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Jake Latiolais

Car Found on Bridge; Young Man Disappears

From: NBC NEWS :

The last time anyone heard from Jake was early on the morning of August 29, when he said he was headed toward West Baton Rouge. After police received that anonymous call about a person reportedly going over the railing, responding officers found Jake's truck running and his cellphone on the pavement next to it.

"A dive team was called in, but no one was recovered," Captain Don Coppola, with the Baton Rouge Police, told Dateline. "So right now it's an open missing person's case. Homicide did a preliminary investigation, but it is an active missing person's case at this time."

Although police have said they do not know if Jake met with any type of foul play, his mother is firm in her belief that her son, who loved to fish and spent countless hours working on cars, simply would not disappear on his own, or take his own life. After she received a call from authorities saying her son's car had been located abandoned on the bridge, she says she headed to Jake's trailer to try and find him.

"When I got there, it automatically seemed suspicious. A window was punched out, there were holes in the walls. His personal items were missing, including his TV set. Just everything was a mess," said LeClercq.

Another detail that does not sit right with her, involves a recent surgery Jake had that left his foot in a boot and him walking on crutches. Those crutches have never been found.

"If he had jumped off the bridge, his crutches would have been found. They would have been left in his room, by his truck, on the bridge, floating in the water," explained LeClercq.

According to LeClercq, there are some who had a motive to cause her son harm. But without any proof, she admits the investigation is at a dead end. What she hopes is that whoever may know something, will come forward and finally give her the answers for which she is so desperate.

"I am ready for either outcome. But I need an outcome. I'm his voice. That's my son. God is not going to let me quit looking for my boy."

Jake Latiolais is described as 5'10" tall, weighing 150 lbs. with brown hair and brown eyes. If you have any information regarding Jake's whereabouts, please contact the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office at (225) 389-8617. The family is offering a $2,500 reward for information that helps bring Jake home

For More Information see: https://www.facebook.com/Pleasefindjake/


I was contacted by someone close to this young man to see if I couldn't analyze his case. It is a real mystery, as you can see by reading the article above. To be honest, the belief that he might have jumped doesn't sit well with me because why would you leave your truck running in the middle of the road with your cellphone on the pavement? You just jump out and jump over? Maybe but it seems strange to me. So I took a look at the charts and let me show you what I found and what I found shocked me. It is not at all what I expected. I was at first afraid to finish this case because of what I found; I was worried about upsetting the family which I have done in the past and regret. However, I messaged the family online and asked and they were excited by my preliminary findings and said they were ok with the post. So here it is.

I started the charts with the time he was last heard from, around 1 a.m. on the 29th. This chart shows Jake in a trailer or mobile home near his own neighborhood. Did he live in a trailer? Could he have been at home when the call was taken? Anyways, the Moon is in the fifth which shows a party of some sort so he is either waiting at home for friends to arrive or maybe a romantic interlude with a special girl? These are all consistent with the charts. So he is home, in a trailer or other temporary home, waiting on someone. He is NOT driving his car. In fact, here, right away, you see someone else in his car! The seventh house ruler Jupiter is in the third house while his marker, Mercury, is in the fourth. He is settled down somewhere while someone else had his car. Perhaps he was waiting for that person to return with his car and maybe this person was getting drinks, drugs or girls? Maybe not but the party marker is strong with the Moon in the fifth.

Another standout placement for me in this chart at this time is Pluto in the eighth. Pluto has no power in the chart yet but that could change and when it does, this placement will be paramount.

And then it does come into view right away. This next chart, for an hour later, shows Pluto in the seventh house. Pluto is disposed of by Saturn in the fifth and this is likely someone arriving for Jake. This was either someone he knew and expected to arrive or someone who came as a surprise. This person does not seem to have a good purpose here. Saturn and Pluto together like this indicate danger. These planets are in mutual reception so this person is powerful in the current situation and has the upper hand in many ways. This was a situation that was "meant to be" it seems, which means, in Astrology, that planetary influences were lined up the right way. In this same chart Jake's marker is the Moon in the fourth. So this shows him still at home.

The fourth house ruler is still Mercury showing this location to be temporary or changeful. This shows his home to be a rental apartment, a trailer, a hotel room or some other temporary location. Mercury at the nadir with the Moon and the node in the fourth shows that Jake had plans to be at his own home. He had planned to be at home and someone else knew that. Both the Moon and the node are disposed of by Venus so this may have had to do with a girl. The placement of Venus in the second house could mean she was expected. So he was at home waiting? And is this person who just arrived the person he was waiting for or was it someone unexpected?

Here Pluto is in the seventh in mutual reception with Saturn in the fifth. Mars in the fifth is also disposed of by Pluto. This connection between the seventh and fifth houses shows again someone either romantically linked or someone coming to party. It's hard to decide which it is. Saturn rules the seventh so this is someone much older than Jake and Capricorn implies someone with more status and money. Moon in the fourth shows Jake still at home. This person, ruled by Saturn conjunct Mars, can be violent or overbearing but this does not rule out women. I am just not sure what sex this person was or what their connection was. I can say that the ruler in Scorpio with Mars shows someone aggressive and possibly vengeful and jealous. Pluto is square to the Moon in Libra so there was a relationship there but it was not a very good one.

