something hidden, in secret, something shady or deceptive. The Moon is opposite Uranus in the sixth house, so this may have involved communications over something secret having to do with her work. Uranus rules technology, radio, networks, computers, electronics, etc.. and can, in tandem with Neptune, describe spying. But this planet opposes her Sun so she may not have been a spy but, in fact, a whistle blower. She may have seen something secret or shady but I am not sure she was in the business of spying; it is very possible that she saw something secret or shady by accident at work and was on the verge of telling or confronting someone about it.

At 3 pm, the chart changes just a little. The rising and falling signs are the same but Neptune has slipped into the fifth and Venus is now in the seventh. She is still in the wooded area, the park, the forest. She is meeting someone at a playground or an area in the park where people bring their children. I am not sure if the meeting was accidental or planned but there are no elements of surprise. Neptune is disposed of by Uranus in the sixth, hinting that the secret has something to do with the "surprises" at work. Uranus is still opposing the Moon in the twelfth, so I am thinking that Chandra knew something she wasn't supposed to and up until now, she had kept this a secret. Looking over the chart, I see that Mars and Pluto are in the fourth. They have no power in the chart at this hour but that won't last. Sagittarius is on the Nadir with Jupiter right on the Midheaven, opposing Pluto. This is a dynamic aspect that tells me there is a confrontation. This is either "out in the open" as the house implies or it is an altercation over someone's career or public reputation. This, I know, starts to look like Gary Condit. Was he worried she would tell his wife? But consider this: Jupiter is in Gemini which tells me that the argument is over something involving the law and the details that go with it. Paperwork, communications, even recordings of some kind. This placement screams legal documents to me and if Mr. Condit was not filing for divorce, then I doubt if this is what was happening. In fact, this actually looks like something else to me. It looks like she found something out at work at the Bureau of Prisons that had something to do with laws, lawyers, legal documents, the Justice Department, et al... and it was a surprising, upsetting fact. Was she getting ready to blow the whistle or was she blackmailing somebody? Doesn't this work with the first chart for the day that described her as the Sun, "shining the light" on something at work?

So Chandra went to the wooded park area to seek out or meet with a person who had something to do with her work. She was in possession of legal documents or other materials that she presented. This started an argument. I know I am just guessing, but I think this is flowing pretty good. This person she meets, runs into or is followed by, is in the playground or children's area of the park or wooded area. Mercury is involved in a T Square with the Moon and Uranus, with Mercury on the short leg. All roads lead to Chandra. Everything that happens is about her. Remember please that Chandra was an Aries and although Mars has no power in this chart, it is transiting in Sagittarius at this time. This puts a focus again on the law and legal matters. It is no wonder that she was working in an institution that deals with facets of our legal system. Also, Venus is transiting her natal Venus in Aries and is in the seventh house. The seventh house also defines the law. Pluto is transiting her natal Neptune in Sagittarius, predicting an uproar over a secret. Neptune is also transiting a square to her natal Saturn in Leo, triggering her natal Saturn-Uranus square. She was in the mood for honesty, to say the least, and not afraid to rock the boat. Please also note that the Node in Cancer is sitting at the top of the chart, in the tenth house. This young lady would become well known as a result of what happens at this time; the public would soon know her face.

And then you have to watch the progression as the charts move from 4 to 4:15 pm. Mercury, just before Virgo leaves the Ascendant, moves into the eighth house. At this short moment, it is square also to Neptune, still in the fifth house. This is the moment of her death. I have looked over every earlier hour and every hour later and the patterns show that she died between 4 and 4:30 in the afternoon. It's interesting to note that Mercury describes her death and Mercury rules the function of breathing. Mercury is in Taurus, which has always ruled the throat. Chandra Levy was strangled to death. Mercury being at the short leg of the T square points to the Moon-Uranus opposition as the reason she was murdered. During the hours leading up to her murder, Uranus was in the sixth and the Moon was in the twelfth house, pointing once again to secrets at work. Jupiter, which is ruling the fourth house at the time of death, is in Gemini in the ninth. Legal documents. This has something to do with legal documents or files. Mars gains power as it conjoins the nadir, creating the exact moment where anger and violence is possible. And this planetary lineup conspires to take her life.

