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Crystal Ann Arensdorf

Beautiful Young Lady Leaves Bar and Disappears In Thin Air

From: Crime and Justice

Name: Crystal Ann Arensdorf
Classification: Endangered Missing Adult
Date of Birth: 1980-02-01
Date Missing: 2001-07-04
From City/State: Dubuque, IA
Age at Time of Disappearance: 21
Gender: Female
Race: White
Height: 66 inches
Weight: 115 pounds
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Medium
Glasses/Contacts Description: Blue soft contact lenses.
Identifying Characteristics: Mole near navel, double piercing in each ear.
Clothing: White "Polo" T-shirt, tan shorts, black sandals.
Jewelry: Gold chain with opal pendant, opal ring, toe ring.
Circumstances of Disappearance: Unknown. Crystal was last seen at approximately 2:00am at Knickers Tavern in the vicinity of the 2000 block of Central Ave. in Dubuque, IA.
Investigative Agency: Iowa Department of Public Safety
Phone: (563) 589-4410
Investigative Case #: 01-25185
NCIC #: M-901716452


I found this case on the net and it grabbed my attention. There are just too many of these young girls, barely on the threshold of life, disappearing mysteriously. In fact, the police files are jammed full of them and a large number are cold and have little chance of ever being solved. In this one, as in most of them, the boyfriend is the first suspect. But I thought I'd give the charts a look and see what I could find.

The first chart I drew up was for the time she was last seen. In Dubuque Iowa at 2 am on the fourth of July 2001. This chart has Taurus rising and Scorpio falling. Venus is in Taurus in the first house and Pluto and Mars are conjunct in the eighth. Because of the condition of Venus, I believe Crystal is safe at this time. But I also believe that a man had a money issue with Crystal. This could be anything from buying her drinks at the bar this night and thinking she "owed" him something, on out to a man she had been involved with that was now angry over money he had spent or items he had bought her and now wanted to settle these debts. Mars in the eighth combined with Pluto looks at violence based on either sex or money. This is the second house of the seventh house, showing the financial resources of a "partner" or a partner of the moment, such as a man who is buying drinks in a bar.

Venus in Taurus is in exaltation as well as being placed in the first house, disposing itself. Crystal was very attractive to men and her beauty was a feature of her experience this night. Perhaps men were vying for her, buying her drinks, trying to get with her. The bartender admitted to arranging a ride home with her which was later dashed. There was another man at the bar who claimed to have left her earlier. It is not known who she supposedly left this bar with. And I find this peculiar because so many eyes were on her, I doubt they missed it when someone else "got lucky". This leads me to believe she walked out of that bar alone. The only negative aspect to Venus that I see is a square to Uranus in the tenth house. It is likely she was surprised by the appearance of someone either in the bar or after she left. This is not a hidden meeting or a "sneak up" but a face to face confrontation right out in the open. Either in the bar or in the parking lot, under lights. Uranus describes it as a "surprise" but the tenth house makes it public.

The chart for 2:30 am has a few important changes. When Uranus moves right into the ninth house and Pluto and Mars move quickly into the seventh, it looks to me like there was a confrontation. He was a little aggressive and pushy. Neptune in her tenth house makes me think she was drunk. This is emphasized by the Moon opposition to Jupiter. Jupiter describes overindulgence. The Moon is Crystal's co ruler and it is also her emotions and subconscious. It is in the eighth house so I think this was a man she had had a sexual relationship with. He was also a man who had spent money on her. Was there an ex boyfriend that wanted a ring back? Were there credit card bills someone was griping about? There is a precursor aspect, Jupiter opposing Mercury, which is about to take center stage at 3 am when Gemini and Sagittarius take over the angles. There is a drunken disagreement about money and "fringe benefits". Did this man use money as a tool to force her to have sex with him? Did he offer her money for sex? Did he think she was drunk enough for that?