Nothing much changes here. Everything so far describes Jake waiting at home for someone to arrive while someone else had his car. In this chart, Jake is still at home and the rise of Jupiter in the first house shows that he is generally safe. He is not aware of any danger or trouble. I think I feel safe to say right now that he had nothing to do with his car being on that bridge. He did not jump off that bridge. In fact, no matter how far ahead I run the charts I do not see this man dieing. I firmly believe he is still alive and I think the running truck was staged on the bridge. I think the police might start with the person who made the false call about someone jumping off that bridge. That theory supports the idea that someone took his man's car and then came along to do some not so nice things to him...

In this chart, things change. You can see the Moon moving into the third from the fourth which shows us Jake leaving his current location in a car. The first house ruler, the Sun, is in the second house showing concern over money or possessions. Since the Sun is disposed of by Mercury in the third, I think the concern is now over his car. Notice the seventh house ruler in the ninth house (the third from the seventh), showing us someone else in a car, either coming or going. Uranus is disposed of by Mars so I can now say that this is most likely a male and an aggressive male at that. Mars is conjunct Saturn showing this male to be much older and since Saturn is in mutual reception with Pluto it is likely he more than aggressive and possibly dangerous. I believe this man to be arriving and then leading the other car along as they leave. I am pretty sure that Jake was bullied into going along and I cannot say for sure that he was not assaulted in the process. I am beginning to believe that he had actually been waiting for someone to come back with his car and they never did; He got grabbed instead.

I am not sure if anyone has checked Jake's bank accounts, if he had one. It looks to me that he was forced to get money from somewhere for some purpose here and since Mercury is in the second, it is money that is likely to be stolen from him or represents money he is going to earn for them that they will take. This is part of the picture that comes to me as I read these charts. He was forced to go along, he has since lost his car, and now he is locating money for these people. You will see more clearly in the charts for 5 and 6 am exactly who these people are.

Neptune in Pisces just entering the seventh shows somebody new on the scene. This is a drug dealer or shady person. This combined with Pluto ruling the fourth from the fifth house tells me the next destination is a drug house and they are either forcing Jake to take drugs (Pluto) or they are sneaking them in somehow (Neptune). This is not good. Mars ruling the fourth from the fourth in the sign Scorpio (in dignity) and in tandem with Pluto, I would say Jake is not safe in this house. There is violence there and evil intent. Mars and Pluto together do not always mean violence but their placement here indicates it. Venus ruling the tenth and moving in the first towards the ascendant, there is a woman involved in this. In fact, this second location is a home owned by a woman. With Venus and Jupiter in Leo near the first cusp and Venus on the tenth, I think it's a large, beautiful home in a suburb. Leo indicates something showy with lots of curb appeal. In some ways, there is glamor here in whatever way a home can have glamor, such as gold trim, bright flowers, designer shades, etc... Sun ruling the first from the first in Virgo tells me Jake has been here before and went along willingly to some extent because he knows this woman. Sun disposed of by Mercury in the second also tells me there is money involved.

Here you see the criminal arrive. Uranus ruling the seventh from the eighth. Not only drug dealers but other criminals as well. Jake is in scary company here. I am not sure at this point what they want him for. Unpaid labor (slavery), drug runner or porn star. I am just not sure. It could be any of the above. I am seeing drugs, money and sex. So take your pick.

Sun in the first tells us that Jake is still operating under his own power. This means he is not confined, caged, tied up, locked in a closet or knocked out. He is just there. I think he was bullied into going along but he isn't resisting.

Pluto in the fifth disposed of by Mars and Saturn bothers me. If he were a woman I would say they raped her but I am not sure when it comes to a male. But the fifth house doesn't always refer to sex and can also imply "partying" or using drink or drugs. He may have been more willing to submit if they drugged him. I am just not sure because I did not know Jake, his habits or personality. The charts do show him being worried about his car, which I believe he loaned but did not expect to be stolen. So perhaps he felt he had no way out.

The charts I run for the remaining morning hours show the same situation. They have him there and he is going along, either out of fear or a forced willingness to be involved. I am just not sure. He does not appear to be confined. But I do see bullying, some physical violence and threats. So he is most likely scared.

The charts keep showing him in this same home, owned by a woman, nicely appointed with curb appeal. Something showy or glamorous about the decor with nice gardens and showy flowers outside.

This chart shows him to be either asleep or unconscious. You can see the Moon in the twelfth with the node which may mean he has gone to bed especially since the first house ruler is in the first, indicating he is safe and alive. Mars conjoined Saturn indicates self control and carefulness so he may be going along to keep from being harmed. Moon in the twelfth could also mean being hidden or stashed away, out of view and this is underscored by the node, which shows planning and the disposition of the Moon by Venus in the tenth. So he has been to this place before, it is a home he has visited and he knows the woman who owns it. This should help those who are tracking him down. The node indicates they are hiding him in a familiar place, a place they planned to use in advance. This implies that Jake was targeted, which I am inclined to believe mainly because they took his car to disable him. His secondary marker in this chart is Pluto in the third, which shows his continued concern for his car. Capricorn indicates he is worried about what the car will cost him.

No matter what chart for what day I draw up, he is still alive and still with these people. I am convinced they are holding him in that same neighborhood, or, at least they were for the first month after his disappearance. I cannot swear that he is still alive because I can't run charts for every day since but because they didn't kill him right away we can assume they had a purpose for him. Because of this, I believe that Jake is still alive but not in a good situation.

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