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Alecia Francis Conner


Alecia disappeared on Feb. 18, 2004, when she was last seen at a convenience store. Dropped off by a friend, this was the last place she was known to be and no one knows where she went from there. Her body was found on an Indian Reservation a month later, by Detectives, laying in a flood canal.

What on earth happened to Alecia and why was she found in another town, over a month later? Was she kidnapped and if so, who took her and why? Well, let's have a look at the chart to see what really went on in this now cold case. Using the Forensic Science of Astrology I can draw up a chart for the exact time she was last seen (8 pm) at this location, Phoenix, Arizona.

The Chart I create has Leo rising and a Taurus midheaven. Whenever I see a Taurus midheaven for an event, I have to seek out the nearby fixed stars. Here, I see that the most evil fixed star in the heavens lingers nearby, Caput Algol at 25 degrees of Taurus. From this placement alone I have to assume that she met a violent death. However, Detectives are saying there is no actual cause of death determined and that most likely means there are no visible signs of trauma, which leaves us with an even bigger mystery. If she died a violent death, why isn't it obvious? Why were there no bullet holes, stab wounds or crushed skulls or whatnot? My guess is that they were left with mostly bones, no blood and no smoking guns. You will see what I think happened as you read on.

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Virgo is rising so the chart ruler is Mercury, which represents our victim. The descendant is then Pisces, making Neptune the ruler of the other party involved. This most often means the killer or abductor but can often mean a helper if the victim has actually run away. The fourth house indicates what happened at the seat or "home" of the matter and the tenth house represents what the public knows. The eighth house indicates strangers and seedy people who might have played a part and the twelfth house indicates where the body was left or buried. It also indicates the condition of the body and whether the victim is dead or not. With this information, we attack the chart!

The ruler of the victim, Mercury, and the ruler of the other party, Neptune, are conjoined in Aquarius in the fifth house. Nearby, also in Aquarius, is the Moon. This indicates to me that these people got together, agreeably, to have a good time. Recreation of some sort would be involved, because of the fifth house. They were probably scheduled to meet up at the convenience store and this is why she obtained a lift to that location. They most likely met up there and went off to "have fun". Traditionally, Neptune most often indicates drinking, drugs, drug dealers and thieves. I would guess this other person had drugs or sold drugs and they met for the recreational use of these drugs. Beer may have been purchased at the store where she was last seen.

Complimenting the chart so far, Pluto is in the fourth house, indicating "underworld activity". Jupiter is in the twelfth, retrograde, so she did not die that night, not for some time, actually and was having a pretty good time when she did die. Jupiter often means "overindulgence" and it could very well be that she just overdid it.

Neptune, the ruler of the other party, is in mutual reception with Uranus, each planet dispositing the other. Uranus also disposits Mercury, the planet indicating the victim. Uranus sits in the sixth house in Pisces, which points to this being a day to day job, or way of making a living. From a health standpoint, it indicates some unusual drug or reaction to a drug. The activities of this evening where a bit out of the ordinary for the other party in this event. In addition, it is mostly likely the victim that had an "unusual" reaction to the one of the drugs or all of the drugs that were used.

So picture this: She arranges to meet a friend, who has a supply of dope, to spend some time getting high. It gets a little crazy, perhaps a little too much fun or some unusual things occur during this time. The other party has no real intention of killing the victim and it does not look like, when assessing the planets, that the victim was restrained or held against her will. But at some point along the party path, the victim overdoses or has a bad reaction. The other party flips out, doesn't quite know what to do about this, and ends up keeping her body in a hidden place for awhile. Later, when the time has come, he or she places the body in a flood canal, where it is later spotted. Saturn, the planet of death and time, is in the tenth house, retrograde. This means the body laid in this public spot for much longer than would be ordinary. It literally began to decay in this spot and may have been close to bones when found.

This chart looks like an accidental death to me, regardless of the placement of the fixed stars. It was a violent death of sorts but did not involve physical violence of an external nature. Neptune and Pluto in aspect can often mean poisoning and perhaps this is what really happened. Whether it was the drugs she took or something else that she consumed, a narcotic or poisonous agent is implicated. But there is still a need to locate the other party, who has, thus far, eluded detection. Investigators no doubt would like to talk to him or her. So let's take a look at who that person might be.

Neptune, the indicator, is in Aquarius. This placement would indicate a man or male person, either younger or older than the victim. Some disparity would exist, either in age, race or social status. This other party would, regardless of all other factors, be a very attractive individual. No matter what age or race, this person would be of medium height with a nicely made body shape. The person would be rather "elegant", having a graceful body movement and pleasant voice. Low forehead, long lashes and dimples. Sweeping brows and an upturned or "pug" nose. The hair and skin color is lighter than average for race and the eyes are often blue or grey; in blacks or Hispanics, the eyes can be hazel. A real marker for all races and ages would be a wide, low set forehead and wide set, expressive eyes.

There is some tendency to addiction with afflicted Aquarian planets so it might be likely that this person is addicted to the drugs that he or she is selling.

For those astrologers would like to do a comparison chart, Alecia disappeared on February 18, 2004 from Phoenix Arizona at 8 pm in the evening. Her body was later located on March 19, 2004 on an Indian Reservation in Gila River, Arizona. If you have other findings, please post them to the comment section. -- ma.gnolia -- Netscape -- RawSugar -- StumbleUpon

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