Mars conjoined to Pluto in the seventh house is a feature I can't ignore. This man is very aggressive and he will not take no for an answer. He is quite capable of violence and may be angry enough to hurt her. This is especially true, again at 3 am, when Jupiter takes over the Descendant and disposes both of these planets. The Moon remains in the eighth over a few hours time and Saturn lingers in the first house. This is a dangerous sign. She is in grave danger of being killed or dieing for any reason. But as long as Venus remains in the first house she is safe. It won't be until the Ascendants change that she becomes vulnerable. At first, she is just "too beautiful" to hurt or kill. He is charmed by her beauty and this is part of his need to dominate her or make demands. Did she have a boyfriend or admirer that was hard to get rid of? Someone infatuated, maybe acting like a "stalker"? This young lady was an Aquarius so she was very open minded and fair. Her Sun being in 8 degrees of Aquarius puts Neptune in the front seat. It is to be expected that her disappearance would go unsolved this long. Much of what investigators saw or found in the first go was clouded, hidden or purposely misleading. People definitely lied.

As I pointed out earlier, the argument or confrontation escalated at 3 am. Why she was with him this long, I am not sure. I think she got into a car with him, which says she knew him. I see in the charts that the Sun is in the third, which makes me think he had a car. And then at 3 am, things change again. The Sun leaves the third house for the second, showing me that he has gotten out of the car. Venus has moved into the twelfth but it no longer rules the first. I knew that as long as Venus ran the chart, Crystal would be safe. But she waited too long in this situation to get out. Gemini grabs the Ascendant and Sagittarius moves onto the Descendant, as I knew it would. This puts Mercury in direct opposition with Jupiter, showing an argument between them about money. What on earth did she owe this man? He appears to be referring to a relationship of some sort, his ruler being so close to hers now. His ruler, Jupiter, is still in the second house, which is the house of money. He thinks she has something of his or owes him money. All along, Pluto has been opposing Saturn, showing that there was great anger and dislike in this event. He almost hated her at this point. There was, at the very least, a lot of jealousy.

Mars also opposes Mercury, which now rules the first house. He attacks her at this time. Around 3 am, he just loses it and starts beating on her, stabbing her, shooting her. Mars in Sagittarius makes me think of a pointed item, like a knife. It also makes me think of arrows and harpoons but these are not likely. Mars and Pluto are both retrograde so he dragged this whole mess out, unable to let it go. No matter what she said or did, he remained in this angry place. The north node is close to the Sun in the second house and the Sun rules the nadir. This money or object of value or whatever it was he was fired up about involved a home or family heirloom. Something from his home, his family, his heritage. Had he given her a ring or necklace that had been his mothers? It looks very much like something like this. And the charts are saying that there is no doubt that she does have it. Whether it's cash, an object like a ring, or just expenses he ran up in his relationship with her, he wanted all of it back.

And then I see that at 3:30, Saturn passes into the twelfth house. It is in opposition to both Mars and Pluto, both in the seventh house, which tells me flat out that he was the cause of her death. She died because of his physical attack, whether he hit her on the head or stabbed or shot her. However, with Saturn in Gemini crossing the Ascendant, I am inclined to say that he eventually strangled her or smothered her and it was the "suppression of the airway" that killed her. I have seen Saturn in Gemini in the suffocating deaths of many people, even some who choked on food. Another point I must make is that this young lady had Neptune in Sagittarius and the Moon crossed that point early in the evening. This set the stage for her to "get drunk" or just have too much to drink. She may even have been drugged, willingly or not. Transiting Neptune is also close to her natal Sun as well as opposing her natal Moon. This put her in an emotional state that caused her to do mysterious things. She may have been indulging herself a lot lately, out of self pity or disillusionment. Drinking or drugs would only be a part of the picture.

Consider also that Crystal's natal Venus in Pisces was square transiting Mercury in Gemini. Bad judgments, mistakes, wrong ideas, are all common with this placement. She may have had a wrong idea about this man and made a grave mistake in her judgment of the situation. Being drunk or drugged would not have helped. Mercury being so close to transiting Jupiter made her sure of herself even when she was horribly wrong. She was convinced of things too quickly, made assumptions and therefor took chances she should not have. Aquarius can be a rebellious, free spirited sign. But these aspects were not the norm, they were a transiting influence that had an effect on the night in question, but were not the rule with Crystal. She was bright and open minded but also sensitive and caring. She may well have felt sorry for this man. No doubt she thought she had the situation under control. She knew he had feelings for her, perhaps this made her think he could never hurt her. As I said, Uranus is always surprising.