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Something else that stands out for me in the charts from 4 until 5 pm is the fact that Mercury also rules the tenth house. With Mercury placed in the eighth house, disposed of by Venus in the seventh, it would be her death that would make Chandra Levy famous. In her natal chart, Venus opposed Pluto, so she was prone to explosive relationships that changed her life at various turns. She could be jealous and radical in her reactions at times and was subject to relationships with revengeful and jealous men. But I do not believe that she was killed by Gary Condit. I believe she was a "want to be journalist" who became suspicious of things she saw at her job. She was a journalism major with an eye on public administration; does that spell whistle blower or muckraker to you? She wanted an inside track on the doings of various organizations and public agencies. She was going to make a career of a sort of spying, indeed, but I don't believe it was the Mussad or the CIA. I think this was all her.

I think Chandra Levy was murdered in a car with a man she was either blackmailing or had scoop on from her job. This was a man she either worked with or for. She had had problems with other employees and she did not favor the work. There were documents involved in the meeting with this man, somewhere in or near the park or woods, but I am not sure if she had them with her or if they were hidden elsewhere. I do believe that he goes to her place of employment, the Bureau of Prisons, at some point, in search of these documents or on a mission to replace them to their original hiding place. I think she was either threatening to reveal his wrongdoing or blackmailing him over it. And Mars in Sagittarius tells me that he is a lawyer, a judge, a politician, an educator or other person in a position of authority. Because Jupiter is disposed of by Mercury in the eighth house, I believe he was trying to hide these documents, not replace them. And since the Moon in the eleventh is disposed of by the Sun in the eighth house, I think Chandra thought she was doing him a favor, almost a friendly gesture, by bringing the documents to him instead of the New York Times.

I believe that he dumped Chandra on the evening of her disappearance. Why she was not found sooner, I am not sure. He may have had her hidden at first and then moved her later so she would be found. I can't tell without knowing a timeline for that event. But I can say that he took her around in that car until 7 pm and then dumped her. I see her body in the second house, which I have always defined as a small wooded area populated by small animals and birds. This is the park where she was found. Therefor, she was actually left in that park on the same night. However, Pluto and Mars are in Sagittarius, so this tells me that she may have been dumped farther into the woods at the first and then moved more out in the open later. I think the scene was staged, with her Walkman laying that way and her clothes like they were, in an effort to make it look like she'd been jogging or walking and attacked. Tying her body to the tree is another red herring (in my humble estimation) so that the cops might think she was raped or robbed. I do not believe she ever went home at all that day; the charts just don't show it. I might have missed it, but I think she was out and about and then taken off in the car and killed.

Now I will make my usual attempt to describe her killer. In this effort, I hope that the description will fit someone she worked with or knew at this time, so that this person can be investigated. Like I said, the charts don't say things that make me think this was Gary Condit. It's a shame that his career was ruined. I think this was something else altogether. The man who did this is a powerful man in the legal arena and is probably well known in Washington DC. He is an attractive man, with a graceful, mannerly carriage; he appears to be "well bred". He has a good, clean complexion with blond or light brown curly hair. Hazel grey or green grey eyes with a clear, fair complexion. The eyes will not be brown or dark blue and if they are hazel, they will vary from grey to green to light blue. The hair will not be dark brown, black or grey. There is a broad, low forehead with sweeping brows and thick lashes. He has what may be termed a "feminine" appearance with an upturned nose and a well shaped mouth. There are definite dimples in either the chin or the cheeks. The voice is lovely and this person may be a great singer or speaker. There is a sort of an "Adonis" look to this man, like a male model. Still, he is not the "flirty" type; he is dead serious about his work and only socializes where it benefits his career. He would be a successful Lawyer if he was indeed a Lawyer and would be likely to work for causes, charities and humane organizations; he would do a lot of pro bono work. He loves public service and truly believes he is doing some good and this is how he justifies his murder of Chandra Levy. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon


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