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And of course, the question still remains for me of whether she knew him well or if he was just a "stalker" or a man she had met in the bar who was buying her drinks. All of these scenarios are possible. So in looking at the charts, I see that his significator, Jupiter, is closely aligned with hers, Mercury. They are in the sign Gemini. Both of these planets are disposed of by Mercury, which is her ruler. This points to her as the focus in this relationship, not answering my question clearly. He could very well have been an "admirer" who was just infatuated. And he could very well have approached her for sex, offered her money even, only to be rebuked. Or he could be a man who took her out once or twice, bought food and wine, and then was turned away before getting to home base. He shadows her in the chart, tagging along behind, almost like an afterthought. I don't believe he was important to her. Gemini hints at distant relations, perhaps third cousins? But Jupiter opposes the Moon, showing again that she was at odds with him, either not interested or just trying to end things. And Mars being right there, near the Descendant, shows that he is not happy or quiet when he's told to cool it. In fact, he goes ballistic.

And of course, the question again looms. Who is he? Well, I can give my usual attempt at a physical description and see if that helps. Someone may recognize the description I give and this would be great. This would be a man of average height that tends to be plump. Not fat, but just plump. His body would be well shaped and attractive, even if soft around the edges. In other words, he's not a blob. He has a graceful walk, sort of "effete", almost feminine. He may have a spotted complexion, a problem with acne, and light brown hair. He has full, expressive eyes which may be gray or hazel; they will not be brown. He has an outwardly gentle nature and is often seen as "courteous". It will be hard to imagine him doing this. He is extremely fond of the opposite sex, is always looking for his "mate" and can be bothersome in this pursuit. He talks up a storm, always arguing in favor of romance. He can be persuasive but is often considered a "stalker" type, relentless and badgering. He would like to have positions of authority in fields that involve communications, paperwork, negotiations and sales. He really loves to talk and might be employed in the fields of writing, journalism, TV reporting, face to face sales or lecturing. At times he appears to be shallow and over enthusiastic.

The last thing I want to tackle is where he might have put her body. It looks like she might have been put in a box and stored in a garage. She may also have been put behind a wall that was papered over or filled in afterwards. If she is hidden in the home, she is in an upstairs library or behind a staircase. And that could in a box or trunk or even behind a wall. If she's in a storage unit, it's near an attorney's office or the public library. A place that describes this best is an elementary school that is near an open field with a few trees that have birds nests. I'm serious. Other possible places include a grain silo or the upper levels of a barn on a farm (not a ranch). A bird farm, perhaps? If there are scenarios like this in the nearby area, they should be searched. I do not believe he took her out of the area. I believe she went off in his car and she was killed outside somewhere. She may be right there, where she died. Near the library or in an open field. Or he may have taken her back to his home or to a storage unit. But from the overall slant of these charts, I believe he left her right where he killed her. Somewhere out in the open. That would limit the choices to the library, the elementary school, the open field, the grain silo, etc... She may not be in his home or in a storage unit at all.

But regardless of my findings, this is still an open missing persons case. It's been 7 years and this case has gone stone cold. Please look at Crystals picture and keep her in mind. If you think you've seen her, have any knowledge about what happened to her or think you know where she is, dead or alive, please call the Iowa Department of Public Safety at (563) 589-4410 and refer to Investigative Case # 01-25185.

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  1. I know this sounds crazy, but I had this dream with a girl that looks just like her last night. I was in a classroom helping, the kids were maybe 1st-3rd grade ish I think. I was with this girl and I saw three men, but in my dream they were just spirits and I was trying to convince the teacher what I saw. Then there was this woman that looked just like this Crystal. She kept bugging this other girl in the class, but the girl knew she was a spirit and didn't like to talk with her. The girl she was trying to talk to was Tamara.. tamona or something like that. Clark I think might have been her last name. I kept telling the blond lady to just leave her alone, to stop bothering her. Then I remember asking this girl that she had been bugging what her name was like three times I asked. It was like I was trying to get her name in my head so I would remember when I woke up. I'm not sure why this blond lady was bothering her as there were a few people who could also see her.

    So I got online and started looking through missing persons because I can't get it out of my head.



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